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Tel Aviv players freed in Sweden rape probe

The Local · 31 Jul 2009, 11:24

Published: 31 Jul 2009 11:24 GMT+02:00

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By Friday afternoon, prosecutors had released both players.

"The players have been released and are free to return to Israel," said vice prosecutor Mats Eriksson to the Göteborgs-Posten newspaper.

The two Hapoel Tel Aviv players, Israeli Itay Shechter and Brazilian national Douglas da Silva, were detained after a reported rape following the team's victory over IFK Gothenburg.

"What I can say is that we have taken in the two Hapoel Tel Aviv players for questioning. They will be interviewed with the help of a translator during the course of Friday," Stefan Gustavsson of Gothenburg police told The Local early in the day on Friday.

The players were detained at Gothenburg's Landvetter Airport as the team was making its way back to Israel.

"The players were not arrested and are not currently suspected of any offence. We have received a report, which we are investigating, and the case has been classified as rape."

According to reports in the Israeli media the men had ordered female escorts, who accompanied them to the Radisson SAS hotel near Gothenburg's central train station. The complaint is reported to be a result of a financial dispute between the players and the women.

"I can not comment on the circumstances of the investigation," Stefan Gustavsson told The Local.

Hapoel Tev Aviv arrived in Sweden on Tuesday under tight security and were met by demonstrations against the first leg of the two match UEFA Europa League tie.

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The match finished 1-3 in Hapoel Tel Aviv's favour despite IFK Gothenburg taking the lead through Tobias Hysén.

The return match will be held in Tel Aviv on August 6th.

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Your comments about this article

12:56 July 31, 2009 by Eye_Witness
They thought they are in Palestine. Prosecute them.
13:18 July 31, 2009 by rami.se
This is a general character after they had that certain attitude, they are the top, cant be sued!

Sentence them as MAX by law.
13:20 July 31, 2009 by sweeden
nothingg happened

she is probably a palestine'n employee

let them go their good people
13:28 July 31, 2009 by bubbagump
I love it, "The players were not arrested and are not currently suspected of any offence...the case has been classified as rape." What a contradiction. So, the Swedish Police have been lambasted for months about being weak on rape. So, now they've found two guys whom are "politically ok" to mess with.

Eye_witness and rami.se: your anti-israeli pro islam b.s. on this forum is getting pretty old. Not a problem if you bring a different point of view, but not when that view is blind racism.
13:34 July 31, 2009 by sweeden
I agree with bubbagump

we can all see that
13:37 July 31, 2009 by benomax
Eye_witness, please do not jump into conclusion after reading a story, wait until the police finish their investigation before you condemn any body. What if the lady involved alleged falsely? Every one is innocent until proven gulity by the court, so just wait okay before you make ridiculous comments.
13:48 July 31, 2009 by Aussie_Downunder
These footballer's and sporting people are always doing stupid things

like this. Not surprising.
13:50 July 31, 2009 by Puffin
They may be in trouble in any case if they paid for the services of escorts - as it is illegal to buy sex
14:02 July 31, 2009 by Dimath
It's funny how everyone criticizes eye-witness for jumping to conclusions regarding a case that is clearly unrelated to muslims. but no one except eye-witness alone tries to open the eyes of soooo many others who are not ashamed of throwing every kind of nasty accusations and conclusions when it is about muslims........... I'm just sayin!
14:34 July 31, 2009 by Eye_Witness
@benomax... I know the end, ' NOTHING WILL HAPPEN'.

@bubbagump... I am not bigot, just witnessing the events in my continuous life-span. Nothing to do with muslims or jews, but what I know is, had these players been muslims, things would have be 180 deg opposite because that what my eyes are witnessed to. By the why , I do not believe in any religion.
14:34 July 31, 2009 by Danger_Mouse
I guess Eye_witness has no attitudes against the footballers just because they are Israelis (This what I hope as well), but if we try to look fairly at the situation going on in Israel/Palestine then I bet we could have the same conclusion Eye_witness has mentioned. The Israeli people (in general) do not respect the other nations including the Europeans and the Americans, they have something odd in their principles about the life.... I do not want to change the subject of this discussion but to be fair it has a relation since the human being behaves according to principles and ethics (of course I mean the whole life behaviors not only this rape crime) .... I hope the readers on the local will not misunderstand me but honestly I have nothing against anybody.

Finally, I am sure the Swedish police will perform their duty as usual ... we all should trust them.
14:43 July 31, 2009 by insect
I think sometimes we tend to latch onto facts that will hype up the story more or make it more thrilling.

The headline reads Israeli footballers. Story says one Israeli and one Brazilian. But everyone seems to be ignoring the Brazilian factor and latching onto the Israeli one. Why?
14:43 July 31, 2009 by Torontonian
To DangerMax: Now that you essentially explained that all Israeli people (in general) are potential rapists you may want to read the article again and not that one od the detained is "Brazilian national Douglas da Silva". Now, with your deep and clever understanding of sociology, can you explain that?
14:54 July 31, 2009 by Matan
In the Israeli media they say that it was only 1 girl (not a whore), and she had sex with Itay Shechter(The Israeli) from her desire (No rape), and than Douglas da Silva(The Brazilian) came and he asked her for sex too, she refused than he beated her and tried to rape her while he was drunk.
15:08 July 31, 2009 by magic1964
beware of drunk swedish blond bimbos.......
15:17 July 31, 2009 by Danger_Mouse
Torontonian: I did not mention that the Israeli people are "potential rapists" as you claim. If you re-read my comment; I said the majority of the Israeli people DO NOT RESPECT the other nations... I did not say that they are rapists.

Have you been in Israel before? go and see. I went to visit Haifa as a tourist and I felt their "hospitality" after a short question about the establishment of Israel.... this happened to many friends of mine from different origins.

Again, I advise you to read the comments thoroughly.
15:35 July 31, 2009 by this_aint_sparta
I wonder what language was used during the whole drama hebrew, portuguese, swedish or english?

Rape brings different nationalties closer, aquick fixed joint venture betweeen an israeli and a brazilian :-) rape part is a bit sad thou
16:29 July 31, 2009 by Torontonian
To Danger_Mouse:

I do not know what idiots you encountered - but it is not a statistical survey. It is you anecdotal experience with the few people you met.

As per your question, I have been to Israel. I was in fact born there. Ironically, in Haifa.

Lastly, your argument was about Israelis and their disrespect of other people as it relates to this alleged rape. I was trawling talkbacks in Israel with regards to this case. 70-90% of posts are to the effect of "Stupid football players, if it is true - hang'em high"...
16:43 July 31, 2009 by drgony1
agree with dimath statement
17:12 July 31, 2009 by IFKHPT
hello??? anyone read the story? the details? the argument involved sex and money. lets not jump to rape when call-girls are invovled..of course it can happen...but don;t be stupid...it may be that these women of the night, "acted stupidly" by thinking these were big-time footballers with money...although they are good footballers and kicked IFKs ass...they should stick with IFK players...they make more
17:30 July 31, 2009 by To The Point
Wow! I can see alot of 'generous' support for the israeli guy who is accused of rape in sweden (atleast paying for sex). If there was a muslim instead, the story would have been completely different!
18:13 July 31, 2009 by rami.se
By the way @bubbagump

I am not pro Palestine. I just said the truth which matches completely with @Danger_Mouse, see what jews did in the united states, they were runnung Mafia to fund Israel, they just do not respect any other nation , even us, europeans, we are counted as apes for Israelis.

Take it easy my friend!
18:32 July 31, 2009 by Torontonian

the Jews, the Jews, the Jews... all about the Jews. maybe we should reach a final solution?
18:50 July 31, 2009 by IFKHPT
ramse - give it up. to say all Israelis count everyone as apes is like saying all Swedes consider handicapped people the pariah on society...so far fetched, so narrow minded, so shallow....when you come off your ivory tower - have a cup of coffee, take your prozac, and go watch The Sound of Music to get a clue
19:12 July 31, 2009 by Eye_Witness
But what about that girl who alleged them for rape? Lawful hand is a need to set an example for others who try to perpetrate in the same manners. By the way my comment # 10 got verified which I wrote before the verdict.
19:15 July 31, 2009 by footballfan
I came here to see the coverage of the Swedish media on the story of Hapoel Tel Aviv players accused of rape. However, looking at the comments I've discovered that Israelis "have something odd in their principles about the life", that they "do not respect any other nation" and also that Jews " were running Mafia to fund Israel". Moreover, I've also discovered that "Europeans, are counted as apes for Israelis".

Well, I guess it goes to show the characters of Israelis (and Jews) that make them think they can do whatever they want in other countries (such as Sweden), including rape and not be accused, because they think they are above the law.

(there's more)
19:40 July 31, 2009 by IFKHPT
Please - surely there's a protest in Malmo or something better than to discuss this garbage....they were let out of the country...obviously the charges were weak and suspect....regardless if you think the BRAZILIAN and the Israeli are above the law....
19:43 July 31, 2009 by footballfan

Now, I am an Israeli (and yes, also a Jew) and I don't know any Israelis that don't respect any other human beings, including Europeans and Americans. I have traveled in Europe; have a lot of European friends (including non Jews if you've got to ask) and for the past two years I've been studying in the US. Noone thinks that there is something odd about my principals about life, whatever that means. I also don't consider anyone as an ape (except for apes :) I especially don't know any Israeli who thinks he or she is above the law. I guess those who think that are in prison.

There is a problem between Israelis. I hope the conflict will be resolved in the future, but if an Israeli Player and a Brazilian Player raped a Swedish girl (and I have no knowledge that they did) this has nothing to do with them playing for an Israeli club. They should be put to prison, just like any other English or Swedish player that has been found guilty of raping.
20:00 July 31, 2009 by mo aj
i also want to rape swedish girl but i cant cos i am not from israel, cos israel is israel
20:13 July 31, 2009 by penruff
ok enough of the stupid responses here. My question is why there's a need to name the hotel? I work here and have seen over the last few days that these football players were complete w.ankers in our hotel. They treated all the staff like cra.p and i hope they end up punished if they did something wrong. But why drag our name into it? The hotel has done nothing wrong here but seems that the paper is trying to give a bad reputation? Was it really worthwhile for you to include the hotel?
20:20 July 31, 2009 by Danger_Mouse
Dear penruff and all the readers on the local,

After the updated news regarding this case (releasing the players), I can honestly say that the Swedish police has "performed their duties" as usual ;).

I wish I were an Israeli .....

see you in the next story
20:23 July 31, 2009 by Eye_Witness
The girl should be brought in front of media to determine either she is victim or sham.
21:08 July 31, 2009 by mkvgtired
I knew this would bring out the closet anti-Semites as soon as I saw Tel Aviv in the title. Thanks for confirming my assumptions. Do you (you know who you are) realize how many Israeli citizens have been killed with European funds? The EU did not consider Hamas a terrorist organization until they claimed over 100 deadly attacks in 2 years. GERMANY AND FRANCE STILL REFUSED TO CATEGORIZE THEM AS SUCH. Europe has policies that directly kill people and all you can say is, "its the Jews' fault". I remember this happening before I think.

Danger_Mouse, I was in Berlin and was treated like complete garbage. I was not acting arrogant or looking down on people. I could have classified all Europeans as stuck up with a lack of respect for "outsiders", but after visiting many European cities I realized that I just met some bad apples. I actually keep in touch with many of the Europeans I have met on my journeys.
21:15 July 31, 2009 by Uncle
At least they won.

And eye_witness - it is the arabs think they are in Palestine when they throw stones on the tennis players in Malmö and the demonstration supporting Israel in the same city.

As usual - Israelis (Jews) are proven of being falsely accused (got used to this already) and got released, while the "other" Middle Eastern representatives are convicted rapists, killers and robbers who are filling Swedish prisons. But of course this we do not say and continue accusing the Jews.
21:36 July 31, 2009 by mkvgtired
Rami.se, I distinctly remember people screaming others were "apes and pigs" and it is not Israeli's or Jews for that matter (hint: try going to a protest in Malmo). I have had multiple Europeans in multiple countries tell me their philosophies on Jewish people after a couple drinks. I think it is sad how deeply rooted anti-Semitism is in many European cultures. It is perpetuated by the MANY agreements between European and Arab countries to "share" philosophies between universities and "report" on Arab problems in the media. The "southern Mediterranean" states stated that the energy and economic agreements are not enforceable if all members do not agree on a "philosophical level". Look up how many European countries were pro Israel before the Oil Embargo compared to 5 years after. Charles De Gaulle laid the groundwork for Europe's anti-Israel policies today. He was upset that the US and UK left France out of the plans to rebuild Europe.
21:37 July 31, 2009 by Danger_Mouse
Dear mkvgtired: we are discussing here all the issues in scientific way, I mean with evidences and clues, yes sometimes we mention the expression "the majority of the people" which is scientifically wrong because none of us (who writes a comment) has made a survey to come up with such results but what we mean by such expressions related to the people we have met (according to our own experience and observation) so I agree with you that you might felt "undesirable" in some countries but I definitely DISAGREE with you when you mention the word "killing". Do not take it against you but look at the news and the history of Israel and then you might realize how many thousands or maybe tens of thousands have been killed by Israel, how many hundreds of thousands have been kicked from their home land to be poor refugees around the world.
21:46 July 31, 2009 by Fflower
nice discussion
21:50 July 31, 2009 by Danger_Mouse
Continue ....

I am not with or against anybody but as I mentioned above I am just observers of facts happened in the recent history ... can you or any one deny these facts?

To my dear Uncle: yes they are released but it does not mean that the Israelis are "usually" falsely accused and then got released or sentenced as "innocents". We all know that Israel as a country raped and stool the land which was historically (at least last one thousand year) called palestine and renamed it as israel leaving enormous number of dead and refugee Palestinians and after all the world sentenced them as "innocents".

What I have said just now is just related to historical facts and I bet any one to mention historical facts against this.
22:00 July 31, 2009 by mkvgtired
Danger_Mouse, how many Jews and Christians have been kicked out of their homeland? The Middle East used to be part of CHRISTendom as mentioned in the Bible. The inferior dhimmi status as well as the extra Jizya tax imposed on conquered populations is hardly the benchmark for equality. Not to mention the fact that dhimmis have much less legal rights in places where Sharia is implemented. Jews and Christians that are able to leave these countries largely have. These inequalities create refugees too. I know Middle Eastern Christians and they hardly describe a fair and just society. These inequalities are largely ignored by most main stream media. The politicians who wanted to audit where European funds were spent to see if they contributed to terrorism were denied 3 times by the EU Parliament. How is funding a terrorist organization not killing?
22:39 July 31, 2009 by Danger_Mouse
mkvgtired: just to remind you; Palestinians are muslims , christians and jews.

You thought that I am defending the muslims over the others which is wrong.

I talked about a nation (palestinians) not a religion. You are talking about killing? but what isreal is doing in the middle east since 60 years? is not it killing? or the Arabs of the middle east are not humans? bombing cities like Beirut and Gaza and killing thousands, invading the west bank and damaging the houses ... I do not have time to mention the crimes made by Israel but you will make me a favor if you read a bit about the history of Israel since 60 years from now. who bombed the David hotel which was full of British soldiers? they were an israeli terrorist gang.
22:45 July 31, 2009 by mkvgtired
Danger_Mouse, I don't want you to think that I am saying Israel is a saint. All I want you to do is look at both sides of the issue. Look at the rise of anti-Semitism in France and all Europe for that matter. It is getting to the point where some Jewish families are pulling their children out of school. Regardless of what is happening in the Middle East this should not be happening in a free society.
23:05 July 31, 2009 by Danger_Mouse
mkvgtired, if you are talking about racism against the Jews then I agree with you. I am against discrimination in all its forms. I agree that the Jews had been terrified in all the history but the thing that I can not understand how they after all what they faced in their past repeat the same against another nation that never hurt them before. It is strange to see the same scene repeating itself again but this time the ex-victim is the criminal and the new victim is a poor and weak nation who was out of the ex-scene (I mean what happened to the Jews in Europe by the Nazis).

Yes I am with you if you condemn the killing and terror from any source against anybody.
23:05 July 31, 2009 by think again
wow... i didn't realize that anti-semitism is still so common, even in sweden. danger mouse (mouth?) , and all the other "researchers" of the israeli and jewish culture - it's hatred coming out from your mouth, nothing

to do with rationality. pure hatred.

if the two players were italian, chinese, american or spanish, and they could have been (there are rapists all around the world), would you have something smart to say about them? but no, they are israelis (only one, but who cares if it doesn't match my "philosophy"), so here's a chance to attack all israelis and jews wherever they are. you amaze me people. take a small break sometimes and think about certain values each person should have.
23:51 July 31, 2009 by abata1
danger mouse - you cross all the lines with your propoganda. 100 million arabs declared a war on israel on 1967 threatened to throw all the jews to the sea and you protest for israel self defense taking over the west bank - a no man land that has never belonged to any country??? even the hamas does not accuse israel for the opening of this war. they just regret the results and want to start the story all over again hoping that this time they will be able to fill the sea.
23:57 July 31, 2009 by think again
i can imagine that if norway, finland and denmark did'nt recognize sweden as an independent state and start a war with sweden as soon as it declares independence even though the U.N. approved it, sweden wouldn't have sitted quietly, waiting for its friendly neighbors to throw the swedish to the baltic sea.

danger mouse - if your home town would have been under bombing from hezbollah you would have talked in a different way, believe me. think about it.
01:53 August 1, 2009 by Random Guy
Not really surprising to see the racism come out, (very) thinly veiled by political opposition to a country's policies. Had they been Russian (who waged a decade long rape campaign in Chechnya) or Japanese, or from other countries where rape is a political practice, nobody would have cared. One of the players is a Brazilian but that is ignored. If someone is naive enough to believe this isn't anti-semitism but rather a legitimate political critique, I'd like to smoke what they're smoking.

Ironically, this kind of attitude is unfortunately among the driving forces behind the situation in the middle east. Israel is a nation of refugees - from Russia, Europe and Africa, and it has a ghettoised refugee mentality. Unfortunately, the anti-semite Swedes (as an example) only prove to Israelis and Jews that they can't entrust their safety to anyone but themselves.

Oh, and the players are dumbasses
11:45 August 1, 2009 by byke
Yiddish is an official dialect of Sweden (Legally, now)
13:38 August 1, 2009 by Danger_Mouse
To think again: I think you should "think again" of what I said. Every time someone across the world say or try to say something about the Israelis or the Jews suddenly find him/herself accused as "Anti-Semitic" ,strange, and sounds that such people are gods and never make mistakes. Why we talk about these players? yes because they are Israelis. Israel is the only country that never stop killing since its establishment and they do not respect the UN, the international law, and human rights. The other countries you mentioned had short period of "dark history" not continues one.

To abata1 and Random Guy: 90% of the Israelis have origins outside Palestine who came illegally. The people of USA are immigrants but with totally different situation. The land was almost empty when they came, but the Palestinians were killed and kicked.

Do both of you claim that Sweden is anti-Semitic country? Sweden never threat, kill, kick, or fight any body at least the last 200 years.
14:50 August 1, 2009 by Torontonian
Danger_Mouse: "The people of USA are immigrants but with totally different situation. The land was almost empty when they came, but the Palestinians were killed and kicked."

ahhm, I thought that American Natives lived there fot thousend of years previous?
15:04 August 1, 2009 by Danger_Mouse
Torontonian: I said "it was almost empty" not just empty. America is a vast country which had the "red-indians" but they were not everywhere due to the huge area of America. Moreover, the red-indians are not refugees in the neighboring countries, yes some of them were killed and the ones who live until now are suffering ... anyway this is not the subject of our discussion. Just take the comparison not the whole story, what I meant is we can not compare the immigrants in the states or any other country with the immigrants (actually the occupiers) in Palestine who did not come to live with the native people (palestinians) but they replaced them.

Notice that I always say the israelis not the jews because the jews belong to religion not a nation like israel. So many Jews in the world feel shame of israel as a jewish state.
19:57 August 1, 2009 by bocale1
Nowadays, you can criticize any country in the world except Israel, otherwise you are immediately identified as anti-Semitic.

Now, @Random Guy, may I know how I can express my criticism about attacking Lebanon, killing hundreds of civilians in the Gaza strip, building a wall (mainly in someone else ground), murder women and children as side effect of bombing cars and houses of Hamas leaders, etc...

Is there any way to express my critics about that, as I can do with Russia in Chechnya, China with Tibet, Iran and so on, without being immediately pointed as anti-Semitic?
20:28 August 1, 2009 by Uncle
Danger Mouse - first Israel was established due to UN decision after the wonderful europeans contributed so nicely to the decrease in Jewish world population. It was given by the Brits who lawfully controlled it after WW1 to Jews and not conquered from anyone.

Second, arab countries threw about 1 million Jews out of their countries from the 20s' - these Jews found refuge in Israel (or Palestine before 48). I don't hear you crying anout them.

Third, the Israeli arabs live great and a full citizens of Israel, while the Palestinians are ex-Jordanians and Egyptians and live on territories that were taken from these countries in uneven wars. Their motherlands refuse to take them back. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!
21:17 August 1, 2009 by athefirst
To Danger_Mouse: I do not know, where are you taking all those "facts" its easy to write thing that do not match the reality. You wrote "but what isreal is doing in the middle east since 60 years? is not it killing". The state of Israel was established following a UN resolution of two states a jewish and a palestinian. The arabs did not accept it and started a war (7 countries) and in war you can win or loose. The six days war and the 1956 war broke after Egypt deported the UN forces from the Sinai penisula, stopped the Israeli maritime movement into the gulf of Aqaba and anounced it will throw the jews to the sea. And the egiptians and syrians started the 1973 war. And so on.

Israel should and must be critisized, but it should be done while knowing all the facts.

Israelis are heterogenous in their views and it is not a wise thing to characterize them under superficial slogans

And the two footballl players are idiots.
21:40 August 1, 2009 by Coalbanks
So let me summarize: She was raped by 2 footballers from Israel, 1 Brazilian, the entire State of Israel; all Jews/Israelis/footballers are guilty as charged, Israelis have no respect for anyone/other states; if the footballers were Palistinians/Muslims the story would have been treated differantly & the police would have been more agressive in their investigation of the alleged crime; all of the participants should be mutilated/hanged.
21:53 August 1, 2009 by byke
@ Coalbanks .....

So are you saying you feel the Israeli and Brazilian were guilty of rape, but were released?
22:37 August 1, 2009 by Uncle
Haha I just thought of all forums following the articles of Somalian swedes joining the rebels in Somalia, muslims exploding in buses etc.

All the current attackers of Israel are all of a sudden such tolerant and understanding sweethearts. "This is their culture... we need to understand... it is the colonialists' guilt" etc. Pathetic..
00:37 August 2, 2009 by Playmaker
ok some pro soccer players get some hookers and do not pay the full bill so it is rape? of course they did not pay the full bill they are jews. lol. but come on RAPE money should not matter. what if they would of paid then not rape. thats BS. this has nothing to do with race only some greedy hookers looking for headlines. did they pay tax on the money they got? probley not.

13:29 August 3, 2009 by meckan
Tillsyn av kommentarsfunktion
03:39 August 4, 2009 by DreEstwd
The entire Midde East (Israel included) are just a huge probem for the world. You never hear about anything positive coming out of these places EVER. F that whole part of the world. Earth would be a better place without it. And that is a fact.
12:46 August 5, 2009 by IFKHPT
Please Dr Estwd - is it a fact? well, maybe for some of the other countries, but without Israel you would be sending your SMSs, or the very technology thats allowing you to write on this blog, or the multitude of health patents....The workld would be a better place without it??? I think we would miss Israel more than Sweden,...except for some crappy SAABs that fall apart and the pornography....this was about Football players wrongfully accused anyway...focus
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