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Malmö club and concert tips: Saturday, Feb 14

The Djungeltrumman club editor's tips.

Club Hepcat

Address: Tangopalatset, Amiralsgatan 47

8.30pm – 2am

120 kronor (members 100 kronor)

Age: 18 and over


Dream yourself back to 1940s Harlem and dance ’til you sweat like there was no tomorrow among the alcohol fumes and smell of beer.


Address: Babel, Spångatan 38

11pm – 3am

100 kronor (80 kronor with student ID)

Age: 20 and over

Function is the club that is rocking the entire Öresund region. Sweat and love are two themes closely connected to this soul classic, where Saturday nights are spent in a collective celebration of dance, dance and more dance. The club’s DJs alternate expertly between northern soul, alternative disco and soulful house, a soundtrack to which it is impossible to stand still.


Resident DJs: Bastiano, Helena, Jonte & Joppe, Guest DJs: Lars Bulnheim (Hamburg Soul, D), KingToma$ + Oskar (Reggae Scorcher)

High Five

Address: Debaser Malmö, Norra Parkgatan 2

7pm – 3am

Free entry until 10pm, 90 kronor later

Age: 20 and over


High Five aspires to be that house party you later wish you’d never left. A group of friends taking turns playing their favourite records, inviting their favourite bands to play, and drinking a toast to happy times. Be prepared for indie, punk, rock and a twist of pop, as well as quality movies on the big screen and a music quiz at around 9 o’clock.


Valentines Blast! Live: Crystal Antlers (US). There’ll also be a rock quiz and movies on the theme of love.

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