Increased support for government among businesses: report

Support for the government's trade and industry policy has grown among Swedish companies, according to a new survey from the Swedish Federation of Business Owner (Företagarna).

Almost six out of ten businesses report having confidence in the government’s trade and industry policy. This is an increase from last summer when only four of ten business expressed support for the government.

The number of business owners who believe the government to have mismanaged policy has decreased from 17 percent to 8 percent over the same period. Less than a third reported that they are doubtful.

The study also shows that dissatisfaction increases as the size of the company decreases. Among larger companies, with more than 50 employees, 82 percent replied that they are satisfied with the government’s performance. Among small companies, with up to nine employees, 62 percent reported confidence in trade and industry policy.

“Even if the worst…is behind us, the situation in the labour market is going to deteriorate even further. Measures that increase small business’ confidence in the future and in the possibilities to grow are therefore extremely important.

Lower employers’ fees and a relaxation of priority regulations are at the very top of companies’ list of priorities,” said Anna Stina Nordmark Nilsson, managing director of the Swedish Federation of Business Owners, in a statement.

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