Students give Swedish schools high marks

Most students in Sweden thrive in school, the National Agency for Education's (Skolverket) 2009 attitude survey has revealed.

Students give Swedish schools high marks
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Eight out of 10 pupils are satisfied with their schoolwork and nine out of 10 like their teachers. A total of 4300 primary and secondary school students and 2000 teachers took part in the survey.

The teachers’ ability to teach received good reviews from the students, as well as their ability to explain when students do not understand. However, they are considered not as skilled at engaging.

For their part, teachers are not completely satisfied with the school environment to teach according to the students’ different needs. For example, one-third believe that it is difficult to give students extra support when they need it.

The survey also shows that girls are both more involved in school activities and more stressed in school than boys. The difference increases with age. From ages 10 to 12, there is no difference in stress level, but in high school, half of the girls said that they feel stressed, compared to only one-fifth of the boys.

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