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Danish artist's attacker 'tried to recruit Swedes'

TT/The Local · 12 Jan 2010, 08:05

Published: 12 Jan 2010 08:05 GMT+01:00

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Denmark’s Berlingske Tidende reports that the 28-year-old man currently in custody for the January 1st attack on Westergaard at his home in Århus has cooperated with some of Scandinavia’s most notorious terror suspects.

Last winter, he visited Gothenburg in western Sweden together with another Danish-Somali man who later blew himself and 23 others up in a suicide bomb attack in the Somali capital of Mogadishu last month.

The man reportedly visited two Gothenburg mosques in an attempt to recruit young Swedes to al-Shabaab, the Danish news agency Ritzau reports.

According to Berlingske Tidende, a number of people in Swedish-Somali circles in Gothenburg wondered why neither the Danish or Swedish security services took action following the recruitment attempts, which frightened many due to their aggressive and violent overtones.

Westergaard was one of the Danish artists who drew cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad for Denmark’s Jyllandsposten newspaper in 2005, sparking protests from Muslim communities around the world.

Westergaard’s drawing portrayed Muhammad with a bomb in his turban.

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According to Swedish security service Säpo, al-Shabaab has successfully recruited around 20 young people from Sweden, some of whom who have been killed in battle.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:13 January 12, 2010 by DAVID T
"Young Swedes were encouraged to join the militant Islamist group"

I doubt they were Swedes
11:19 January 12, 2010 by Newyork-Växjö
His friend went to Somalia and blew up other Somalians in Somalia, who are Muslims.

We as a Muslims are victim of these terrorists, everyday like 100 Muslims die in (Iraq,Afghanistan mm in these terrorist act. But I am glad they do not attack Europeans. they MUST not act any innocent civiliances in this world.

In the Quran it says: "If you kill any innocent then you will be in hell and burn forever"

Holy Quran also continue and says "if you save a life that means you have saved the whole humanity"

The only solution to punish the Danish idiot cartoonist is to put pressure via Islamic countries on the DK to show some respect or ban or boycott.

it is not right to kill or attack if some one disrespected you or your religion. it is complete against prophet Mohammad teachings. as he said " you muslims came to bring peace not be cruel to those who show disrespect He said on the time when a non-muslim pee on the Moqgue and when Muslims found they started to beat him"

so then they cleaned the Mosque with water and Prophet advised the man it is place of worship please show respect. and he realesed him without punishment.

As God says about Mohammad pbuh, He was sent as Mercy to all.

Study about him and you will never get bored and love to know him more and more.

but you know some Muslims are sensitive and Love so much Prophet Muhammad peace be up him that he can go so far to kil the cartoonist who disrespected. If you want to get respect then give respect. Otherwise if you keep on disrespecting a religion and 1.5 billion Muslims . then I am sure extremist would attack you. And do not blame the extremist why he attacked you. It is because of a (disrespecter) generated them. Before 911 you could find hardly a alqueda member. Now it is in your cities as well. Why?
11:36 January 12, 2010 by warriorwithin
@ New yorkvaxjo

Looks like you are one of his best freinds ready to blow yourself up in rosengard
11:49 January 12, 2010 by peropaco
@Newyork-Växjö, you say "But I am glad they do not attack Europeans. they MUST not act any innocent civilians in this world." So what do you call those poor people who just happen to be taking a stroll going about their business, shopping for some food or taking their kids to the park? Are they not innocent people??
11:53 January 12, 2010 by Rick Methven
The only solution to punish the Danish idiot cartoonist is to put pressure via Islamic countries on the DK to show some respect or ban or boycott.

Why does he need Punishing? He has not committed any crime that calls for any punishment.

If I go to an Islamic country I should abide by the laws of that country. When Muslims come to a European or any other Non-Islamic country, then they too should abide by the laws of the country that they live in.

Rules to obey when you are in Sweden

1. to not attack any person Muslim or not.

2. Do Not try to get Islamic countries to "put pressure" on Western governments to change their laws. Only citizens of the western countries can do this via the ballot box.

3. In your case stop preaching crap in your pathetic attempts to convert us all to Islam
12:37 January 12, 2010 by Nemesis
@ New yorkvaxjo

Sweden is not bombing muslims. It is Americans and Muslims who are doing the bombing.

Don't dare blame Sverige for bombing muslims or even mention Sverige in the same sentence as those doing the killing.

Do not include Sverige in actions by others that are nothing to do with Sverige.

I don't see Suadi Arabia, Kuwait, Quatar or Dubai taking in thousands of refugee's and giving them world class housing, social benefits, education and healtcare all for free, as Sverige is providing.

Sverige has been showing more charity per head of population to people fleeing the bombings than any other country I can think of.

You should be praising Sverige above all other countries and thanking your god that Sverige exists and helps so many people, without being asked.

The Danish cartoonist is only guilty of being a crap cartoonist, nothing else.

The cartoonist has freedom of speech in Europe.

Freedom of Speech is a European tradition.

Freedom of Speech will be defended no matter how it offends, including Europeans.

In Europe people have the right to offend and to be offended.

If you don't like freedom of speech, leave not only Sweden, but Europe.

As you hate freedom of speech in Europe, here is some helpful suggestions.

Pay back all monies for education and other benefits you have recieved to the Swedish state.

Goto hemnet.se and sell your home.

Goto flysas.com and book at flight out fo Europe.'

DOn't come back.

@ Everyone else.

I am at SFI with people from Afghanistan, Iraq and Kurdistan. I have heard several state how grateful they are for the help they have recieved in Sverige from the Svensk people.
12:49 January 12, 2010 by Newyork-Växjö

As a Muslim I do love Sweden, Sweden practice real freedom of Speech, Sweden should be an example for the rest of Europe. There is nothing wrong in Sweden and As a Muslim I do love Sweden and if anybody try to harm Sweden, I would be the one who stand and defend Sweden.

Some people do not understand what is freedom of speech or when and how to use it.

In this sensitive times where hundreds die everyday. We should avoid to create more problem. This idiot cartoonist has no rights to misguide the people. He can draw the picture but He draw his picture with Bombs on his head.

Was a Mohammad like that? Did he preach like that? I would be agree with you all to draw a picture of someone who really did that or used bomb or told his followers to commit crime.

It is only ISLAM to tell his FOLLOWERS BE CAREFUL THERE IS A HELL. that means it scares you from doing suicides, killing and so on.

Other religion says if you join me you will be in paradise but Islam says you will go to hell if you terrorize people.

So simply Islam means PEACE AND LOVE. And we should not speak against a person unless we know him. The cartoonist does not understand this he is old maybe or hate Muslims for some reason.
13:05 January 12, 2010 by koded
@ Newyork-Växjö , all you said here contradict each other. It wont be suprise if you can as well do the same thing thatt he somalian guy did. You never strongly condemn what the somalian guy did and you are calling the Dannish cartonist idiot and should be punished. You forget that Denmark is not a muslim state and therefore have right to do whatever they want so far it is not against international law and their law. Of course, i dont like the cartoon of the Dannish cartoonist about the prophet but I think he has right to do that, so why not.

Against, you are glad that they are not bombing European countries. who said that? of course they do and again, why should they even kill anyone no matter where. those in Somalia, yemen and other countries are also human being. do Islams say you should kill? Is islam not preaching forgiveness? why shold they not forgive whoever that offend them?
13:08 January 12, 2010 by Beynch
@New York-Växjö; You say you love Sweden. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it is unlikely that the feelings are mutual. You're going to have to do a lot better than to just talk about "disrespect" and other meaningless gibberish. I could lash out in a ferocious attack on you and your ilk, but simply can't be bothered. Every reader knows. Instead, Sweden must ask what it can do to rid itself of the large portion of islamic thought that is infesting her and the civilized west. You people need to learn to bring your beliefs into the 21st century. The, rather large, extremist fringe, jihadists and wahabists, of your culture seems to want to drag us back to the 8th Century. Your role, New York-Växjö, is to prove us wrong.
13:10 January 12, 2010 by me_i_sverige
@Newyork-Växjö -> Are you some sort of psycho? You wrote they donot kill innocent civilians. What was he trying to do on that flight to Detroit? For the people like you, I have only TWO WORDS #### @@@
13:20 January 12, 2010 by Uncle
"So simply Islam means PEACE AND LOVE"

and you will grow extremists in islam that will MURDER until everyone will agree that Islam means peace and love. Freaking joke!

"And do not blame the extremist why he attacked you. It is because of a (disrespecter) generated them. Before 911 you could find hardly a alqueda member. Now it is in your cities as well. Why?"

WHY??? WHY??? Why was there 9/11 at all? Before 9/11 US helped little poor Afghanies against USSR and little cute Kuweit against Saddam. Why was there 9/11? Eh?

Why all of a sudden the west is guilty in "al qaida in its cities", because it responded to an attack of al-qaida in its city? Why the muslims have to run with an axe on everyone who has a different opinion?
13:21 January 12, 2010 by rugla

Oh man now you pissed her off!, Nemi baby, you are right, 100% spot on, this time, seriously go home to wherever you come from, heck we can take donations to raise money for the one way ticket home.

The scary side of your way of thinking is that unfortunately you are not alone!

It is satire, good or bad that is all it is, I have seen satirical cartoons of Bin Laden taking Jesus, and George Bush from behind, in the souks in Qatar, obviously it is sick, but you do not see Christians or Jews blowing themselves up nor trying to find and kill the cartoonist. ( Freedom of expression and speech, you are excising yours in this forum, can you live a world without this basic freedoms? )

Religious beliefs are intertwined and related in one way or another, the problem with yours is the ignorance and misinterpretation of the very foundations you are supposed to follow.

Radicalism is nothing but ignorance and that goes for all faiths, you want respect for your Islamic brothers and sisters earn it! Educate yourselves and contribute something to the world at large. There are so many pressing issues facing us like overpopulation, lack of food, water, the environment and your lot are worried about a cartoonist offending your beloved Mohamed?

Have you ever once asked yourself, maybe old Mohamed was a simple person that was a bit wacko and his teachings were just a bit off? You can believe everything you read and that includes Mohamed's interpretation of the Quran, or others of the bible, etc.
13:25 January 12, 2010 by Newyork-Växjö

I strongly condemned the act of this Somalian man who attacked the idiot cartoonist.

The cartoonist should be punished by European law.There is nowhere in the European law says you can disrespect religion or misguide people or lie in the name of freedom. What this idiot cartoonist did is LIE and it does not fit the freedom limit. He should go to jail for such a work. The DK government published the cartoons and other European countries said NO.

The United nation has condemned this idiot cartoonist. When UN condemns they know much more the law better than us.

Most of the posters in this forum are anti-Muslims, they never said we are sorry for those Muslims who dies by these terrorists. All they talk is against Islam.


You hear about Prophet Muhammad from newly converted Christian on this link

13:36 January 12, 2010 by Per Johansson52
@ me_i_sverige

You are such SICK.

He condems the terrorists.

FK off racist!!!!
13:45 January 12, 2010 by Newyork-Växjö

9-11 Was Done by Goerge Bush's team. This is what Million of American agree it was a inside job. ISLAM does not allow to kill an innocents. Please read the History you will understand that all nations were saved under Islam, Jews, Christians extra...

US helped Afghans to save Americans otherwise Russian could go to Indian sea so it is political. US is not angel to help a nation for free.

Do not compare Sweden with USA. USA tortures prisoners to dead in Cuba.

If you wanna give me an example of good country then Give me Sweden not UK, Israel or USA. thanks
13:48 January 12, 2010 by travels

"The cartoonist should be punished by European law. There is nowhere in the European law says you can disrespect religion or misguide people or lie in the name of freedom. What this idiot cartoonist did is LIE and it does not fit the freedom limit. He should go to jail for such a work. The DK government published the cartoons and other European countries said NO."

You just don't get it. You just don't get freedom of expression and when people try to explain it to you you call them anti-muslim. It is exactly for comments like yours and obvious refusal to understand what freedom of expression is and how the western world works that people stereotype muslims, because your myopic view of freedom and democracy (many opinions that are respected and debated) is common through the muslim world. Are you not aware of the awful cartoon that are published daily in the muslim world about all kinds of western subjects and religions?, do you see westerners threatening to burn down embassies or kill people because of them, or even call for punishments by law for drawing cartoons? Get a grip!!

By your comments it is obvious that are as indoctrinated and brainwashed as the ones that want to kill the cartoonists, just trying to appear more subdued.
13:54 January 12, 2010 by Beynch
@New York-Växjö: By inserting your "Bush did it" in your feeble invective you've just lost any and all credibility. Now the gloves are off. No holds barred. One can only hope that The Local does not resort to PC in its editing. On the other hand why waste time on insignificant vermin like you. Your venom can not be spread any more with any credibility. I guess a feather just popped out of your diaper. The one on your head.
13:54 January 12, 2010 by Rick Methven


You hear about Prophet Muhammad from newly converted Christian on this link

There you go again. Did you not read my earlier post point which read " In your case stop preaching crap in your pathetic attempts to convert us all to Islam "

Would you please STFU and go somewhere else with your preaching. We have heard your broken record so many times. at one moment, under pressure condemning violence and then the next justifying with 'your' reasons

You claim that most people here are anti-Muslim. You single handedly turned reasonable people anti-Muslim with your rants. Do your Muslim brothers a favour and stop posting here. leave us and them in peace.
13:54 January 12, 2010 by rugla

I doubt the people in this forum are anti Islam nor Muslims, we are against radical Muslim idiots that misinterpret your Prophet and the Quran and general, please educate yourself, there is a wonderful world out there!

Are you honestly that brainwashed and that single minded that you can´t understand the cartoonist was doing is job and exercising his rights?

let me ask you a question, do you think a cartoon of Bin Laden bending over Jesus is offensive, I think so but it is a cartoon, a satirical view, I asked my colleague if he found it offensive, he is a Muslim, he found it offensive as well, but he said, Jesus was a Jew, and around this parts they hate Jews and consider the source, a cartoonist in a souk in Qatar, regardless people are entitled to their opinions.

Do you see crusade signs, people in Europe or elsewhere stoning embassies, threatening innocent lives because of it? NO!

People raise above this we are better than that, show that you are turn the other cheek, the cartoonist did nothing to you and family why bother?

He was merely stating the fact on his cartoon that indeed radicalism breeds terrorists tendencies and Mohamed's misunderstood teachings as wells as the Qurans are part of the problem, nothing more nothing less, you can agree or disagree with the cartoon, but that is it. With your comments you are validating his very point, which is worrisome, as you are on your way there.

Let´s hope you do not decide to blow your balls off, as innocent people will pay the price.
13:57 January 12, 2010 by Rick Methven
"You hear about Prophet Muhammad from newly converted Christian "

Are those the Egyptian Coptic Christians who where forced to convert to Islam?
14:01 January 12, 2010 by Beynch
@rugla: My thoughts exactly. I in fact, yesterday, said the same thing, using slightly different vernacular, but after complaints from `rumcajs` and/or 'Rick Metheven' my fine contribution was removed. But thank you rugla. I hope your comments sink in with these people.
14:02 January 12, 2010 by Newyork-Växjö

"Do you see crusade signs, people in Europe or elsewhere stoning embassies, threatening innocent lives because of it? NO!"

Do you forget that attacked Iranian embassy in Stockholm and beat the diplomats?

Things happen when people are angry.

You guys do not understand how to use the FREEDOM which Europe has given you and you guys trying to be Vikings again.
14:14 January 12, 2010 by travels

OMG!!!!! After all the non-sense you have written you are telling Europeans that they don't know how to use freedom??????. You really, really don't get it and probably never will. You probably know how to use freedom better than Europeans, pleeeeeeeeeeeazze, as evidenced by your comments loving freedom of expression and the rights of people to express their opinions, like the danish cartoonists. You belong in a dictatorial muslim country, not in Europe.
14:14 January 12, 2010 by Per Johansson52
@Rick Methven

I am agree with Newyork-Vaxjo.

Och I am afraid you are lying, get the fact dat, in the middle-east there are still over 35 millions Coptic-Christian.

Coptic means Christians by generation by birth. If the Moslims wanted they could have converted all by force and there would not be Jewish or CHristian at the region but they did not do that.
14:17 January 12, 2010 by Rick Methven

"nd/or 'Rick Metheven"


I have not reported any posts for a long time. Read my posts on this thread. I think they are close to your idea's

I think NewYork-vaxjo should be banned - shall we try?
14:21 January 12, 2010 by Beynch
No, I don't think we should ban him. Let his commentary speak for itself. He needs to be taught that we can coexist with free expression even when it's unpalatable to some misguided, insignificant, nobodys.
14:28 January 12, 2010 by calebian22
"9-11 Was Done by Goerge Bush's team. This is what Million of American agree it was a inside job." I also heard that the Lunar moon landing was a hoax and the world is actually still flat. I read it on the internet. It must be true.
14:29 January 12, 2010 by Rick Methven
@ Beynch

Somethings wrong, I actually find myself agreeing with you!

Must be getting more reactionary in my old age:LOL
14:43 January 12, 2010 by rugla

My dear fellow human, as I feel this is the only thing we have in common, to answer your question no, but I do not give it much thought to be honest with you, I do wish that the Iranian Government would adopt a true democracy and allow people to live their lives is peace rather than impose extremist Muslim beliefs, to secular Muslims who want to live their lives differently.

I my opinion and I can be wrong Iran is moving towards a dictatorship government without a line separating from religion, and this lines should not be crossed, throughout history when religion and government mixed we had nothing but trouble.

Just because people are angry does not excuse them from killing innocent people, and just because people do not believe what you believe it does not make them bad or inferior.

It is pointless to go into your comments about freedom and Vikings, sorry!
14:54 January 12, 2010 by travels
@Per Johansson52

"If the Moslims wanted they could have converted all by force and there would not be Jewish or CHristian at the region but they did not do that. "

If the Muslims wanted they could have converted all by force??. Are you living in the middle ages?, hopefully the possibility of converting anybody by force does not exist anymore, why even mention it?. They don't convert the Coptics by force, they use violence against them for being infidels. And how many Christians or non-muslims are there in muslim countries in general, like Saudi Arabia, or even the Palestinian territories, not many. By contrast how many muslims are there is western countries?, with more immigrating there everyday.
15:58 January 12, 2010 by anticommie
Sweden has freedom of speech, not thats laughable.
16:04 January 12, 2010 by Nemesis
@ Newyork-Växjö

Islamists consider journalists covering there area to be legitamate targets (by that I mean real journalists as in journalists without frontiers, not people like the local or aftonbladet). That is a disgraceful and cowardly attack on freedom of speech.

Journalists keep people informed. Your Islamic extremist friends stop us in Europe from being fully informed by killing journalists, which in turn means the information we get is not fair and balanced, it is biased.

Your entire culture needs to modernise. That is nothing to do with imperial attitudes, it is to do with your religeon/culture moving backwards for the last 100 years instead of forwards and in the process actually imprisoning most of the 1.5 billion muslims in a medieval mindset, which they do not even realise they are in.

Regarding freedom of speech.

You still do not get it.

You say that the Danish cartoonist should be punished.

He should not be punished.

The cartoonist has done nothing wrong. He excercised his freedom of speech, which includes the right to make a complete idiot of oneself, as you are in this comments section.

Here in Europe, we defend freedom of speech.

The entire concept of Freedom of speech covers not only opinions, it also means defending the right of another to make a complete idiot of themself, as you are today.

We in Europe have the right to say what we want.

We in Europe have the right to state whatever we want.

We in Europe have the right to make statements that offend others.

We in Europe have the right to be completely offended by others.

We in Europe will defend an idiot Danish cartoonists right to freedom of speech even of we consider him an idiot and disagree with his actions. That is because we recognise that Freedom of Speech is an important foundation stone of our democracies.

If you don't like what freedom of speech is for, you should not be anywhere in Europe.

You really need to think about that.
17:07 January 12, 2010 by Rick Methven

"I am agree with Newyork-Vaxjo."

of course you do dearie because you just another sick idiot

You and your best friend use pseudonyms that are an attempt to make us believe that you are someway Swedish. Sorry to inform you

17:15 January 12, 2010 by Per Johansson52

"""We in Europe will defend an idiot Danish cartoonists right to freedom of speech even of we consider him an idiot and disagree with his actions. That is because we recognise that Freedom of Speech is an important foundation stone of our democracies.""""

Do you accept that cartoonist was an Idiot? If you accept then Vaxjo-Newyork will win. Then we need to change our laws because we are defending an idiot and telling Moslims HEY we are right, we are right, I think we are lying to ourselves.
18:15 January 12, 2010 by Rick Methven
@Per Johansson52

"Then we need to change our laws "

NO Muslims in Swden MUST accept and abide by OUR laws. End of Story.

If you and your friend can not accept that then Go back to a country that holds the same views as you.
18:29 January 12, 2010 by travels
@Per Johansson52

"Then we need to change our laws because we are defending an idiot..."

You totally don't get it either. Freedom is speech is just that..f r e e d o m o f s p e e c h (maybe if it's slower you'll get it), the laws don't get changed because someone does not agree with what is said or thinks the one saying it is an idiot or gets offended. It is appalling that you would even think that the fact that somebody thinks that the cartoonist is an idiot would be reason enough to change any law or curtail freedom of speech, if that is the way you feel Europe is not for you nor wants you. And by the way many do agree with the Danish cartoons and what is depicted in them.
18:55 January 12, 2010 by voiceofreason
My uneducated ancestors were confronted by two alien cultures, one from the Atlantic coast and the other from the Sahara desert.

They called the religion of the marauding jihadists "IMOLE" meaning "Religion of Force" and the religion of the slave-trading cum missionaries Europeans "IGBAGBO" meaning "Faith".

Now, isn't that self-explanatory? Islam is a religion of hate and violence.
19:04 January 12, 2010 by rugla
@Per Johansson52 and @ newyork-vaxjo All we had to do is take a look at your ridiculous website( posted on your profile ) to understand the type of brainwashed sheep you and friends are!

The Jihad you seek should start with education which will lay the foundation for your own opinions, listening and buying the crappy messages which you and followers subscribe, only shows why the world is on turmoil about religious beliefs, the vast majority of Muslims buying your message are highly uneducated which is sad, which explains why so many are willing to commit martyrdom for a cause, which they were convinced by others interpretation of a ridiculous book!

Looking at your websites propaganda makes me sick, and concerned.

19:17 January 12, 2010 by Nemesis
@ Per Johansson52

When people like yourself come to Europe, you have to abide by our laws.

If you are not prepared to abide by the laws of the various countries in Europe, when residing in them, you should leave.

We do not need criminals in Europe.
20:01 January 12, 2010 by eZee.se
Travels wrote:

"You totally don't get it either."

I think you need to rethink that line/last word a bit...

because go over 'their' posts a couple of times and you'll see:

its doubtful that its two separate idiots, just one big idiot with two nicknames.

Oh and I agree with everyone other than the two idiots :))
21:36 January 12, 2010 by mkvgtired
@Per Johansson52 and @ newyork-vaxjo, how many times have you spoken out about the hatred for the West that is constantly expressed in the Muslim world? There are cartoons that are easily more offensive than the Mohamed cartoons. I could go on all day with examples.


Or how many times have you spoken out about the childrens' shows that indoctrinate children when they have barely graduated their infancy. These shows teach them to hate the West, Christians, and Jews years before they even attend school (where this "education" is continued). Once again I could go on with examples all day.


How many times have you spoken out about this hatred and tried to get these countries to "change their laws"? No need to answer because we already know.
22:19 January 12, 2010 by pallomamy
i like @ newyork-vaxjo and @ Per Johansson
22:32 January 12, 2010 by moaca
Cartoonist means that somebody mocks or makes fun of a subject. This is allowed in a free world where freedom of speech is tolerated. So he made a cartoon of some religious person.What is it with Muslims all the time that when somebody takes the micky out of their profet they want to see blood? Is it perhaps because this religion is so tolerant, loving and forgiving?

No, I didnt think so. On the other hand, it is OK for the Muslims to mock Jesus or threaten and kill anybody that does not agree with their religion. Why doesnt this Somalie stay in his own country and castrate women, sh*g some goats and spend his time praying to his god? Surely that is a far better use of time then to travel all the way to Denmark to try and kill some old geezer that once upon a time made a drawing? The length some of these muslim fanatics go to in order to gain respect in their own community is remarkable. And the western world even tolerates these fools. One day our leaders will wake up and come to realise how dangerous this religion really is. Dont sit and preach that this is a loving and caring religion. This religion is in the same stage as Christianity was back in the dark ages. Muslim religion does not evolve. It is a religion ruled by blokes that only can rule because the followers in general are ignorant and uneducated. Just like the western world was back in 1450 or so. But we have evolved, when will these Islam countries ever evolve?

Dont like it when a free westerner uses his freedom of speech? Well, go back to where you came from I would say. And that goes for all of you who were born in the western world as well. Dont agree with our rules, laws and politics, I suggest you move to Iraq or Somalia. See if you like life more over there!

O, as you may have guessed I am an atheist and dont need a god to function as a normal human being. I use my common sense and I dont have much time for religious fools.
23:11 January 12, 2010 by lingonberrie
Meanwhile, innocent wolves are being hunted and murdered for nebulous population reasons whereas these sad replicas of humans are allowed to exist in the Scandinavian and Germanic countries.

Take the blood-lust Sonderkommando hunters who murder wolves and put them to work getting rid of these germs that the Swedish government thinks are viable as humans among humans.
00:00 January 13, 2010 by Rick Methven
attention The Local.

We moderate readers have discovered 2 potential terrorist threats to our nation.

They are currently posing as pseudo Swedes on the Local.

We recommend that you inform Säpo urgently of their identity and IP address.

Could be a coup for the local!!
01:30 January 13, 2010 by foreverblue
Newyork-Växjö is obviously a fake, just trying to pit Muslims vs. US/UK/Israel like the mainstream media wants you to believe. There is too much invested in their wars to ignore the opportunity to sway your opinion.
04:11 January 13, 2010 by JoeSwede
Wow...this story keeps going.

A Somali with an axe threatens a Danish cartoonist with an axe because of religious views. And then it ends up that he has reqruited Swedes in Gothenburg. And some of those have been involved with actual bombings. It can't be true?!

I hope the immigration worker, housing authority worker, day care worker, welfare worker & school teacher are not affected. Immigration is good business.
07:22 January 13, 2010 by Uncle
"9-11 Was Done by Goerge Bush's team. This is what Million of American agree it was a inside job. ISLAM does not allow to kill an innocents."

Where are your stats from? Besides...

For your info the rest 299 million americans actually believe that it is a muslim job (as Osama himself said).

The mercy of Islam is seen clearly in Beslan and Maalot (children killed), cutting off heads of humanitarian aid nuns, eliminating millions in Sudan and Somalia through directed starvation. Islam is showing peace and love in Iraq , where muslims killed WAY more than the evil-evil americans.

The soft and loving islam is growing 99% of all terrorists in the world (the other one percent are marxists). The fluffy islam causes people to explode on airplanes and buses... Raise rape stats by hundreds of percent in normal countries etc...

And by definition - INNOCENT in islam is not the same word as in every other religion. INNOCENT is first of all MUSLIM. Besides - it is a SPECIFIC muslim. Every one else - by definition is guilty from the age of 0.
14:00 January 13, 2010 by alu
I agree 100% with Newyork växjö. Well done you.

Everyone else should wake up !!

" This should be a worldwide rule... If you want to move to any country and become part of that country...WELCOME. But if you want to change anything in that new country you wish to live..... GOODBYE."

Prime Mister Kevin Rudd

This OUR country,OUR land, OUR lifestyle, the other great freedom YOU will have is...."the right to leave" so please do.
14:37 January 13, 2010 by Uncle
"Do you accept that cartoonist was an Idiot? If you accept then Vaxjo-Newyork will win."

@Per Johansson.

Oh yes - what a crushing win for the fundamentalists! What an excellent argument!

If a person is not funny and even an idiot (idiot only because he did not foresee that very educated and smart muslims will actually start burning stuff and cutting heads off people because of a cartoon), THEN we all should allow for the smart Per and Newyork run with axes into the home of that idiot! What a beautiful argumentation!

We shall allow everyone who defines other as "idiot" to kill him! That will teach the idiot the lesson of all forgiving and peaceful islam.

21:28 January 13, 2010 by Nemesis
@ moaca

Well said.
01:44 January 14, 2010 by pathfinder.uppsala
who is panic head newyorkvaxjo is?

i dont understand how sick and brain washed a person can be !!!

i think he lives in dream of getting a heaven with 70 angels according to their holly book!!


thanks to u for pointing out a great idea that why do not muslim people go to the muslim states like saudi arabia,kuwait,iran,UAE,Quater.....??

as they always talk about the bullshit term islamic countries !!?? even though i feel there should be no country called by any religion.

those countries are rich and stable and the boosts about the development of these countries then why dont they go to these countries rather then coming to any country where muslims does not rule !!!???

and why their brother like musilms does not give them shelter??

why they come to Europe??

i believe the muslims all around the world kurdi or palestine or iraqi or afganistanis r just using the situation to take asylum in the European countries !!

just for a better life and for business !!!

they just misusing the opportunity !!!

or this way they can spread their pathetic religion as well as their terrorism !!

the bottom line is muslims from all the countries or other part of the world should go to those muslim countries stated above for asylum !!
06:59 January 14, 2010 by Uncle
They do not go there because there is no muslim country that is truly democratic. Even Indonesia is just called democracy... Now there is a reason why their countries are mostly horrible dictatorships, but they prefer to disregard it and *itch about countries like Israel, UK and US that actually have the guts to stand up to these dictatorships.

BTW, there is a massive war in Yemen for quite a while already, where Saudis are seriously involved and pounding on shia villages. I did not see even an article about it yet. But if it was in Israel - the tons of moaning would be overwhelming this forum...

They are a joke...
20:06 January 14, 2010 by pathfinder.uppsala

You are absolutely right !!

Sweden should assist them to get asylum in those countries rather then taking them in sweden where there brothers live.

They only consider muslim is brother to a musilm not any other religious person.
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