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Obama Nobel win shocks Swedish peace group

Paul O'Mahony · 9 Oct 2009, 12:45

Published: 09 Oct 2009 12:45 GMT+02:00

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"The choice of Barack Obama as the recipient of the world's foremost peace prize is shocking," said the group's chairwoman Anna Ek in a statement.

Ek conceded that the US president had sent "positive signals" with regard to his future commitment to global peace.

"But at the same time Obama is the president of the biggest military power in the world and is waging two wars in the world. That should certainly disqualify him from a peace prize," said Ek.

The leader of the Swedish opposition, Social Democrat Mona Sahlin, said the prize award would serve to increase expectations that Obama can deliver concrete results.

"It's a pleasing political turnaround from the years with George W Bush, who disregarded the UN's rules and regulations," she said in a statement.

Moderate Party parliamentary group leader Lars Lindblad said that, though he was glad Obama had been elected president of the United States, awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize was a "historic mistake".

"In my view the Peace Prize should go to somebody who has achieved something," he told Dagens Nyheter.

Social Democrat foreign policy spokesman Urban Ahlin confessed to being caught off guard by the award.

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"I was quite surprised I have to say. The efforts Barack Obama has made for peace do not currently correspond to a peace prize," he told news agency TT.

Ahlin noted that while Obama has mapped out an exit strategy for Iraq, fighting still continues. War also continues to rage in Afghanistan; the Guantanamo Bay detention facility remains operative; and the president's Middle East initiative has not yet borne fruit.

"I'd like to have seen Obama get the peace prize in a few years when he can show the results of his efforts. Now is too early," he added.

Paul O'Mahony (paul.omahony@thelocal.com)

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13:09 October 9, 2009 by calebian22
"I was quite surprised I have to say. The efforts Barack Obama has made for peace do not currently correspond to a peace prize,"

Unlike the peaceful efforts made by Yassar Arafat when he won.
13:20 October 9, 2009 by this_aint_sparta
The peace prize for 2010 will be given to Osama bin Laden
13:25 October 9, 2009 by Staffs
Satire is rapidly replacing reality in all aspects of life.

More troops to Afghanistan, more troops to Iraq, Guantanamo still open, rendition and torture still in place.

Bailing out the chosen financial elite with hundreds of billions of taxpayer's money while 31 million Americans are on food stamps.

Change you can believe in. Sure, right.

Am I dreaming?
13:28 October 9, 2009 by tadchem
Obama was only inaugurated a few weeks before the nomination deadline - too early in his tenure to have accomplished ANYTHING. The Nobel committee annually whittles down its owm credibility.
13:29 October 9, 2009 by eZee.se
For all the moaners in the comments, and all those who opposed him getting the PP.

Remember one thing, in a few days/months/years all your gripes will largely be forgotten, all that will be remembered is:

Prez Obama got a NPP :))

Thats how it works, you know it and so do I.

Stew in it :P
13:30 October 9, 2009 by bjinger
Does Obama cares the peace award, and who else.
13:32 October 9, 2009 by Beynch
This can not be true!!! This man has not accomplished a damn thing up to now, despite his humble gift of the gab. My respect for the Nobel committee just sank several notches. I don't the Nobel Committee has any idea what they are doing. They are instead trying to impose their own radical political message and are trying to indoctrinate the public with their choice. In the last few years the Nobel committee has become a mouthpiece for, transparent, undesirable political propaganda.
13:36 October 9, 2009 by Texas15
What a joke. This "prize" is nomination came within 2 weeks of being in office before the deadline. Sorry Mr. Nobel price people, but you just lost all creditability. What was the decision made on? Oh that's right nothing!
13:39 October 9, 2009 by app
Does this mean they'll be closing the 'Bridge' again !!!
13:42 October 9, 2009 by just a question
This must be a joke.

The Nobel Committee drank too much the day of the nominations.
13:46 October 9, 2009 by himilo
First, he is peace activist, he closed guantanamo. And he started in Cairo peace dialogue with Muslims and Non muslim countries. secondly, he is first african american president in the United stastes of America in the history so that he deserves to get Nobel peace prize!
13:50 October 9, 2009 by Roy E
This is beyond absurd. It's another self inflicted humiliation on the part of the Nobel Committee. Since awarding a 'Peace Prize' to terrorist Yasser Arafat, they've turned the award into a bad joke.
13:53 October 9, 2009 by theibmsstate
how it happened ,

the american ppl are suffering coz of jobs.they are spending more money on military.where is Peace.in afghanistan they wannn send more troops and still worse war in iraq.everyday ppl are dieing AND NOW THEY ARE TALKING ABT NOBEL PRIZE for obama.what they did till now.what change they bring till now.just creates problem in all over the world where is OIL.


I am proud on Swedish government.swedish government is netural.

God Bless SWEDEN
13:57 October 9, 2009 by Shawn77
To all those whiners saying he does not deserve it. He in his inaguration speech talked about how important it is for US to work with the world rather than unilaterally. He had made many efforts to stop the detrimental policies of Bush, such as allowing torture and holding people without any rights of lawful process.

And he is continuing to try and commit to the road of unification and peace and that is also something that counts. He may not have actually done something but having the intention to do something and trying to do something is also worth something.

Besides, if he does not get it then who should? The war-criminal Benjamin Netanyahu who bombs UN buildings?
14:04 October 9, 2009 by Taxlady
Since Gore got it, the significance has greatly declined.Why? Because amongst the scientific community there is no consensus on global warming. I do not mean media, I mean scientific. And the Gore movie was anything but scientific.

Now, even more so. A joke....
14:11 October 9, 2009 by peropaco
How come Swedes never get nominated for anything excpet for Eurovision song contest?

Though I think Sarkozy deserved it moreso than Obama
14:13 October 9, 2009 by bjinger
A fairy jok: A naughty kid knows his own fault and tries to recorrect it deserves a candy.
14:16 October 9, 2009 by theibmsstate
Sarkozy deserve, basically Europe want peace all over the world.
14:21 October 9, 2009 by Mkolid
surprised! what he has done within this short time? making of plans is nothing until it gets implemented, who knows all these plans will be succeeded and an acceptable level of peace will come in the world and there will be no war which was created by the same US, no idea! i am shocked too!
14:21 October 9, 2009 by BravoTango
I can only add my dismay to the many who believe that this award has not been earned. To win other Nobel prizes, people must dedicate the majority of their lives to physics, medicine, literature and produce a body of work so profound that this award becomes a pinnacle of their success. The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Barrack Obama marginalizes all the work these other people have dedicated their lives to. Not to say Mr. Obama has potential; certainly like any other human being he can achieve greatness; but this award has been given to him at the start of his journey, rather than at some successful conclusion to it. I am very disappointed.
14:30 October 9, 2009 by Rick Methven
Obama has so far just talked the talk. He should walk the walk before the prize is awarded
14:32 October 9, 2009 by Name, Who Cares
Is there anything more hilarious then that !!!

Nobel Peace Prize has lost its credibility..once and for all
14:32 October 9, 2009 by theibmsstate
Europe deserve Award
14:35 October 9, 2009 by Texrusso
Yeah right, Obama won the peace price. I have contributed to World Peace more than Obama. I will sure need that one million dollars more than him in my fight against Racism in Finland, Sweden and the World. Screw the Nobel Peace Price :-)
14:35 October 9, 2009 by theibmsstate
sarkozy is gr8 leader,he has not started war in the world,he didnt interfere in other country,
14:36 October 9, 2009 by KamiZ
maybe obama pressured the nobel committee so he could win the prize and in turn win some support back home in the US. nothing against the guy but he hasn't done anything as yet to deserve this prize. it should have been given to someone with an outstanding record for furthering peace in the world. it just goes on to show how the USA can dominate anythin it wants. and get away with it too
14:41 October 9, 2009 by just a question
This is unfair.

They should have given him the Literature Nobel Prize instead because of his sentence "Yes we can".
14:48 October 9, 2009 by Texrusso
@Kamiz: Well, about Obama haven't done nothing yet at home, I think its unfair, the guy iherited a lot of problems from trouble make G. Bush jr. And let us be frank and realistics it is not easy to FIx those problem in under one year in Office: Trillions of dollars debt, and Economy in peril, a World at war and so on. Let us look at it this way, if it helps to calm down the frustration. Obama has genuinely seeked World peace and have initiated several processes towards that endeavour. He has told Ahamadinahad (spelling lol) of Iran that America is ready to talk. He has initiated the closure of Guantanmo Bay, but republicans wouldn't let the bill to pass. Obama has called for greener technologies and efforts against Global warming. Obama has extended a golden leaf to the Arabs and so on. Let us look at it this way, this is a political message to Obama to continue the good work towards getting Americans out of Iraq, close Guantanomo and give World peace a chance. Need I say more.
14:48 October 9, 2009 by browneyes10
is this is really a true news?

So lets see for how long Obama will respect this award by his future plannings and decisions.
14:48 October 9, 2009 by Name, Who Cares
Someone has any figures for civilian causalities in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, during last year !!

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize for killing thousands of innocents civilians... bravo
14:51 October 9, 2009 by theibmsstate
by Name, Who Cares

Someone has any figures for civilian causalities in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, during last year !!

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize for killing thousands of innocents civilians... bravo

this is really true
15:03 October 9, 2009 by mirror
"Too early", "did nothing yet". The potential and willingness to do something for peace has never been so real from the USA. Sure it is difficult and complex but Obama's commitment and focus to world peace and environmental sustainability is really courageous. I think the NPP committee were very clever to use the prize as a catalyst to the peace process. Obama is more a symbolic figure. The peace process won the prize today. Stop whining and celebrate the potential for peace. It is amazing how an act for peace can inspire so much ignorance and aggression. Chill out
15:05 October 9, 2009 by manamann
I voted for him

I'm an American

He doesn't deserve it at all, all talk no action

Still wars rage on, gitmo is not closed for business, still no accountability on Tourture with Bush and his Pals, he extended the Patriot Act, and he can't even get Health care passed

Sounds like JFK but doesn't act like JFK

So he deserve's the Nobel peace prize "what a joke"

This is why I live in Sweden now and won't be returning to the US anytime soon.
15:10 October 9, 2009 by mkvgtired
13:39 October 9, 2009 by app

"Does this mean they'll be closing the 'Bridge' again !!!"

You beat me to it.


"it just goes on to show how the USA can dominate anythin it wants. and get away with it too"

This is getting very tired and old. The US has nobody in the Nobel institutions. I dont think he has done anything to deserve it either, but dont blame him, blame the Nobel Laureates who chose him.

I fail to see how doubling then tripling the national debt is supposed to bring peace to the world. If he is trying to cause a second civil war in the US or cause the US Government to default on their Treasury Securities (causing massive global unrest) then I would say he is doing a great job.
15:15 October 9, 2009 by Buckshot
Great news.

Barack Obama is the best Us president since.......in a long time.

I agree that it remains to be seen what he will accomplice, but his intentions are very good.

The FOX News (aka Faux Propaganda Machine) is going ballistic.
15:24 October 9, 2009 by Usman
This is the most worst decision made by the Nobel prize committee in the history of Noble Prize distribution,killing alot of people and winning nobel prize of peace huh.
15:24 October 9, 2009 by unkle strunkle
Sima Samar the Afghan women's rights activist deserved to win. She is a true hero. Ironically, her couragous accomplishments will be lost if America and the coalition forces stop fighting the Taliban and leave them to impose Islamic law in Afghanistan. Peace and human rights don't happen by HOPE and eloquent speaches alone. Direct action is also necessary.
15:29 October 9, 2009 by harishravi
I prefer Berlusconi
15:33 October 9, 2009 by theibmsstate
American ppl are suffering coz of jobs, once america was called LAND OF OPPURTUNITY and now..............

American ppl also want peace in the world.

spend alot of money on wars and getting nothing just americans are suffering.

how was america before and now.
15:36 October 9, 2009 by millionmileman
This is beyond ridiculous as this man will be awarded a so called Peace Prize for same appeasement that is reminiscent of Neville Chamberlin. We went through the greatest conflict in the history of mankind, with subsequent lose of life. If he thinks he can negotiate with Iran which is using talking to buy time, to further its nuclear development with North Korea, then within the next year he will get that 3 am wake-up call, to be informed that a massive war has broken out in the Gulf and who knows where else (although I can guess where).

May God only help us now.
15:51 October 9, 2009 by KamiZ
i hope there's peace in the world...i really hope so wit all my heart.now give me my bobel peace prize! :P
16:02 October 9, 2009 by Usman

Spending a lot of money on wars is Americas own interest.

Who says to be greedy and try to occupy resources of other nations.

It is predicted by a Russian novlest,in the year 2012 there will 50 countries instead of 50 states.

Now you can see the prices of daily use things went upto to sky.

dont worry my friend,the bad has yet to come.Just wait and see.
16:07 October 9, 2009 by Nadeem Shad
The biggest and funniest joke ever in the 21st century. The Nobel prize for piece is awarded to president of that country, which is responsible for deteriorating peace in the whole world. I think that US president is awarded Nobel prize for peace due to long history of peace practices rendered by his country; from atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam war, biggest supporter of the Zionist state whose soldiers are killers and murderers of innocent Palestinians , played the game of bloodshed in Iraq and has continued such practice of bloodshed in Afghanistan. Now, we can say that USA is just like a mad wolf, who is fond of killing the human beings especially the Muslims. The surprising decision of the Nobel foundation ever made in its history. I can not forget this.
16:15 October 9, 2009 by ooh456
Congratulations Barrack! Anybody who knows anything knows you deserve it.
16:20 October 9, 2009 by KamiZ
needless to say...i meant nobel not bobel :P
16:26 October 9, 2009 by Typical Whitey
Shame on Sweden and the Nobel Committee. Shame on all of you. I am ashamed of my Swedish heritage. You gutless, spineless, BO adoring people. This man is a fraud. He was not lawfully elected to POTUS. He has hired three law firms to suppress all college, medical, and birth records - WHY?

The only thing he has accomplished is to polarize the USA.
16:28 October 9, 2009 by Rebel
This completely de-legitimizes any credibility the prize committee actually has. Maybe when they have that stipud dinner honoring later this year they can get Sasha Cohen and Emenim to re-stage the MTV Music Awards thing as well as have Jenny Jameson and Tila Tequila as the keynote speakers. Truly the eugenics programs in Scandinavia were of little or no benefit.
16:52 October 9, 2009 by Lisaann
What is shocking, is how human beings have become so xeno.... , cold, callous and doworight unfair. Here is a man President Barack Obama, whom from long before his election to President, gave up a prestigious job in Chicago, to go and help poor people, mobilize food dirves, etc. Have any of you negative people read up on all the other humanitarians efforts he was involved in. Why does a man or women have to wait until their death bed to be recognied, It is clear that the Barack Obama wants the best for his people, he advocates World Peace, Heal Care for All, Jobs for Americans, etc, etc, and the list goes on. All of those war-torn countries must work themselves to restore peace, Its what the USA gets for trying to help people in need.

16:59 October 9, 2009 by GefleFrequentFlyer
13:46 October 9, 2009 by himilo

he closed guantanamo.

^^ You are too funny.

Up front, I'll say I'm a righty, but even the leftys in the US are left agasp on how exactly he has "won it" for doing nothing but making broad brushed, overly ambitious promises.

For years (Since Carter's nomination) I've thought the Nobel prize has been losing its luster, and this is it's final nail. This is about as credible as Time Magazines "Person of the year" award. This award presented to this man to me shows what I have always known: Scandinavia's ignorant fawning and gushing love affair with Barak Obama knows no bounds.
17:00 October 9, 2009 by Querist
[title of article]: "Obama Nobel win shocks Swedish peace group"

Wanna hear something even more shocking?

That the the Nobel Peace Prize is funded by the INVENTOR OF DYNAMITE's Estate!!!

Howz that for Swedish hypocrisy!

17:01 October 9, 2009 by sparkriver
what a joke :)

hey nobel committee, plz hand over the novel economics price to me. I am not able to mange my economy for last 2 yrs . I promise I will manage it once I receive 10 million SEK from you
17:04 October 9, 2009 by sherkovic
Please watch and forward the documentary called 'The Obama Deception' to know in reality what Barrack Obama has done to win this prestigious nobel prize. You can watch that on utube
17:05 October 9, 2009 by eZee.se
Sarkozy? are you f*'ing kidding me?

Have you any knowledge of HADOPI or HADOPI 2? at least try to get wikipedia to educate you.

Congrats Barack Obama!

Why do i get the feeling a lof of Muslims are offended?

(not that i have anything against Muslims being offended)
17:14 October 9, 2009 by crocadoodledoo
what kind of peace prize committee is this which doesnt even nominate mahatma gandhi and hands over the award to a guy who just blabbers and is yet to do anything.. if obamas nomination is really justified, india's PM Manmohan singh should also get one for the remarkable tolerance he has shown towards pakistan which periodically conducts terrorist attacks on indian soil.

I am very sure had it been the US in place of india, countries like pakistan would have never existed now.
17:15 October 9, 2009 by ironman294
liberals in America would call all of you negative people RACIST for criticizing Obama.

But Republicans like I have considered the Nobel Prizes a Joke ever since Yassar Arafat was given one and then when Jimmy Carter received one it continued the absurdity until now! Hahaha geting a peace prize for what? What did President Obama do so far?

Let's see he sold out Czech Republic and Poland to the Russians. And sold out Honduras to Chavez. Has bombed and killed more people in Pakistan than President Bush ever did.

he is escalating the war in Afghanistan!!!! He is not a man of peace!
17:20 October 9, 2009 by bettan1
Just yet another reason the leadership of this world is one big flop. I don't even know why any type of Nobel Prize period is necessary except for the soothing of egos.

All these various Nobel prizes given out for various fields and our world continues to further sink into a cesspool. What happened to all that wonderful influence of all the geniuses had on things ???
17:20 October 9, 2009 by Staffs
Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

War is Peace

F*** me, somebody wake me up. Please.
17:35 October 9, 2009 by ChromoSomes
News item: This just in... Sweden's own Ingvar Kamprad, the inventor of IKEA, has been awarded the Nobel Piece-by-Piece Prize in the furniture design category while Ole Kirk Christiansen and his son Gotfred Kirk Christiansen of Denmark, co-inventors of LEGO, have been awarded the Nobel Piece-by-Piece Prize in the toy design category.
17:40 October 9, 2009 by Tutu
The selection of Obama is shocking for me. I will lhold on my comments till i know the reasons for his selection and who his rivals are
18:00 October 9, 2009 by krrodman
No one here seems to understand the genius of the Nobel committee.

Obama has not accomplished anything because he lacks for self-esteem. The Nobel Prize will make him feel better about himself, and he will use his new found self to bring peace to the world.

Self esteem first.

Accomplishments later.

What a joke!
18:04 October 9, 2009 by Brugge
I'm going to laugh heartily if they say something about easing racial tensions. But the nobel peace prize hasn't meant much for a while. Nelson Mandela? Really? The terrorist?
18:32 October 9, 2009 by 2394040
While I voted for Obama and hope he does well, I do not believe that he merits the Nobel Peace Prize. There are others who have done far more in the recent past to merit the award. If this was a year or two later, and he had done a lot more in the direction of world peace, he would be far more meritorious.

All I can say otherwise is that this defys explanation.
18:35 October 9, 2009 by Staffs
I intend to develope a time machine, cure all known cancers and write the book to set men free, so can I please have my Nobel Prize for Physics, Medicine and Literature today?

I promise to give "hope" and I sure can use the cash.

18:37 October 9, 2009 by FozIber
For sure that Sweden have decided a record over Vatican with saints and sainthood: a premature Nobel Prize. Premature, unthinkable... Crazy. But... what is happening Sweden? Too much show in favour of the World Control... This things normally the wise ones does in the god's silence hahahahahaha

Is this a shame? Of course it is!
18:48 October 9, 2009 by Dagem Hailemariam
You all are a trip...BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH...What have any of you done or even attempted to do except for point out all the negatives in the world. Bitch, moan and whine!

I love the commitee in the sense that they are trying to encourage the hope and change that can happen if all the nay sayers would shut the hell up!!!
19:01 October 9, 2009 by Rick Methven
To all you posters slamming Sweden over Obama being given the Peace Prize.

19:02 October 9, 2009 by coswede
is Obama the first Kenyan ever to win the NPP?
19:07 October 9, 2009 by KamiZ

ahahahhahha...dude ur the MAN/WOMAN.this is the best joke on the whole page :D
19:10 October 9, 2009 by coswede
you are welcome
19:12 October 9, 2009 by mac_007
i deserve it ... can i have it. I dont have that much money to buy the NO BLE prize

Can i make any late naminations ???
19:21 October 9, 2009 by Name, Who Cares
[i]"17:14 October 9, 2009 by crocadoodledoo

Manmohan singh should also get one for the remarkable tolerance he has shown towards pakistan which periodically conducts terrorist attacks on indian soil." [/i]

Typical hindu extremist/childish/ridiculous views..... crawl back to your cave and get a life.

* After U.S., india is 2nd biggest terrorist state.

* There is freedom struggle in 200 districts of India "It is biggest freedom struggle anywhere in world"

* because of this vast land that india has occupied, india is facing internal threats. Instead of giving people their rights, india has a policy of blaming pakistan and china... whats new.. huh

* there are thousands of evidences that india is promoting terrorism in pakistan through its consulates in afghanistan... shame on india


"17:14 October 9, 2009 by crocadoodledoo

I am very sure had it been the US in place of india, countries like pakistan would have never existed now." [/i]

* india's nuclear test were unsuccessful. Otherwise hindus are close to nazis... you can expect anything from them.. on the other end india knows that both pak and china are nuclear powers..

p.s. sorry guyz, i am off topic because of this crocadoodledoo
19:23 October 9, 2009 by someoneonthenet
He has not achieved anything so far. Most people who are trying to defend this award, mention his speeches, as if he is the only one giving similar speeches. What has he done to achieve peace ? I can't think of anything major. He did make few good speeches but has done almost nothing to turn his words into actions. He is definitely better (more sane) president than Bush but that does not mean that he should be awarded peace prize.

If they really wanted to give him peace prize, they should have waited at least one or two years, so we could see how he made the world a better place.
19:33 October 9, 2009 by TvAmazon
It's good to see so many people with enoughtsense to realize what a joke the Noble Pease Prize has become. Can anyone tell what exactly Obama has done to earn this. He is a salesman / con-man hes made promises he can never keep and done a lot of talking but he hasn't accomplished anything. Obama goes on another vacation to Sweden to try and get the Olympics for his buddies in Chicago. Mean while Americans are dying in Afghanistanand and he hasn't bothered meeting with the General in charge for months who has been asking for more help. Maybe he got the NPP for stopping the funding to the Iranian Human Rights Watch group since it seems more peaceful without anyone reporting the Iranian Government atrocities.

I don't think he has realized he has got to do some real work instead of jet setting with Air Force One and being a salesman / con-man.

By the way who else is sick of hearing all the murdering, bombing terrorist Arabs cry like babies and blame someelse whenever the rest of the world punishes them for there wicked evil behavior? Many of the Arab countries are like the bad children in a family who can't seem to learn from there mistakes and keep getting more and more worse.
20:01 October 9, 2009 by Staffs
Giving Obama the peace prize--the leader of the greatest war machine ever assembled--a trillion dollar a year war machine, with over 800 bases in 130 countries and shooting wars in three countries--is another act of desperation.

An attempt by the elites to bolster one of their own.

An attempt to restore legitimacy to a plundering, greed stricken ruling caste that is so afraid of its citizens that it has to surveil them around the clock and strip them of their constitutional rights.
20:05 October 9, 2009 by peropaco
Well, if the Norwegians could award the prize to that palestinian scumbag arafat ; then why not Obama?. I am still waiting for the dumazs swedes and norwegians to win something. Maybe next year for male breast pumping machine?
20:06 October 9, 2009 by Torvig
What an embarassment, the Nobel Peace Prize has now been devalued to less than that of twice used toalett paper.
20:18 October 9, 2009 by Beynch
The norwegians must be infantile, or they have not read the newspapers. This man hails from the most corrupt city in the United States. Chicago is infested with chronyism, vice and politicians on the take. That's fact, not conjecture. And O. has played no small part in the raw sewage coming out of Chicago for several years in this nest of Democrat Chicago thieves. If he is to get a Nobel Prize, I will demand that the Führer himself gets posthumously nominated. This is a scandal! With this the Nobel committee should pack it in, permananetly!
20:24 October 9, 2009 by peropaco
@Beynch, I am sure you would like nothing more than to being back the good ol days of your Führer
20:29 October 9, 2009 by 2394040
Well, the general consensus seems to be that Obama does not merit the Nobel Peace Prize. I voted for Obama and I hope that he does well, but I have to agree with the general consensus.

It would seem that, considering some of the choices that the Nobel Committee has made, there is no set of standards to determine who should merit the Nobel Peace Prize.

I think that, if possible, Obama should inform the committee that he does not wish to accept the prize. There must be someone else in the world who is worthy.
21:34 October 9, 2009 by Atlas
All i can say is : Shame on You, Norway...

Is it too much to hope that Obama will do the right thing and decline the prize, assuming that he's aware he doesn't deserve it yet, for he needs to accomplish a lot!!!
21:46 October 9, 2009 by efm
As an American, I think the Nobel price for Pres. Obama is a little premature! Is he a good president? Yes, all indications are that he is trying to tackle very big and difficult national problems. Will there be immediate results? Of course not! Heavens sake, this guy is only 9 months in office. Give him time to work.

Why some of the responses here are sorely anti US and it's policies does not surprise me.
21:50 October 9, 2009 by dj_alesi
I agree with efm

Regarding the anti US talk. It's typical Europeans that think they know Americans. I'm not American but I've been to the US and I've realized a lot of things.
23:38 October 9, 2009 by SamQam
In my opinion this is the most significant NPP ever given.

It is a brave decision by Oslo. This could be the prize that will actually change something. As opposed to the normal one that happens after a certain event.

The guys in Oslo are not stupid they know what they are doing. I think that the intention behind it is to say to Obama we like what you are doing keep up the good work and do not let us down (us = the world). Close Guitmo, End the war in IRAQ and close a deal between Israelis and Palestinians.
23:46 October 9, 2009 by Rebel
The media promoted Obama -- and everyone knows the media in the USA is just the mouthpiece of the oligopolistic corporate elite. Obama is the face the corporate elite wishes to show the world. No Republican could have transferred billions in taxpayer money to banks and auto manufacturers without huge protests. Obama did. Now Obama wants the middle class to foot the cost of national health care -- another big bonus for corporations -- once healthcare is nationalized they can convert all the money they spend in group health insurance policies to pure profit.

As for the international scene, China and Russia are in stiff competition with the US for Africa's natural resources. Seems pretty smart to put a black president in there as a symbol to help sway the people there to the American perspective rather than the Russian or Chinese.
02:49 October 10, 2009 by GLO
Here it goes kids.. Im a 62 yr vintage Businessman, I have operated or started 12 corporations since 1973, all my friend same-same. My oldest son is a MARINE OFFICER,youngest started his own company 5 years ago. No one gave us any help. WE did this in the USA. Those days are gone.Obama has done this with the help of half the US voters. He's gone, voted out the next election, but it's over. OUR CAPITAL IS GONE,one third of our population is out of work or standing in line for Obama Bucks.

We wont be buyiny anything but Food and Shelter.But,

the wealthy will go on.....

We will become a large third world country,already less than half our pop pays taxes.Yes, this is never going to change.

We are not buying GM or Volvo.... There is no credit,Sorry!
05:02 October 10, 2009 by DanishAmerican
I am proud on Swedish government.swedish government is netural.

God Bless SWEDEN


Ummm...Sweden isn't neutral. It has just chosen a very shrewd path to protect its money. And that's fine, but don't pretend to be something you aren't. And don't forget where that money largely came from either, providing raw materials to the Nazi war machine during WWII.
05:14 October 10, 2009 by forutanvind

As a fellow American, I've got to you ask you to put down the bottle before you post such rambling and totally inane nonsense.

Please, resist posting on this forum when impaired... really, it shows, big time.

Unfortunately, these days anybody with an internet connection and a keyboard is able to put forth goofy-ass assertions without any supporting evidence.

So it goes. On and on and on.
05:19 October 10, 2009 by vonrudenborg
As an American of Swedish ancestry I've joked that I'm glad it was the Norwegians that awarded the prize and not the Swedes. However, I have no bias based on either race or ethnicity. I have read a number of the posts and I would like to know how the word peace is to be defined. Would some or all of you like to try?
06:15 October 10, 2009 by Greg in Canada
I like Obama but so far he has only talked the talk but not yet walked the walk. This award was way too premature. Obama has not been president long enough to pass judgement. It's quite possible the Nobel committee may seriously later regret this decision if Obama doesn't deliver.
08:18 October 10, 2009 by mirror
Blah, blah, blah, blah, me, me, me, them, them, them, them, shhhhhhhhhhh.

In two weeks the whiners, moaners and their fear filled rants will be history.

They will be busy finding something else to whine and moan about. So sad, instead of doing something to help or encouraging the ones brave enough to attempt something, they sit in their dark holes and spread fear and despair. I am really not surprised that the choice of Obama as NPrecepient is so complex for them to grasp. They never sat with themselves long enough to contemplate world peace, climate change, human suffering. Rush limbaugh and fox news etc. are their information sources.

Think of others!!!!!!
09:13 October 10, 2009 by lahlily
Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, who won the prize in 1984, said the decision showed that great things are expected from Obama and "wonderful recognition" of his effort to reach out to the Arab world after years of hostility

quit whining... gather round obama and rally for the change and peace he so desire's... furthermore people, he is 1st african american president ... an african american man is the most powerful man in world right now... if that is not bridging a gap then what is?
09:33 October 10, 2009 by Rebel
So if Condolessa Rice had won the presidency then you would have seen her as bridging gaps as well? The Nobel Prize Committee (for some reason images of the presidential staff from Idiocracy comes to mind) would have given her the prize? Give me a break, if his being half-black qualifies him for this prize then the committe shows there is no substance to any claim this is based on anyting credible.

As for reaching out to the Arab world, what has he done there? Sure, he has jumped on Israel (maybe that is what got the committee all turned on) but I see nothing of any substance there either. Ironic, the left jumped on Bush for being too connected to the Saudi Arabians. Strange.
09:49 October 10, 2009 by Ian11
Have any of you that opposes the award looked at the pre-election records?
10:10 October 10, 2009 by Iraniboy
@ Perepaco

Sarcozy deserved it for his great contribution for implementing facism and racism. He is the only racist leader in EU.

As for Obama, we may expect him good efforts for peace in the future but he hasn't done anything significantly for peace so far. So this prize is ridicolous. Btw, If Shimon Prez got it why not Obama?!!! It seems that this Noble prize of peace awarded to war mongers to stop it!!!
10:24 October 10, 2009 by aelvin
Only in Norway..................................even Americans don't understand this...He has only been in office 9 months.....but I will say this...he can certainly give a great speech..
10:46 October 10, 2009 by Vitas
Look these pictures about Obama-SuperHero!!!

10:48 October 10, 2009 by me_i_sverige
@Name,Who Cares

You present a typical Pakistani views. Don't you think Manmohan Singh is showing a tolerance towards Pakistan? Even during that attack on Mumbai (the whole world knows the terrorists were Pakistanis supported by ISI), he showed patience. Dear Name, who cares, don't make joke of yourself. Do not try to portray the good image of Pakistan, the whole world knows. So now you have invented Hindu terrorist, good. Another typical Pakistani view. Your ISI is so scared by the presence of the Indian embassy in Afghanistan, they have bombed twice! Don't make fun of yourself.
11:36 October 10, 2009 by builder7
As an American I am happy that Obama has won this award. The contrast between the former administration and Obama's is obvious. Although Obama has only been in office for a while, he did save the world from a big problem, which would have revealed itself if he had not have won the election. Although it is popular to knock the US because of its past excesses, hopefully Obama will be able to constrain that. Here's to a new outlook on peace in the world. He is much better than the former president and far less likely to cause others problems. Let us hope that things will improve between our countries now!
11:51 October 10, 2009 by Noni
Coming up next : Obama's 40,000 peace troops for Afghanistan ..
12:30 October 10, 2009 by HejHej
It could be PIECE rather than PEACE. Let the great soul of Alferd Nobel to rest in PEACE.
12:33 October 10, 2009 by Mkolid
they gave Obama Nobel, before he gonna start a new war like his predecessor Bush and others. Safe for the world! :)
14:00 October 10, 2009 by sherkovic
beware of the Obama Deception; watch the documentary on utube.
14:04 October 10, 2009 by BLADESKATER00
Nobel Peace Prize And Barack Obama

The Noble committee said Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for, "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." Barack Obama has made no extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples! This is just another example of a twisted and immoral political agenda by those who award these so called prizes. In fact Barack Obama has gone out of his way to weaken international diplomacy--and cooperation between peoples. Barack Obama has reached out to communist despots and Arab murderers--to give them legitimacy when they have none. Barack Obama has singled out Israel and meddled in their internal affairs and has worked to promote the Arab squatters and murderers who call themselves palestinians. These things and many more besides do not work to promote international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. Barack Obama has done nothing good to deserve a Nobel Peace Prize--and that is precisely why he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. His radical fascist, communistic, irresponsible, hate America, weaken America, anti US constitution, hate Israel, weaken Israel, give into Muslim terrorism, promote Muslim terrorism, promote racism, promote the perverse immorality of homosexuality--is exactly what those foolish perverts at the Nobel foundation stand for! Barack Obama was not awarded this "Peace Prize" for what he has actually accomplished--but rather for his ideology and what he would like to accomplish. Oh, and let's not forget these notable recipients of The Nobel Peace Prize--a true rogues gallery: Henry Kissinger--known anti Semite, Israel hater, fascist/globalist/communist and anti American, Anwar al Sadat--known anti Semite, Israel hater, murderer and warmonger, Desmond Tutu--Known anti Israel, communist and promoter of homosexual perversion, Dalai Lama--known Buddhist pervert, Mikhail Gorbachev--known anti USA, fascist/globalist and communist, Yasser Arafat--known fascist, anti Semite, Israel hater, mass murderer and terrorist, Kofi Annan--known anti semite, anti Israel, anti USA and corrupt politician, Jimmy Carter--known anti semite, anti Israel, anti USA, communist/fascist/globalist and supporter/promoter of homosexual perversion, Al Gore--Known international communist/fascist/globalist, anti USA, promoter of the lie of man made global warming/climate change.
14:20 October 10, 2009 by theibmsstate

@Name,Who Cares

You present a typical Pakistani views. Don't you think Manmohan Singh is showing a tolerance towards Pakistan? Even during that attack on Mumbai (the whole world knows the terrorists were Pakistanis supported by ISI), he showed patience. Dear Name, who cares, don't make joke of yourself. Do not try to portray the good image of Pakistan, the whole world knows. So now you have invented Hindu terrorist, good. Another typical Pakistani view. Your ISI is so scared by the presence of the Indian embassy in Afghanistan, they have bombed twice! Don't make fun of yourself.

Hello Mr me_i_sverige

In asia all the root problems started coz of india.dont blame Pakistan.

all the problems in pakistan coz of india.just see the history.india relationship are not good with CHINA,PAKISTAN,SRILANKA, NEPAL etccc

just keep in mind if india try alot to destabalize pakistan india cannt do.

PAKISTAN is powerful Country.

in NWFP swat operation indian ARMS are discovered,dont be fool.on the tribel belt of pakistan india started to create problems for pakistan.India will be not successful in thier Aims.india has not learn from 1965 and 1971 wars.

thanks MR me_i_sverige
14:29 October 10, 2009 by sherkovic
haha this is funny how people take a news item so personal and start fighting and debating on non-sense issues.

get a life brothers! There is still a lot to be discovered in the world. Read, learn and educated yourself!! Free your mind from the mind control of masses and the biased media. Think rationally and not emotionally. I know many people here go emotional when they see a 'black' President of United states of America; that is a death to your thinking...you go emotional and you lose the mind control now anything that you will think hencefroth will be based on your liking and disliking and not on the truth and the facts.

Be rational...Free yourselves from the mind control..read news and analyze critically. Remember

' Do not let the hatred of your hearts dissuade you from doing justice' and 'Be just even if you have to go against yourself, your parents or your family' (Quran).

14:34 October 10, 2009 by BLADESKATER00
sherkovic, You're off topic and for most people its never been about Barack Obama being a half Negro [not black] man!
14:44 October 10, 2009 by HejHej
@ BLADESKATER00... I think ISREAL should be given the Nobel prize.
14:51 October 10, 2009 by Texrusso
Long live Barack Obama! Long live Sweden! Long live Oslo! Get a life you all! A prize can be used to forced a direction or reward for a direction. Now what is the difference.... You Arabs are just jealous of Obama and are all hypocrytes :-) hihihi.... Let the peace movement continues.
15:16 October 10, 2009 by sebseb
It would be nice if Obama could start by bringing peace in America and give more attention to this http://www.metroactive.com/metro/09.09.09/cover-0936.html
15:19 October 10, 2009 by HejHej
Honestly spealking in today's era, the word 'America' can be used as antonym to the word ' PEACE' .
15:34 October 10, 2009 by Aureliano Buendia
I have never fought in my life!!! Don't I deserve it as well???
15:47 October 10, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg
In my view, Barack Obama's peace and peaceful initiatives should be appreciated until such a time that his oratorical powers will be turned to the oratory of leading the USA to war which we all hope can be avoided, against Iran.

I have just posted my view on this matter to our USA- Africa Forum:


I should just like to add that Barack Obama did not vote for the invasion of Iraq since he was not a member of the senate at that time and we will never know how he would have voted, although Joe Scarborough says,

"if Barack Obama were in the Senate in 2002 he would have voted the way Joe Biden voted, Christopher Dodd voted, John Edwards voted, Hillary Clinton voted, the establishment of the Democratic Party voted."
18:28 October 10, 2009 by Scambaiter
Seems that rabid American neo-conservatism and xenophobia has made it all the way to the threads of the Local.se.

This year's NPP award is a global indictment of US foreign policy for the last 8 years under the previous hawkish administration and a reflection of general world opinion.

Obama may or may not deserve it, but anyone would be perceived as peaceful compared to a hillbilly president who started several wars, destroyed several countries, aggravated Russia, interned people without trial, abused human rights, bullied smaller nations, made the USA the most unpopular country in the world, and can't even speak his own native language fluently!

In the meantime, yeehaw to Norway!
18:59 October 10, 2009 by LaQueen
wish this NPP goes to Mr George Galloway...

19:50 October 10, 2009 by sidneyc
The committee on why the prize was awarded to Obama:

"His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world's population."

In other words, he received the prize because his philosophy is in line with that of the committee. I find it a bit disturbing that the committee believes the president of America - a country with its own values, priorities and desires - should form policy based on the values and attitudes of foreigners. Nonetheless, that's what they want and Obama is their man.

In the end, did Obama deserve it. Of course not. There are people that have sacrificed all they have, laid their life on the line and suffered in silence for the sake of peace. For Obama to receive the award is pure politics and a joke. Then again, this is the same committee that awarded Arafat, Gore, the UN climate panel and Carter. We shouldn't expect more. Next year it could be Hamas.
22:18 October 10, 2009 by Scambaiter
sidneyc's xenophobic comment is a case in point.

He "finds it a bit disturbing that the committee" (primarily Norwegian) bases its decision "on the values and attitudes of foreigners" (the majority of the world's population). LOL!

Oooh, how scary all us nasty foreigners must all be who don't appreciate it when the US coerces its allies into fighting two meaningless wars in the Middle East - "you're either with us or against us", aggravates Russia by trying to expand NATO into their "sphere of influence" (a supposedly non-expansionist post WW2 treaty organization), and generally behaves like an NFL linebacker on steroids.

I'm not anti-American, but I am one of those nasty "foreigners" who thinks that Americans are naive if they didn't realize how much bad feeling the hypocrisy and repression of the Bush Administration generated around the world.

Obama is being rewarded for at least offering the rhetoric of peace and reconciliation, though judging from this thread it's going to make him even more unpopular among the more vociferous neocons and right-wing wackos in his homeland.

I would say that is justification enough for the award.

As the great orator George W Bush once said: "I'm telling you there's an enemy that would like to attack America, Americans, again. There just is. That's the reality of the world. And I wish him all the very best."
23:07 October 10, 2009 by theibmsstate

US want to Offer Kerry logal Bill aid for pakistan and need to access Pakistan Nuclear Plants and Pak Army.

is this civilized thinking to access and interfere other country.is this call PEACE.

whats the AIM to access other country politics.is this called Nobel Peace Prize.

USA has nuclear power and dont want why iran has why pakistan has.....

whynot they fininsh 1st.

common sense.

02:03 October 11, 2009 by Coalbanks
Apparently the NPP ccommittee members have a greater sense of humour/irony/satire (or was it just sarcasm?) than do many of those posting their opinions on The Local. How else to explain some of their recent choises? t
10:54 October 11, 2009 by Maymotti
I am not surprised as people like Sharon and Arafat have taken this award.. :) I mean what sort of peace did they create?

so does it really matter?
13:25 October 11, 2009 by Noni
They are making people rest in PEACE FOREVER by killing them , that's the reason why they take this award....
13:37 October 11, 2009 by LaQueen
@ theibmsstate I'd like to help you by providing the answer for your big question WHY MUSLIM?

it's because most of Muslim countries (like Middle east, Asia including Indonesia) they have big natural resources such oil etc. Just wiki Afganistan and you will get not surprised how rich this country.

Terrorist or islamphobia is the strategy which is used by certain westworld in order to achieve their goal. They got Iraq (read: iraq's oil) already and the next target is Iran. note: that they are targeting islam's country with the leader who doesn't want to be their puppet.

If you learn marketing or working in Advertising then you understand that terrorism and islamphobia is one of the big successful campaign (I've ever seen) in which many people buy this idea and consume this product.
13:43 October 11, 2009 by sidneyc
Shame on you Scambaiter. I'm a foreigner myself, of a minority racial background and hold double citizenship. So your description of foreigners as nasty you can keep to yourself.

You wrote:

He "finds it a bit disturbing that the committee" (primarily Norwegian) bases its decision "on the values and attitudes of foreigners" (the majority of the world's population). LOL!

Wrong. The committee can do what they want. They have their life and I have mine. I find it disturbing that any head of State would bend according to the values and attitudes of people other than the constituents that elect them. If Obama would've said "Elect me, so I can do the bidding of the French". He wouldn't have won. You have a problem with it too. That what your ranting about Bush stems from. He took the whole world on a ride based on HIS priorities and values. Get it yet?

Secondly, their statement is propaganda that borders on a lie. They didn't give Obama the prize because of his respect for worldly values, they gave it to him because of his respect for THEIR values. Do you know what it would mean if we (as the West in general) began forming policy base on world consensus? Would it strengthen the democratic tradition that lets us post this? Let's see... no. The majority of the world is not democratic. Personal freedoms? Um.No. The majority of the world actually still has traditions like arranged marriages. Better education maybe? No again. The majority of the world does not prioritize education in the way we do in the West. Would it better the rights of women? Gays? Minorities? No. No. No. Should I continue? I think the progress achieved on each of these issues should not be conceded based on the fact that the majority of the world doesn't agree. Much better to take a live and let live attitude. Forget consensus.
15:03 October 11, 2009 by Seltue12
I am a Black American and voted for him and proud of his accomplishment thus far. Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future. His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world's population.

President Obama has made extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples.

He has also demonstrated his strong commitment to help build peace and defend fundamental human rights, including through the atlantic alliance, UN, G-20, etc. This honour is well deserved.
15:18 October 11, 2009 by Iraq->il
The last castle of the reliability and the fairness of the Nobel price were destroyed today by the Norway & Swedish committees.

Is it the last days of honest Europe?
19:47 October 11, 2009 by izbz
I think George Bush should be awarded the Nobel Prize, We saw and heard about him talking about bringing peace (ONLY TALK!!)

So far Obama has been trying do something really sincere but result yet to be seen.
21:39 October 11, 2009 by israeli
according to wikipedia, "SPAS' notable achievements are helping to peacefully resolve Norway's breaking out from the union with Sweden in 1905".

now i ask, how does a peace organization support division instead of a union?
21:45 October 11, 2009 by foriegner
I don't necessarily think a Nobel Prize should be given on potential either - but we have a guy with the influence and structure behind him to make some serious changes for the better and the mindset to do it. I cannot claim to understand the thoughts of the committee but I am sure they gave a lot of consideration to both the award AND the reaction that would obviously follow.

I think the forum TL provides is an important part of their service but it bothers me to see the drift from civilized discourse to a platform at times espousing absolute hatred and intolerance. If world diplomacy was handled in these terms we would be back into world war situations in no time.

I think it is time that people began considering their rhetoric more carefully. Express your opinions - but consider the consequences of publishing 'hate mail' under the anonymity that the internet provides.

I actually still hold out hope that the world can be a better place.
00:28 October 12, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Three months ago, before the Nobel Peace Prize 2009 was awarded there was this SPIEGEL Interview with Henry Kissinger in which he said,

'Obama Is Like a Chess Player'

01:07 October 12, 2009 by crunchy2k
I bet he wins the IgNobel Peace Prize next year for winning the Nobel Peace Prize this year.
01:11 October 12, 2009 by donfabricio
The Committee is either buying us time, or has just saved us from a third world War.

This is the committee saying to Obama, if you are serious about peace, then please don't let the industrial military complex mad men bomb Iran. In my view this is the most important award ever given to any one since this thing began.

Once you understand the path the Anglo American alliance has chosen, and more importantly where its leading us, then this award becomes very relevant. But in order to understand you must first do some research, the truth is out there it is up to you to seek it.

I notice that they are too many over opinionated under educated individuals commenting here, you see opinions are like idiots every got one. Seek the truth instead of letting hatred, and anger cloud your taught process.
02:01 October 12, 2009 by Captcha
@ donfabricio, I take it that YOU are highly educated and unopinionated. The best reason for the girls of the committee to give Obama the Noble is because he will stop "don't ask, don't tell" in the military. This should make your group excited.
10:22 October 12, 2009 by Rebel
Steve, on the Jerry Springer Show, has broken up more fights than Obama. He should be given the prize next year. I hope the Nobel Committee doesn't think they have more credibility than Jerry Springer anymmore.
10:26 October 12, 2009 by donfabricio
@ captcha

Opinions are like buttholes everyone got one, and most of them stink, are you using tabloid news papers, or kleenex to wipe yours? Moron.
15:25 October 12, 2009 by mcnarein
Those who oppose obamas peace prize are just jealous .. dont worry for christmas they are offering a 50 % discount on 2010 peace prize . rush (offer till stocks last )
17:07 October 12, 2009 by randyt
millionmileman, if you have not noticed there is already war "breaking" out in the Middle East in large part becauss we chose war over talking.

@manamann - so you moved to Sweden? How did you do that?

Geem Typical Whitey you should change your name to Typical DITTOHEAD Whitey.

IRT to Obama's award, hey it is better than having shoes tossed at you.
23:46 October 13, 2009 by Leo ni leo
I think alot of people are stuck in the believe that someone has to achieve something before getting such a prize. What if the person has ideas like having dialogue instead of waging war, Telling Isrealis to stop expanding settlements at once to achieve peace, easing tensions with Russia over missile defence shield, reduce Nuke war heads, assuring muslems west is not enemy to Islam, Climate change, North Korea. This list can easily become endless. On the other hand his predecessor voiced the opposit. Remember Obama didn't start any of those wars, he merely inherited them. Judged from his own ideas and the ability to make things move, he is alot more different from many leaders, He deserves the prize.
04:05 October 14, 2009 by Jim Kendll
As an American, Vietnam Vet. and a retired law enforcement officer I am shocked at this award. I agree with other comments, let him EARN IT. I have a nephew in Afganistan, it looks like we will be there a long time and will not do well as we did in Vietnam. Obama may be the president, (I didn't vote for him.), however he needs to be a leader. He isn't, instead he is demonstrating the attitude of a bully. Will he suceed? No one knows, however, the "prize" should not be his. I agree with a National Public Radio commentator who stated, "he should have declined."

I appreciate your local news. I work with a friend from Sweden.

17:01 October 15, 2009 by nneville
HELLO! Obama did not request this, said he was surprised, and said he did not feel he deserved it! What is all the fuss about. And bye the bye, can we have full disclosure of the trash that watches Fox News so we know we are dealing with an unevevolved, in the image of god, person who's ancestors lived liked the Flintsones.

I am not sure if anyone has ever refused this prise and I think he would have been even more scrutinized for saying he did not stand for Peace. Heck, anyone picking up that failure of a human being and president that just left the White House deserves the NPP!
02:53 October 16, 2009 by Obamanista
I think Obama deserves the Peace Prize because of his world-wide apology tour. He's asked forgiveness for every American shortcoming. : )
04:50 October 16, 2009 by CarlMcK
A socialist organization promoting a socialist. Shocking.
09:38 October 16, 2009 by Allan Wafkowski
As an American, I can assure you that when Omana won the prize we collectively scratched our heads while asking "What has he done?" But, then again, being an American Capitalist, I assure you that I'd have take the million plus prize money if it had been offered to my dead uncle Steve's corpse.
00:37 November 13, 2009 by Malmoman
to the ibmsstate...

Gosh I cannot wait until we stop using oil (Switch grass anyone?) so we do not have to listen to your "we are the real victims" story. It is getting so tired and it is at least 1200 years old. The thing about it is when people say they are the victims sometimes they are the root cause.

Hej Laqueen...Talk to some Macedonians or Greeks about Islam if you want to be enlightened about the "religion of peace". This conspiracy of yours started way before we needed oil.

Of course Obama did not deserve it but he did not ask for it either. It was the last thing he needed.

I wish him the best.
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