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Man convicted in teen suicide rape case

TT/The Local · 18 May 2009, 14:21

Published: 18 May 2009 14:21 GMT+02:00

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The Jönköping court found that the evidence was not sufficient to rule that the man had forced the then 14-year-old girl to have sex, and instead convicted him on the alternate charge of sexual exploitation.

The man was also convicted for the rape of an older girl as well as drugs offences.

The 15-year-old girl committed suicide prior to the start of the trial in April. Prosecutor Erik Schreiber then abandoned this part of the case against the man, ruling that there was no further evidence aside from the girl's testimony.

Schreiber announced shortly after that he had asked the courts to examine his own decision to close the case. This led to the case being forwarded to the district court after a decision by the prosecutor's office.

As the man had admitted to supplying the girl with amphetamines, the prosecutor's office added a charge of sexual exploitation.

Wilhelm Storck at the Linköping prosecutor's office has since taken over the case.

The sexual offences against the 15-year-old girl occurred while she was housed in a treatment centre, placed there by the social services in Jönköping.

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The district council has since examined the actions of the social services and found that no fault can be attributed.

The treatment centre has however since been closed, and the council's treatment of the girl is the subject of a investigation by the county administrative board.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

15:27 May 18, 2009 by peropaco
And for tax evation the penalty is what 4 to 8?
16:54 May 18, 2009 by "green Swede"
HE was convicted of the further rape of an older girl and drug offences....PLEASE tell me these carried a further custodial sentence,SURELY NOT THREE YEARS FOR EVERYTHING COMBINED???
17:07 May 18, 2009 by Soft Boiled
HEY Welcome to Sweden! The only country in the world were they smack you on the hand for serious crimes, but heaven forbid not too hard.
19:08 May 18, 2009 by freethinker
Hey, it's progress. I thought he was going to squeek by on that one. Granted 3 years seems light to me, yet I'm sure Swedes have a reason for how they do things.
19:27 May 18, 2009 by DStrope
hang em!!!!!! he will do it again
00:41 May 19, 2009 by Random Guy
as long as the guy did not file share - he should be fine.

if he had done that, wow, would he ever be in deep water!
00:48 May 19, 2009 by eZee.se
Rule of thumb in Sweden (according to the puppet govt.)

Rape is bad,

Killing is bad,

Stealing is bad,

ThePirateBay is very very very very bad and hurts the country the most.

Kill, steal, rape and pillage... but god help you if you go against our corporate overlords.
11:09 May 19, 2009 by Kind Man
Well if there is no witness that He committed rape then He should be freed!

But If there is any witness that he raped her then should Hang the Man on the public so all other rapers when remember their friend was hanged on public they would not dare to do it. at least it would help.

Someone would say that oh Kind Man you are not kind man. Then simply ask I them a question, what will you do or punish the man who raped your child your mother your sister?

Ask her mother who gave a birth to her who spent thousands days to make her educated and how many hard times she spent to make her grow up healthy and all of Sudan a raper come and rape and kill her.

well my solution to the Swedish Court for rapers would be.

Let the mother/father of victim judge the raper!
11:12 May 19, 2009 by Inletwatcher
Kind man, I would strangle them with my bare hands and watch as the light goes out of his pleading eyes forever. The short time one does in Sweden for Murder is nothing. Well worth it.

11:22 May 19, 2009 by Jamtjim
Well I am a member of the public and I certainly would not want any "rapers" hung on me!! They would be heavy and just an extra pain in the arse when I am struggling to carry my shopping home from Willys.
11:23 May 19, 2009 by Antony James
3 years wow and I thought English Court sentances where leniant
11:26 May 19, 2009 by Kind Man
some rapers would steal your foods as well LOL

You can do shoping from Netto on that day that is near police station
11:27 May 19, 2009 by unkle strunkle
He probably meant rappers, and was commenting on the Adam Tensta article. He gets confused easily.

11:28 May 19, 2009 by Miss Kitten
They believe in more of a rehabilitative rather than a punitive approach, and that corrections should be just that: correcting bad behavior, not throwing someone in a cell and letting them rot for the rest of their lives. Of course this isn't very comforting for the victim or the families of the victims who demand justice and want to see the convicted do some serious time for their crime. More serious crimes such as capital murder are handled differently. The justice system assumes that anyone capable of committing murder must be extremely mentally or emotionally disturbed and therefore a mental hospital, rather than jail, is a better place for them.

It's simply a different approach to punishing crime, but I still find it hard to deal with idea of someone getting only ten years for murder or six months for rape.
11:35 May 19, 2009 by Kind Man
I agree if he is mentally sick then hospital would be a place for them.

Many of these guys who commit it they are normal otherwise sick people wouldnt think of having sex.

It would become an excuse for anybody wanna rape and then say I am ill. the law should be strict and don't let anybody make an excuse. but yeah if they are publicly known as mental man then they should forgive them.
11:41 May 19, 2009 by Jamtjim
I suspect he avoided using "rapist" because it sounded too much like "racist" and he didnt want to draw attention to some of his posts on other threads..
11:58 May 19, 2009 by idialogue
I do agree with Kind Man,

Rape criminal should be hanged in public. so that other rapist learn from it. Pathetic is that some people become kind with criminal saying "oh nooo he/she has trouble mind that is why he/she did it".. stop this.

One should ask with the victim's parents how they feel , may be this will last in their memory forever.

Control this with IRON hand. otherwise it will keep grow like it is..

12:54 May 19, 2009 by Jamtjim
Whilst I can understand your retaliatory reactions, there are several valid reasons why capital punishment is (and to me at least should be ) no longer used by Sweden.

First, it can rarely be proven with 100% accuracy that someone actually committed any crime. Even today with DNA testing and the like there is room for error not to mention mistakes (sometimes willful) made by the Police. Just look at the number of miscarrages of justice that have been discovered sometimes after an innocent person has been incarserated for decades. Inncoent people have been executed in the past (and continue to do so in countries such as the USA where the death penalty is legal). If you say that a small error is acceptable "for the greater good" then just think how you would feel if your husband or son was arrested and killed for something he didnt do. Would you say that it was ok becasue it acts as a deterrant to others? My chubby pink arse you would.

It has also been shown that (particularly with sex offenders) that the death penalty is no more of a deterrant than a long custodial sentence . Therefore all the reintroduction of the death penalty would do is satify your blood lust and in reality achieve very little.

What you could argue is the danger posed to the public by these people after they have been released and in someways I agree with you. Three years for rape for example is too little (but I suspect that in order to achieve selatious headlines, we have not been told the whole truth). Maybe a life sentence meaning life would be more appropriate in these cases.

The fact that we do not allow capital punishment is why our society is better (and for once I do mean better) than those like the US (whose use of the barbaric electric chair is wholey disgusting) or Iran (where people are legally hung in public for ALLEDGEDLY being gay) or China (where people have been exectued for finacial matters) for example.

I know its an old arguement, but I believe that the use of capital punishment lowers us as a society to the level of those we seek to punish.

And lastly, there is one very good reason why the death penalty cannot come into law in Sweden. That is that as a member of the EU, Sweden would not be able to envoke such a law as it is againt the EU regulations for membership. Even if every Swedish man woman and chlid were to ask for it, it would make no difference. I suppose Sweden could leave the EU because of it, but faced with the financial loss which would follow as a result, I suspect the swedes would tolerate a bit of extra criminalty (or am I just being cynical now).
14:15 May 19, 2009 by tuerd1982
When I read a case about rape in Sweden, I always surprise. In other country rape reported just after rape, but here it will reported several month and even several years.

God bless Sweden, and all!!!
06:47 May 20, 2009 by freethinker
Kind Man I like the way you think about dealing with Rapists. Unfortunately this would seem to go against many of the sensitivities of Swedes, yet I don't think it would be a bad idea to take such people and drop them off on an Iceberg. Hmm...Icebergs are melting you say...hmm... guess they best learn to swim...

If criminals can be rehabilitated then go for it, yet if they are repeat offenders it does not seem just to place them back into a volnerable society. The risk is too great. Placing them into life time imprisonment seems cruel as well, far more than executing them. By the way, while some States in the US still use an electric chair most use leathal injection. Hmmm... why is the electric chair or hanging so bad? Many times here in the US murderers, rapists,and child molestors kill their victems in horrific ways. Some victems suffer terribly before they are killed. Why should the killer not suffer abit? To that question I do have an answer. It's best to execute a violent criminal quickly and cleanly, because to make them suffer and feel pain would require trained executioners well schooled in the art of torture, and I would not want such people living in the same society I am in...no thanks. Still they do suffer in a way, I can't even imagine what goes on in someone's mind as they walk from their cell to the place they will be executed. Then they have to stand or sit where they are told before being sent most ungently to that dread night...

A death penalaty may or may not be a good deterant to others, yet it will gaurantee that that particular miscreant will ne...ver e...ver that again.
08:46 May 20, 2009 by Jamtjim
Hi freethinker,

What about miscarrages of justice. Those poor bastards will never ever do it again as they never ever did anything in the first place. It is somewhat hard to quash an exectution.

I think we need to decide what we are trying to achieve when sentencing criminals. What is it, rehabilitation, public saftey or just pure primevil revenge? If we execute someone doesnt it make us as bad as the criminal himself? (I note that the in the US, the cause of death given for executed criminals is still homicide).

I saw a documentary a while a go called "How to kill a human" (maybe its on youtube) where a british guy compared methods of execution in order to find a more humane way to do it. It was quite enlightening, not just on the horrors of the electric chair (people bursting into flames and having their eyes held in by tape), but also on lethal injections and hanging. However what shocked me most was the seething, eye bulging, pro-exectution lobbiest at he end who wanted the criminal to suffer prolonged agony as a kind of barbaric retribution for his crimes.

Personally, I dont want that type of person in society either...
19:45 May 20, 2009 by freethinker
Well clearly for a death penalty to be inposed I think would require a great deal of evidence. DNA evidence, eye witnesses, vidoe, as well as finger prints..ext... Set up a strict criteia. Yes even then it's possible for someone to be framed, so extream care should be taken. We are talking about something theres no coming back from. I really don't want to risk violent offenders ( repeats anyway ) from getting out and doing whatever they did again.

It's not just simply a matter of determining whether we want to punish or rehabilitate. It's also a matter of figuring out who can be rehabilitated vs. those who can't be and must be kept from society one way or another.
20:08 May 20, 2009 by Jamtjim
I would hope that it already require a great deal of evidence and that extreme care is already taken before any conviction is made as this is the cornerstone of any system of justice. Despite this mistakes are made and miscarrages happen despite our best intensions and modern forensic evidence. We are only human after all. My point about the impossibilty of quashing executions remains...

Youre are quite right when you say we should decide who we can rehabilitate, these are the ones who get a release date. The ones that cant, dont... simple and without resorting to legalised murder. If on the other hand you want a bloody vengence with the associated pain and suffering simply to make you feel better well then execution is your thing. I for one am glad I live in a country which doesnt.
06:38 May 21, 2009 by freethinker
Hey Jamtjim how've you been? Anything new? Hmmm... care might not always be taken about convictions here in the US. One thing I would want would be for politics to be out of the equation. Alot of times if a crime is brutal enough the politicians lean on law enforcement, and that can lead to a kind of witch hunt. One thing I don't like about how we do things in the US is that the authorities look for their primary suspect. Once found the primary suspect gets concentrated on, and if he/she is aquited then there's only a cold trail. Also when politicians lean on the police it increases the chance of an inocent getting blamed.

I do not live in Sweden, so I really have no idea if the Swedish judicial system works, or not. Though from reading peoples posts regarding child molestors who go in and out of prison to do it again...well I would hazzard to say that this, if true, kind of seems to give such criminals a right to do it. After all they are being turned loose to repeat it. However I don't know how many convicted rapists, child molestors, and muderers don't do it again.

Now I can see someone doing something truely stupid once..maybe even twice, yet something like rape, murder..ect...once should be more than enough. If someone does it again, well then, either imprison then, execute them, or my personal favorite...exile.

Execution really isn't my thing. Taking a life is a serious matter. However I fail to see, here in the States anyway, why society must pay $50,000 dollars a year to incarcerate a convict for life who cannot be rehabilitated and commits violent crime. It's not necessarily about bloody vengence. It's about making sure that some acts by a specific person cannot be commited again.

Some crimes are soo.. horrific that a death penalty is the only sane option. As in the case of the Norenburg trials. Now as I said in a prior post some crimes here are really bad. Was it jeffory Dahmer? This was what a decade and a half ago. he molested boys, chopped them up, and ate them. when he was arrested the police found a human heart in his refridgerator. Some crimes are simply to much to risk again, some people are soo... far gone that they should not be allowed any slight chance of harming another again.
07:13 May 21, 2009 by freethinker
On 2nd thought, life imprisionment may be best. I know this is selfish of me, yet I know I would not want to be executed for something I haven't done. It's a scary thought, and I would prefer to be in prison for life just in case i might be proven inocent at a later date *shivers* I hope I'm never in such a possition.
07:40 May 21, 2009 by Kaethar
And I agree with the system. Guess I'm the only one here. It's always amusing to see what immigrants have to say about it though. And I know what I'm talking about. My friend's sister was shot to death. The killer got out after 10 years. Yet I'm not the bloodthirsty one here. Guess it's a matter of mentality and how we were raised.
09:25 May 21, 2009 by Buckshot
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