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Vellinge changes course to welcome refugee kids

TT/Christine Demsteader · 20 Nov 2009, 10:45

Published: 20 Nov 2009 10:45 GMT+01:00

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Moderate Party members met in Vellinge on Thursday to quickly push through council proposals to welcome more children in similar asylum circumstances.

Reports suggest the meeting has opened the way for the municipality to sign a direct agreement with the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket).

”In my world it means that we should have come to some conclusions within the next few weeks,” council chief Lars-Ingvar Ljungman told news agency TT.

”If you ask me whether that means the same as an agreement with Migrationsverket, it's one of the possibilities," he added.

"Now we are looking into this question to decide what is best for us and what is best for the children."

Vellinge hit the headlines last week when Ljungman protested against a joint venture between Malmö Council and a private initiative to turn a former youth hostel in the village of Hökopinge into temporary shelter.

Around 30 boys from Somalia and Afghanistan, who arrived in Sweden without a parent or guardian, were moved into the accommodation.

At that time, Ljungman said the municipality lacked the necessary means to be considered a good option for the children.

Following his outburst, two opinion polls conducted by the newspaper Sydsvenskan revealed that the majority of Veliinge residents didn’t share his views.

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Government politicians also voiced their disapproval over Ljungman’s actions but council delegates on Thursday said they will continue to support him in his council leadership position.

Migration minister Tobias Billström has welcomed the turnaround in Vellinge.

”After the ongoing discussions, I think it would be only natural and appropriate for them to sign an agreement,” he said.

TT/Christine Demsteader (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

12:19 November 20, 2009 by Nemesis
In other words local politicians realised that they had really there foot in it by publicly letting everyone know how racist they are.

Also local politicans will realise that migrationsverket will pay a lot of money to house the refuges.

For the record Vellinge is a racist hole. I have had dealings with people from there.
12:41 November 20, 2009 by livinginsweden

Now now ... just becos of a couple of politicians ... you call the whole Vellinge a racist hole is .... you are behaving no better than those politicians....
12:44 November 20, 2009 by Nemesis
@ livinginsweden

In vellinge, racism is simmering underneath the surface.

I have been there and have stayed there on occassion.
13:01 November 20, 2009 by livinginsweden

so that does not mean it is a racist hole. There might be just one or two persons who are not ... and you have just slander them ... plzzzzzzzz show more tolerance....
14:02 November 20, 2009 by Nemesis
@ livinginsweden

It is not one or two people in Vellinge.

It is a substantial section of the commmunity there.

If you don´t believe me, follow someone down the street in Vellinge who is black or wearing a burka. Your own eyes and ears will let you know exactly what the place is like.
15:09 November 20, 2009 by BaronessKvP
What pathetic fools the Swedes have running things? As if there's not enough muslims in Sweden. Shove your "racism remarks" up your ass! You shall soon have "NO RACE" to speak of, so it doesn't matter what you say or call it. There's no such thing as racism! You idiots! How can you possibly love your own people and culture without being called this pathetic, overused name?! This politically correct method of name calling works only on the white/caucasian peoples and your enemies know this all too well. I could care less what anyone calls me and when they do I at least know who my enemy is and watch them closely! There shall be no Sweden to speak of and all your ancestors shall have lived and died for nothing! Take down your flag and burn it! Put up the somali or Afghan flag or make a new one with the crescent and star on it, because that one with the golden cross won't stand for very long. It offends the very people you embrace. The only people who are not so called racist seems to be the very ones calling YOU racist! Isn't that stupid?! If you are truly proud of your race then be so! Don't cry and give in so easily to people who want your death! Stop bringing people in who have their OWN nations and OWN flags and languages and their OWN, MOST DANGEROUS BELIEFS that are not compatible with anyone else'. Notice, muslims never call themselves racist? This is a term only used to get what they want and to take what is yours. Only stupid people don't see this, or people who are on the side of the enemy. Why didn't you just allow the Nazis to stay during WWII, instead of fighting them? It's the same thing, only worse this time it's islam, because they have your own people doing their work for them, and they use money to corrupt as well, and they get into your governing bodies to change things.
15:15 November 20, 2009 by determined
Racism is a disease common in Europe. Patients are called racist and suffer from the feelings of superiority over his/her own fellow species on the basis of primarily race, color and religion. The only remedy is to never bother what they(racist) talk,think and behave, just consider them patient and avoid phyicall contact( You can not bite back if biten by dog).
15:28 November 20, 2009 by Beynch
Vellinge is making a grave mistake. Sell and move out while you still can. No country on the face of this green earth has benefitied from "multi-culturalism". The examples are many. Iraq, Afghanistan are both about split up in pieces due to ethnic and cultural strife. Czechoslovakia only became peaceful when it happily split in two. Look at Canada with its French piece and its English piece. How long will it be before you need a passport to go from Toronto to Montreal? Look at the mass killings in Rwanda a few years back, exclusively due to ethnic divisions. China is seething at the seems with Tibetans, Uighurs and others demanding their own independence. The former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia are obvious cases all their own own. They no longer exist due to ethnic culural groups, which now all have their own countries. Northern Ireland anyone? I could continue. The meztiz indians of Bolivia are pushing for their own private enclave. The ethnic Germans in both Poland and Czech Republic are pushing to join Germany. Israel/Palestine need not even be mentioned. Just open today's newspaper. With Somalis and Afghans taking up residence in Vellinge - at tax payers expense - followed by aggressive `family reunification`, it's just another nail in Sweden's coffin. As history has shown, above, Sweden should prepare for its demise. - Where am I wrong here? Or is it different this time around? Let me know. OK?
15:38 November 20, 2009 by Rick Methven

You missed out the Republic of Jämtland in you ranting
15:53 November 20, 2009 by Beynch
@Rick Methven; You know something Rick, you're closer than you think. Let's see if someone else has something useful to add.
17:11 November 20, 2009 by human on planet
now build also mosque in vellinge.
17:17 November 20, 2009 by DreEstwd
Whatever...the entire city of Malmö is already pretty much lost. 25% of the city is Middle Eastern and with Middle Eastern families having 5 kids for every Swedish family's 1, the city is pretty much lost. What Sweden really needs to do is try to trick the Danes into buying back the territories of places like Malmö, Helsingborg and Landskrona now. Because in about 20-30 years, Sweden probably won't be able to GIVE those places away.

As far as Rick Meth ever contributing something useful, LMAO! He can't deal with all of these facts, stats and news accounts being thrown at him so he simply throws around words like 'racist' and 'facist.' That is his contribution. It's really tired and has served to devalue the meaning of those words.
17:30 November 20, 2009 by Rick Methven

You would not recognise a fact if it jumped up and bit you on the nose. You NEVER discuss, just trot out the same drivel all the time. Some of us are interested in various stories that appear in the Local and make comments. YOU only creep out of your sewer to post your usual filth on stories that you think may be a vehicle for your usual SD misinformation.
18:04 November 20, 2009 by Miguel526
It looks as if some Swedes are waking up to the fact that even the German government says that Europe will be lost to it's people in about 40 years. Apparently Swedish "liberals" as call them here in CA, USA, have tricked everyone into abandoning their ancestors and their national culture as they lead the Euro-population over the demographic cliff of "multi-culturalism" in a plainly stupid attempt to show how NOT RACIST you all are. They inject "racism" (their favorite bogeyman word) into the argument to roll back sanity/thought so that they can gain control in the chaos and destruction that is surely awaiting all of Sweden.

A far greater "help" to these refugee people would be to actually help their backward lands by ridding them of their totalitarian leaders and help them become strong, educated, viable lands for their Entire Peoples. But no, the Euro-weaklings would rather destroy their own lands because they are too weak to step up against their refugee population's monstrous dictators . . . dictators who will be laughing as Sweden falls. It's easier that way! And . . . you can avoid really helping those populations by just standing around, being "tolerant".

Swedes, by listening to liberal fools within their borders, betray their own culture, people, children, grandchildren and the entire future of Sweden just to "feel good" about themselves right now. I was once a foolish leftist who fell for their Marxist line of societal destruction in pursuit of their stupid utopian dreams. Those dreams Never come true, but plenty of nightmares do.
00:07 November 21, 2009 by Hairdont
I live in Sweden and so far, I've seen no substantial debate regarding this subject. Seldom do people mention the numbers of refugees that come to Sweden or more importantly how many people move here, like myself, on the grounds of family reunification. Nor do they question the costs, which I think comes from a sense of national pride which says for most Swedes that "money is not an issue". All in all, I have not met a Swede whom I would say knows what they're talking about regarding immigration. Everything they say is emotional, idealistic and philosophical. It's not their fault that they have never had the experience of being an immigrant, gone through the system and heard what many immigrants actually think about them and their culture. But they might not believe their eyes and ears if they did. I guess we'll see what happens with that. What ever happens Swedes need to inform themselves about immigration policies at all levels. Isn't it important?

I think it would be reasonable to restrict immigration based on the job market. I should add that I am unemployed after a large industry lay-off. The very few jobs available go mostly to ethnic Swedes, which is a possible indication of discrimination but impossible for me to prove. It's almost as if the Swedish tendency for conformity has discrimination built-in. At any rate, for the time being it would be a good idea to stop all family related immigration as it is not necessary and only costs tax payers money. And don't forget the false hope, boredom and depression that awaits the immigrant. This affects particularly the people who have not yet learned to speak Swedish fluidly, which would be most new immigrants. Please note the difference I make between between immigrants and refugees. Unfortunately, as the political climate does not permit Swedes to question the current immigration policy openly, I think we will see more frustration. It is every citizen's right (and responsibility?) to question how their tax money is being spent and any policies that might change the community in which they live. To do so is not racist. Don't misunderstand my intentions. Racism is rampant in Sweden and often hidden. I'm partly considering leaving the country because of it. But people are afraid that their way of life and security are threatened. That's the way it is and their feelings are real. No one is asking them what they think and so they speak with their vote.

It's relevant to add that I'm an American and I think that the US should accept as many refugees as possible from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine who seek asylum. We need to give those people a break and put our money where our parchment is. It might also help this whole issue if we got the f--k out of their countries.

Anyway, here are some facts:

http://www.migrationsverket.se/pdffiler/statistik/tabe3.pdf http://www.migrationsverket.se/pdffiler/statistik/tabe4.pdf
12:01 November 23, 2009 by WriterDirector
Now It's time to chime in.

I've never heard of this refugee camp, but I do have something to say to the New Visitors...

Here's an old Saying that's going to be updated to current times...

"When in Rome (SWEDEN), Do as the Romans (SWEDES) do."

That goes for any Immigrant planning on living here in Sweden, as a 'Visitor' they need to understand that they are a 'Guest', and MUST conform to the local kultur of the host country. Not the other way around. If the shoe were on the other foot, We would have to adapt to the kultur if We were visiting or were to live in their country.

The first thing a new immigrant should be taught (among others)...

"The Swedish-Way of Life". learn it, live it, love it...

BTW- I'm Not Swedish, I'm an Ex-Pat from a county that, let's say, is the reason Sweden and Europe has gotten worse (F'CKD up) since 9-11. I'm paying the price having to live among the vermin-insurgents because of what My ex-government has done to the world. Now, after reading the top story, I see it is starting all over again, but with different names and from different places.

Just wondering, when are the new immigrants going to be taught Rock-Throwing at, and Rape of Swedes. Is it before or after they become citizens?

Here's an idea... To save time, let's tear down all the churches, do away with the Swedish language to make way for a New county, Swerabia. lol \ ( - _ - ) /

Hello ? Wake-Up Sweden !

Nuff' said?
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