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Four years in jail for Indian smuggling ring

Paul O'Mahony · 21 Jan 2010, 15:00

Published: 21 Jan 2010 15:00 GMT+01:00

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The ringleader, a 38-year-old man of Indian origin, confessed to using Örebro in central Sweden as a base for smuggling people out of the country to other countries in Europe.

Along with several counts of aggravated human smuggling, the Örebro District Court also found the man guilty of forging passports in Thailand, bookkeeping fraud, and tax offences.

Between 25 and 30 Indians were taken out of Sweden to other European countries from 2006 until the operation was uncovered in March 2008.

Their final destinations included Spain, Italy, Greece and Belgium, local newspaper Nerikes Allehanda reports.

"The fact that Sweden has served as a transit country is what makes this case so interesting," prosecutor Ulrika Lindsö told the newspaper.

Örebro, located 200 kilometres west of Stockholm, was found to be the hub of the smugglers' operation.

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It is not known how the Indians came to Sweden but it is thought that they may have travelled through Russia. Once in Sweden, they stayed in apartments in the central Swedish city before being moved on to their designated final destinations.

The court also sentenced a number of other people to shorter jail terms for their roles in the operation.

Paul O'Mahony (paul.omahony@thelocal.com)

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Your comments about this article

15:47 January 21, 2010 by Beynch
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Drag Sweden OUT of the Schengen agreement, and introduce passport and visa controls on the Öresund Bridge!
16:03 January 21, 2010 by calebian22
4 years for this, but two years for murder. Oh wait, I see in the article, tax offenses were committed. Now it makes sense.....
16:07 January 21, 2010 by laura ka baal
Its true there should be visa for sweden, sweden is a country with class of its own but day by day its class is falling down, there should be a rule set up, because its so easy crime has increased in sweden and immigration should be very tight like usa, no matter who he or she is even from usa should be grilled.
16:20 January 21, 2010 by skatty
I think what really bother Sweden in this case and similar cases (like Chinese kids who did the same thing) is that the Indians used Sweden as a transit country, and they didn't apply to stay in here!

In contrast with 80s and early 90s, refugees are more careful and better informed at present, and do not apply for asylum wherever (Sweden was a top destiny at that time), unless in extreme cases like Iraq, where situation of life is terrible and people have to apply wherever.
18:25 January 21, 2010 by Kaethar
@skatty: These people are INDIAN. They're hardly refugees - they're economic migrants. It is nearly impossible to live in Sweden as an illegal alien.

And trust me, we are not pleased about being a "top destination for refugees." They are ruining our economy. Sweden needs qualified legal immigrants - NOT refugees.
18:45 January 21, 2010 by skatty

If you ask me, I say Sweden nether need the refugees, nor qualified legal immigrant! But either refugees, or qualified unemployed immigrant understand it; however, slowly they are going to learn and understand, so there would not be the same mistake that I had done!
20:46 January 21, 2010 by Komhem23
Indians are not trustable people. I dont recommend them for Swedish society and the man who was involved with Human Traffiking should be send back to India permanently
21:16 January 21, 2010 by voidplay
The swedes know very well about the trustworthiness of Indians, How else could they have managed the Bofor scam or the more recent 3G mess. It looks like they know where to tap and which 'connection' to rely on.
21:21 January 21, 2010 by ram39
just by seeing on or two cases it is not fair to blame all the nation.every one should accept that every part of the world having good and bad.Trust me we Indians are good people and are trustable like every other good nation. yes we to have bad people like any nation but as a whole nation we never damage any nation .from past to present many countries grabbed away many things from india.but still we welcome everyone with kind heart.

22:33 January 21, 2010 by Shiva Shankar
Guys. As an Indian I am not going to justify with what the trafficker did. Yes, we too have bad people like anywhere in the world. We don't want to hide our faces like ostriches when confronted with a wrongdoing. If what he did was true, we accept the fact and apologise to those affected. We have to ensure that our name is not spoilt by such idiots in the future. But by the way we show loyalty and respect to whomever helps us. I got a good and free education in Sweden, and I am grateful to the nation ever. I never felt away from home country while in Sweden. But please try not to generalise a nation as a whole. Those one or two morons don't necessarily represent 1.2 billion people.

Even if Indians come illegally, they work hard, earn money, become entrepreneur, and in turn benefit the foster society in return. I cant justify illegal migrations but in spite the wrong side, we try to integrate and develop with others.

But if you guys want to blame,we cant help you. We will try to recover the lost name by the way we behave. Because blame on us may affect our trust a little, but behaving the right way would recover double the lost ones.
22:37 January 21, 2010 by voidplay
I am tempted to hijack this thread ... ;-)

It is finally good to see someone who hates Indians...

We were starting to feel a little like the forgotten child,

purring like the pussies that we are next to the roaring Dragon,

Even our little brothers next door seem to be famous or infamous with Drones buzzing around. We feel so outdated .. like the 'Mango chutney' that I dare not touch until I know 'what on earth'


Indians are refugees too

What do call people of a country whose leadership is imported, whose water, land and mines are owned by shady MNCs, even airwaves are auctioned off for peanuts.

Nations around the world are in debates over who will sell us white elephants and Albatrosses that we seem to need so much to keep our Drone happy neighbours from poking us so much when ever their military generals see their 3rd page rating dip.

We are the ones taking medicines when you sneeze, cough or yawn like it is our problem.

What with the FDI crazed media and govt, if you want some regal piece of real estate come along with some pieces of coloured glass with some fancy brand you are sure get a deal or may be just bring along some peanuts.

Thanks again for hating us final we are happy to be acknowledged, what with the Israelites, the Arabs, the chines, the EU and the great Policeman stealing the limelight from us for all these years.

Please consider joining the 'hate India society' that boasts about 1.2 billion minus 10K in politics minus 10K CEOs around the world.

To fellow Indians, what say we go buy some wasteland in the north of Sweden make it look like India and get some gullible Politicians and corporates to buy land 'on the cheap', and run away elsewhere leaving them in the swamps to pick berries. But only problem is that being Indians we would only receive peanuts and banks here don't accept peanuts.

Disclaimer: This comment does not air my real opinion or at least the sane ones that you often see in the media, the ones we 'ingenuously' just pull out of thin air just to sell you some trinkets to finance our expensive coca cola drinking habits.

Probably when we open our new country somewhere in the north of Sweden we can come up with a brand image and sell you 'I love USA' T shirts.

No our cars are fine, no they don't need extra spicy fuel, they are just that they are a bit on the 'cheap' side, no fancy woofers, no neck massager or in built bar also they may not 'safe' in say the USA where John insists on driving his Humvee to feel like a 'Man' and Jane want her M1A to be safe from these menacing little 'Humvees'.
23:40 January 21, 2010 by Atadhu
Hej Komhem23

i do agree with you that who commit human trafiking should be punished. But blaming the whole nation with this reason is not professional. please watch the best talk ever about india. you might be fan of indians....

04:37 January 22, 2010 by Per Johansson52

"4 years for this, but two years for murder. Oh wait, I see in the article, tax offenses were committed. Now it makes sense..... "

Some judges are racists.

If a Swedish man commit murder or rape then he will get less 1 year 2 year, but if some one who is black or Asian try to help other to settle and have a better life than India then he gets four years. This is complete injustice in Sweden.
06:30 January 22, 2010 by warriorwithin
Swedes are bigger crookes than Indians, Indian all know the swede's role in Bofors scam and now their role in 3G spectrum mess
09:25 January 22, 2010 by Kaethar
@voidplay: No, they're economic migrants. Nice attempt at ranting though.
14:16 January 22, 2010 by voidplay

Yes technically it is but sometimes I wonder if the word makes any sense in today's world.

Historically people move where there are resources, money, industry etc

And today all of these immovable things seems to be moving ..... anywhere where there is cheap(er) labour and market, a bit topsy turvy -- so why make a big deal about economic migration and pretend that it is not the most natural thing to happen when in fact it is.
15:16 January 22, 2010 by libra74
All those who are not aware of the real face of Inidans, please you need to see the real face of so called democratic country. More than 85 thousands have been killed in Kashmir alone . One of the most poorest ppl living in India, but on the other hand nuclear wpns, missiles tests and one of the biggest standing army always posing threats to neighbouring country. Not a single neighbour country has any cordial relation with India. Any person from 'DALIT' race is still considered untouchable... this is the real face of India. Now start abusing me... but that what the truth is...
17:07 January 22, 2010 by Nemesis
People traffickers should be locked up and left in jail.
18:34 January 22, 2010 by Kaethar
@voidplay: A refugee is someone who is in real danger of others in their country of origin. To get asylum you need to prove you are personally being targeted. The exception is made if your whole country is a battle zone. Indian "refugees" are economic migrants who are trying to escape poverty - they are not in mortal danger. Kashmir? A land debate. Those who want to get away from the conflict move to other parts of India. There is no refugee situation in Kashmir. It would be as if conflict erupted in Skåne between Swedes and Danes (fighting over the province). Would Swedes in Skåne be able to claim refugee status in Canada? No, since they could simply move to another part of Sweden to avoid the fight. This is why Sweden has started sending refugees back to Iraq unless they can prove they are being personally targeted. Some parts of Iraq are still dangerous but the north is not, and that's why they are turning down refugee claims.
19:17 January 22, 2010 by voidplay

I agree to the refugee part but I was alluding to the validity f the term 'economic migrant' because in a world where resources, capital, finished goods and end markets have no border. The fact that labour alone can be restricted (i.e. not free market) is a bit mind boggling.

of course I agree that nature corrects itself.
19:58 January 22, 2010 by skatty
Some confusion on refugee is on comments:

The 1951 United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (as a mended by a Protocol, 1967) defines a refugee as any person who, owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion, is outside the country of his or her nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail him- or herself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of former habitual residence as a result of such events, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it.

Anybody, who comes to Sweden, can seek to open a case as a refugee, but it doesn't mean that they would be accepted, the case would be studied. Most of people who came in Sweden in 80s and early 90s were refugees (Iran, Iraq, previous Yugoslavia …) because of war and political problems. However, in Sweden there was a custom to accept the refugee applications and then reject it, to ask if the refugee wants to continue to live in Sweden base on Humanitarian reason or wants to get lawyer to continue his/her case to remain refugee (political); but mostly gave up with lawyer, and so, Sweden got immigrants!!
16:07 January 23, 2010 by Marc the Texan
Half the news and crimes in Sweden revolve primarily around the continual influx of illegal aliens and economic migrants gaining status as asylum seekers.
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