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Women 'more active' on Swedish neo-Nazi scene

Paul O'Mahony · 22 May 2009, 15:07

Published: 22 May 2009 15:07 GMT+02:00

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Authors Maria Blomquist and Lisa Bjurwald found that the notion of women as passive neo-Nazi group members, simply following their boyfriends into the movement, was largely a myth.

"Women are active in everything from distributing propaganda material, writing articles and takng part in white power concerts, to releasing their own collections of poetry, standing for election and speaking at public demonstrations," Maria Blomquist told The Local.

The book, Good dag kampsyster ('Good day, sister in arms'), also looks at the growing numbers of women signing up to the burgeoning right wing extremist movement in Sweden.

"At the neo-Nazis' national day march last June we counted 200 women, making up some 20 to 25 percent of the total participants," said Blomquist, adding that women often find their way into neo-Nazi circles in much the same way as their male counterparts.

"They get involved via the internet, by attending concerts or following the lead of a famly member, to name just some examples."

Blomquist and Bjurwald's book tracks the development of 111 members of the National Socialist Front (NSF) from 1997 to 2003. By analysing membership registers and cross-referencing them with public records, the authors examine the women's lives at the time they joined the NSF, followed by a snapshot of the same women's circumstances in 2008.

According to excerpts published in the Swedish magazine Expo, the median age of women who joined NSF was 19, with just a handful over the age of 30.

Expo is the publishing arm of the Expo Foundation, "a privately-owned research foundation founded in 1995 with the aim of studying and mapping anti-democratic, right-wing extremist and racist tendencies in society."

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On average NSF's female members -- the majority of whom lived in southern Sweden -- remained members for a year and ten months. Few of the women had jobs, and though their circumstances had improved by 2008, their incomes and education levels were generally low.

A lot of the women had left the organization by autumn 2008 but there were some who had remained members for over 10 years.

The National Socialist Front (NSF) disbanded in November 2008 and re-launched itself as the Folkfronten (’People’s Front’) party.

Paul O'Mahony (paul.omahony@thelocal.com)

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Your comments about this article

16:20 May 22, 2009 by Kooritze
The look like Ikea workers!

Oi Darling! Fancy a kebabrulle?
16:23 May 22, 2009 by Nutcracker
EXPO was founded by Tobias Hubinette who stated in 1996:

"To feel and even think that the white race is inferior in every conceivable way is natural with regards to its history and current actions. Let the Western countries of the white race perish in blood and suffering. Long live the multicultural, racially-mixed and classless ecological society. Long live anarchy!"

Hardly a template for social justice.
19:28 May 22, 2009 by DamnImmigrant
It only makes sense that women would be more active since it is women and their children who have the most to loose in the multiculturalism of the PIECE-FULL religious immigrants.

I think it is sad that the people who practice the EXTREMELY SUPERIOR Swedish culture are constantly being told how they must accept other INFERIOR cultures as EQUALS! They are told that Swedish Culture has no right to say they are better than some of these ridiculously inferior cultures.

It has nothing to do with skin color and everything to due with equality.
21:54 May 22, 2009 by peppepe
Let me explain something to all the ignorants people in Sweden. There is strong evidence that Swedish predecessors were migratory Thracians, an aggressive refugee "boat-people" who first came from the ancient city of Troy (present-day northwest Turkey).

So unless you are a Sami, you are as immigrant as anyone else immigrating to Sweden in present days. And if you think that Sweden will remain the way it is....I got some bad news for you! Just look around you!jejeje!

Immigration has been part of humnanity since the beginning and will remain a fact forever!
22:48 May 22, 2009 by Playmaker
ok yeah yeah we all were immigrants at one ponit in time. the fact is Swedes now have there own look and cultur. just as Americans do not look like brits or germans or the countless other countries that immigrated. we have are own look and cultur. and yes immigration is great as it has made the US the most powerful nation, but we must act as one people. the immigration taking place now is ruining the country. just use Malmo as a perfect example. how much does it cost sweden. take into account everything from free living, schooling, healthcare,crime, esp. law enforcement and fire dept. personal. is there anywhere else where the ambulance or fire dept need a police escort to go to a non immigrant area. hell the cops bring a escort to watch the car when they are taking there call.
04:54 May 23, 2009 by jimmyjames
Why is it that Israel can exist for only one group and make no apologies aand thats OK. Japan can not allow refugees or immigrants from Africa, India, Europe, ect., tell the world Japan is for Japanese, make no apologies, and thats OK. But the minute a Western European country wants to keep its race, its culture, its traditions, ect. pure, or as pure as possible it is a bad thing, an evil thing, a racist thing. Something is very very very very wrong with an attitude that promotes racial suicide in the name of so-called multi-ethnicity.
04:59 May 23, 2009 by kmbr
But the minute a Western European country wants to keep its race, its culture, its traditions, ect. pure, or as pure as possible it is a bad thing, an evil thing, a racist thing.

And ofcourse, the obligatory, right winger remark has to be made.
06:00 May 23, 2009 by Otaku
What kind of stupid people are around here ?

What kind of svedish kulture/tradition ?

Especially i "norrland" the history only get back at max. 300 Years.

People from Africa mm. have a history from at least 5000 Years.

So what the hell people here talking about ?
06:41 May 23, 2009 by peropaco
jimmyjames, you shouldn't have dropped out from school! Otherwise you would not make IGNORANT comments like the one about Israel. As you try to appear dexterous it is clearly evident your lack of knowledge regarding history. FYOI; 22% OF Israel is a mixture of Muslims and Christians. If one should follow your logic, one would ascertain your agreement that Sweden should roll-back to the days of Herman Lundborg and re-introduce eugenics to purify the Swedish population and get rid of all the garbage that comes across its borders...
08:44 May 23, 2009 by KnowledgeIsPower
I think something important is being forgotten here, the fact that commercial aviation since 1925 has vastly changed immigration patterns around the world. What before would have been an arduous journey for a large family, is now simply a purchase and a scheduled flight time to attend. If a family has to travel 1000 miles with children, carry all their intended possessions along the way, and face a similar trip should they need to come back, they may think twice about starting the journey. Thus, geography often served as a natural means of promoting homogeneity by limiting ease of travel. And that's not even factoring in the complications that would have arisen from language barriers. Today's world is very different and a great deal more accommodating.
09:00 May 23, 2009 by Alma
It is very hard to believe that some justify Nazi oriented parties as antidote to immigration. As if some people are brain damaged and can not remember what kind of atrocoties Nazis have comitted. How can anyone in their right mind associates with such ideas?
09:14 May 23, 2009 by KnowledgeIsPower
Whoops, forgot to clarify that my 1000 miles example applies to what would have been a distance covered via land or sea in the absence of modern commercial aviation.
09:25 May 23, 2009 by Dazzler
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she's gonna scare the hell out of you

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12:15 May 23, 2009 by RoyceD
This is OUR land. Anyone who lives on earth shares it, no one owns any land. We must stop thinking of our countries as being borders to "our pure land". For only a few thousand years we have thought like that despite this planet existing for millions of years.

"Pure individual cultures" never existed because WE ARE ALL HOMO SAPIEN SAPIEN's. We are all the same. So stop trying to keep Sweden for yourselves, not too long ago this land "belonged" to another culture and you pushed them out.

If you look at the problem you have with immigrants you will find its not the immigrants that are the real issue. It's population growth that is at the heart of the problems. Control population growth and we can all get along.

This country has some of the mos vocal racists I have come across yet they don't actually realise what they are angry at, just that they are angry about life and find it easier to blame someone else who has different colored skin... and that's just lazy.
12:31 May 23, 2009 by Jamtjim
RoyceD. I make you right on that. Its interesting how they're not arguing that everyone exept the Samis are criminal immigrants (afterall most swedes moved north to sami areas many generations ago and thus are all immigrants themselves).

The human species is thought to have originated somewhere in africa. Therefore everyone in sweden is of immigrant stock.

No, no, no just those of diffent skin colour or religion to them who they have a problem with. Modern day National Socialistic tendencies are scary... however these people are unable to see thier behaviour as resembling those of the Nazis... the product of a low intellect I would suspect.
13:57 May 23, 2009 by bocale1
KnowledgeIsPower, have you never heard about the thousands of Africans dying every year in the Mediterranean sea trying to reach Europe in boats falling apart? Ease of travel? What do you talk about? If you consider the gap between Western countries and Africa/Asia in terms of quality of life (in most of the African countries, the estimated life is below 40!), security and so on, you can imagine why the people are prepared to risk anything to live a e decent life. And, if you consider that Western countries have clear and historical responsibilities in having created this constantly growing gap, exploiting poor countries for centuries, you may see this attempt totally fair.
14:22 May 23, 2009 by Playmaker
no we should not share it, we do own are own land. immigration is only a one way street. it is by far majorty the poor, uneducated, unskilled immigrants that move to stable western nations. should we foot the bill because they refuse to fix there on govt. there is plenty of money in the middle east. sh*t the saudi royalty is some of the richest people on the planet. we all started equal in the begining of time. are as bocale1 says we all come from Africa. so should not Africa have the upperhand hand be the most stable? it is manly western countries how are doing well. there are a few exceptions but it is true. we migrated just as everyone else. is it a cowincadence that the white countries are doing better that everyother race? we all started the same as hunters and gathers. i am not saying the other races should die just fix there own problem at home and not run like cowards. when they are stable then we can mix.
14:38 May 23, 2009 by Jamtjim
What's a "cowincadence"? Two, apparently independant, bovine events happening at the same time?

Mind you that did make more sense that your xenophobic, ill-informed and plainly daft rantings. How you can, without a hint or irony, accuse immigrants of being uneducated when expressing such a staggering lack of knowledge yourself would be simply assusing if it were not indicative of the widespread klu klux klan type mentality which seem to pervade the forum these days.
14:43 May 23, 2009 by Benzed
Who would have time for such types, I mean really.
18:18 May 23, 2009 by New Yorker
A Multiracial Society is inevitable, a New World Order , we will have it by consent or conquest. We will crush those who are impediments to the greater human good.
19:27 May 23, 2009 by Merik
19:35 May 23, 2009 by Merik
The Buzz in Society tells people that we cannot be happy unless we are well connected socially, then people who submit to fear, don't allow people to connect socially. I agree with them with no exception,

only with no exceptions. T.A[/i]

Fear leads to the darkside,

anger and hate lead to the darkside, in that case, these people are siths.

Love does not claim love through sophisticated hypnotic possession or propaganda. T.A

Love is not controlled by fear, fear leads to the darkside, love is bold, love is endless, love is trust in times of loving. T.A.

Then those who are offered fear, don't be controlled by fear, don't listen to your boyfriend or man or government if they are fear mongering, our differences is what makes us beautiful. The human rights and constitutions of the world are commandments and are the source of people who recieve blessings.
19:54 May 23, 2009 by Kooritze
I am amazed at the level of racism expressed on this forum.......expressions of superiority culture having to accept inferior culture, white man produces stable societies....the rest dont etc etc. As a relevant newcomer to sweden I find a modern high standard of living country with an almost early 20th century mindset.........many are dilussional and not living in the real world. The common nazi/racist undertones are staggering. What do these types want....build a closed off society of ayran paradise? Maybe let a few whites in but none of the coloured.

Shocked and saddened
20:26 May 23, 2009 by CTIDinÅrsta

Thanks for the reminder of a classic Ska track. Those were the days, before the bonehead "master race" screwed it all up. Some good covers on You Tube I can recommend The Oppressed

(attached image not shown)
23:54 May 23, 2009 by outcast
I doubt we are speaking here about neonazism. more likely it is revival of basic drive of self-preservation.
00:11 May 24, 2009 by rmccall7
After reading this all I have to say is everyone has an opion. It is just what A-holes do.
02:22 May 24, 2009 by freethinker
Take a chill pill. People who are concerned about immegration policies in their countries have a right to their views. In my mind so long as people rights are not being violated why the fuss? Though I live in the US I have read news articles about problems Sweden seems to be having with immegrants. Let Swedes figure things out. It concerns their Society and Culture. They have a right to examine their options. Anyone who can't see that should stay out of Sweden, nor should outside forces attempt to change who Swedes are. It's ok to say something constructive, yet to mindlessly blast away at people concerned for thier country is not right. Sweden is the most open, tolerant, and human rights consious country out there, so chill.

Swedes I hope you consider carefully how you address your Nations issues. WOuld you be willing to consider this advice? If immegrants can't live as useful, productive, and civilized members of your Country...simply deport them...Foreigners are in Sweden by invitation only...which can be revoked. If there are members of your Society ( Citizens ) who can't live in Civilized Society then exile them.
02:46 May 24, 2009 by mstravel26
Immigration is a growing concern/issue for many countries as in the U.S. the number of Latino gangs and Texas with its narcotic problems. Marseilles in France has been completely taken over by immigrants who refuse to assimilate into a culture. I hate all Nazi propaganda and am curious how people can get behind it as many who run the Nazi show, turn and will KILL other Nazis who they think are a weaker link. Think I am lying, read some history! Hell there were Serbs that killed other Serbs in the Balkan War. There are degrees of Nazism, for example, if you are not resourceful your own Nazis will use you up and spit you out. If people refuse to assimilate and obey laws, leave the country! Nazis,look at Berlin. It is still financially ruined.
11:13 May 24, 2009 by jimmyjames
To: "peropaco" > instead of concentrating on childish insults you should focus on the gist of the remark. I was primarily refering to official immigration policy and not population statistics. Israel exists primarily for and its " Law of Return " is geared towards Jewish and ONLY Jewish people. Japan's immigration laws are very specific regarding non-Japanese. They even discourage "mixed" race people ( 1/2 Japanese - 1/2 something else ) from attempting citizenship. They do not take in refugees, period . Even though they are one of the richest countries on Earth. No-one calls them bigots,racists, Nazis, ect. Why ? The Chinese do not take in refugees despite their booming economy. No-one calls them Nazis. Why ? Why are only caucasion based countries evil when they act to preserve their race,culture,ect. Why ?
11:59 May 24, 2009 by KnowledgeIsPower
- bocale1 -

I was too general when I said things are easier today. What I should have said is that things are easier for for those who have the means of purchasing airline tickets. Now when you consider that refugees are fleeing from violence and not necessarily poverty, and that Sweden receives flights from Iraq, it is easy to see that a sufficient number of people likely have the option of flight. This however, does not encompass all immigrants. Your example of Africans drowning in the ocean further reinforces my point about geographical barriers making travel difficult, if not hazardous and possibly deadly depending on the situation.

You comments about differences between quality of life in countries and responsibilities regarding these differences pertain to a broad and somewhat different issue.
17:31 May 24, 2009 by voidplay
"we migrated just as everyone else. is it a cowincadence that the white countries are doing better that everyother race? we all started the same as hunters and gathers. i am not saying the other races should die just fix there own problem at home and not run like cowards. when they are stable then we can mix."

Things are not always fair in the world arena

The only two non white countries that have actually developed and own their own enterprises after WW2 are S. Korea and Isarel ---> reason is US interests

The only non white country in the security council --> China

which is also the only non white country in the nuclear six.

Islamic revolution in Iran, assinations in Egypt and Turkey --> CIA

Saddam, taleban ---> CIA

Sierra leone, Chad, Rwanda etc -- British and French mining interests
18:27 May 24, 2009 by freethinker
Several factors could be contributing to the rise of neo nazis in Sweden. From articles I read on this site it seems immegrants are causing alot of crime in Sweden. If this issue is not dealt with organizations such as neo nazis will use this to their benefit. Neo Nazis may be a fringe group now, yet if Sweden fails to deal with the issue then others will step up with solutions, and many Swedes may in time flock to organizations they feel will offer them peace and security. It's not wise to disregard a problem out of fear of sounding or seeming racist if immegrants or a minority group is a cause of social harm. Better to deal constructively with a difficulty now than later. Remember the Nazi Party in Germany was not able to seize power until after the Government of the time was unable/unwilling to solve Germany's problems. Once again I quote Plato " the consequence for apathy towards public affiars is to be ruled by evil men". Another contributer to civil troubles might be the weak economy. I know here in the US we have hate groups that gain followers durring economic downturns. Well Swedes how you deal with your social troubles is entirely up to you. I hope you do so in a constructive, and rational way. I say this alot, yet I think it'll help solve things for you. Why not deport violent criminals?
18:28 May 24, 2009 by voidplay
not that you wouldn't have heard about it

18:57 May 24, 2009 by Oskarsmamma
I am not surprised at the levels of neo-nazism and racism in Europe today.

It has been rising as steadily as immigrants of all creeds and colours have been arriving.

I think, from discussions I have had with people (many) and articles I have read, the problem starts with the indigenous populations seeing their daily life and culture change with each huge immigration wave.

People emigrate to get away from war, famine, poverty and a great many also move for better working conditions, living conditions from across Europe the United States etc.

However, it does seem to be evident that those immigrants arriving from say African or Arabic lands seem to make more demands on their host nation to change how they do things to fit in with their culture and beliefs.

I am not saying that those who worship another God or eat only certain foods should not be catered to in their host nation, simply that these "changes" should not affect mainstream society but be kept to outside of work and at weekends.

Because of the liberal do-gooding leftish policies so pervasive these days it is a crime and a shame to be white, caucasian, Christian or however you wish to phrase white people and that we are all racist scumbags who put down, discriminate and hate all who are different.

That is simply just not true. What people and esp. those turning towards neo-nazi groups fear is that their own way of life and culture is slowly being changed and/or eradicated to allow other peoples cultures to come to the forefront and to be accommodated into mainstream life when it should be kept out of it.

I moved here six years ago and I don't expect Sweden or Swedes to change to fit my lifestyle, culture or beliefs. I keep mine inside my house and when family and friends visit. I have for example done a complete English Christmas for my Swedish family and they loved it - I have celebrated the Swedish way since moving here and accept that this is how society celebrates.

What right do I or any other single immigrant have in wanting mine or their own culture imprinted onto our host nations?

This country has put a roof over my head, fed me, clothed me, taken care of me when I was ill, helped bring my son into the world and asks nothing in return other than I respect how things in Sweden are.

It saddens me to see the problems in Swedens larger towns, the "ghetto-ising" of places and the constant whinging and whining about how non-white immigrants are treated badly, as second-class citizens, are the first to be targeted by police for crime etc.

The truth is that this IS a rise in crime amongst immigrant background youths - instead of whinging about how things are here why don't these same whingers try and fit in once and a while instead of demanding their civil human rights to have all of their culture pushed to the front in their host nations.
19:15 May 24, 2009 by freethinker
Oscarsmamm I agree with you. It seems in Sweden's case the concern is the lvl of crime. "If" it is true people foreign to Sweden are a cuase for higher violent crime rates then this should be examined lest it later become an issue that hate groups can latch onto.
19:35 May 26, 2009 by bryantim
Aside from the useful idiots who think of themselves as liberals, take a good look at who has been working behind the scenes to alter the demographics in your country. They've done the same thing to the U.S.

18:27 May 27, 2009 by treffen
I like the posts contributed by freethinker and oscarsmamm. However, seeing in shades of gray is threatening to the P.C. left and the neo-nazi right. I wish people could compartmentalize and debate point by point rather than immediately jumping to the "you're a racist, I'M one of the good ones" positions. However, that doesn't give you street cred. That doesn't make you immediately unassailable.

Anyway, until political parties and immigrant leaders can address some of the problems of immigration, without going to their respective corners, the neo-nazi parties will, unfortunately, be able to recruit.
18:32 May 27, 2009 by rAMIREZ.PBLO
I understand that many of you might dislike immigrants because they increase crime rates and in many cases behave in ways that are not socially acceptable or against public order. However, that does not give anyone the right to hate or discriminate against other races, just because one sample of that population behaved in a certain way. It should not take too much brain to figure out that WE ARE NOT EQUAL, and just because a few people moved to Sweden and commit crimes and what not, that does not mean that every other person from that race will behave in the same way. So please, think before you speak!!

Those of you that speak about a “SUPERIOR RACE" there is no such a thing!!

The reason some countries are in better economical conditions than others is not because their race is superior. In the case of the United States, where there is history of the KKK and many white supremacist groups, these groups fail to realize that the US was founded by immigrants and the land that we currently reside on was initially inhabited by American Indian, not white Nazis, and one of the reason why the country enjoyed good economical conditions was mainly because of the slave trading. Presently the immigrants in the US is one of the reasons why it is still a economic power house, has a lot to do with immigration.

It is a similar case with Vikings, which were the first to come to America. The Vikings went around the world conquering lands and robbing monasteries.

The point here is that no society is a pure society since in some how we have all being interconnected at some point. It is not far to discriminate against those with that have different background than you, because each country in one way or another has benefited from another.
17:35 May 28, 2009 by Manonthemoon
Wouldn't it be so much clearer if we defined ”racism” as ”to discriminate due to something one cannot change”? This includes colour of skin, sex, age, country of origin and so on.

On the other hand I see no need to forbid discrimination due to things one CAN change, such as political, philosophical or religious standpoints. I will never accept communism or nazism as equal to democratic schools, nor can I see any reason to accept all religions as of equal value.

In a society where many groups live adhering to different moral rules conflicts are impossible to avoid.

The human being is of course of the same value but his opinions are certainly not!
19:55 May 5, 2010 by Schwarzwald
A humorous observation. If one is against neo-nazis, they will be against the immigrants they are defending as well. The role of neo-nazis is to bring about the end/segregate other races, or so skinheads love to go on about when I come into contact with them, usually in their drunken stupor. Though, this role can be applied to any race, Israel i feel is one of the most racist countries of the world; to put out an example. There is no solution to this other than a cascading elevation of violence, of which things will sort itself out in time, or government intervention. Unless of course these neo-nazis of all ethnicities somehow make a decent income to live on, then the former is most likely to occur. Economic reasons is a huge factor to how people think; Nazis came about due to the economic depression in the USA, which in turn affected the loans taken by Germany during at that time. Most extremist groups are actually powered by people without an income to be content with. A lack of economic salvation is probably the background to most of the groups in Sweden, look at the article, it describes women who are unemployed and uneducated.
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