European snow storms set to hit Sweden

European snow storms set to hit Sweden
Storms which have wreaked havoc across Britain and mainland Europe in recent days is set to hit southern Sweden on Tuesday. Snowfalls and wintry conditions are forecast across the country for at least a week, according to the Swedish meteorological agency (SMHI).

At least 600,000 households in northern France have experienced power cuts and many airports have been closed to traffic. Furthermore heavy rains have caused flooding in Britain on the back of the record snow falls across the country last week.

The intensive low pressure front is pushing north from the European continent and snowfalls and easterly winds are forecast in many southern and eastern areas of Sweden on Tuesday, according to SMHI.

Heavy snowfalls can be expected to continue until at least the weekend, and temperatures are set to plunge to below zero in most areas of Sweden as the winter announces its belated arrival.

But cometh the cold cometh the sunshine and much of Sweden will be bathed in bright blue skies and sunshine in the week ahead.