Playboy poser sentenced to jail

A 31-year-old Swedish woman was found guilty by the Borås District Court on Thursday for defrauding several men she met online, falsely claiming to be a model for Playboy magazine.

The court convicted her of serious fraud, sentencing her to a year-and-a-half in prison and ordering her to pay 282,000 kronor ($35,100) in damages.

The woman lured the men with a picture of Cori Nadine, an American Playboy playmate.

After chatting with the men online, the woman asked for money, regaling them with tall tales of a fictional daughter who was suffering from leukemia and close to death. She also claimed she was being pursued by the mob.

Her heart-wrenching pleas prompted the men to send her thousands of kronor.

One man even took out a loan in order to help with the fictional daughter’s plight, being told he would be repaid with money from her modeling work.

Altogether, the 31-year-old woman, who has a prior conviction for fraud, managed to extract over 500,000 kronor from her unwitting victims.

“I am ashamed and don’t understand why I did it. I drained my savings account of 100,000 kronor,” one of the men told Borås Tidning newspaper.

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