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Mounting costs for royal wedding

Roger Choate · 7 Mar 2010, 09:07

Published: 07 Mar 2010 09:07 GMT+01:00

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A news programme at the weekend stated that the government allocated 40 million kronor to renovate a palace near Stockholm that the couple will live in. Another 8 million kronor over two years has been granted to run the place.

“You’ll need security guards, personnel to manage the grounds, and others to create a functioning household for the Crown Princess and Daniel,” said Lena Westlin at the Finance Ministry.

Two thousand police, meantime, will be on duty on June 19, at a cost of 7 million kronor, when the couple are married in a resplendent ceremony in Stockholm Cathedral. A total of 14 million kronor has been earmarked to renovate parts of the Cathedral itself.

Some 2,500 soldiers and employees at the Defence Ministry will participate in a wedding day parade. The cost has not been announced. A total of 4 million kronor has been allocated to the Foreign Ministry to deal with the international press, along with diplomats and international royalty.

The City of Stockholm is forking out over 7 million kronor for a two week festival called “Love Stockholm 2010.” This is viewed as a clever way to market the Swedish capital, according to Municipal Culture Director Berit Svedberg. “The attention of the entire world will be focused on Stockholm during this period.”

Westling, 36, is currently participating in an 18-month programme sponsored by the royal court to enhance his understanding about ceremonies and cultural legacies linked to the history of the Swedish monarchy.

Westling, equity partner in three fitness gyms, met Victoria in 2002 while he was her personal trainer. The engagement to the Crown Princess, 33, was announced last year.

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A few months ago Westling underwent a successful kidney transplant operation, with his father as donor.

Roger Choate (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:38 March 7, 2010 by Great Scott
What a waste of money.
10:34 March 7, 2010 by Nemesis
This is starting to look like it is going to be a big party.

Hopefully all the kommunes will organise something and the entire country can have a party.

Expect a lot of tourists for this wedding, which will more than cover the cost of the wedding and create profit.

The increase in trade for the wedding will more than offset the cost and increase the tourism base with people who would not normally come to Sverige.
11:07 March 7, 2010 by Puffin
As I understand the article less than half of the 80 million is actually spent on the wedding - 54 million of the costs relate to rennovating state owned historic buildings.

Perhaps the government should ask the King to chip in?
11:46 March 7, 2010 by adigunbabatunde@yahoo.com
Well its a royal wedding...u can spend as much as you require. I hope we get a chance to the souvenirs...
11:59 March 7, 2010 by Tim Harrison
This wedding is not only a chance to bring in tourist money, but aslo as a much needed opportunity to do the type of renovations and updates that would otherwise take ages to get through budgetary committees. When one looks back on the Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II in 1977, it is clear that the nation really needed just such a celebration in the midst of ecomonic turmoil and social unrest. In the final analysis, I believe that the Swedish people will look back on this wedding as a time of unity in what is clearly an uncertain age.
12:05 March 7, 2010 by StockholmSam
I have heard a great deal about how much money will flow into Sweden as a result of this wedding, and that it will far exceed the money spent, thus resulting in some sort of "profit." However, I have serious doubts that I will see any profit from it personally even though it is being funded by the taxes I pay. I hope the revenues enhance Stockholm in such a way that I benefit. If it helps only the shareholders of local businesses, that will not be of much use to me. If it helps repair streets, improve T-bana performance, increase cultural offerings, stimulate more and better restaurants, and fund improvements in health care, then wonderful! Will be interesting to see the fallout in a year's time.
12:40 March 7, 2010 by Marley420
Money should not be the issue, the Crown Princess is to married. I am glad that my daughter will experience this Royal Wedding in her lifetime.
13:13 March 7, 2010 by Kevin Harris
What a great chance for Stockholm to showcase itself. The city will get a spring clean and restaurants and hotels will be full. Those responsible for developing business, prestige and tourism for Stockholm must be feeling very pleased.
13:49 March 7, 2010 by junaid iqbal
Ecnomic crices, lake of jobes, homeless people in streets......................and 80 million is going just to waste...........................hahahahahahahha funny and foolish decision.

Give this money to poor people they will pray hole life for princess.
14:21 March 7, 2010 by johnnyrebel
Maybe a quiet trip to the altar with a justice of the peace and the immediate families. A nice little honeymoon in the Bahamas. Ten or fifteen thousand dollars max...end of story. Come on.

80 million and counting just to have these two retarding looking people get married. -Peropaco...You are killing me...hahaha.
14:27 March 7, 2010 by Mib
Coming from the UK, I very rarely heard anything about the Swedish Royal family. So, where is the extra tourism coming from outside Sweden to make this a profitable occasion? Is it germany, the other Nordic countries?.....or is it this superiority thing that I keep hearing about Sweden :0)
15:31 March 7, 2010 by ameribrit
Gotta go with Stockholm Sam on this one.
15:44 March 7, 2010 by Sjayna
Why pay over 100 million kr each year to support the monarchy plus its extra 'stupidity costs'?! Time to get rid of this outdated rotten system based on privilegies.NOW ! At least the monarchy should be separarted from the State, as with the Swedish church. Let them who want, be paying members of 'The Swedish Monarchy Club'.
16:00 March 7, 2010 by richardbw
So the Royals even charge the state for "Mounting costs", that is called something else where I am from, or maybe I've got mixed up?
16:19 March 7, 2010 by rba
So I'm paying for this wedding and I don't even get an invitation.
16:39 March 7, 2010 by Davey-jo
@ richardbw

As she's a royal filly I suppose her mounting costs would be quite high. Let's hope there's full coverage.
18:52 March 7, 2010 by square
Tourists coming to Sweden especially for this wedding, are you guys for real??? All that will come will be a group of over priviliged dignitaries who will have their costs covered by the Swedish government. It's a disgraceful waste of money.
19:50 March 7, 2010 by Larry Thrash
This article says nothing about the millions and millions of dollars that will be brought into Sweden because of the Wedding. Sveriges Radio like the Public Broadcasting Service in the USA only look at things from the view of the leftist. How much does the Welfare State cost the tax payers each day?
19:54 March 7, 2010 by FACTSPOLICE
Wast of tax payers money! Most marriages in Sweden end up in divorce, so money down the drain! Put the
19:56 March 7, 2010 by iris1829
Ridiculous! Its not really "lagom". Why don't they split the cost of the wedding in half and do something "vettig" with it instead.
20:54 March 7, 2010 by adigunbabatunde@yahoo.com
well I always have problem with people who personalise taxes as if it came from them only...these people (royal family) represent the swedish state and therefore are paid by the state...I hope that you know that the royal family may also be paying taxes but even if they are not. its the choice the state made to allow monarchy...if it creates so much brohaha they can as well scrap it altogether.

on the final note:

those who live at the temple feed at the temple capish.
21:21 March 7, 2010 by Alannah
It's a bit ironic that Skatteverket squeezes every single penny it can get out of everyone but turns a blind eye to overexpenditure of tax money on something like this.
00:33 March 8, 2010 by Rutkowski
If I'm to pay for this wedding I'm going to invite myself. Find me and other anti-royalists there to voice our opinion on this huge waste of money needed eslewhere.
01:09 March 8, 2010 by Blackman_for_Blondes
Money well worth it! I wonder can I have the first night with the bride by any chance??? I have royal Jamaican pirate blood..LOL
01:14 March 8, 2010 by Norman Teigen
That sum doesn't seem so large. As an American, I want to wish Sweden the very best. I am a 4th generation Norwegian who married a 4th generation Swede. When our ancestors left Scandinavia they were poor. Had they stuck around they'd be rich, I suppose.
02:32 March 8, 2010 by Greg in Canada
" I am glad that my daughter will experience this Royal Wedding in her lifetime."

Let's hope this royal wedding is more successful than Charles/Diana. It's not about the wedding. It's about the marriage.
05:55 March 8, 2010 by glamelixir
It hurts. Honestly I have no words to describe the lack of social awareness in this entire situation. No words to describe it.

I also wonder how can "the well educated people of Sweden" defend this. There are no words to describe how impotent I feel.

Something has to happen in this world for people to change and start caring.

They can not waste that insane amount of money.

Agree with each and every word of all those who gave their opinions against this.
06:32 March 8, 2010 by ooh456
As a taxpaying professional in Sweden, I don't really care about the money. What I care about is perpetuating the history and mythology of royalty as something 'worth being preserved' instead of something to be embarrassed and ashamed of. Sweden is a successful social democracy and it's a country I am mostly proud to live in.

My solution is to end the monarchy and turn the castles into hydroponic marijuana farms. Sweden really needs these judging by the quality of what's available on the streets. My 2 ore anyway.
07:32 March 8, 2010 by villjobba
Can't believe my taxes are being applied to such a waste- and I did not even get invited!!
08:39 March 8, 2010 by rba
I'm glad that in my native country of Portugal we got rid of the monarchy for good. These families had been exploiting countries for centuries and centuries, why are the allowed to keep taking advantage of public money in the 21st century?
09:04 March 8, 2010 by zooeden
RBA, you´re in complete ignorancy to ask the question, you talk about "these families", what families???? If you´re talking about the Portuguese who had exploited America and Africa I would agree, however the Nordics have not exploited nobody for centuries and centuries and aeons of time so better read a bit more and dont start your frukost being so sur you portuguese...

And for whoever that does not understand or believe that this is paid from our taxes well dont be hypocrites next time you accept a black job, a little extra pay on the tax, failing to pay tv, downloading music/film, wrong parking, recycling or even getting around with your lover...
09:35 March 8, 2010 by Angusthefirst
@rba Spot-on.

@ zooeden "If you´re talking about the Portuguese who had exploited America and Africa I would agree, however the Nordics have not exploited nobody for centuries and centuries and aeons of time"

This is a joke right? Just because the exploitation hasn't happened for centuries it should just be forgotten? Somehow thinking the Nordic Royals have a squeaky clean history compared to those other "foreign" royals is deluding yourself. The difference is that Royals nowadays have PR people they may to make sure as little bad stuff as possible leaks out about them. Back in the day when the Porteugese and other royals were ruling around the world the Royals were so arrogant they didn't care to even cover up that they did anything bad as they saw it as their right.
12:03 March 8, 2010 by Last Viking
Its seems like a vast amount to spend on a marriage that hasn't a cats chance in a dogs home of lasting.

Nice to see that the British tradition of totally unsuitable marriages is being carried on in other European countries.

This comes neatly in to line withe the continuing fiasco of the Monaco "Royal Princesses" Caroline and Stephanie.

Who have manage to turn a comic opera kingdom to to a full blown circus and film musical all rolled in to one.

All in all the progeny of European Royalty are making the strong possibility that the royal houses will become extinct before long. A reality.
13:03 March 8, 2010 by rba
zooeden talk about missing the point... I was not saying these royal families exploit OTHER countries, I mean the countries where they are based. Just because you are born from a "king" shouldn't entitle you to be a parasite on the nation, as has happened for many centuries.

So my point is I'm glad that it doesn't happen anymore in my country, and I hope it stops happening in Sweden as well.
08:34 March 9, 2010 by jose_s
Victoria is supposed to be so active in human rights and anti poverty campaigns... how can she justify spending so much when she supposedly cares so much for those less fortunate? a let her have her 40 mill. wedding and put the other half into all of her causes...
13:42 March 9, 2010 by soultraveler3
That's my problem with it as well jose_s.

In a country that endlessly promotes how advanced they are in the areas of social equality compared to the rest of the world spending this much taxpayer money on a royal wedding doesn't make sense.

I have no problem with the monarchy per se, but they have so much money already AND they get a yearly living allowance on top of what they have that we the taxpayers pay. That should be more than enough for a very nice wedding. If the allowance doesn't cover it why not let daddy shell out for the rest of it from his own pocket like everyone's daddy?

They could've and imo, should've had a lovely, elegant, low-key wedding. With the current state that Sweden and the rest of the world is in they could've used this as a wonderful oppurtunity to set an example of how to be frugal and to prove that they are really about equality for all.

It's sickening, royality or not, to spend millions of dollars on a wedding. There are so many people here without jobs, the cities don't have enough money to clear snow or graffitti away, the social services are strained etc. Those millions could've made a big impact that would've helped alot of swedes. Instead, they're having a 2 week party for a bunch of wealthy people that already live a life well beyond most of us.
15:29 March 9, 2010 by rba
80 million kronor, that's much more than most people make in a lifetime.

For a wedding.
18:16 March 9, 2010 by titousmum
I'm just saying- in quickly glancing at the enduring photo above with the happy couple in profile:

Has a budget been produced to deal with the plastic surgery costs for the inevitable progeny that will come from this marriage? The likelihood that a little Princess-to-be will be about as attractive as Jay Leno in drag is an inevitability as far as I can see here.....To continue to attract interest in the Monarchy of this little country up here near to the North Pole- I think they're going to have to come up with something more attractive than that.

Not to say anything bad about the Royal Couple there...I'm sure they're lovely people, but they do have some kind of obligation to at least produce some kind of semi-attractive heir, don't they?

Just sayin'.....
18:40 March 9, 2010 by MJdS
If having a Royal Family is a countries´choice indeed, at least make the ruling of this "family" more democratic, modern, and fare: every 20 years or so, people should elect "The Family" chosen to be "Royal".. blood ties as the criteria alone is not suitable anymore, and sends out a wrong message... The Royal Titles should be passed from one family to another based on merit and choice, not inheritance..
22:03 March 9, 2010 by peropaco
Seems the long royal arm has reached the the Local as well. I had previously written that Victoria and grease spoon Daniel look retarded and the local were so afraid of repercussion they had to delete it.

Agree tiousmum. Isn't it ironic that Sweden is known for being the land of some very attractive people, yet the Bernadotte's are some of the ugliest in town? As the Martian trumpet player from NYC subway once said; the problem with the world is neither Aids nor drugs; Ugly people are the real problem. We are ugly indeed as we are so indifferent to the suffering of the world. I am sure if they took a poll and ask the Swedish people if they had a choice to use those 100Million Kronor to send to Haiti and Chile or pay for a useless wedding; I would bet anything they would say lest spend it on the big fiesta.
09:16 March 10, 2010 by J Jack
There will be no increase in tourism or trade for the wedding. No one outside Sweden cares about the Swedish Royals, except the service providers.
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