Nuder to leave Riksdag

Pär Nuder, a prominent Social Democrat who served as Sweden’s finance minister under Göran Persson, has announced he won’t seek re-election to the Riksdag in the 2010 parliamentary elections.

Nuder to leave Riksdag

Nuder was a close confidant of Persson’s and held a number of important positions under the former prime minister before stepping into the finance minister role in 2004.

After Mona Sahlin took over as Social Democratic party leader in early 2007, Nuder was eventually forced out as the party’s economic policy spokesperson in January 2008.

Analysts said Nuder’s fall was primarily due to his close ties to Persson, with some wondering why Sahlin waited so long to replace her predecessor’s right-hand-man.

Nuder most recently found himself back in the spotlight in the autumn of 2008 with the release of a memoir entitled Stolt, men inte nöjd (‘Proud, but not satisfied’), the title of which echoes a Social Democratic campaign phrase used during Persson’s time in office.