Escape attempt at high-security hospital

Säter high-security psychiatric hospital in central Sweden was the target of an escape attempt on Thursday morning. Two people were arrested as they smashed their car into a fence.

Escape attempt at high-security hospital

“When the police arrived they were trying to force open the wall,” Mattias Skarp at Dalarna police told news agency TT.

“Staff saw what was happening and they called us. We then maintained telephone contact and they could then relate the chain of events. We were on the scene within ten minutes and were able to arrest two people.”

Staff at the hospital were busy preparing to move to another department of the hospital in the event that anybody had been able to force their way in.

Mattias Skarp told news agency TT that the police have a good idea of who the target of the escape attempt was although said that information is still being collected.

The two people arrested, a man and a woman both in their thirties, are previously known to the police.

“The area has been sealed off and a forensic examination will be conducted during the course of the day; we will also get in contact with the prosecutor,” Skarp said.

The alarm call that an escape attempt was underway prompted a massive police operation.

A police helicopter was called in from Stockholm, but returned home shortly after. Police forces in Gävle were also put on alert but later told to stand down.

The Säter hospital was opened in 1912 and was at the time Sweden’s largest mental hospital.

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Swedish man locked up for porn surfer extortion

A Swedish man who sent bills to thousands of alleged porn surfers and threatened to publish their names if they failed to pay has been sentenced to two and a half years' jail for extortion.

Swedish man locked up for porn surfer extortion
A Swedish man has been sentenced to prison. Photo: Hasse Holmberg/SCANPIX

The 42-year-old, who had acquired the Swedish rights for streaming videos on a foreign website, sent bills to people he claimed had watched the clips, demanding payment ranging from tens to hundreds of euros.

For those who refused to pay, he raised the amount and threatened to call the police or publish their names on an online “porn blacklist” detailing which videos they had watched and then refused to pay for.

He admitted to 31 cases of aggravated extortion and to 526 cases of attempted extortion. The offences took place in 2012 and 2013.

“The district court has determined that the plaintiffs were subjected to aggravated extortion in the cases where it is proven that they received a bill of this kind,” a court in Malmö, southern Sweden, said in a statement on Monday.

The man told the regional daily Sydsvenskan in 2013 that he had earned millions of kronor (hundreds of thousands of dollars) legally through his website from users who had agreed to the prices mentioned in its terms and conditions.

Although users never left their contact details on the site, he was able to trace them through a list of IP addresses he bought from Sweden's largest internet service provider.