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Thousands of Iraqis granted Swedish asylum

The Local/AFP · 8 Dec 2009, 12:46

Published: 08 Dec 2009 12:46 GMT+01:00

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Just four EU countries took in more asylum seekers than Sweden: France (11 500), Germany (10,700), the United Kingdom (10,200), and Italy (9,700).

Aside from almost 4,000 Iraqis, Sweden's other top recipients of asylum status were 1,540 Somalis and 655 Eritreans.

One in five successful asylum seekers across the European Union are Iraqis, the vast majority accepted by Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Some 16,600 Iraqis won the right to settle in the 27-nation bloc in 2008, the Eurostat agency said. At 22 percent, that was far and away the biggest group among 76,300 people considered at risk if they returned to their countries.

Somalia furnished the next largest number, 9,500, followed by 7,400 Russians, 5,000 Afghans and 4,600 people from Eritrea in the Horn of Africa.

Italy was the most welcoming to the Somalis, while Poland was the preferred destination for the Russians.

The figures, published ahead of UN Human Rights Day on Thursday, showed that decisions were made on 209,200 cases, with a third going to appeal.

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Two thirds of all successful applicants were taken in by France, Germany, Britain, Italy and Sweden, with Austria and the Netherlands also taking in more than 5,000 applicants each.

The Local/AFP (news@thelocal.se)

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13:05 December 8, 2009 by Beynch
On what basis, one asks? "Asylum" appears to have lost its meaning, and the above story does not provide details. How will Sweden manage this without taxing its population into servitude? Do these people have any means of support other than handouts? Does Sweden have the infrastructure to integrate them economically and culturally? Many questions cries out for answers.
13:32 December 8, 2009 by bravedave
the more ''asylum seekers'' they let into this country, the more it will struggle, Sweden should take notes on what has happened in the UK and stop an immigration problem before it becomes unstoppable.
13:41 December 8, 2009 by Mucker
Beynch, what do you think the meaning of asylum is?
13:57 December 8, 2009 by Nemesis
@ Beynch.

Good points.

The USA bombed them back to the stone age. The USA lost control because they did not have a plan for what to do after the war. Why have all these people not been given refuge in the USA, instead of Sweden?

The USA should be the country taking responsibility for this mess.

The UK took part in this debacle. The UK has to bear its fair share of the blame, responsibility and look after the refugees as well.

Streams of refugees are the consequence of invading a country. A suggestion, in furture don't attack countries and you will not have streams of refugees fleeing.

Sweden all other countries taking in refugee's should send the bill for this to the USA and UK.

There are Kurds in my SFI class. I have spoken to them. There families are spread all over Europe and want reunited. Most of them actually appear to want to go back home to Iraq, but it is far to dangerous at present.
14:21 December 8, 2009 by thelionking
Hej Beynch thanks for enlightening me.

F*#K THATS WHY my skat is so crazy. Must still be paying for The Holocaust. That was also a very bad tax move for Sweden then? These politicians hey??

IMO. Should never have gone over there in the 1st place if you didnt want Iraqis/Afghan to return the favour.

As the coffins (RIP) respectfully return to Sweden,UK,US, Germany,and who ever else is there.There is seemingly no urgency to pull out and say .."lesson learnt" .

So there is a price for the oil influence, that all the George W allies craved. What were these world governments thinking following the genius of Bush??

Milk split now...suck it and weep
14:23 December 8, 2009 by calebian22

Asylum as it relates to Iraq is ever changing in it's definition. In 2008, being from Iraq was enough to seek asylum. In 2009, the definition has been shored up a bit. Now, it depends on which region you are from in Iraq. Some regions have been classified as safe(r), so asylum is only granted as it relates to personal safety. Asylum seekers now, may have to show evidence of personal safety issues in order to be granted asylum. Additionally, there has been talk of sending current refugees in Sweden, originally, from these safe(r) regions back home.


No one forced Sweden to take in so many. Finland is in the EU and is part of the Eurozone. Their acceptance of asylum seekers is next to noll. Any problems that Sweden has with integration of refugees is soley the fault of Swedish policy.
14:40 December 8, 2009 by Reptile
7,400 Russians?????

Makes me wonder if Carl Built was right after all.
14:42 December 8, 2009 by lider
I understand nothing at all. How is it possible that thousands of swedish are being fired of job and at the same time thousands outside of the EU have been granted asylum?? Sweden is not a big country (population) to support and give care of peope from outside and at the same time give suport to people from here. Can someone explain me that point?
14:53 December 8, 2009 by Reptile
@ lider

Agree with you. These are the kind of questions that need to be answered by Swedish politicians.
15:10 December 8, 2009 by peropaco
Sweden will eventually pay for its idiotic policies. WE are taking in far too many refugees and we don't have any proper integration policies in place to make the transition comfortable. Eventually we will see more social unrest like the ones in Malmö during the tennis match with Israel.
15:14 December 8, 2009 by mkvgtired

"Streams of refugees are the consequence of invading a country."

Who invaded Somalia, Eritrea, and Russia?
15:15 December 8, 2009 by G Kin
Too bad for those who want to stand aside and watch those with problems at a distance.

What happens in Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia (and who knows where else, with the empending desaster due to climate change,) AFFECTS YOU IN SWEDEN, ENGLAND , US, NORWAY ETC.

Our fate is all tied to this planet.

Those of us in the developing world really need to prepare our bill in good time to table infront of you the develped countries that have damaged the world climate.
15:31 December 8, 2009 by krigeren
Asylum seekers when coming to Sweden seem to exchange the chance of imminent death, torture, or imprisonment for purgatory....

If Sweden is going to allow so many asylum seekers here then Sweden needs to focus on making these people productive members of society..........

Get them jobs in the Swedish Defence Industry selling weapons to their side in their home countries. If I were an asylum seeker and was persecuted in my home land and then received the opportunities to sell weapons to "my side" to kill the same people who tried to kill me...then, well, thats what I would call empowerment and its good for the economy to.

Thats how you kill two birds with one stone....or in this case two Somali Warlords or two Insurgents in Iraq.
15:34 December 8, 2009 by bocale1
@lider, if a rich nation like Sweden is not able to take care of 8.700 people than who can? probably organizing a Nobel ceremony costs more than keeping these poor people in the country for a few years... come on, let´s keep the sense of reality... it is not a few thousands of people in quite desperate condition that undermine the safety of a 9.8 million people country... and what the job redundancies have to do with this?
15:48 December 8, 2009 by Beynch
@reptile: You are correct. And those politicians who can not give satisfactory answers, vote the entire useless pack out of office in 2010! Only vodoo pratitioners, raindancers, and liberals can support such a wreckless asylum policy.
15:48 December 8, 2009 by Roger O. Thornhill
Why do Iraqis need asylum from a free country? Are these Saddam's people?
15:52 December 8, 2009 by peropaco
@Bocale, it is not 8700 people. So far we have 75000 legal. If we count the illegal ones then it is close to 100.000
16:02 December 8, 2009 by Uncle
bocale1. It is 9K people per year. For like 20 years already. They make kids 6 times faster than the local population. Result - 500K muslims already now.

By 2029 the muslims will be majority in Sweden. 20 years left.

70% of all immigrants in Malmö are unemployed and majority of all convicts in prison are immigrants, with 5% population representation. These "few poor immigrants" cost a little more than their SFI classes...

Nemesis, can you please answer the simple question mkvgtired? Who bombed Eritrea, Somalia and Russia?

May I add, how the US is responsible for the suffering of Kurds, who are bombed to stone age by Turks, Iraqis and Iranis?
16:23 December 8, 2009 by K2K
@Uncle: By 2029 the muslims will be majority in Sweden

Are you Okay..............
16:23 December 8, 2009 by Iraniboy
Just a reminder!!

Swedes have the authority to decide about Sweden not American, British,...immigrants who happen to be in Sweden for a year or two!!
16:44 December 8, 2009 by summer
To those who are granted asylum. always be of a good character. DO not bite the fingers that feed you in future. or forget this country that shelter you in future.

always bear in mind that you own this country (Sweden) in one way or the other.
16:54 December 8, 2009 by Uncle
k2k you are right. I am absolutely crazy and drunk. I am so so wrong! It will happen by 2049, not 2029


(5min 23sec)

I should be hospitalized and publicly stoned for misinformation of the public. Nobody panic - it is not YOU who are going to have a muslim Prime minister, it is only your children. Panic alarm off... Thanks God...
17:20 December 8, 2009 by vladd777
I refuse to speak arabic!
17:59 December 8, 2009 by refugee
May GOD keep u all a way from being an asyulm seeker, even refugee ... the worest one experiance in life ! Freedom wores more than any thing else .. by the way Sweden doesn't accept and grant refugee satus to those pepople for nothing .... it has to be clear that it has its own calculation , speacially for those Swedish who don't understand the issue of migration or immgration ,what ever u call it ... please read about the issue..

always complaing... as if these refugees are handicape and will keep depend on the tax payers for ever . the value of human being mis understood but much more benfit in the country where most unprodactive age groups ...
18:04 December 8, 2009 by bettan1
How did I know this article was going to be treated with such great joy ?

18:06 December 8, 2009 by anticommie
Try this, send them back and tell them to fight for freedom and stop being liberal pansies running away from anything tuff.
18:37 December 8, 2009 by Newyork-Växjö
There are more than 4 Million Swedes live in the USA . Sweden feel the pain of immigrants that is why Sweden accept more refugee.

Beside that we all know that, People who live in Scandinavian Countries they are all immigrated according to new report.

Now stop crying you racist ! do not be jealous, otherwise you would be tortured in your grave . If you wanna condemn then condemn the attackers who are invading Countries for the centuries and it just became their games in this modern time.
18:42 December 8, 2009 by me_i_sverige
The really refugee never makes to Europe!!! how can they bear huge cost and complex channel to come to Europe. So the people who have money and spends a lot to be smuggled inside EU are the most of the asylum seekers. They have spend lot of money to come here so obviously they would not be gratitude towards the country where they gonna live. Simple, they have bought the asylum. anyway, integration or assimilation has totally failed. I do not understand why EU countries are acting so naive.
19:04 December 8, 2009 by Tomandjerry
dear....the country is totally up
19:11 December 8, 2009 by Mike #1986
I say refuse and deport !!!!

poor immigration leads to poor business in Sweden..

supporting and educating refugees is totally a flop for small Sweden..

almost 8k and France taking 11k..

19:17 December 8, 2009 by krigeren
America has for the most part refused Iraqi refugees. Their war everyone else takes the fallout. When you have the biggest guns you make the rules.

If you cant bomb your ways towards your goals than taking asylum seekers is a critical piece of domestic policy. It helps Sweden to open doors to contracts for resources (oil) and exports to sympathetic nations. Sweden has been great at figuring how to leverage these policies for foreign policy gain but at the domestic level has not figured out how to handle the human currency.
20:00 December 8, 2009 by tosi
I would say not much, Save your Sweden, your beautiful Sweden.
21:03 December 8, 2009 by lingonberrie
This is exactly what Sweden does not need.

Everyone of them should be heading to the United States, not Sweden.

The United States has for the last seven years created the miserable conditions that they are trying to escape, let them take care of them.

Sweden, with their overly liberal immigration and asylum policies, are ruining Sweden with those who arrive and refuse to adopt and adapt to Sweden whereas they have no problem with taking all of the benefits that Sweden offers them without qualm.

Dissent is being caused many among native-borne Swedes who have had enough of this nonsense, and who are suffering job and benefit losses.

Right-wing groups, Nazism and Fascism , do not generally arise in a vacuum but instead use this uncalled for profusion of immigrants like a vagus nerve through society.
21:10 December 8, 2009 by Greg in Canada
Swedish politicians seem very determined to change the ethnic/racial make up of their country.

I certainly don't understand the policy of taking in refugees, housing and feeding them, then paying them to leave. Not exactly brilliant economic policy.

Sweden has taken in more Iraqui refugees than the rest of Europe and more than Canada/USA combined. It's fine to play the "nice guy" role, but Sweden can't afford to pay mother to middle east refugees forever.

Expect many more refugee applicants in the future, not less, since wars and famines are increasing in the third world as are their populations. Eventually the western world will have to say enough is enough.
21:57 December 8, 2009 by laura ka baal
@Mike, naked culture were taught to wear clothes,to eat good food,to come out from depression and isolation,mentally distressed,suicidal culture were taught how to live n come out of it only because of these immigrants u could see light and cheer in the atmosphere,remember ur past of vampires ,use to sleep in the coffin,never spoke with each other like a stiff naked bread,thank immigrants for putting life in ur dead ancestors soul.
22:40 December 8, 2009 by kenny8076
hey krigeren

dont blame america for other countries weak decisions to accept asylum seekers. just because we are in a war with these people doesnt mean sweden has to opens its doors, thats there own pathetic decision. Sweden will become a filthy crime infested urbanized country like america too if it keeps letting these kind of people in.
23:11 December 8, 2009 by nik82
@ nemesis- You are just one big nutcase. You don't have much knowledge about things but you're answer to life is the USA is responsible for everything and everyone else is innocent. You are as dangerous, scary, and discriminatory and the psycho white power groups on here. You don't think, you just have one catchphrase, one scapegoat. Do you not know what Sadaam Husein was doing to innocent Kurds? Do you know that he bombed the entire Kurd area? Genocide? I suppose you hate the US for getting involved when hittler was moving through Europe, murdering women, children, and invading every country he could. Should you like for crazy dictators like Hitler and Sadaam Husein to have their freedom to take over and murder whomever they please. Heaven forbid someone would go to war to stop such a person. The US is far from perfect, but you need to get some more perspective. Your attitude is unhealthy I promise you.
23:21 December 8, 2009 by krigeren

Obviously you are a US diplomat ;-)

I am not blaming the US at all....its two different approaches to foreign policy.

Countries that rest on the top of the hegemony pile get to decide and sometimes dictate the rules of the game to other nations.

Sweden does not have the bomb them to oblivion option in their arsenal. It has to work with the scraps left over from the power players.

To reiterate, Swedish foreign policy towards Asylum seekers gains a great deal of ground in regards to diplomacy.

On the other hand, due to the way the Swedish government processes asylum seekers the domestic economy and culture pays a heavy price.

Whether or not Sweden gains more ground from their diplomatic work than loses on the homefront is debatable...I dont know....only those behind closed doors can make that estimation accurately.
23:41 December 8, 2009 by ingvar
The mentioned Russians are in fact the Chechens, I suppose. Just another kind of Muslims. Migrationsverket does not grant an asylum to any Russian Russian.
00:24 December 9, 2009 by Uncle
krigeren - I think you are assuming too much of the cunning diplomatic moves of Sweden that it makes in order to please the superpowers. I have a hard time to imagine that some benefits will be gained on big diplomatic arena due to the acceptance of these refugees.

Sweden takes in refugees because:

1. The guilt feeling since it turned away ships filled with Jews running away from the Nazi Germany (freaking great trade-off. There are about 650 famous Jews of German descent in Wiki: Scientists, scholars, Nobel prize winners, writers,businessmen and sportsmen. In exchange for Jihad El Mahmoud Ibn Ahmed, who finished 2 classes - multiplied by 500 thousand)

2. Naive and idiotic warm feeling of a challenged person who just peed himself in a cold weather. First the feeling is great, later it becomes inconvenient.

3. A will to stay friends with everybody - including Bin Laden, who in one of his speeches mentioned Sweden positively.
02:26 December 9, 2009 by krigeren

1. Do Swedes really have any feelings of guilt about WWII? From talking to Swedes I understand they dont teach much about that period in school about all the dirty details?

2. It works better in a Wetsuit. Not sure how that really how well the whole concept translates into an analogy for Swedish Foreign relations.

3. Neutrality or non alignment definitely has its problems. I have a great deal more respect for the Danes in terms of standing up for what they beleive in and not backing down..not a perfect country either but where is?

Probably we are both partly right and wrong... very interesting to know more of the real story...you are probably correct though..these things tend to be based on more idiocy then common sense would allow us to beleive.
03:51 December 9, 2009 by Typical Whitey
Sweden you are doomed. More and more muslims taking over the land of the Vikings. You wussies deserve it. Hiding in your cocoon of a society while the USA does all the heavy lifting like fighting for freedom. Liberalism has destroyed you and all of europe. No God, no marriage, no children, no military, no country.
04:47 December 9, 2009 by Guarauno
I wish I were an iraqi hahaha!
05:06 December 9, 2009 by wenddiver
OK, why ould Kurds need to move to Sweden???? Wasn't the first President of Free Iraq a Kurd? For the first time in the history of the Kurds don't they have their own Autonomy in Iraq???

Didn't Kurds hang Sadam, the feared Dictator and genocidal Dictator who tried to exterminate them?

It would seem if anybody in Iraq benefited from the American Liberation of Iraq it would be the Kurds.

This is about future liberal voters, who are expected to repay liberal partys with votes and the partys don't care if they destroy the nation to get them.
05:17 December 9, 2009 by krigeren
I remember my Turkish roommate in college freaking out. He saw a map with "kurdistan" on it and literally yelled at me "Why", "Why", Why"...there is no such place....I then told him about Epcot center and the Magical land of Kurdistan there lodged between China and Germany......he really hated Mickey Mouse after that.

This not so magical place where the Kurds live covers Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and touches in/on Armenia and Azerbaijan.

They could be Kurds from Turkey? They could be in a processing que as well and finally getting a decision on their case.
12:15 December 9, 2009 by Uncle
Krigeren - the people here do not know about the role of Sweden in WWII, I agree. The government and the rest of the opposition remember their predecessors' decisions very well.

I mean that a lot of Swedish policies are built without any opinion of the public. In general the public does not like the somalian immigration for example (even left-wing breast feeding feminist anti-globalists do not put their children in Somalian dominated kindergartens). Still it is brought over. Why? Because of something that the public dos not know about.

So to summarize - the govt does something that nobody likes, with reasons that nobody understands. And still it is OK to do it...
15:44 December 9, 2009 by WriterDirector
Oh, Great News,

Swerabia needs more Pizza / Kebob Kiosks Stands, Rapist and Rock throwers. Look it's the same thing that happened when GWB was in office, He allowed more Illegal Mexicans (undocumented workers), to stay in the US, and keep the borders wide open I might add while they are in A "Homeland Security" phase, Why? Because this helps in the increase of "friendly" registered VOTERS, which is what is happening here right now. It's a way to keep the current dip-shits in office, or as they call it "Job Security". Even though it is part of the EU pact?

I am NOT a supporter of post 911 Immigration. Since I've moved to Sweden, My life was threatened by a non-Swede (arab) that can speak many languages, and has been here post 911, and all the police would do is take a report. My tires were slashed, by the same " friendly" neighbor, they took a report. Not to mention the many times I was accosted by the insurgent to a fight in the apartment hallway. It was like living in a war torn countryl, as seen on CNN.

The first thing an immigrant should be taught...

"When in rome (SWEDEN), do as the romans (SWEDES) do"

They MUST conform to the host countries' way of life, if they don't like it, there are alternatives.

Good News on that note:

Switzerland has put a halt to further immigrants building more buildings. Some of You readers know what I'm referencing to.

Normally I would move back to the US, but the staged 911 thing makes a person think, and the whole thing of "no child left behind" healthcare policy, voted down by the new president Obama Bin-laden, I get that guy confused sometimes with another, Geesch.

I've asked some immigrants how they like it here in Sweden, they DON'T like it here. Well, don't let the door slam on their ass on the way out, Oh let Me hold the door open for them and they don't even have to say "Thank You". My treat. Vårsågod. lol

Wake Up Sweden, before it's too late! Take back Sweden and let's all live the Swedish way of Life. This current one is NOT working. :o))
16:34 December 9, 2009 by .viking.warrior.

We now have more of this to look forward to then:

In Denmark non-whites committed 68% of all rapes, and it was revealed that non-whites were over-represented in all crime by an average of 46% and in Copenhagen 47.5% of prisoners on remand for serious crimes were non-white. In Norway it was found that two out of three charged with rape in Oslo were non-white and that every case of aggravated sexual assault ending in rape over the past three years was committed by non-white immigrants, whilst in Sweden it as found that a rapist was four times more likely to have been born abroad - with Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia dominating the group of rape suspects and that non-whites were responsible for 25% of all crime in Sweden A survey in Australia found that in Melbourne magistrate's courts, offenders from the horn of Africa and the Middle East were 20 times the representative proportion of their population…
20:20 December 9, 2009 by Kooritze
Stop All Racist Comments Please.

If you were Iraqi and from a war torn country and your life in danger.....would,nt YOU take asylum?

The problem here is the politicians! Sweden is a small country and playing this moral high ground of helping those in need could be the downfall of Sweden.

USA/UK created this mess but we dont see them doing anything to help people....they just want to secure resources........this does not mean Sweden (knowing full well what USA/UK are up to) just goes on with allowing loads of people in, refugee status or not. Get real, this is a country of only 9million and if you dont control this influx....you are done.
20:49 December 9, 2009 by 4real
It is not racist to oppose the ethnic cleansing of one's own country. Most of you radical libs who favour foreigners settling in Sweden would scream bloody murder if an indian tribe was being ethnically cleansed by europeans. Yet, in the end, Swedes will either remain committed to family and God, or perish. I know you radical libs steer clear of city regions where your sacrosanct immigrants live. Why? It is dangerous. And with good reason. They are here to hunt you. Do you have the courage to address the truth?
23:21 December 9, 2009 by Uncle
Kooritze - again I will ask the question that was asked twice already - how US and UK are guilty in the problems in Eritrea, Somalia and Russia? Did they create that mess, or should we just ignore these countries in the discussion because they do not fall within the fashion of bashing the americans?

And why do you ignore the immigrating Kurds who are suffering from Iraq, Iran and Turkey? Eh? Would not care about these countries, because Americans should be traditionally guilty?
23:35 December 9, 2009 by DreEstwd
Outstanding move, Sweden. Perhaps the government feels that there is not enough crime in this country yet.
00:53 December 10, 2009 by mkvgtired
What resources are you talking about? Oil? Iraq's oil production has decreased substantially since the invasion, and there was no problem getting oil from Iraq before the invasion. I know it is popular to blame all of this on America's addiction to oil, but that is simply not the case. This was because Saddam directly violated UN resolutions on multiple occasions. Also, the companies that appear to be front runners for extracting Iraqi oil are Chinese not American.

@Uncle, I dont know if you have noticed, but whenever meaningful questions are posted that would facilitate intelligent discussion they are avoided. If there is not some way to bash America or Israel many readers are not interested.
02:19 December 10, 2009 by useronthenet
Sweden currently enjoys a tolerance to foreigners as at the moment it seems not to have significantly affected Swedish culture and the general way of life, however....

as more immigrants move in certainly this will be compromised, and due to our civilized laws, we of course will have to accommodate them in every way so that their rights are not violated (such is our laws). There is always a price for this, and of course it will eventually mean a more diluted Swedish culture giving way to less compatible individuals which refuse to integrate well into western society on the grounds of say religion etc. You only have to look at other European countries to see what the real consequence of bringing in so called asylum seekers and others from ethnic backgrounds which refuse to integrate will result in.

Having lived and visited in many other foreign third-world countries I have certainly observed that there is in particular little tolerance for westerners or indeed their culture or their religion, which of course is their right. Sweden must take heed to ensure that whilst it is certainly right to bring in immigrants on various humanitarian grounds, it is also wise to note that it must be in accordance to our culture and our values.

Switzerland recently took the decision by a public vote to refuse any more Minorets to be built on the grounds that it was not compatible with their beliefs or indeed their culture. You may or may not agree with this decision, it does however start the ball rolling, and the debate over whether Western culture should be protected at all costs is an issue I'm sure that disturbs the hearts and minds of many Westerners

I hope Sweden will also heed to the needs of it's own citizens .. we shall see
07:09 December 10, 2009 by Uncle

Absolutely agreed. Any article about Israel/Iraq/Afghanistan - the usual squad wakes up and drills the matter for 200 comments.

However, if the discussion is about Tamils, Sudanese, North Koreans, Congolese, Somalians, Yemenites, Chadians, Kurds, Chechens... bottom line all of these millions (last Congo war - 5.4mils 2002-2005) who die all the time without any involvement of US or Israel, they are sitting quietly like mice. With no arguments against these countries.... Not even mentioning suppressed women, hanged gays, executed minorities etc..

Every suicide bomber, every downed airplane, every immigrant and every financial downturn - the usual pointing of fingers is there, without any responsibility of the countries who actually sent the terrorists, or from which thousands are running.
08:58 December 10, 2009 by lingonberrie
vikingwarrior and 4 real have valid points, and I have no quarrel with their statistics.

As for this flap about Saddam, when having him as a friend and training him on US military bases, and having cheney visit him in private in Iraq, was convenient for the United States that was o.k., and the same applies to Noregia of Panama, but when they outlived their usefulness to the United States, they become cannon-fodder for the United States war machine, or victims to assassins like Erik Prince.

The United States has a history of propping-up and creating dictators, and the Gestapo CIA has a habit of overthrowing legitimate governments that they do not like, the last of which was Hamas, who the people elected in an democratic election, but the US sided with the Zionists under threat from the US based AIPAC, and they have tried with the Zionists to starve and bomb the Palestinians out of existence.

The Jews learned good lessons from their German masters.

The CIA now has Erik Prince, the former SEAL and leader of the Blackwater mercenary killers in Iraq, and now a billionaire from his contracts there, as their private assassin, as is highlighted in the latest magazine length article in Vanity Fair.

Plants come out of the woodwork to post comments here to the contrary using the same spin as the US Government uses, but to no avail.

The rest of the world is well aware of the truth about the United States, and your spinning here is a waste of time and space.
09:38 December 10, 2009 by Uncle
Ohhh - the squad awakening...

Interesting that there are about 3.8 million of palestinians living a little tight and "bombing them out of existence" took the lives of 4 thousand only (while losing 2 thousand women and children on Israel's side) What a crappy bombing raids. This is twice less the amount of killed in the Mexican drug war. And 150 000 times less than Shia and Sunnis killed in Iraq. And 500 000 less than Sudanese muslims killed. And 250 000 less than Somalians killed in the 90's. Who cares?

Also interesting about the democratic elections. Hitler was also elected democratically. What happened afterwards - not of any interest to berries.

What else is funny is that the issue is not about Israel at all, but about the muslims flooding Sweden and running away from their muslim governments.

However berries LOVE to jump on the subject when the word Israel has been said.

Should be cautious there eh mkvgtired?
13:32 December 10, 2009 by Bostonexpat
Stay focused lingonberrie..you're letting your hatred of the US blind common sense and oh, commenting on the actual article…and there is no spin here

Swedish policy ultimately allowed this… with or without US foreign policy, Sweden (admirably so) would be granting a disproportionate number of asylum seekers. Great intentions yet poor results.

I'm less than thrilled by seeing Spanish essentially become a second language in the US or hearing the stories of tax dollars supporting illegal immigrants…should I rant and rave about Mexico and other countries south of the border???? or should I look to my elected officials to strengthen immigration policy-I'll go with the latter.
15:37 December 10, 2009 by Argentina84
This is the price Sweden -and other countries- have to pay for belonging to a globalized world. Third World countries have their share too. None is fair for everyone.
20:17 December 10, 2009 by Beynch
Who are these imbicile dogs of politicians? Do they all have blinders on? When will Sweden get democracy and respect the will of its people? I say vote the entire useless pack out of office! They obviously need to be taught a lesson! Let's make absolutely certain that in the next election these corrupt, pathetic, slimeballs are eliminated! Permanently! We want our country back!
21:14 December 10, 2009 by nevon
Beynch your nationalist enthusiasm and rhetoric is extra super funny because you' are in fact American and not Swedish, and you don't even speak the local language.

So if by "WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK" you mean immigrants who move here from different countries, don't speak the language and refuse to integrate (after all, being a stupid racist hillbilly is about as un-Swedish as anything), then I'm afraid you're a bit confused and might want to re-consider your position, because if anyone ever listened to you, the first person to be deported would be your sorry American redneck self.
22:08 December 10, 2009 by galby
All u racists, have u ever lived in another country than your own? I am sure u all only know war from internet games...... THE WORLD BELONGS TO EVERYBODY. And every human has the right to live in peace. When u all learn to accept black, white and yellow and muslims, buddhists, christians, hindus and jewish.......that will be the day when we are having peace on earth.
23:52 December 10, 2009 by DreEstwd
@Galby- Yeah, actually most of the posters here are currently living in a country other than their own....and somehow we manage not to commit violent crimes, rape or robberies. Somehow we manage to learn the language, integrate, respect women, etc. If the "world belonged to everybody" then there wouldn´t be such things as borders or cultures or languages, religions, etc. Get your freaking head out of the sand.
02:04 December 11, 2009 by Lumumba
...I got one Question to all of you who say these Europian countries shouldn't grant asylum to refugees from the mentioned countires.

Who turned these people in to asylum seekers in the first place?

You burn their homes to ashes, u turn their moms to widows, u make thier kids Orphans and their land to desert , and at last u make em asylum seekers.

Just remember the countries that u r talking about now gave u asylum , back thousands of years ago , when u couldnt bear the cold snowy weather , u sought out to find a place warm and u started killing those who inhibited them!

What Goes Around Comes Around!
09:28 December 11, 2009 by Uncle
Lumumba - what are you banging on about, ha Lumumba?

Who turns Somalian and Eritrean homes to ashes? Sweden? Who turned Kurds, Sudanese and Yemenese into asylum seekers? Sweden? Who turned Chechens and russians into asylum seekers? Sweden? Or - white is always white, does not matter what?

And what is this incredible insight into the welcoming warm countries thousands of years a go? What are this historic news? Are you babbling about ice age? Do you actually have proof of european migration into Middle East and Africa? You should have a Nobel prize invented only for you!

When Europe lay in ashes after the fall of Rome, Saracens helped by invading it. When the WW1 and spanish flu took the lives of every fourth person in Europe, where was Lumumbaland? Helping? When Europe was ripped by the WWII - where was Africa?

I will tell you where it was. In the rumpa, as it has been before, during and (as Zimbabwe and Chad proved) will be after the white person...
12:41 December 11, 2009 by WriterDirector
@ Lumumba

Um, Weren't most of their countries already deserts in the first place? duh. If Your looking to blame- look to the US. It seems that they did a botched up job, as there are still insurgents showing up at Sweden's doorstep with a hand out, and then bite it when things don't go their way.

@ DreEstwd

I agree 110% with You.

@ galby

According to muslims (insurgents) it belongs to them. and if Your not with them, then Your against them. Sounds like something GWB said a while back.

@ nevon

Um, shut up. It's obvious You are a sympathizer, but in the end when it's all too late, You will be the first to cry that You didn't see it coming. lookout folks, this one has Got the Swedish Blinders on.

@ Beynch

You said it all. : ))
12:50 December 11, 2009 by Lumumba
Uncle :

I dont care what country is behind it, I can blame it on Sweden as much as the US any Organization they belong to. we all know who helped those nations recover from their war destructions and the aftermath, now dont talk cheap as if people from anywhere u call a 3rd world country had no part in it. This aint about Black, Brown and White , because from what i read u r about to call me a racist, but that goes back at u as well, since the West is blinded by their white superiority and i see it everyday.

Sweden is one of the world leading aid providers for the 3rd world, I dont need to graduate from Harvard to know whats behind it. I can't blame all the corruptions and hunger in Africa on the west, but the West Contributes almost as half to the problems. They aid them so they buy weapons and destroy each other. The fact is , when two 3rd world countries go to war, The west gives aid to who serves their interest best.

Dont ask me where Africa was when Europe was at war. I know the Somalians and Eritreans were fighting in Tripoli when it has nothing to do with them just because they were colonized.

but the west are back stabbers, the indians saved the pilgrim but in return the pilgrim killed them. I direct your question right back at you, what was the west doing when Eritrea and Ethiopia went to war , were they not the ones who were providing arms.

My Conlusion is that , the super powers are deciding what becomes of the 3rd world, its their fault that people become refugees. In another way you live in your house while u work in other place, the west live in thier homes while they work in 3rd world countries!
13:23 December 11, 2009 by Uncle
Again, you absolutely accurately forecasted that I will call you a racist and you were absolutely correct! You did not even deny it..

What I do not understand is what is your stand on the humanitarian help? Is it good, because it helps the little poor, steered by the west, incapable of taking responsibility africans, or is it bad? Does Sweden provide weapons to the warring sides, or does it provide food? Or is it OTHER "whites" that provide weapons and Sweden must pay? Like Russia and China? Why do Africans do not run to Russia and China then? Not welcoming enough countries?

I know that Africans actually blame the weapon providers for their problems. Like a stabber would blame the knife makers. Like a rapist would blame God for having a tool to use. Africans are not retarded children! Throughout the history they blame everyone else in their problems. Freaking TAKE RESPONSIBILITY already and improve your country instead of begging for a bone from others...
15:38 December 22, 2009 by seid
I strongly believe that, racism is now outdated and human being are equal, human being will never loss their dignity and integrity regardless color and religion background... sounds here something horrible.. I m somali, and live in india for education... my relatives live in Sweden.. and i really like sweden.

but today by reading, The local, I realised that racist are more in Sweden thn any other EU...the Swedish Somalis had the best labour market success while the Dutch Somalis have shown the poorest labour market attachment. This shaws that Swedish Somalis are successful interms of marketing and social activities...

as somalis we love the sacret nation of Sweden.. what they did to us as immigrantes is really unforgetable....
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