Swedish star: ‘Tiger tried to recruit me as a lover’

One of Sweden’s top female celebrities is claiming she was approached by an agent on behalf of Tiger Woods about having a fling with the star golfer.

Swedish star: 'Tiger tried to recruit me as a lover'

Carolina Gynning, who famously had sex in front of the cameras on the Big Brother reality television show before transitioning to a career as a TV presenter, was a staple on the London party scene at the time of the incident, which took place six or seven years ago, according to a post on Gynning’s blog.

She explains that she was at a party where she met a “really strange man” who she assumed was gay and who proceeded to ask her out to lunch.

“He wanted to tell me something special,” Gynning wrote in the December 8th blog post.

Gynning nevertheless accepted the invitation to dine at a private table at a “swanky” London eatery where the man launched into what she found to be an unusual line of questioning.

“He wondered if I knew who Tiger Woods was, and obviously I did. He said he was friends with Tiger and that Tiger loved girls like me.”

At the time, Gynning was doing her best to portray herself as a stereotypical buxom Swedish blonde, complete with what she refers to as “gigantic silicon breasts” and “bleach blonde” hair.

“He said that Tiger was LOOKING FOR A GIRLFRIEND and that he wanted to introduce me to him,” Gynning continued in her post.

“I never got back to the guy, obviously, even if Tiger is rich, he’s also ugly as sin and absolutely not my type.”

Gynning, who has since removed her breast implants and auctioned them off for charity, thought the whole exchange was “messed up” and had since forgotten about the incident.

But in the wake of recent revelations about Woods’ unspecified infidelities, Gynning now views the meeting in a different light.

“Was that guy a pimp for Tiger?” she asks.

Gynning goes on to express support for Woods’ wife, fellow Swede Elin Nordegren, urging her to take the couple’s two children and move home to Sweden.

Carolina Gynning was not immediately available for comment on Wednesday morning.

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