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Swedes back al fresco smoking ban

Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 1 Jun 2009, 10:04

Published: 01 Jun 2009 10:04 GMT+02:00

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The Hotel & Restaurant Workers Union (HRF), together with other member organisations of the network, has now demanded action to extend the ban on smoking in licensed premises introduced in June 2005.

The 2005 ban was very popular among the Swedish population and the parliament has identified a goal that by 2014 no one should be subjected to tobacco smoke against their will.

Ella Niia at HRF, and five other members of the Swedish Network for Tobacco Prevention argue, in an article in Svenska Dagbladet on Monday, that it is time to extend the ban and ensure that non-smokers can enjoy their meal in a smoke-free open air environment.

The Synovate survey asked 1,000 Swedes to specify the milieus in which they were bothered by passive smoking and where they would like to see smoking bans extended.

73 percent supported a total ban on smoking in al fresco dining areas with the strongest backing amongst young people.

The survey indicates support for the ban to be extended to balconies, stairwells, entrance halls and on all public transport.

86 percent of respondents were positive to the parliament's 2014 goal - including two thirds of regular smokers.

Non-smokers were twice as positive as smokers, but fully 40 percent of regular smokers backed extending the ban, the network members write.

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The US state of California paved the way for the wave of smoking bans that have been enforced worldwide in the past decade, when it outlawed smoking inside in 1998. Ireland was the first country to introduce a nationwide ban in 2004.

Since then a series of countries have introduced similar bans citing public health concerns and several states in Canada and Australia have already included open air environments in their legislation.

The Himalayan nation of Bhutan is to date the only country to have introduced a complete ban on the sale and smoking of tobacco in public.

Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:12 June 1, 2009 by Deema
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Now i like swedes :)
12:07 June 1, 2009 by Britswedeguy
No civilised country should allow carcinogens to be released in public places.
12:45 June 1, 2009 by International Man of Leisure
"No civilised country should allow carcinogens to be released in public places. "

Better outlaw all carbon-fueled cars, buses, trains and aeroplanes as well then. Welcome back to the dark ages...

13:20 June 1, 2009 by Random Guy
you are not forced to suck on a tail pipe of a car like those who have to work around smokers and are forced to suck in their smoke all day long.

13:21 June 1, 2009 by ooh456
Nice one IMoL.

The trouble with banning things is it never stops. There is no way that minute cigarette smoke outside could be dangerous compared to all other stuff in the air. And we are talking about 3 months per year in Sweden that there is even a possibility of eating outside.

Non-smokers find smoking annoying. Okay fine. I find non-smokers and non-drinkers and loud children who eat at restaurants annoying. I do not try to ban them from the establishment however. I deal with the situation in a professional matter and have another drink and smoke.
13:27 June 1, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
Where would this be?

Since the banning of smoking in all public places, I can't imagine there are many people in this situation. Unless they're disliked so much that their desks are moved into the company smoking room (those companies that have them).
13:35 June 1, 2009 by Hauhr
So you dislike non-smokers, ooh456. May I ask why?

Is it because we don't enjoy sticking cancer sticks in our mouths, destroying our lungs, polluting the air around us, making our hair and clothes stink?

I like coffee because it perks me up. I like beer because it makes me tispy. Why oh why do you like cigarettes? Just what do you get out of it?

If you have any other answer than "hmm, maybe you're right" then it may be that you are mentally challenged.
13:54 June 1, 2009 by Sensiblenick
I totally agree with ooh456.

Non-smokers bug the hell out of me: The way they sit there with *no* addictions or financially crippling habits. The way they fail to make the people around them uncomfortable is incomprehensible.

Infact... their inability to ruin people's meals is downright offensive and I've had enough of them. Ban them I say. Ban them all

.... unless of course...

Unless they can be trained to fart upwind and at face-height... while not proven to be carcinogenic, they may approach that same level of irritance.
13:56 June 1, 2009 by ooh456
Haur, well it is because of self-righteous bastards like you under the delusion you are always right and other people have no right to disagree. All I am saying is I want smoking bars and restaurants. That's not a very mentally challenging position to understand ya simpleton
14:01 June 1, 2009 by Craptastical
I actually don't mind having to smoke outdoors. Even as a smoker it did bother me when the bars were filled with a sweatshop-like haze.

IMHO either ban smoking completely or leave me the hell alone while I puff away outside.
14:05 June 1, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
Yeah, it's so much better now that the enticingly fragrant blended aroma of stale beer, old men's farts, and last night's puke is now permitted to permeate the atmosphere.
14:10 June 1, 2009 by Jasoncarter
Terrible news, as this could mean the end of kids waving their arms in your face saying 'luften är fri! luften är fri!'.

I understand an indoor smoking ban - smoke accumulates, doesn't dissipate and is impossible to avoid breathing in with every lungful. However outdoors? It's more of an annoyance than a health risk, and I don't it's right to start legislating against irritating things.

(Unless the government promises ten years for standing in front of the sodding tunnebanan doors when people are trying to get off.)
14:15 June 1, 2009 by VikingHumpingWitch
Oh fcuk off you intolerant wastes of skin. As long as I have to breathe in car fumes all sodding day, and that in a city with excellent public transport, nobody can bitch too much about what is in fact a very tiny amount of smoke once in a while. If it bothers you that much, move away. Learn to live and let live.

I think I may go about and randomly punch 7 of the first 10 people I meet.
14:18 June 1, 2009 by Benzed
I gave up nicotine related smoking at the turn of the year. Nevertheless, the whining of non smokers continues to grate. Just be silent. Your whingeing nauseates more than any wisps of smoke from a 3 inch long stick.
14:19 June 1, 2009 by Craptastical
Or the pack of douchebags waiting for their buddies while clogging the escalator entrances and exits. Or the idiots who stop immediately at the end of the escalator. Or the f-tards who stand in the middle of the escalator and won't let others pass on the left. Or the disgusting pricks 5 steps above you on the escalator farting as you travel up.

Just ban escalators and replace them with cliffs so we can push these morons over.

But it has to be outdoors so that we can give them their last cig before they plunge to their deaths.

That's my birthday wish.
14:23 June 1, 2009 by Craptastical
This reminded me. Smoking should allowed and encouraged within Slussen station.

I'm getting really tired of playing "ewww, what's that smell?!?" and always guessing "a blend of old baby diapers, vomit, and urine all thawing from the past winter."

The smell of cigarrette smoke would be a vast improvement.
15:01 June 1, 2009 by Sensiblenick
Wow... you smokers are an edgy bunch aren't you? ;o) Lighten up. :o)

I love standing aimlessly in doorways... I guess this is really the country for me :o)
15:13 June 1, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
Absophuckinglutely moronic.

What will be regulated next as it relates to the outdoors?
15:17 June 1, 2009 by Kind Man
Ban Smokers, Ban drinkers! ban them not only in Sweden but in all over the world.

Smokers are dangerous for society, health and economy.

Drinkers gets alcoholic, every Sunday Saturday night drinkers gets drunk and Kill some one fighting in nights clubs all over the world if you count many gets killed in this night. if they ban them from drinking then Sunday and Saturday boys/girls would not be killed anymore
15:19 June 1, 2009 by Nina_
W-O-W indeed!!! I guess smoking cigarrettes will eventualy become ilegal, just like it happened to weed some decades ago! I am not a smoker anymore, but I think that it completely sucks to live in a society in which there are so many rules for everything! We are imprisioned, and supposed to follow 1 million rules, some of them just stupid, set by a bunch of idiots that try to control us in everyway they can. Can't we just be reasonable and let smokers have their cig OUTDOORS while they have a coffee or a beer??? Jeez...
15:23 June 1, 2009 by Kind Man
Why you are not smoker anymore?
15:26 June 1, 2009 by Fjällräv
After losing out to Holey for the Life Time Achiever's Award 2009, KM is pushing forward for the accolade next year!
15:28 June 1, 2009 by Nina_
I quit because I wanted to live a healthier life - my decision. People should be able to decide for themselves if they want to smoke to alleviate the stress, or something else. Smoking outdoors doesn't really FORCE others to inhale smoke to the point of harming their health, as they can simply move away.
15:44 June 1, 2009 by International Man of Leisure
That's exactly my point, if you live in a city or town of any size, and you go outside, then YES, you ARE forced to breathe in the stuff coming out of the vehicles.

15:47 June 1, 2009 by Craptastical
I think you should be banned. You're a danger to the gene pool.
15:48 June 1, 2009 by Sensiblenick
"Smoking outdoors doesn't really FORCE others to inhale smoke to the point of harming their health, as they can simply move away. "

I think the survey was referring to outdoor areas of restaurants/bars that serve food. i.e. in a situation where you can't really "move away" ... Probably with the scenario of someone sparking up at the table next to you while you're munching happily away on your Danish bacon. :o)

For me that'd merely take the edge off a meal. For my highly asthmatic friend it'd ruin a night.

Could be worse... people could feel the need to play the violin after meals... That'd *really* suck :o)
15:49 June 1, 2009 by manamann
Bann it !!!!!! I don't want to smell your stinking smoke anymore, please go kill yourself in the privacy of your own home. If I see you at a cafe or on the street I will tell you so, smoking sucks and you are a slave to the tobacco industry, your breathe smells and your clothes, coughing all the time. Get some nicorette gum and stop while you can!
15:55 June 1, 2009 by Nina_
->"I think the survey was referring to outdoor areas of restaurants/bars that serve food. i.e. in a situation where you can't really "move away" ... "

Find a table indoors or another restaurant. :)

->"That's exactly my point, if you live in a city or town of any size, and you go outside, then YES, you ARE forced to breathe in the stuff coming out of the vehicles."

Yes, true, but if you only consider cigarrette smoke, you are not forced to inhale it to the point of harming your health as you can simply move away from smokers- that is my point.
15:59 June 1, 2009 by manamann
Nina, why do I have to move away when I'm not doing anything, you need to move away with your habit not me, MOVE IT TO THE STREET not outside in the seating area with non-smokers.
16:00 June 1, 2009 by Lisaann
Congratulations to the Government Officials. Sweden is the only country that looks after important matters for the well being of its Citizens. I was so surprised to find this article, because we had the same problems last week finding a restaurant where people are not allowed to smoke in the doorway, as the smoke does make its way inside the restaurant.

I would also like to see them impose penalties for those parents who smoke over their young babies. These children are innocent, and are ingesting second hand smoke from infants. How irresponsible! It is the same thing in the parks. We swedes wait for a sunny day to go out and sun bathe, only to find people smoking all around you, truly, it is difficult to find a spot on the grass where no one is smoking....THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS, AND I AM SO PROUD TO BE A SWEDE RIGHT NOW. Hope this law goes into action right away.
16:02 June 1, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
I don't want to read your stinking posts with your piss-poor grammar and spelling any longer. May we ban you, as well?
16:03 June 1, 2009 by Craptastical
Umm, we have to put up with your incessant whining. So if you STFU and quit bitching all the time maybe you won't bring out people rebellious streak.

What law? It was a survey.
16:03 June 1, 2009 by Sensiblenick
"Find a table indoors or another restaurant"

.. and If I'm already half way through my meal?

Naah... instead of "simply" moving myself away from something that I find to be distasteful, I'll join the clear majority and support banning smoking in areas where people consume food. That'll be just "lagom" for me ;o)
16:03 June 1, 2009 by manamann
If you think second hand smoke is not a concern, then please read the studies for outdoor areas that have been taken.

16:04 June 1, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut

Don't feel compelled to respond to the trolls and resident asshats. Feel free, however, to blow smoke in their faces. :raises eyebrows and snickers:
16:06 June 1, 2009 by Sensiblenick
"What law? It was a survey".

" has now demanded action to extend the ban on smoking in licensed premises introduced in June 2005."

= Requested Law...

I'll choose Incessant whining over the stench of smoke any day.
16:09 June 1, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
Really? I would have never guessed... ... ... ...
16:14 June 1, 2009 by Craptastical
Off topic: figure out how to use the quote functionality on the site. Your posts are really difficult to parse.

There were *at least* two cafes/restaurants in Gamla Stan which have either a complete no smoking policy or have one side for smokers and the other side for non-smokers. Find them. Be happy. Then we both get what we want. I get the non-smokers to STFU, and you get your nice clean air. Win win. Of course, I don't doubt for a second that non-smokers will still bitch because someone 30ft away is smoking, but tough titties. 'Tis the way it is.
16:19 June 1, 2009 by manamann
The studies have been done in the US and have concluded that second hand smoke in outdoor cafes is just as bad as indoor's. The polls here show that people don't want it either, so in the future it will be banned. So for the time being keep smoking because it won't be before long that you can't, if I see you blowing smoke in my direction, we will have a nice little discussion first, then I will put out your stinking cig.
16:19 June 1, 2009 by Kooritze
What kind of direction are we going here.....trying to create a purist sterlile society full of healthy drones being smug, boring and lacking in manners and humour. You already have a swedish culture where there are issues and rules everywhere you turn.

Relax and enjoy life! There are much more important issues than outdoor smoking..........industrial and transport pollutants being pretty obvious.
16:19 June 1, 2009 by Plowbridge H. Broad
How interesting.

16:25 June 1, 2009 by Keithy
You smoke pure? No wonder you're always skint.
16:25 June 1, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
1) Indoor's what?

2) Apparently there is not a general consensus regarding your, "polls."

3) Oh. I just love it when you talk dirty. Nice little discussion first followed by putting out the stinking cig? You realize you're invading someone's personal space and thus bringing your own bad self in direct contact with the carcinogens? Wouldn't it be more prudent to extract yourself from the situation?

You're a tool.
16:25 June 1, 2009 by Craptastical
Haha. Doubtful. Moving your hand anywhere near my face or getting in my "personal space" like that is a big no-no.

So take your macho "this is what I would do, well what I would *want* to do but wouldn't really" attitude elsewhere.
16:26 June 1, 2009 by manamann
so there will be one more rule, No smoking at outdoor cafes aaaaahhh nice and relaxed enjoying fresh air..........
16:30 June 1, 2009 by Craptastical
If it happens I'll happily obey the law. Until then though... *puff* *puff*
16:38 June 1, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut

I cannot believe the arrogance and stupidity in this thread!

I quit smoking and, quite frankly, the smell makes me borderline irate due to my hypersensitive sniffer. The designated smoking area of my building is the front entrance. Whenever I see smokers in their appropriate place, rather than walk through a smell that (currently) makes me wretch, I simply use a different door. This takes all of five additional seconds and everyone's needs are met.

If you non-smoking ilk are so concerned about the 2nd hand smoke effect, then move your physical being to a cleaner place or don't step outside. There are far more harmful pollutants in the air than someone's phucking Marlboro Red.
16:40 June 1, 2009 by Nina_
"Nina, why do I have to move away when I'm not doing anything, you need to move away with your habit not me, MOVE IT TO THE STREET not outside in the seating area with non-smokers."

For the same reason that people move away when they are bothered with any habit other people might have! I often switch tables when people sitting next to me are talking loudly!

".. and If I'm already half way through my meal?

Naah... instead of "simply" moving myself away from something that I find to be distasteful, I'll join the clear majority and support banning smoking in areas where people consume food. That'll be just "lagom" for me ;o) "

Sensiblenick, you can do that or you could politely ask them not to smoke because of your/your friend's allergy issues. I am sure they would understand. :)


Don't feel compelled to respond to the trolls and resident asshats. Feel free, however, to blow smoke in their faces. :raises eyebrows and snickers:"

16:41 June 1, 2009 by Geno44
If cigarette smoking is a public health risk, then ban all cigarette sales in Sweden. Ban all the importing of cigarettes. Stop selling in duty free shops. Forbid the use of them, anywhere, anytime. Make cigarettes illegal to use, posess or sell.

If they are not illegal, then provisions should be made for their use in public areas. Whether you believe in their use or not, this mealy mouthed process of continually banning areas to smoke, hoping to win the war by attrition is cowardly.

Sweden's lawmakers have to get some spine and either ban the substance, or allow tax paying citizens the right to partake in a legal activity.
16:43 June 1, 2009 by Nina_
Sensiblenick, you could do that, or you could politely ask them not to smoke for a while because of your/your friend's allergy issues. I am sure they would understand. :)

High Priestess Kang - Slut, LOL :D
16:45 June 1, 2009 by manamann
I don't have to move and I won't, it's your arrogance or your stupidity to think that you should have to move anywhere for someone's habit, I don't move they do.
16:48 June 1, 2009 by Nina_
Manamann, you are very polite and considerate. :)
16:50 June 1, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
Really? It's my arrogance or stupidity to remove myself from a situation I find unsavory rather than creating a giant noise and acting like a self-absorbed child?

I'm waiting for the day when you encounter a smoker, go off on your pious rant about his/her polluting the air and having them slap you in return. Because, let's face it, you're probably an annoying, insufferable little person IRL, as well.

And - for Ms Nina...
16:52 June 1, 2009 by Paulo +fab muscular than Jonnhy
Does it mean that juicy fatty fat beef steak full of saturated fat fried in highly processed hydrogenated fatrans won't be served outside dining areas of restaurants anymore?

I love lawmakers, you know, they are so coherent with the principles in which their laws are based in or should I say promoting the idea that they're legislating to protect our very lovely children and people?
16:55 June 1, 2009 by Craptastical
I think it would be more than a slap.
17:01 June 1, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
In light of the changes in moderation, I thought I would tone it down a touch.
17:04 June 1, 2009 by Mack
Yikes... touchy topic. I don't smoke. Personally I am not too bothered by smoke outdoors but it is different for everyone. In Canada this really became a workers health issue. The rationale was why should servers in a bar/cafe not have the same rights to a smoke free work place as non hospitality workers. What they ended up doing here was allowing smoking outside but only if there was no roof or enclosure built around the patio. What had been happening was the restaurants/bars were fairly much closing in their patios to make the season last longer. Many places now have both... completely open patio (smoking allowed), partially sheltered patio (no smoking). Of course everyone was predicting doom and gloom when they brought in the changes but I don't really see a big impact to business. Just my two cents but I am fairly much a live and let live kind of guy...
17:10 June 1, 2009 by Nuname
How many outdoor areas were created when the smoking ban came in? Now the whingers want the smokers banned from the smoking areas.

Sit inside you miserable gits.
17:21 June 1, 2009 by Craptastical
I have to say, this by far is my favorite English curse word. For some reason it just makes me laugh. Probably because I was never exposed to it until working with Brits :-)
17:25 June 1, 2009 by Nina_
High Priestess Kang - Slut, I quit smoking but I completely agree with you: if people are so concerned, they shouldn't step outside!
17:40 June 1, 2009 by sodersitting
High Priestess Kang

Do you live in Sweden?
18:16 June 1, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
Can you read a profile? YCTAT.
18:22 June 1, 2009 by DeepFriedHaggis
Having watched these discussions for ages, I've signed up. Hi there )

From this we learn that...

1. You're narrow minded enough to assume that everyone in Sweden lives in Stockholm

2. -for some peopel Smoke where they eat is so distasteful to enough of their clientel that they create a special area for smokers..

If 73% of people in some crappy little survey would support a ban, and the stated aim for 2014 is fulfilled, then smoking (note... not smokers) will be simply banned. Whining about it and berating those who express a dislike for smoke won't stop that from happening.

If it comes to a Debate, the smoker's side resorting to "STFU", calling people "Intollerant idiots" won't help them win.

If it comes down to Establishements making a choice, they're going to go with the bigger group.

This entire thing reminds me of the McCain/Obama thing. The minority supporters being belidgerent and offensive all the way. Shame on you. Make a good argument if you can, otherwise just quit exposing yourself as narrow minded loud-mouths.

And before I go... how come there are SO MANY people "not in Sweden" who care about this?

I'm glad I quit smoking when I did. I wonder if I too was an irritable whiny f*ck when I smoked...
18:40 June 1, 2009 by Craptastical
I sure hope not because you're plenty irritating as a non-smoker. Now STFU.

19:08 June 1, 2009 by DeepFriedHaggis
Spoken like a true f*ck-wit. Keep up the good work sunshine.
19:11 June 1, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
Crappy -

Is that not the nicest birthday greeting you have received today or what?
19:32 June 1, 2009 by DeepFriedHaggis
He's fulfilling the stereotype.... no argument logic or discussiion just "STFU"


He probably shoudln't enter battles of wits. He's not equipped.
19:43 June 1, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
Broken record.
20:05 June 1, 2009 by Craptastical

So I'm supposed to believe that you didn't take my last STFU hook, line, and sinker considering this and the former reply?

Also, according to your profile this was your first entry into a TL discussion. Are you sure that you know who's who and what everyone's temperament is (clearly you're not familiar with mine)? Are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into?
20:10 June 1, 2009 by KingArthur
Smokers are prohibit in all (Most/Many) public places already.

But then again, we smokers are a polite bunch of people, so we take our faq and go out of harms (your, Non Smoker way)

But what about people that use´s so much perfume that the disaster in Nepal looks like a child's play.

A lot of people are allergic to this, it can make them very sick, cause reactions etc.

Ban smoking, OK i am all for it, ill find a way for my daily dose. But please ban the over use of perfume as well then.


A happy Smoker :)
20:12 June 1, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
I smell a soiled, used, tired sock.
20:21 June 1, 2009 by Nina_
I smell delicious now that I don't smoke!
20:25 June 1, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
Mmmm... I like the sound of that, dear Nina.

But do you mean that you smell "delicious" as in smelling like strawberries, or a roast dinner, or Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, or Mars Bars, or a mocha swirl cheesecake, or what?

Edit: "Delicious" is quite subjective. To some people, sheep's bollocks smell delicious (it's true; I saw them in a Kebab shop in North London), but I doubt you smell like them, do you?

So, what do you smell like, Nina?
20:26 June 1, 2009 by DeepFriedHaggis
You're absoloutly right... I may have misjudged your character entirely Whether I have or not remains to be seen

My Initial thought was that you're a smoker who is incapable of offering a decent solution to appease the whiny non-smokers, and instead will belittle them and tell'em all to STFU.

I also reckoned that there is a little group who stick together and provide covering fire and little "pat on the back" comments to show solidarity - no matter how inane the comment may have been.

In my first post started saying that I'd watched these discussions for a long time: No need to check my profile to find out that I'm a newbie here.

Do I lknow what I've got myself into? Yes. A forum on the Web: They're all the same. Most discussions will see all united while others such as this will split the group in two. One group will try to make their point, the other will shout them down. noone will win, nothing will actually be achieved, and all will walk away from it with a feeling of success.

Does that just about sum it up?

... By the way... when "The Ban" was brought in Our local suddenly started to keep their kitchen open for longer... The lack of smoke meant that you noticed the stink of farts and BO at the bar... the kitchen masked it
20:37 June 1, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
You're lucky. My local (at the time) had a kitchen which was open late, but it was well out of the way.
21:03 June 1, 2009 by Greg in Canada
She could be the most beautiful woman in the world but the minute she sticks a cigarette in her mouth is when I wouldn't want anything to with her. Seriously.

We've had a public place/restaurant ban in Ontario, and I believe most other Canadian provinces for about ten years or so now. The Ontario ban also includes outdoor cafe patios. Since I'm an ex smoker, I definately support the ban.
00:59 June 2, 2009 by Yendor79
This should be very welcome in Sweden even though I'm a smoker myself, but thanks to our EU commission only Sweden has an alternative in SNUS, otherwise this whole matter would have been totally different.

It's funny in fact that I don't see Snus mentioned anywhere in this article!
01:21 June 2, 2009 by Kind Man
You are not a good human if you want healthier life for yourself and wish or support others to smoke outdoor. it is not matter of outdoor or indoor . it is matter of their health,money they will get cancer and die like the creator of Marlboro cigarette maker company. who died from cancer.

Prophet Mohammad said "Whatever you hate for yourself hate for others, and whatever you like for yourself , like for your brother/sisters"
01:33 June 2, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q

I like Marlboro Reds for myself, but my brothers and sisters can buy their own, thank-you-very-much.

And I hate liver, but I don't care if others eat it.

Are you sure that guy said that?
08:08 June 2, 2009 by Holecutter > The Howl From He
After much research, I find that most Swedish politicians really don't have much in the way of an overall education....degrees as such. Something, that would give credibility for being a politician and leaders in society, you know, like a modicum of common sense for example. What amazes me most of all, is that like sheep, the whole Nation will suck up to this one like a bitch in heat.

As a person who has lived here since 1983, it is quite embarrassing that the the uneducated oafs we have for politicians still think up schemes like this one. As me old Dad used to say; and the devil laughed in the distance as the thunder clapped in their ears.

Now I'll take a deep walk into the centre of the forest and have a fag.

09:56 June 2, 2009 by Craptastical
Trow said that? Really? Without blaming the US military directly?

10:57 June 2, 2009 by VikingHumpingWitch
I'm sure I saw/heard something about banning non-smokers from outside areas. Seems an instant win/win suggestion to me.
11:30 June 2, 2009 by enilorac
i say have public smoking rooms around town so they can kill themselves in there. i'm tired of going out and coming back with my clothes, hair and bag smelling of smoke, it's worse than farting in the street i'd say
12:25 June 2, 2009 by freshairforall
How stupid or blind do you have to be to ignore the inch high, bold text on every packet which clearly tells you …THESE WILL KILL YOU. Fine by me if you choose to end your life prematurely in this most dreadful and painful way, but don't subject me or my family to the risks indoors, outdoors or in ANY public airspace.

I like to drink occasionally, which has the unfortunate side effect of needing to pee more often. Maybe it's acceptable for me to pee directly on you and this is simply a byproduct of my desired habit of choice? What's more, I doubt very much that this would kill you or even smell as bad as smoke.

I await the inevitable smoking fraternity to further try to defend their unacceptable social behavior, no doubt with lewd language, weak self centered options and claim to their right to free living. I really hope a few of them can stand up and at least agree with me, even if they want to continue with their habit. This would at least make a nice change.
12:50 June 2, 2009 by Craptastical
So you created your login for the sole sake of debating this?

There's no debate, here's where I stand...

I used to smoke inside bars. When a law was passed banning this, I moved outdoors. Sure it sucks in the winter sometimes, but it's the way it is.

If a law is passed which bans smoking in outdoor cafes then I will also abide by the law.

If a law is passed which outlaws smoking completely, as difficult as it may be I would have to quit. (Actually, availability is part of the problem).

Until then, non-smokers are free to lobby for a ban, I actually encourage it if it's something you believe in. But when it comes to your whining to smokers directly while it's still legal, as I said before, STFU. I'm not breaking the law. If you don't like it while it's legal you too have the power to walk away.
12:56 June 2, 2009 by Rubbi
Unfortunately your argument is flawed. You say that by drinking alcohol it contributes no more than extra peeing. However there are numerous deaths on the road from drink related driving or people who drink to excess having health issues and of course the general drink fuelled violence that can be seen in any major city around the world.

Im an ex smoker cant stand the smell of it either now but accept that it is not against the law and if the restaurant or bar doesn't want the money from people that dislike the smoke thats an issue for them not the smokers there. People can go to a place that does not have smoking areas and spend their money there..
12:58 June 2, 2009 by Plowbridge H. Broad
If you actually have a family that includes children then I pity them for having such a self-righteous, ignorant parent. I suppose you don't care about anyone else when you infest the air with toxic fumes when driving nor purchasing clothes made in sweat shops or food imbibed with pesticides. The poor kids have to grow up with you as a role model. They are better off dead.
13:00 June 2, 2009 by VikingHumpingWitch
Has anyone actually had a self-righteous non-smoker come up and complain when you're smoking in a perfectly legal to smoke in area? I haven't, but am always hoping for it to happen cos I fookin luv a good rumble.
13:07 June 2, 2009 by Craptastical
Nope, never.
13:10 June 2, 2009 by VikingHumpingWitch
Thought not. It's one thing to whine on the Internet, I suspect in real life they realise what intolerant miserable cnuts they look and will keep schtum.
13:10 June 2, 2009 by Plowbridge H. Broad
Of course they do not have the guts to do so and even if they wanted to they are too busy brainwashing their sad little children into being clones of themselves.
13:29 June 2, 2009 by Random Guy
It is so simple - like my first comment.

You do not have the right to poison me where I work.

If you want to kill yourself at home - have fun!

If I were to come to where you work and slowly poison your lunch, just a tiny bit each day, would you put up with it? Not a chance.

Have your rights - all you want - just not when it affects me!

end of story!
13:39 June 2, 2009 by Plowbridge H. Broad
Get a job you like and grow up. End of story.
13:51 June 2, 2009 by VikingHumpingWitch
Yadda yadda fcuking yadda. Yeah ok, smokers have to stay home and smoke, but then drivers have to stay home if they want to drive and pollute my precious air. Or alternatively, we all just grow up and learn to live with other people's mildly annoying habits EVEN IF they adversely affect our health a tiny bit.
13:52 June 2, 2009 by VikingHumpingWitch
Oh yeah, and Freshair4all or whatever needs to get his dull arse down to Slottskogen on a summer's day. I happened through there yesterday and the place was full of people barbequeing, smoke everywhere, some of them even had their kids right there with them. Disgusting.
13:56 June 2, 2009 by Jasoncarter
When I smoked I was sometimes asked - in beer gardens - politely if I would mind not smoking while someone ate their food. I certainly couldn't object to such a request put nicely - it's no massive problem if I have to wait a bit longer for a cigarette. I would also ask people at the same table as me if they minded me smoking when sat outdoors. However, I have also had people coming up with the whole 'will you put that out, I don't want to breath your smoke' attitude and that has always resulted in me telling them in less than polite terms that they should move, and usually what they should do while they are doing it.
14:00 June 2, 2009 by VikingHumpingWitch
Oh yeah, I wouldn't smoke if someone with me is eating and a polite request to hold off for a bit would never be refused. It's the shrill "you are poisoning my air!!!11" attitudes that make me want to lock people in a tiny room and suffocate them slowly to death with noxious fumes.

If you don't like me smoking, go inside where it won't bother you. I don't have that option.
14:14 June 2, 2009 by Jasoncarter
I don't like lamb and I don't think it's right that whoever fancies it can sit right down next to my table in a restaurant and simply order lamb from the menu, forcing me to breath in their disgusting smelly greasy fumes. The sooner it is banned the better.
14:23 June 2, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
And I ask you again (as you didn't answer the first time): Where does anyone work where they are exposed to smoke? Are you a non-smoking waiter who has to serve smokers outside? If not, you talking absolute bollocks.
15:05 June 2, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
I'm wondering how many of the non-smokers remember to put sunscreen on *every time* they go outside? I also wonder how many of them sunbathe without any sunscreen at all.

Because...like many other things...that effects the public's bottom line when the public has to pay for treatment for squamous cell carcinoma.

The fact of the matter is that smokers are an easy target. It's much easier to ostracize an individual than it is a company that dumps pollutants in the air. Pollutants that Mr and Mrs Clean Lungs inhale every time they go outside.

As I said earlier, if you don't want to be around smokers - use those little things on the end of your legs (your feet) and move your smug ass to a different corner.
16:30 June 2, 2009 by freshairforall
As I had imagined, a plethora of rude, neanderthal ramblings from those who are unable to find a valid reason why it should be acceptable to do something so selfish and make it other people's problem.

This is a free world and anyone should be allowed to do anything they desire provided that it doesn't interfere with or adversely affect anyone else's right to the same thing.

Smoking blatantly infringes on my right to clean air. Period – no debate required.

Just a side issue, maybe they should make the NO SMOKING signs much bigger or maybe more simple to see through the smoke as I often see and suffer smokers completely ignoring the law. Again, what more could we expect from these socially challenged individuals.

I welcome the next clumsy verbal attack!
16:36 June 2, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
Just a question: Where are you? You wouldn't see this in establishments in Sweden, as proprietors are very quick to reprimand and/or remove anyone flouting this rule - because it's proprietors who would have to pay the fines.
16:39 June 2, 2009 by VikingHumpingWitch
You're absolutely right. Now that's clear, you are free to bog off and attack car drivers and people having a barbequeue.

I am going out to tell people they may no longer have children as this infringes on my right to a quiet life.
16:51 June 2, 2009 by Benzed
No, I just meant I no longer smoke cigarettes per se. By leaving my statement open-ended, it allows any crack dealers on the site to know that I may still be interested in their wares. And you've smoked my joints, you didn't fall over so you know they were not pure

A good episode of Blackadder fills your boots. Git, tit, plop, simple short words made into comedic excellence by the greatest character in 80s British sitcom tv.

There was that Thai bint at Franke's two weekends ago tsking and tutting loudly at the fact that you were smoking. The two of you could have put on an excellent scrap, I reckon.

Ooh. Barbeque. A "barbequeue" is a long line of plastic dollies waiting for GI Joe to slip in his military member.
19:32 June 2, 2009 by Omaro
Smoking is good for a disease called Ulcerative Colitis, that is why I smoke although I don`t have that disease but who knows LOL.
22:13 June 2, 2009 by Snoopy!
What a bunch of smoking tossers !

coughing ,spluttering,puking,chocking,wrinkly,stained,smelly,out of breath,farkin ignoramus´s!

whine whine whine , its my choice I smoke ,my life , I like it , I enjoy it ,its nice , it feels good ,I smoke because I was pressured in school , its sociable ....its errrrrr cool!??

Then you throw smokey poxy filthy farkin sticks on the ground whilst there still lit ...you farks!

If you don't like it move ,sit elsewhere ...fark you ! your apart of the minority , you made the decision to smoke , not me you farkin pillocks ! move your fat unhealthy smokin coughing arse elsewhere , I don't give a fark where , just not near me when I´m eating .

See unfortunately over the years of observation , of you nico sticks , I have seen far to many of you, who need a good slapping ,as you continue to show your ignorance & nonchalance to your fellow human beings, & you have the gall to say its my choice ! Fark offffffffffffff grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
22:28 June 2, 2009 by Mzungu
Had a rough day Snoopy!?

*oh! in full agreement in far less words*
01:31 June 3, 2009 by soultraveler3
Smoking inside or out in any public place should be banned. Alot smokers are either unaware or just don't care where their smoke goes.

You can't walk into a store, theatre or hospital here without walking through a cloud of smoke. Forget about smoke-free public outdoor dining. On the few days of the year where it's nice enough to sit outside and eat you're often surrounded by smokers and you can't always move.

Alot of smokers say that a public ban infringes on their rights but please take a minute and think about the rights of others.

Talking overly loud on your cell, coughing (without covering your mouth), letting children run around and scream, blocking entrances, smoking etc.

When in public EVERYONE needs to be aware that their actions affect others. Hopefully people give a damn.
05:29 June 3, 2009 by Random Guy
smoking idiots tell me to get a new job so they can smoke and kill those who work.

tell you what, next time you smoke, i will slip a little something in your drink. if you don't like it, then just go some place else.

then, the next worker you are killing with your smoke, will also slip something in your drink.

don't like it - man up and move to a land where you can poison those around you without fear they will do something to your drinks or food!

now how do you like it?!?!?!
07:57 June 3, 2009 by Renfeh Hguh
I'm a non-smoker and I don't like it al that much when I get smoke blown into my face, but I hate the smoking ban in bars and restaurants as it kills the atmosphere but worst of all, you can smell all of the farts and the poor personal hygiene of everyone in the bar. Plus you get the stale smell of old beer and if you are standing near the toilets arrrghhh

So I say föck you to the whining non-smokers, if you want it banned outside, just föck off inside the bar and leave the rest off us alone.
07:59 June 3, 2009 by Craptastical
How about you man up and grin and bear it? Until it's illegal to smoke you're going to have to just deal.

Besides, you wouldn't waste any of your rufies on one of us. It would totally put you off your game and disrupt any chance you have of getting laid.
08:03 June 3, 2009 by Renfeh Hguh
It is simple, if you don't like working in a smoky environment, don't work in a bar or restaurant.

I personally don't like working outdoors in the cold so I chose an office job.
08:16 June 3, 2009 by Plowbridge H. Broad
You just don't get it do you? Despite the thousands of habitual consequences that can be considered non beneficial to the lives of humans and animals, second hand smoking ranks very low on the scale. However you consider poisoning someone to be that equal. Are you sick? are you a murderer? Did your parents abuse you sufficiently enough to produce such an evil minded and bitter person? You need to seek help before you hurt someone. If you have children then I pray you do the decent thing and give them up until you are better.
11:59 June 3, 2009 by VikingHumpingWitch
Hey, are you the guy who got banned from dirty La Boheme for this the other week?
12:08 June 3, 2009 by Kind Man
If you smoke you will get cancer and you would die so young. so stop smoking and accept the reality and do not spent your money on killing yourself.

instead buy some healthy foods and have it and help poor. Allah says if you help any needy who needs help i would help you in the day of judgment. dont spent 2000 kr a month to smoke instead love yourself and your health and quit it smoking now. be like good boy/girl

12:08 June 3, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
And who told you to change your job? I merely asked where you work, and whether you have to put up with smokers, because there are very few jobs out there where people do. That's all.

If you do work where there is smoke, well that's tough, innit. The law is the law, and as it stands you're well and truly buggered.

If I were you, and if I worked somewhere where there was smoke, and I was this passionately against it, I wouldn't bother talking about poisoning people, I would ask my boss if I could be excused from being around smoke as it causes me to have psychotic and murderous thoughts.

Going on an Internet forum and talking about slipping lethal toxins into people's drinks is hardly a constructive thing to do, wouldn't you say?
12:10 June 3, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
Excuse me Kind Man, but what has Allah got to do with this discussion?
12:17 June 3, 2009 by Mzungu
Couldn't find his 'Camel' so he banned smoking!
12:19 June 3, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q

"I'd walk a mile..."
12:23 June 3, 2009 by Kind Man
Allah-God is the teacher of all Mankind and Allah tells you don't smoke or drink as it is dangerous for your health. does He says bad?

Why you are you so mad? relax take a long breath and ask God to help you quit smoking and also try your best.
12:24 June 3, 2009 by Kind Man
Camel is better than pig.
12:29 June 3, 2009 by Mzungu
Wouldn't know haven't tried either! Have you?

*always thought they went for donkey*
12:33 June 3, 2009 by Miss Kitten
But we live in a free society, which means we have the freedom to do things (such as smoking) that we know are dangerous and bad for us. Smokers know smoking is bad for them, but it's their choice.You might not like it but it's the price we pay for living in a free society. It means that we might encounter people engaging in activities and behaviors that we find objectionable. Unfortunately our objections to these behaviors are not more important than the rights of the people engaging in the behavior.
12:44 June 3, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
I'm sorry I used the "F" word on you, Kind Man. I am not angry, and I will not use any F's for the rest of this post, OK?

It's just incredibly ucking annoying that you eel the need to drag religion into every thread, i it's relevant or not. It's utile trying to convert olks who don't give a lying uck into not doing what Allah, God, Day Duck, or Elmer ucking Udd says is "dangerous or your health".

Let's see i you're capable o writing any posts where you neither bring Allah into the discussion or insult Jews, Americans or Brits. Good ucking luck with that, my riend.
12:46 June 3, 2009 by VikingHumpingWitch
I find religious preaching objectionable, and religion also has a fair whack of dead bodies on its hands, but I'm still not after banning it. At least, not in the outdoors.

Now take your god and shove him where the sun shineth not, because we're talking about smoking here and at no point in the Koran does it stipulate any regulations regarding smoking in outside serving areas in Sweden. A strange omission for an all-powerful all-knowing deity to have made, but there we are.
12:51 June 3, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
Good one, Mr Base! At irst I was highly conused by your piss-poor typing skills. I think you may have started a new, "cheesecake" meme to deal with the asshats on this orum.
12:52 June 3, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
Who wants to bet that Kind Man can find a YouTube link on precisely this...?
12:56 June 3, 2009 by Miss Kitten
I wouldn't be at all surprised if the revised and updated, annotated, and amended Koran has a whole list of post-modern behaviors in which you're not permitted to engage, including: smoking in outdoor service areas and talking on mobile phones on commuter trains.
14:24 June 3, 2009 by Benzed
Ah, Allah. Just what this thread needed to generate the extra mile of LOLs one seeks.

And nice one Mark, very amusing post.
14:33 June 3, 2009 by Plowbridge H. Broad
removed as a peace gesture
14:39 June 3, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
Oh, don't get him started, mate... We all know what's coming now, don't we...?

I'll now be the one tutting you over beers this riday.
14:45 June 3, 2009 by Plowbridge H. Broad
air point, sorted.
14:49 June 3, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
You ellows are unny.
14:51 June 3, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
Thanks. I was thinking o donning my ill-itting Moderator's Hat or a minute there.
14:58 June 3, 2009 by Miss Kitten
Oh, or ucks sake, why can't we just igure out how to live and let live?
17:11 June 3, 2009 by voidplay
I was at the hammarkullen karnival and in the arena area, and a mother had 2 cigarettes in a row all the with her child by her side. At this rate the child would start having most smoker's problems before he/she reaches 15.

It doesn't need a law for a mother to be concerned about her child's health but then people are what they are they generally don't give a damn about anything.

There were other people puffing in the crowd without a care for what other non smokers feel like.

Essentially like 'Sensiblenick' said most non smokers would consider farting less offensive than forcing others to inhale you branded addictive concotations.
18:13 June 3, 2009 by Mzungu
See!.... Now look what you've done.


*or ucks sake*
18:46 June 3, 2009 by Marley420
hahahaha good one!
18:50 June 3, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
(attached image not shown) Mjau.
21:49 June 3, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
What does bad parenting have to do with people smoking in an outdoor restaurant/bar area? And we aren't talking about having children present here. I occasionally see people getting -faced drunk while "looking after" their offspring. Is this better?

Oh, sorry, is this irrelevant?

You don't like people smoking in (permitted) outdoor seating areas, fine. But what's your post supposed to convey? That you had one bad experience with an irresponsible mother? Ooh - never seen that before...
21:57 June 3, 2009 by Craptastical
Obviously us smokers are horrible parents. Just awul.

There are no linoleum lizards in my house, but that's just because I know that I would blow smoke in my kid's ace.

We're horrible horrible people. Can't you see that through the haze?
22:21 June 3, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
Awully reudian of the ellow, eh?
22:24 June 3, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
(attached image not shown)

Because there can't be a Caturday without a Bunday...
22:26 June 3, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
A Marlboro or me, i you please.
22:33 June 3, 2009 by Mzungu
Do as the Llama says...


22:37 June 3, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
I strongly disapprove of you posting photos of my sister like that.
22:41 June 3, 2009 by Craptastical
Is she the bunny or the llama?
22:43 June 3, 2009 by Mzungu
... you told me your sister was a nun,then posted a photo to prove thus!

(attached image not shown)

*must have been dreaming*
22:49 June 3, 2009 by Plowbridge H. Broad
And to think there are so many arguments about religion on this forum. If there were more like this this would make more people tolerant.
22:53 June 3, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
I think I know one kind man who may have serious seminal leakage issues after viewing certain fine Christian "virtues".

(nudge-nudge, wink-wink)
22:54 June 3, 2009 by Craptastical
And I would still be an active Catholic.

If they would just adopt Buddy Christ and have some kind of screening for nuns (ie cheerleading tryouts) Catholicism would be all the rage!
22:58 June 3, 2009 by Craptastical
I'm nudging it and it's winking.
22:59 June 3, 2009 by Renfeh Hguh
Some people here certainly need to relax and light up to calm themselves down

(attached image not shown)
23:07 June 3, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
What you don't see in the photo above is the super multi-pram containing his four most recent offspring right at his waist-level. And did you know this shot was taken at an outdoor café in Möllan in Malmö?
23:12 June 3, 2009 by Craptastical
23:16 June 3, 2009 by Mzungu
Much more enjoyable with a single...

(attached image not shown)

*also less pollution*
23:20 June 3, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
Hey! That's my Nan! Who got ahold of my family album? Come on, 'fess up!
00:02 June 4, 2009 by Renfeh Hguh
One way to smoke withour risking lung cancer

(attached image not shown)

Anyone we know?
00:03 June 4, 2009 by Markbase with an Invisible Q
Auntie Louise!

Someone's gonna pay...
00:13 June 4, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut

Smoking *and* a baby all in one picture.
00:43 June 4, 2009 by Muttlestar Galactica
I want one.
10:40 June 4, 2009 by Plowbridge H. Broad
Too much negativity and false information about the hazards of smoking if you ask me.

11:40 June 4, 2009 by EtoileBrilliant
The biggest problem I have with smokers is their general lack of consideration for other people and I'm not just referring to their second hand smoke. I'm sure in every other respect their the nicest people in the people but when it comes to the "nicotine delivery systems" (snus or cigarettes), the idea of being a decent citizens just goes out of the window. I live in Central Stockholm and I would say anecdotally that about 90% of non-biodegradable waste on the streets are cigarette butts (and to a much lesser extent, used snus pouches).

When did it become acceptable to just throw away litter onto the ground? I'm often amazed that people just don't think twice even if they are within 2m of a litter bin. Go outside any T.Bahn station and the sheer volume of butts is amazing. As I said, I'm sure they're the nicest people in the world but their littering habits just reinforces my judgment of the contempt they have for fellow citizens.

I drink heavily taxed Vodka but you don't see me throw my empties onto the road on the grounds that I'm paying for the street cleaning through my taxes.
11:48 June 4, 2009 by VikingHumpingWitch
Surely that's a problem of the city not putting out enough ashtrays? You'd complain even more if all your bins were on fire because of smokers putting butts in there.
12:10 June 4, 2009 by EtoileBrilliant
As I said in my earlier post, if smokers can't be arsed to move the 2m to the nearest bin and stub out their cigarette before disposing of it safely, you're probably right. We need more bins or maybe less smokers.
12:12 June 4, 2009 by VikingHumpingWitch
Well I'm not going to take responsibility for every other smoker on the planet. I will always walk to a bin or ashtray if I can see one to deposit the remains (it's not hard to stub it out then pick it up again) so I can't really see why everyone else doesn't. Then again, if I can't see one I will chuck it on the floor because you're also paying taxes for litter bins, and if there aren't any then I consider that a protest.
05:08 June 5, 2009 by Marley420
Smokers cost businesses £2.1bn a year due to 'fag breaks' and sickness


I always wonder why I work longer than a smoker. Seeing the same people go out every hour for 15 minutes to smoke, while I am stuck inside working. Next time my boss ask, I will say that I am taking a non-smoking 15 minute break every hour.
05:39 June 5, 2009 by High Priestess Kang - Slut
Marley420 - is this tongue-in-cheek or plain old irony?
06:30 June 5, 2009 by Marley420

a little of both...
06:38 June 5, 2009 by Marley420
At least in San Francsico, we could take our whacky tobacco smoke breaks, but now being up here in Scandinavian country, employers tend to frown on that...what's up with that
07:06 June 5, 2009 by VikingHumpingWitch
15 minutes for a fag break? Are you sure your colleagues are out smoking when they go out?

(Tip: don't tell your boss you're taking a break because your smoking colleagues get one. It will make you look like a whiny bitch and if I was your boss, that'd be the end of you.)
12:29 June 5, 2009 by Oskarsmamma
Always a "hot potato" these kinds of discussions.

Another possible law coming into effect here in Sweden...

Hmmm - what a surprise. didn't see that one coming. NOT!

I have never lived in such a regulated, supressed, uptight country as I have these passed 6 odd years. Jesus H Christ on a bike.

I smoked for years - gave up 4 years ago before getting pregnant. I STILL LOVE cigarettes - that freshly lit smell and I crave it all the time, even tho I snuss.

I find it so funny that for people who are obese from simply pigging out there is help and sympathy.

For those who are alcoholics - again, help and sympathy.


By the time you have walked thru town and breathed in several large lungfuls of the carcogens in the air caused by cars, motorbikes and buses - the mould spores in the air from old buildings, the germs in the air from dirty b'stard people who don't keep clean (such a dirty nation as a whole I have to say) and a whole host of other things - you get the "my shite don't stink holier than thou" non-smokers with their rabid attacking of anything remotely connected to the little white sticks!

You forced smokers outside so that you could work, eat and drink in a smoke-free environment - way to go! Quite sensible really that one as being in an enclosed space isn't healthy when full of smoke. (we won't go into the smells of dirty unwashed people who have no idea what deodorant is or soap...).

Now that you see the non-smokers outside in the sunshine, eating or drinking and having a smoke you want this stopped as well.

Why don't people simply petition for smoking and non-smoking outdoor areas - then bars and restaurants can choose what they want to do. Then everyone is catered to! It really is that simple.

Mind you, when people here are so conditioned into "State knows best" and are goverened from the minute they are born to the minute they die I sometimes think that if the State said - don't breathe as the air is polluted the whole nation would collapse on the pavement simultaneously.

Leave smokers alone! Every other minority group has its rights protected. The greedy buggers who overeat get help, drinkers get help - smokers get abuse, criticism, legislation and whinging do-gooders at every step.

Why not turn your attentions to other more pressing matters like getting mothers to stop putting cows milk via bottles into their babies so that they can get their figures back and go to work - and instead encourage breastfeeding so that their babies are healthy (do you know how sick kids are at dagis CONTINUALLY???).

Now that has given me food for thought - would people complain about seeing a few tits in a restaurant and ban those too???

Some people seriously need to get a life.

(tin hat and flak jacket on )
23:05 June 7, 2009 by Random Guy
Smoking tobacco is so yesterday. Why even bother banning it? Very few people smoke tobacco anymore. What offends me is Sweden's backwards laws against smoking marijuana.

Give a hoot, take a toot.
23:28 June 7, 2009 by jack sprat
Apart from the health risk to themselves and others...

Apart from the cost to society of trying to deal with their self inflicted health problems...

Apart from the dirty smelly mess they create....

Apart from the lack of consideration,unpleasantness, and aggravation to non smokers and those allergic to smoke....many regular smokers have absolutely no comprehension of just how badly their stinky breath smells to others.

They should be forced to take some sort of breath test similar to the drivers or car emission tests before they are even allowed out on the streets to pollute the atmosphere and those around them.
00:07 June 8, 2009 by Yendor
Whats Sweden waiting for? Why dont they make a new law like the one that they have in California? It gos like this, If a person smokes in a car and the car has one or more passengers under the age of 18 the driver gets SLAMED with a fine! OK Sweden lets "get with the program" :-)
00:33 June 8, 2009 by jack sprat
Reckon you are too soft hearted Yendor.

Confiscate their cars and throw them in the crusher.

They must surely be too poluted ever to be used again.

Then put all the occupants in a small glass air-tight box with 10000 ciggies so we can all watch them smoke and choke themselves to death or at least within one last breath of their lives.

Should make an enjoyable public spectacle and either kill or cure them PDQ.
01:25 June 8, 2009 by Miss Kitten
Surely you jest?
15:58 June 8, 2009 by Aneud
No time to read all 12 pages right now but this is utterly ridiculous. It seems to have all started as a "what's good for you" nanny action and it is getting absolutely out of hand now!

Gone are the days the anti-smoking brigade was wearing old-lady-benevolent smiles and gently reminded smokers about the "dangers" only a couple glasses of sherry. Now it's all heads shacked, shoulders pushing through and loud remarks.

If the world has any sense, in 15 years one will be able to sue the good-willers for "smoking related slander and injury".
09:35 June 9, 2009 by jack sprat
Maybe a tad offtrack but interesting to note that according to the latest survey, smokers are costing the NHS and in turn the taxpayers, including non-smokers, more than 5 Billion Sterling per annum,approx 5.5%per-cent of the total health budget wasted on something avoidable.

Add to this various other costs such as cleaning up the mess etc.and it surely seems an unfair burden for non smokers to have to cough-up,....cough,cough.
10:10 June 9, 2009 by Muttlestar Galactica
That's an interesting amount. Very interesting. I've got one too.

10 Billion Sterling. That's how much money was raised from tobacco products from VAT and excise in 2006.

Source: http://www.the-tma.org.uk/tobacco-tax-revenue.aspx whom got their info from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) / TMA
10:17 June 9, 2009 by VikingHumpingWitch
So non-smokers owe us about 5 billion a year, basically?

I think this debate is over, goodnight Irene.
11:13 June 9, 2009 by jack sprat
Today's headlines
Swedish photographer shot near Mosul
Hansen was being operated on in the Iraqi city of Erbil on Sunday. Photo: Nora Lorek/ TT

Paul Hansen, a photographer working for Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, has sustained light injuries after being hit by what appears to be a sniper while covering the battle for the Isis-held city of Mosul in Iraq.

Trollhättan remembers school attack victims
'It was an attack on all of Sweden,' Education Minister Gustav Fridolin said. Photo: Thomas Johansson/ TT

Hundreds of people on Saturday turned out for a torchlight procession in the small town of Trollhättan in southwestern Sweden to honour the victims of last year’s deadly school attack there.

Sweden wants emission-free cars in EU by 2030
Photo: Jessica Gow/ TT

Sweden's environment minister on Saturday urged the European Union to ban petrol and diesel-powered vehicles from 2030.

Hundreds protest Swedish asylum laws
Around 1,000 people protested in Stockholm. Photo: Fredrik Persson/ TT

Hundreds of people on Saturday demonstrated in Stockholm and in many other parts of the country to protest Sweden’s tough new laws on asylum-seekers.

Dylan removes Nobel-mention from website
The American musician has more or less responded to the news with silence. Photo: Per Wahlberg

American singer-song writer Bob Dylan has removed any mention of him being named one of this year’s Nobel Prize laureates on his official website.

Refugee crisis
Asylum requests in Sweden down by 70 percent
Sweden's migration minister Morgan Johansson. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

Sweden received 70 percent fewer requests for asylum in the period between January and September 2016 than it did during the same time last year, the country’s justice and migration minister Morgan Johansson has revealed.

The unique story of Stockholm's floating libraries
The Stockholm archipelago book boat. Photo: Roger Hill.

Writer Roger Hill details his journeys on the boats that carry books over Stockholm's waterways and to its most remote places.

Refugee crisis
Second Stockholm asylum centre fire in a week
The new incident follows a similar fire in Fagersjö last week (pictured). Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Police suspect arson in the blaze, as well as a similar incident which occurred last Sunday.

More misery for Ericsson as losses pile up
Ericsson interim CEO Jan Frykhammar presenting its third quarter results. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT

The bad news just keeps coming from the Swedish telecoms giant.

Facebook 'sorry' for removing Swedish cancer video
A computer displaying Facebook's landing page. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

The social media giant had censored a video explaining how women should check for suspicious lumps in their breasts.

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