McDonald’s wins right to serve beer at Stockholm airport

McDonald's wins right to serve beer at Stockholm airport
Weary world travellers will soon be able to wash down their Big Mac with a strong beer following a court decision to grant fast-food chain McDonald's an alcohol licence for its Stockholm Arlanda restaurant, reports Christian website Dagen.

The McDonald’s restaurant at Stockholm Arlanda Airport finally secured approval for its application for an alcohol licence on Thursday when an appeals court (Kammarrätten) overturned previous rejections from both Sigtuna council and the county administrative court.

Both the council and the county court had ruled that as a family-orientated fast-food restaurant McDonald’s was not a suitable place for strong beer to be sold.

The council is considering whether to launch its own appeal of the court decision.

“I have to read the judgment. We shall discuss whether we plan to take this matter further to the supreme administrative court (Regeringsrätten),” said Lola Svensson at Sigtuna Council to Dagen.

McDonald’s press spokesperson Claes Ericsson does not believe that the new alcohol policy will change the firm’s image as a family restaurant.

“This restaurant at Arlanda is in a decidedly adult milieu on a concourse where our neighbours, in the same premises, already have a licence to serve alcohol,” Ericsson said to the newspaper City.

“Strong beer” is classified in Sweden as beer with an alcohol content in excess of 3.5 percent by volume.