Six convicted over schoolgirl photo galleries

Six young men have been found guilty of aggravated defamation by a court in western Sweden after posting compromising picture galleries of local schoolgirls to the internet.

Varberg District Court convicted the boys and young men, aged 16 to 20, after they were found guilty of having created four image galleries and films of more than 30 teen schoolgirls from the small town of Falkenberg, local newspaper Hallandsposten reports.

The galleries included the names of the girls and were captioned with comments of a sexual nature.

The material was all made available on the internet, with the image galleries appearing on video website YouTube for several hours.

The court gave the 20-year-old man a suspended sentence and ordered him to perform community service, while the remaining boys received sentences ranging from youth community service to juvenile care. A further 16-year-old boy was cleared of all charges.

Ruling that the case constituted a serious violation, the court also ordered all six to pay the girls 15,000 kronor ($2,000) each in damages, a figure that would have been set at a higher rate had the perpetrators been older and in possession of greater finances.