Police raid uncovers Aladdin’s cave of stolen goods

Police raid uncovers Aladdin's cave of stolen goods
A police raid in southern Sweden has led to the discovery of a dazzling array of stolen goods, including boat engines, vehicles, heat pumps, weapons, musical instruments, psalm books, lamps, computers, glass objects, fittings for an entire kitchen, and a spiral staircase.

A 51-year-old man is being held in custody as police seek to unravel what has developed into the biggest investigation into the concealment of stolen goods in the history of Kronoberg County.

Police participating in the Boxing Day raid could hardly believe their eyes on finding that the farm was being used to hold up to 1,000 stolen items. The find occurred almost by chance, as police were led to the stolen goods after stopping a man under the influence of drugs who had just left the farm.

The loot had been taken from homes and businesses, handymens’ vehicles, forest machinery, and “all possible places where there are things that can be stolen,” said police spokesman Robert Loeffel.

Seven to eight officers have been working full time sifting through the masses of stolen good discovered on a farm near Växjö to which the 51-year-old had access.

Most of the items had been delivered by truck to premises on the farm rented for the express purpose of concealing the vast array of stolen property.

“We are now faced with the enormous task of retuning all of this to its rightful owners,” said Loeffel.

The raid also led to discovery of 160 grammes of amphetamines, a loaded sawn-off shotgun, a revolver, a second rifle, a pen gun, and a quantity of explosives.

The 51-year-old is being held on suspicions of concealing stolen goods, drug offences and weapons offences.

A repeat offender, he had been scheduled to begin serving a one year sentence this January for hiding stolen goods.

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