Monthly fees on Pirate Bay’s horizon

Monthly fees on Pirate Bay's horizon
Global Gaming Factory CEO Hans Pandeya
Users of the new Pirate Bay might have to pay a monthly downloading fee, under a business model being considered by the file sharing site's new owners, Global Gaming Factory (GGF).

GGF chief executive Hans Pandeya is currently travelling around the world negotiating with copyright organizations, with the aim of re-launching a new, totally legal service that will ensure copyright holders get paid, the TT news agency reports.

The company also anticipates that internet service providers will become involved in the new model by contributing to the new cutting edge technology GGF intends to develop.

But users themselves are also a likely income source for the new company.

The model presently being considered entails persuading users to become paying members of the Pirate Bay by agreeing to a monthly downloading fee.

Internet rumours suggest that GGF has already decided to implement the proposed model, although Pia Gideon, advisor to Pandeya, remained noncommittal on the subject of monthly fees for Pirate Bay users.

“It’s a model being considered, but people are discussing different solutions. One part of the business model can be that users are members and pay if they want to. There are many who want to pay,” she told TT.

Also under consideration is the possibility of having user fees reduced for those who contribute to the site with downloading and broadband from their own computers.

“It’s a new world, in which people are trying to get the law and technical development to work in sync, and this business model also needs to be developed progressively,” said Gideon.

“What’s important is to clearly show that it’s being run in a legal manner.”

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