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Pirates close in on Riksdag: poll

TT/The Local · 19 Jul 2009, 10:38

Published: 19 Jul 2009 10:38 GMT+02:00

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The Pirate Party received the backing of 4.2 percent of the electorate in the poll published in the newspaper Aftonbladet on Sunday - enough to claim Riksdag seats at a general election. The far-right Sweden Democrats claimed 4.1 percent.

Carl Melin at polling firm United Minds expressed surprise at the continued support for the Pirate Party, which claimed more than seven percent of the vote in recent EU elections.

"It is a little surprising that they continue to enjoy support, but they have had a lot of attention. If I were to take a guess then the Pirate Party would not get in, but it is not unthinkable," he told the newspaper.

The advance of the Sweden Democrats is however less of a surprise to Melin.

"They have been doing well for a while."

The Social Democrats claimed 31.4 percent in the poll, the Green party 10 percent, the Left party 6.7 percent, the Moderates 26.8 percent, Liberal party 6.5 percent, Centre party 4.5 percent and the Christian Democrats 4 percent.

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Other parties claimed the remaining 1.8 percent in the voter survey.

United Minds asked 1,914 people "which party would you vote for if an election were held today" online between June 24th and July 17th.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

16:48 July 19, 2009 by Sebastian_R
The pirates being close a surprise? I don't think so: The Pirates are gaining tracktion all over Europe. They have just recently gained quite a lot in Germany with almost no infrastructure.

The issue is that the old fashioned parties don't know what to make of the internet. And we are not talking filesharing only. We are talking digital civil rights and how they have been generally abused in Europe for too long.

I think the Pirates are a phenomena just like the 'green parties' which respond to a specific need in this day and age. They won't go away easily.
19:18 July 19, 2009 by Olsen
I am a writer. I have published 7 books. I have worked on 3 tlevision shows in the United States that have won Emmy's. Other shows for childen that I have worked on have won prestigious awards.

I do not receive a weekly salary. I do not receive a monthly salary. I do not receive a yearly salary.

I depend on my copyrights and royalties to see me through periods when I don't earn any money from writing.

Sometimes that can be as long as 2 years.

The thinking of the Pirate Party is naive and is the enemy of culture. If they were to get their way less would be produced. Production businesses would produce less. Book companies would publish less.

I think they are just selfish.
23:21 July 19, 2009 by Sebastian_R
@Olsen: I know that your life is hard as a writer. However, the topic is more complex. Firstly, there are many issues around the copyright legislation we have right now. E.g. the issue of Copyfraut (basically scanning books in the public domain and making them thus unavailable in the digital age), there is the issue of fair compensation of the artists vs. the labels etc. etc.

But all of that is only a small portion of what the Pirate Party (NOT(!) the Pirate BAY) stand for. And with warrentless wiretapping, US customs having the right to seize your laptop without recourse and the issues around net neutrality and deep packet inspection you have issues that are at the core of the pirates' agenda.

To reduce the Pirate Party to free filesharing for all is both wrong and not helpful
00:13 July 20, 2009 by Olsen
But I read what you "stand for". I see that you don't think copyright should continue when the artist dies, for example. But if a couple work hard and buy a rental property and then leave it to their children it is the same as an artists leaving copyright to their heirs.

I read that you "respect" culture. Yet without copyright protection book publishers and movie makers will only make surefire blockbusters that pay back in a weekend, and not contribute to "culture."

Who would rent a studio to record music, pay expensive engineers, to say nothing of paying the musicians if the result will only be "stolen."

You are confusing issues of personal privacy and your personal confiscated computer with basically a desire to get everything you want for nothing.

And by the way, books in the public domain are available in libraries and used bookstores.

I think it's hipocritical.
09:23 July 20, 2009 by Sebastian_R
@Olsen: No, I don't confuse issues of personal privacy and your personal confiscated computer with basically a desire to get everything you want for nothing.

Let me clarify: I'm NOT filesharing at all. But I support the Pirate Party. Why? Because I believe that we need to have a FAIR balance between what is copyrighted and what not. It is not just all about you, it is about more and about questions of basic justice. Is it fair that patent trolls buy generic patents to sue the hell out of any innovative company that actually produces somthing? Is it fair that e.g. Jeol (http://joelfightsback.com/) should pay up to 1 Million USD for 7 shared songs? (he broke the law, don't get hung up on that, but is the treatment fair to him?)

The issue of copyfraud is explained here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/06/26/copyfraud/
10:34 July 20, 2009 by Uncle
I don't get it. Why is it different to BUY a magazine or a DVD movie and then GIVE it to my buddy for free, but not upload the digital version to my buddy, after I bought the digital version?

Besides, Olsen - your problems are not with the pirates, but with the people that are underpaying you. After watching Cribs, where people are changing cars whenever the ashtray fills up and have 343 rooms in their villas, it is clearly a problem of revenues distribution nature. I mean, seriously. Recently Nicholas Cage sold ONE of his castles in Spain, because he never visited it. Lower the prices for CD's, books, DVD's and the problem will disappear. Let Britney Spears have only 5 houses, she will survive, I am sure
10:47 July 20, 2009 by DAVID T
Sebastian_R: You say to Olsen "It is not just all about you" but from what I see it is all about him - it's his work - he has to live, feed his children etc - as far as Joel getting fined $1 million - we all know this will never be paid but the bottom line is he should never have stolen the songs in the first place. If someone breaks into your home and steals your TV then gives it to someone else that person is recieving stolen property and both parties have broken the law - and should both be punished according to the law. What about basic justice for the copyright holders?

There are hundreds of thousand of jobs at risk in the music and film industries - how are all those people supposed to take care of their family's future if so many jobs are lost due to selfish people wanting to download everything for free?
15:33 July 20, 2009 by Sebastian_R
DAViD, it is indeed not all about the MPAA/RIAA. People are dying everyday because of IP rights: In the 3rd world drugs to cure e.g. Malaria are not available since companies want to make huge money. Fair enough - that's the market right now. But copyrights and patents in their current form are nothing else but modern day colonialism; hindering creativity, prospertiy and destroying lives all over the globe.

Should we do away with them? No, that's not a solution either. The keyword is "fairness". And there we have to start the dialogue. And that Disney got its own copyright law is not 'fair' in that sense.

Your comparisson stinks by the way: If I share a thought, a concept, a song with you it does NOT mean that I'm not having the thought any longer. Knowledge multiplies when being shared. So why treat it like a TV?

As for the jobs: a) Linux created thousands of jobs even though it is given away for free. b) If your business model is broken fix it. Don't call a lawyer.
15:41 July 20, 2009 by ShaneW
A lot of Pirate Party supporters play the 'oh it nots just about the downloading' card. I am sure a few of them have staunch views on internet piracy but most PP voters I know or have overheard are very clearly voting for a Party that thinks will allow them to have 'free stuff'.

I was reading an interview by Victor Wooten the other day. He is an awesome bassist and produces a lot of instructional DVDs. He was talking about some of his stuff appearing on Youtube before its even been published.

He said that if a kid uses his paper round money to save up and buy one of his DVDs then the kid will value the DVD more and learn harder. Wheras if they download it for nowt what value do they place on it?

Interesting perspective.
20:47 July 20, 2009 by Uncle
Stop comparing this to stolen TV's! Nobody breaks in nobody's homes!

It is rather comparable to me buying a 50 inch TV and inviting all my 30 buddies to watch the game and the richie rich mr. Panasonic and mr. Sony are trying to put me to jail because I stole 30 potential customers from them! They are also working. What, the guys who assemble and design the TV's do not have families to feed?

What if I want to download some TV show, but without the ads? What is the difference between that and changing a channel every time there is a commercial? Lets install a system that will disconnect your cable if you dare to change a channel during the commercial break, because Brad Pitt needs Bugatti Veyron in his collection of cars and talented Paris Hilton needs a house nr 123.
21:16 July 20, 2009 by Renfeh Hguh
So you think it is justifiable because you think they have too much money

I agree that the artists and record companies are greedy but anyone who justifies the downloading for that reason are just as selfish.

As for you magazine/DVD analogy, OMG... There is a huge difference between sharing with a few friends and sharing with hundreds or thousands of strangers.

Pirate party suport just goes to show that stupid people should not be allowed to vote.
22:53 July 20, 2009 by jack sprat

""Pirate party suport just goes to show that stupid people should not be allowed to vote.""

The Pirate Party stands for more than just free downloads.

They campaign on civil liberties and privacy rights also.

It is much like a Sheriff of Nottingham v Robin Hood situation and I go with Robin, until the Sheriff stops screwing the poor, just to make the filthy rich even richer.

If they charged a fair price including a more reasonable profit margin, ppl.would not be so keen to look around for freebies and be much more likely to pay the market price.
23:09 July 20, 2009 by ShaneW
Oh really? What other civil liberties are they campaigning for then?

Funny you talk about the Sheriff and Robin Hood, what is the Piratpartiets fiscal policy? Oh thats right they dont have any.

I have a lot more respect for people who own up to vote PP because they want free downloads than those who use excuses.
23:19 July 20, 2009 by conboy
Oh yeah Carl Lundström the Sweden democrat supporter and founding co-partner of Pirate Bay is a big time free speech backer and music enthusiast. I know you people feel that you can fool most of the people most of the time but you will not fool all of the people all of the time.
23:34 July 20, 2009 by Sebastian_R
"I have a lot more respect for people who own up to vote PP because they want free downloads than those who use excuses. " Thanks a lot for this accusation. Without resorting to cursing you, tell me, what should I do? I don't download / fileshare and frankly speaking I really don't care about that part of the story at all.

But I deeply care about digital civil rights. Now tell me, who is representing them in today's politics?

Today's politicians are "internet printers" that don't understand the issues they cause with an IPRED law, they don't understand what it means to give all the power in the world to FRA & co.

So who should I turn to? Apart from the pirates I don't see a single political power doing anything but eradicating more civil rights in the digital world.
23:39 July 20, 2009 by conboy
Nothing against you personally mate and I love my sport, music and film. When I can afford it I find a way and I pay for it when I can't I do without. What I don't do is to provide a platform for an ultra right wing idiot manipulating people.
01:23 July 21, 2009 by tigger007
this is a clear cut case of the rich and poor!

where on one hand you have people saying,if it wasn't for me brad pitt wouldn't have that big asss house on the hill. the other hand people are saying,hey you are stealing from me i need to have my way of life and be able to live and eat! does brad pitt need that big ass house on the hill and the one on the beach? does the people that made brad pitt rich,need to get free stuff since the made brad whom he is? the record companies and movie companies has been fleecing the people for years now. now the tables have turned and the people can get movies and cd's for free. i see it like this the rich are afraid of getting poor and the poor are afraid of being poorer. file sharing to me is ok as long as the people don't over do it! if you are making money off file sharing then that's wrong? what are digital civil rights? where do we draw the line and how will we draw the line?
16:20 July 21, 2009 by bobbo
Like all you people said, the problem is the whole "rich and poor" situation.

Here's a simple solution. Brad Pitt doesn't really need 5 houses. Bill Gates doesn't really need all that money. And to be honest, do people really NEED music? You're not going to die without music!

All people need are three things:

1) Food

2) Water

3) Oxygen

So the solution is to ban everything except for food, water and oxygen. After all, our ancestors slept in caves without fancy televisions or restaurants or MP3s, and they were fine.

The Pirate Party needs to redefine itself to crusade against greed. Ban everything, allow people only the minimal goods for survival, and people will be much happier.

After all, human civilization was a utopia before consumerism. Nobody ever complained about not having the latest music, because there was none. There was no such thing as a rich/poor divide because everybody was poor.
16:04 July 22, 2009 by ShaneW
Sebastian, I am pleased you actually have some politics, PP activists are kidding themselves if they think most people are voting PP because of 'civil' rights.

I think a lot of younger politicians are certainly aware of the internet and how it shapes all our lives now so I expect this generation of politicians to be far more aware than the generation above us.

I care about my internet freedoms but I also am prepared to say I dont give a toss who reads my mail if that kind of surveillance is used correctly and stops a terrorist atrocity.
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