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Sweden welcomes Irish 'Yes' to EU Treaty

AFP · 3 Oct 2009, 16:15

Published: 03 Oct 2009 16:15 GMT+02:00

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"Today is a good day for Europe," Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said in a statement released after partial results showed some 65 percent of voters in favour of the treaty.

"It has been a long journey. Now the presidency will be active to reach all the way."

Ireland received several guarantees, following the original No vote, that the treaty would not affect key policies such as its military neutrality or its abortion and tax laws.

"Europe has listened to - and acted on - the concerns of the Irish people. This is European cooperation at its best. It's a good thing for Ireland and a good thing for the European Union," Reinfeldt said.

The Czech Republic and Poland are the only two EU nations yet to sign off on the treaty designed to streamline the workings of the bloc which has increased from 15 to 27 nations since 2004.

Reinfeldt said that "It is now important to get the treaty in place. The European Council is united in its wish to see the Treaty enter into force before the end of the year."

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Poland will sign the treaty "shortly," Reinfeldt said, adding that he would also meet Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer and EU Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso in Brussels on Wednesday.

"We will then discuss the situation and see what actions can be taken to move the situation forward."

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Your comments about this article

17:04 October 3, 2009 by eZee.se
If / When the Lisbon treaty comes into effect... the pirate party will take their second seat in Parliament because Sweden gets allotted another seat and PP got 7.1% of the vote.....

18:13 October 3, 2009 by Nemesis
It is good that the vote was yes.

It is also interesting to note that those who voted no, were concentrated in areas that were religeous as in pro vatican and voted sein fein.

Maybe there is yet hope for Ireland. I will be back there soon, so should be interesting to hear what people think.
18:17 October 3, 2009 by SaltWater
I wonder if there will be another referendum for the sake of democracy! Or these referendums only exist until one specific choice is made?...
22:03 October 3, 2009 by dermo
Nemesis, being Irish I agree with your statement re the No vote. Watching from afar and listening to Irish radio in the run up to the election it is incredible the scare tactics used by the No side. It really has been sickening to see them prey on the religious beliefs of people with some of the posters up over the country. But in the end I think people reaslised that a no to Europe would seal out fate.

I am glad its over and now its interesting what will happen when the Tories are back in power in the UK. Will Mr. Cameron really have to balls to appease his euroskeptic friends...interesting times ahead!

I am glad its over so we can get back to the task of try to sort out our debt.
22:40 October 3, 2009 by Nemesis
@ dermo, It is bad back in Ireland. I am from the North, with a lot of family in Donegal, the North and Scotland.

Our family is probably the only construction family in Donegal\Northwest that hasn't taken a knock by this recession, due to good planning and no listening to the D4's. The D4's only ever contacted us to build horse stables and put in Jacuzzi's.

A lot of people I know have taken a serious hit in this recession. In Donegal a lot of them were persuaded to vote no, by Ganley, religous nutjobs from the north and Sein Fein.

In Donegal Sein Fein was ripping down yes posters and putting up no posters, as was Ganley's crowd. My mother was angry about that as she beleives strongly in democracy. My parents voted yes, both times.

Ganley is US military industrial complex backed, with some support from the vatican. He has met Ratzinger a few times.

Sein Fein have lost the plot. The nonsense they came out with during the campaign for the referendum was bordering on fox news. As my father said, they have become like Fianna Fail.

You an I are outside Ireland. I was treated terribly there, but still actually give a damn.

I think it best for us to campaign to shift the focus of education in Ireland, North and South from law, banking and religeon to science, mathmatics and engineering. Irish people in all four provinces have skills and know how. We need to drive the governments north and south to give them the tools to realise that know how. We need to highlight that children should learn foreign language from they enter school, such as German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese so as to make them part of the international business sphere.

The North south stuff in Ireland is over. We need to pull together and push forward. It is natural for Ireland to cultivate links on the entire western atlantic seaboard, particularly Scnadinavium. So many names in Ireland end with son or are Norman we should cultivate that connection.

The people in the north have the same sense of humour as people in Finland, Norrland, and northern Norway. The people in the far south have the same ideas as those in the basque country. Those in Dublin think a lot like people in England. Galkway are very like the Spanish, in my opinion. We should stop denying ourselves and reach out across the seas, building bridges, which helps not only us, but everyone we build those bridges to.
22:51 October 3, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg
At least more than one person is happy:

"The referendum in Ireland next Friday will decide the fate of the Lisbon Treaty.

Following the Maastricht, Amsterdam and Nice treaties, this represents the latest stage in the remarkable constitutional evolution of our integration." ( Carl Bildt)

23:05 October 3, 2009 by Nemesis
@ Cornelius

My parents have went out tonight to celebrate.

My friend are calling in 15 mintutes to celebrate. Some business, guiness and Mjöd:)

This means that projects which we have had to start outside Ireland, we can maybe potentially start in Ireland or at least have some of the work done there.

The fundemental charter means now I can do decent profit sharing contracts instead of pay, which is potentially more lucratrive. That is a serious advance for workers and a brilliant way to bring on workers.

The protections for the workers are just short of Sweden, but a major advance on Ireland. It is close to the Scandinavium level of protection.

Also I will be able to perform basic media deals that can pull in people from all parts of Europe, without turning it into a legal nightmare.

Also in a media contract, I can now pay a pole German wages on the same contract. That is the real advance. It is the great leveller.

This is good for all Europeans.
10:51 October 4, 2009 by Soft Boiled
This is a sad day for democracy, whether you believe the lisbon treaty to be good or bad is irrelevant, the process in which it is being ratified is an anathema to democracy and freedom. I would recommend watching some you tube clips.

if you really want to be scared check out "Freedom to Fascism"
12:38 October 4, 2009 by Staffs
After many years of killing thousands of British military and civilians in pursuit of freedom and self determination the Irish now grovel in the dirt to the EU paymasters because they are too afraid to go their own way.

What a pathetic joke of a nation and it's inhabitants.
13:24 October 4, 2009 by foxpur
@ Staffs

Although I agree with you on "After many years of killing thousands of British military and civilians in pursuit of freedom and self determination..." Which kinda sucks that they have to throw in with the larger EU.... BUT.... On it's own Ireland just doesn't have what it takes to maintain balanced growth. It's a matter of the current state of things in the EU, things change and to grow with them as a country against EU without joining is financial suicide in business.

It's not a matter of afraid, it's a matter of survival and support is better WITH than without.
13:32 October 4, 2009 by Staffs
Foxpur, but that is the great deception, or lie, isn't it?

There is no reason for Ireland to stop trading with other countries just because they want to keep control over internal policies.

We have GATT and other world trading agreements, which is why small independent Asian countries do well.

Ireland has a well educated and hard working workforce and other natural resources. It seems that it just doesn't have the bottle to say no to the fraudulent international bankers who have held an illusory economic gun to it's head.
14:34 October 4, 2009 by jag2009
Well done Mr Blair for sodding the country up. Czeck will vote "yes", and then Mr Blair President of Europe.
21:12 October 4, 2009 by potato man
@Staffs. Your knowledge of recent Irish history is ´pathetic´ but don't let that stop you pontificating on the subject. Laughing at idiots is always fun.
21:45 October 4, 2009 by Staffs
Potato Man,

Would you please enlighten me to which bit of my knowledge about recent Irish history is pathetic.

I started to make a list of all the killing and maiming over the last 5 decades, but before I list it here I'll give you the chance to tell me where my knowledge is lacking.
09:44 October 5, 2009 by foxpur

I would think 'recent' would only allow activity in the last Decade. I have noted that many people apply all of history rather than 'current' time frame. For example, I had a Australian doctor get kicked from a Irish Pub because he was a 'Criminal, like all his people'. People like that have got to learn to draw the line between current events and history.

Things in the last 2 years alone (yes, it's USA's fault, I'm from USA, I admit it) have changed the world financial function. And in the last 5 Ireland has shown a steady downfall in economic stability. It's not a great idea. but it's better overall. There are many facts to prove this and I, so far, have seen nothing that shows your proof of position.

At the moment you look like a conspiracy theorist, nothing wrong with that of course, just tends to be unsupported.
12:36 October 5, 2009 by Thady Quill
Staffs-I presume you are joking with your disgraceful comments above.No one could be that silly.This is about the Lisbon treaty-not a place for you to air your stupid anti-Irish rants
19:22 October 5, 2009 by potato man

In brief you would appear to be mixing up Northen Ireland with the Republic of Ireland. The 'Troubles' to which you refer took place, in the main, within the United Kingdom. An internal British security problem even if some of the nutters involved aspired to a 'United Ireland'.

The recent Lisbon Treaty referendum took place in the Republic of Ireland.

Here endeth the lesson.
20:35 October 5, 2009 by Tutu
The truth must be said, we must give kudos to our Prime Minister. His tenure as the EU president is getting results. Well done Reinfelt. I dont know what is wrong with Tony Blair. He ruled UK well except for the war.
20:47 October 5, 2009 by potato man

you might enjoy this link;


Today UN published its latest 'Human Development Index', aka 'Best Place to Live Index'

5th Ireland

21st Britain

Am I wrong to believe you hail from the second? LOL
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