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Sweden to pay more asylum seekers to leave

TT/David Landes · 6 Nov 2009, 11:20

Published: 06 Nov 2009 11:20 GMT+01:00

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For the past two years, citizens from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, as well as from the West Bank and Gaza who have had their asylum claims rejected have been able to apply for funds from the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) to help pay for the return trip home.

“We’ve had this option for nearly two years and have been reviewing it along the way, and based on that we’ve chosen to go ahead and open it up to more countries,” Caroline Henjered, head of the agency’s division for asylum reception, told the TT news agency.

Since November 1st, an additional 20 countries have been added to the programme. Most of the countries are in Africa, but asylum seekers from parts of Russia and Kosovo can now also apply for the repatriation funds.

Migration authorities estimate that around 18,000 repatriation cases will be carried out in 2009. About 42 percent of cases are expected to end in voluntary return, with Iraqis making up the bulk of those willing to return on their own.

At the same time, about 10,000 cases will likely be handed over to police, who will then be charged with carrying out deportation orders for people who are unwilling to leave Sweden after having their applications for refugee status rejected.

According to a recent report from the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), 10,000 asylum seekers came to Sweden in the first six months of 2009, down from 12,000 applications during the first half of 2008, Sveriges Radio (SR) reports.

Nevertheless, Sweden still receives the highest number of asylum requests of all the Nordic countries.

The Migration Board hopes expanding the repatriation assistance programme will increase the number of people willing to return to their homelands voluntarily and has set a goal of boosting the number of voluntary repatriation cases to 47 percent.

“We’re doing this because we’ve seen that it brings results,” said Henjered.

According to Henjered, it’s possible that even more countries will be added to the programme.

“We're not against expanding things further in the future,” he said.

Through August, the agency has handed around 7,000 cases to the police, with about 56 percent of them thought to involve people who have decided to go underground to avoid deportation.

The Migration Board hopes that by allowing unsuccessful asylum seekers from more countries to apply for repatriation funds, it can also lower the number of people who go into hiding.

“Our main objective – and what we’ve already seen from the evaluations we’ve done so far – is to have fewer cases handed over to the police in relation to our total number of cases,” said Henjered.

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The cost of the current repatriation assistance programme is calculated to be between 40 and 50 million kronor ($5.7 to 7.2 million).

However, it remains unclear how much costs may increase after more countries are added to the programme, or how the costs would compare with those incurred by having the people remain in Sweden.

“Off the top of my head, I’d guess that it won’t be cheaper or more expensive,” said Henjered.

TT/David Landes (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:40 November 6, 2009 by just a question
We should pay them money for destroying their countries, kill them in "preventive wars", and treat them like rubbish when they come to Europe.

It's funny that someone mention "nations being violated".
11:45 November 6, 2009 by Rick Methven
just a question.

Ignore This firstcrusade poster he is the latest good-ole-southern-boy KKK guy that has just found out how to switch on a PC
12:41 November 6, 2009 by karex
FirstCrusade, I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you. A great majority of Americans DO support these wars, and they do so every time they purchase a big gas-guzzling SUV, or are you so naive to think anyone could "drag" the US into any war they don't want?

Indeed, the US creates a lot of these wars not the Israelis, and even used "Weapons of Mass Destruction", "war on terrorism" and "9-11" as excuses, expecting the rest of the world to be naive enought to believe it. Anything can be used as an excuse to get the oil..

And before you ask, I am not a refugee, though I am an immigrant in Sweden - an American immigrant. I'm ashamed of what the US has done many times in the past, as any decent American should be.
12:45 November 6, 2009 by Zatoichi
Hey Rick and just, here's another southern boy who supports the dispatch of these hordes back to their home countries. As with all libs you immediately start to call folks names and malign them. Once you have squatters in your home and are unable to freely walk the streets without being mugged or raped by those "friendly immigrants" perhaps you might have a change of mind. But, that is doubtful as you will probably come up with some other excuse to blame their plight on. The self-guilt you folks have will finally be the undoing not only of yourself but, your country as well.
12:55 November 6, 2009 by FirstCrusade
Condi Rice even said that removing Saddam was a major strategic goal for Israel and that the Iraq war was necessary to assure long-term Israeli security/stability. This can be verified by a cursory search on google.
13:12 November 6, 2009 by karex
So I suppose that a lie/excuse instantly turns into truth/fact as soon as it it broadcast to the world.

The major startegic goal of her statement was to appease the wrath of Israel. By invading Iraq without so much as a heads up to their major allies, the US ended up instantly totally destroying a major Israeli operation set up to deal with Saddam. One which took a couple of years at least of preparation.

When we observe events so we can analyze them an be able to reach our own conclusions we don't have to subject ourselves to believing everything everyone says.
13:15 November 6, 2009 by krrodman
I am a firm believer in the rule of law. The law is not always perfect - often far from it - but it provides a structure for a functional society. The part of this article that impressed me the most was the statistic that 56% of those who have not been granted asylum go "underground" rather than be deported. If I understand the article correctly, each year there are thousands of new illegal immigrants roaming Sweden. Nothing good will come of that.

And to FirstCrusade I say this: Sweden is not obliged to take in a single immigrant. They do so by choice. Sweden does not owe a refugee anything. Quite the contrary, a refugee who is housed and fed and granted asylum owes the Swedish people everything. I trust that every person seeking asylum in Sweden, as well as every person granted asylum in Sweden, gives thanks daily to the Swedish people for providing them with a new opportunity.
13:19 November 6, 2009 by dstergiou
First of all, i am an immigrant in Sweden as well, from Greece. I am not a refugee, nor was kicked out of my country, i just liked the opportunities Sweden was offering compared to Greece

Now, obviously, you need to do something with the people who end up in your country, request asylum but they are refused. You can't just drag them out of the borders and abandon them, nor you can kill them. You you will have to "forward" them somewhere, and the most suitable place is their home country (or a country that wishes to accept them)

The problem lies in the fact that Sweden tries to perform this "forwarding" on their own, bearing the cost to the state and to citizens. The random Swede guy goes like: "why do i need to pay the plane ticket of this guy to return to Iraq / Somalia / etc ?" and the random Swede is right

The refugee guy did not swim from Somalia / Iraq / etc to Sweden. He probably traveled through whole Europe, maybe has taken flights with forged papers, etc. Therefore, Europe should be responsible for this, not just a state. Split the cost on all European countries (yes, make Greece pay because we are like a crossroad when it comes to illegal immigration), and then send these people back
13:25 November 6, 2009 by just a question
A country is not destroyed by the immigrants. The European countries are being destroyed by their own polititians, their incompetent laws and their incompentent economy. They are sinking in their own incompetence and corruption.

So where is the law? if someone commits a crime, should go to jail or be expulsed from the country. Well, the law doesn't work, because European laws are incompetent.

We are all sinking in this Europe of corruption and inefficiency. And yes, WE did the laws, we designed the system, not the immigrants.
13:58 November 6, 2009 by krrodman
Dstergiou makes a very important point. There is an enormous difference between economic refugees and political refugees. A person who emigrates to Sweden to take advantage of the economic opportunities is motivated to integrate into society. In fact, to integrate quickly will provide him with the best economic opportunities.

To the contrary, a political refugee is viewed as a victim. This is a very important point. In a bizarre twist, the Swedish government acts as if political refugees, as victims, are an entitled class. In my opinion the Swedish government has it entirely backwards. The "social contract", which is the cornerstone of modern democracy requires a mutual responsibility between government and its citizens. I know what the Swedish government is doing for political refugees. They give them housing, food, health care, education etc etc etc. I ask you this: What are political refugees doing for Sweden in return?
14:33 November 6, 2009 by Twiceshy
Crime is not committed by refugees. Crime is committed by the poor. Many refugees are poor, thus they commit crimes.

Therefor, we must police the poor more. Or exterminate them all.

"Glorious are the Children of Order,

We keep the Light and destroy the wicked."
14:34 November 6, 2009 by nevon
The best thing about Sweden is that if this had happened in America, all the dumb rednecks would be crying about why they have to pay for the plane tickets, while in Sweden everyone realizes that the cost of a few plane tickets spread over 9 million people is negligible and not worth complaining about, even in principle.

Cry more American white-trash. I hope the Swedish state pays to buy you a canoe and paddle you back to Amerikkka in your own river of tears.
14:47 November 6, 2009 by waspy
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Sweden needs to spend money on discouraging immigration and asylum seekers.

This can be accomplished by finding out why people migrate illegally to Sweden and then working to reduce those incentives.

The biggest incentives are money and housing.

If Sweden is able to prevent people from earning money illegally the failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants wont be able to support themselves financially so they'll be more likely to leave Sweden.

If Sweden does not provide housing to refugees and immigrants they will will be less likely to migrate to Sweden and claim asylum in Sweden.

Sweden should also find out how they migrate to Sweden and then implement policies to stop them.

If they're arriving on student or tourist visas and then claiming asylum or overstaying their visas then Sweden should become more restricting on issuing visas.
15:49 November 6, 2009 by locally
First crusade or old crusade,You should be in their condition to know what these people are going through.

Maybe you never heard the heartbreaking cry of a mother or seen the pain of a young child in these war torn countries.

You should visit Baghdad or Kabul,otherwise shut up.
16:23 November 6, 2009 by mkvgtired
@ nevon

If you do not oppose the principle of the cost you will not oppose the actual kroner value either (because as you said it is negligible). That being said, why do Europeans never protest tax increases, you actually continually call for them? Tax businesses, tax the rich, tax drivers, tax airlines, tax factories etc. etc. People and businesses with money tend to leave high tax environments and move to low tax environments.

I thoroughly enjoyed the "kkk" you entered into your simple minded spelling of America. If you go to any city in the US you will find an intermingling of people, which is more than I can say for European cities. Judging by trips to European and American cities I can say these "kkk" members you speak of are far more accustomed and tolerant of people that look different then themselves than Europeans are.

Many of these "refugees" are caught committing some type of crime or supporting terrorism. That being said, just because I dont take the European view of using my tax dollars to send jihadists to train in Packistan, Somalia, or some other equally exiting vacation destination does not mean I am a member of the kkk. Is it a coincidence that virtually all of the European immigrants caught "vacationing" in these places are on welfare? This is not just Sweden but there have been cases from many European countries. Like I said in past comments, if you want to fund terrorism with your tax kroner that is fine, but have your new friends blow up stuff in Sweden and stop sending them around the world.
16:23 November 6, 2009 by Re-Horakhty
Many Swedish girls after travelling to America or Africa (Gambia) continue to beg their Black boyfriends to come and live with them in Sweden. Thus Sweden's demographics if they haven't already will change. Do you really believe the census numbers?

The bigger question is when polygamy will be legalized to satisfy the young Bleach blonde Swede's desire to mate with a Black man and have his brown babies. As well as the Black man's desire to have full-blooded Black children by a full blooded black woman?

Förhoppningsvis Snart
17:02 November 6, 2009 by karex
Oh brother...

Re-Horathky, one day you will end up drowning in your own fanatical insanity. And here I was thinking you already had... no such luck.

So where have you been all this time? Did you take my advice and go consult a psychiatrist? If so, it didn't seem to help much.
17:34 November 6, 2009 by mkvgtired
Good news. This means that all of these people will be sent back to their homelands will be able to mate with their racially pure comrades, instead of those Swedish inbred albinos. This should be a very happy day for you.
17:53 November 6, 2009 by Re-Horakhty

Jag arbetar.
17:54 November 6, 2009 by refugee
I don't think "the money" will not solve the problem as long as there is political instablity in the mentioned countries .

Seeking asyulm is by far different from begging ..

ur working on the symptoms rather than the main problem..
19:24 November 6, 2009 by crocojet
Greetings from Brazil ! To think about:

Swedes are very open mind people, is a fact, but like everything, everyone have limits. If someone request asylum (political or not) to one country and is accept, is necessary understand that many things will change very radical in your life (for example: food, climate, style of dress, sexual behavior, music, new laws if compared native country, etc). To be accept in country like is like receive one oportunity (freedom, refuge and protection) to growing up. So, enjoy this unique oportunity, be flexible and think in future.

Cheers for all !
20:44 November 6, 2009 by Weird_X

your not an immigrant, as a greek your a citizen of the eu!
21:13 November 6, 2009 by CanadianInSweden
me and my swedish girlfriend vasty differ of opinions on the immgration policy of sweden.1st of all i'll state her case quicky..¨they come from poor or dangerous countrys and we should help refugees as much as we can .¨ I personally think sweden is giving away more then they can afford to the refugees and taking more then they should,i come from canada,probly the most multicultural country in the world,and give out out alot of visas for people to come live in canada( if we arnt the highest we are close).but the people we let in help the country and add to the economy ,they are educated and have there own money,they dont live off the government which is what they seem to be doing in sweden,coming here for a free ride..and then after a year or so bring the rest of there 25member family over to enjoy the free ride also..now i read this article about sweden paying them to go back if they are rejected??? the most sweden should be paying for is there flight back(or a boat if its cheaper),actually the UN should be paying..but thats another story....i got a visa to stay in sweden for 1 year(which cost me about 10000kr with everything i needed just to apply),im not entitled to anything from the swedish government accept to pay alot of taxes,i am by no means against immigration but the people that do come should be contributing to swedens economy,not being a drain..swedish people are the most generous and welcoming people iv every seen,and they get takin advantage of way to much,sweden needs to grow a backbone and start deporting,WITHOUT PAYING THEM TO BE DEPORTED! the government of sweden is responsible to the swedish people first,especially in these economic times i think they are wasting to much money on immigrants.i see there point in trying to avoid immigrants going underground but paying them off is definatly the wrong way about it.why not hire more customes agents or police to hunt them down and deport them??create jobs.. keep the money in sweden.i could go on forever about this but i think iv said most of what i wanted to say,feel free to add your opinions,thanks
21:42 November 6, 2009 by crocojet
Hi @dstergiou !

Let me give you one example:

I went to Rio de Janeiro in my vacations, Copacabana beach. Near from me and my friends at beach were one muslin family and they were very upset with everyone around because few vestments of women and men.

( to have idea, check site http://www.copacabana.info/copacabana-beach.html )

The muslin family (more women) was totally in black clothes at beach and went "pain in the ass" with others because she is not accepting our way style beach. Everyone notice that she was not happy. Is our fault about ?

Of course, that nope.

Detail: in Brazil, total black clothes are used to go cemirtery (daylight) in respect of deads. Is our culture.

Brazil offer asylum to more 4000 persons of many place of world. We have many from Afghanistan and I can tell you that they are not happy here.

Too much cultural difference. They complain about violence, no help from goverment, etc etc etc but we have these problems also. We have our porvety people, and with taxes, first we need help native poor citizens.

Its complex situation, and I can understand what swedes are thinking. same happen in Brazil.


21:54 November 6, 2009 by witsltd
Why is Sweden doing this? Because Swedes are smart on top of being generous.

Every refugee will need to be fed and taken care off for the rest of their lives and this trend will follow even for the children of the refugees, into second and third generations. That is what is happening now with existing refugees, that is what is happening in France as well.

But do not make a mistake in considering the refugees as burden to Swedes and Sweden. Without the refugees and immigrants, Sweden would have been in serious demographic problems.

A balance is required and now Sweden is finding this balance.

To CanadianInSweden> Your Canadian government keeps you in a bubble regarding your immigration policies. You only let in people you need, as you dont have your own. You also create a list every couple of years describing which professionals you need and advertise it. Despite all this, you fail!

Immigrants are cheating the system in Canada in every way they can, because once they are inside the country...idea of equal opportunities are forgotten.
22:25 November 6, 2009 by CanadianInSweden
your not seriously not arguing that canada fails because ..¨Immigrants are cheating the system in Canada in every way they can, because once they are inside the country...idea of equal opportunities are forgotten.¨ swedens policy is more or less a wide open door with a man on the otherside with a big bag of money...
00:20 November 7, 2009 by waspy

Importing people from outside of the EU does not solve Sweden's or Europe's demographic problems any more than breeding or importing falcons will solve a decline in the population of eagles.

Sweden and Europe need Swedes and Europeans not Somalis, Afghans, Iraqis, Moroccans, etc...
00:22 November 7, 2009 by nevon
Attention uninformed rednecks;

You are angry at the wrong people because you are stupid.

The overwhelming majority of immigrants in Sweden are refugees and asylum seekers and their families. These are people who are very glad that they are no longer being raped/pillaged/murdered/genocided in darkest Africa or whatever hell-hole they managed to escape from, and would probably be terrified of getting a parking ticket in fear that they might lose their residence permits. Very very few of these people commit crimes.

There are also a minuscule number of bad people who abuse and clog the asylum seeking system and the migration system in general trying to get in as economic migrants even though they aren't from a country that is hell on earth. These people are committing a crime by abusing a system which is intended to save lives. It's not a huge leap to assume that while most of these people are opportunists who want to make money, a number of them probably also have no regard for the law and commit other crimes too.

Thus you are raging idiots for being angry at all brown people and Muslims when you should be angry at a select group of people who are abusing the system and who are defined by their common intention rather than their skin color or religion. You are either unable to differentiate because you are stupid or unwilling to do so because you are malicious.

This proves that you are dumb. Go back to wherever you came from.
05:58 November 7, 2009 by Greg in Canada

I don't disagree with some of what you are trying to say but your grammar, spelling and punctuation skills need a bit of work. I thought the CDN school system did a better job than that. Are you a native born Canuk or drinking at the time? :-)


Rant on!! Gotta love your idealism.

The bottom line is that it's stupid policy to go to all the expense of inviting asylum seekers into the country, having all the expense of keeping them and then paying them to leave. Pity the poor Swedish tax payer. How many countries are offering Swedes such an expense paid holiday deal with a return home ticket and money in their pocket? The real world problem with this policy is that once the word gets out you could be swamped with bogus refugees looking to take advantage.
07:01 November 7, 2009 by MR_cockroach
Did any of you believe that asylum seekers wanted to leave their home land in the first place?

What makes no sense to me is why we have to pay for other countries' illegal aggression in countries that could not even defend themselves.

Perhaps because we've never been in that situation we have a hard time understanding what it's like...

Imagine if Mexico would occupy (re-claim) Texas and California, and then do the same things the UK/US have done in the middle east!

Would you stay there and slowly see your family die or would you instead take your family to Sweden???
10:51 November 7, 2009 by Osokin
This is just a "dumbed down" economical decission which won't address the main issue at all. The only rational way to deal with economic immigration and assylum seeking, is to help fix the economy of the countries these people come from, most migrants do not want to leave their original land nor have to adapt to another culture or religion.
17:14 November 7, 2009 by waspy

How do you fix the economies of Pakistan ($2,624 Per Capita GDP) and Somalia ($795 Per Capita GDP) so they rise to the level of Sweden ($37,333 Per Capita GDP)?

I can't imagine that the gap in wealth will be significantly reduced in our lifetimes.

Pakistan has a population of 180 million people so even if they added a trillion dollars to their GDP they would still have a significantly lower Per Capita GDP than Sweden.
20:18 November 7, 2009 by CanadianInSweden
¨ The only rational way to deal with economic immigration and assylum seeking, is to help fix the economy of the countries these people come from¨

i fail to see where thats swedens problem,sweden gives its share to the developing world in aid....if the people dont meet the requirments for a visa throw them back where they came from(the cheapest way posible)that simple.
20:05 November 8, 2009 by jon f
NewsID: 23110

URL: http://www.thelocal.se/23110/#comments


Comment: First of all Canada is Screw in the Head There French leader said President " said We can't beat Americans but if we can Make them gays we won the 1812 war because if we brake the familys me can turn policys if Canada faver" this is why there is much gays in Qucbec in Canada they use there Languages if they want make you accaptable or not. At one point English and were going to brake apart because of there Languages differances I saw when Queen Elisabeth came to Qucbec Canada the franch line up and had back facing the opperate derection for 5 meters when They are problems in there country They try making polical problems on Americans and so on then there is others that pick up on this Idea and used it to there avanage like Polical Asylum and under mind whats realy trying screw up life style that we know for hundred of years before. If English looses some of there commonwealth countrys like tiwan and South Aferican the Problems is English screw up there community and they want to screw up other countrys to It's so bad I went over to Canada and I like this blone girl and ask her to marry she was and the next time I cross the border into Canada the french border officer refuse me entry into Canada because they did like idea that she was not french and they find and to kick me out of Canada to prevent this happening this was after my swedish mother die and the itanlians said that know I am Italian this does pis one off but if the people real think that way then you half to respect what people if not you are disrespecting the countrys and others who first gave you can asylumn in the first place saying that you got know what your getting into before jump and you half to set quotes. in American it's your Visa and Quotes that add up for a green card. for seven year before become an American but Canada is screwing many jobs because we are a border town I need to cross over into Canada to do business they use this to keep more people Employed in Canada and making money off American to refuse us to Enter Canada witch they have Auto plants this not a joke. I see them make professional hockey team loose because they were all from europe not from Canada.

Error: Could not get user ID
16:57 December 10, 2009 by WriterDirector
Let Me get this straight, They are using Swedish funds to return the unwanted insurgent immigrants? HELL YA! Now that's money well spent. They got My Vote, Big Time. It's an Investment for the future of this Country and future generations of "Real Swedes".

SPEND, SPEND, SPEND and when when that runs out RAISE the taxes to fund more exit tickets...

Sweden [1] - Insurgent (assylum seekers) Cell groups [0] : ))
16:55 December 11, 2009 by galby
Lot of the rich swedish people are settling down abroad to runaway from the high taxes in their homecountry.....no wonder the taxes are getting higher and higher. Dont blame everything on the foreigners, most of the foreign people i know here are working and paying taxes and dont get a dime from the swedish governement as they have to proof that they have enough money to live here before they get a swedish permanent. As long as u are a social state nothing will change and the country will get poorer and poorer.........In Switzerland nobody gets paid from the governement for sitting at home and taking care of their children.

And believe me.....90% of the Iraqi refugees would leave Sweden immediatley if the situation in Iraq would be safe and the same as before the war.
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