Obese drunk driver: ‘I’m too fat for jail’

A 60-year-old man convicted of drunk driving in northern Sweden has applied to the government for a pardon on the grounds that he is too fat to go to jail.

Weighing in at 208 kilos (458 lb), the man from Älvsbyn in the far north has written to the government requesting either a full pardon or the right to serve out his month-long sentence at home wearing an ankle monitor.

The man, who is 175 centimetres (5’9″) tall, said he was currently in hospital receiving treatment for his obesity, local newspaper Norrländska Socialdemokraten reports.

“The way things have been the last three years, I’ve hardly even gone outside,” he writes in his application to the government.

He also claims to be in such poor health that he is no longer able to walk, making it almost impossible for him to make his way to the prison where he is scheduled to serve out his sentence.