Bildt blasts ‘prejudice’ of Swiss minaret ban

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt on Monday slammed Switzerland's referendum to ban the construction of minarets on mosques in the Alpine country.

Bildt blasts 'prejudice' of Swiss minaret ban

“It’s an expression of quite a bit of prejudice and maybe even fear, but it is clear that it is a negative signal in every way, there’s no doubt about it,” Bildt, whose country holds the current European Union presidency, told Svergies Radio (SR).

Swiss voters on Sunday approved by a majority of 57.5 percent a ban on minarets in a referendum.

Bildt said he found it odd that such a decision was put to a referendum.

“Normally Sweden and other countries have city planners that decide this kind of issue. To decide this kind of issue in a referendum seems very strange to me,” he said.