Swedish students aim for jobs with Ikea and Google

Swedish students aim for jobs with Ikea and Google
Joakim Jardenberg; Per Ola Winberg
Ikea, Google, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are the most popular employers among Swedish students, according to a new survey.

For the seventh year in the row, Ikea ranked at the top of an annual “company barometer” compiled by branding company Univerum.

This year’s study was carried out between November 7th and February 15th, a period characterized by negative headlines about the financial crisis, bankruptcies, downsizing, and a volatile housing market.

The study shows that, regardless of economic conditions, employers with strong brand recognition still come out ahead, according to Anna Dyhre, head of Universum’s operations in Sweden.

When looking for jobs, economics students in Sweden first set their sights on Ikea, with one in five viewing Ikea as the ideal employer.

For the first time, Google is most popular employer among those studying IT-related fields. Last year’s most popular tech employer, Sony Ericsson, slipped to second place.

The foreign ministry is the favoured destination for law students, with 20 percent listing the ministry as what they consider an ideal employer.

The survey results come from responses from 14,883 students with an average age of 25 years-old.

Forty percent of them are due to graduate this year and enter the workforce by autumn 2009.