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Tiger and Elin to divorce in Sweden: reports

The Local · 14 May 2010, 17:59

Published: 14 May 2010 17:59 GMT+02:00

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Nordegren could receive up to $300 million (2.28 billion kronor) in a settlement, but the couple are said to be determined to keep the settlement confidential and leave the division of their properties out of any court filings, the report said.

Separately, Nordegren is "desperate to start a new life in Sweden" and determined to take the children with her, the US edition of OK! Magazine reported.

Nordegren is keen to return to Sweden permanently to raise Sam, 2, and Charlie, 15 months.

"She can establish residency with the kids in Sweden," Joe Langlois, an L.A. celebrity lawyer, told OK!

"Elin is working around the clock to cut a custody deal that will allow her to permanently move herself and the kids to Sweden," a source told the magazine. "Elin is fighting for sole custody. Tiger is having none of it. Elin just wants to shield her children from the scandal, not punish Tiger. Elin would never, ever stop him from seeing them."

Separately, NBC's Today show reported on Wednesday that the golf superstar's marriage is all but over and there is "zero chance of reconciliation" between the two. According to a source, Nordegren is so certain that she won't be taking up residence with Woods in their Florida home that she's "rushing renovations on her house in Sweden. She plans on living there full time."

The source added that the couple are only communicating through their lawyers.

"They're only talking through lawyers right now and it's only about the kids," Today reported.

Discussions about custody are taking place without the divorce filing taking place, said the source, who emphasised that Nordegren is "100 percent filing," just not yet.

The delay was a concession to Woods.

"Tiger begged her to wait until after The Masters," Today reported the source as saying. "But she is over it, done. Nordegren's sister and mother won't forgive Tiger and have encouraged her to leave him, and are thrilled that she won't be returning to the States to live permanently."

Meanwhile, TMZ reported that Nordegren hired a London-based law firm in January where her sister Josefin works to represent her in a divorce, one and a half months after the scandal first broke.

According to a new book, Tiger: The Real Story, by People Magazine staff writer Steve Helling, Woods asked his future wife out five times before she accepted. Even then she wasn't sure she wanted to go out with him.

"Elin Nordegren was not the type of young woman to date Tiger Woods, at least not at first," wrote Helling. "For one thing, she had a boyfriend at home in Sweden. He was a normal, decent guy, driving a forklift in a warehouse. If things worked out with him, her life would be safe and predictable, an option that Elin actually found extremely appealing."

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The book went on to say, "Dating Tiger Woods would be just the opposite: paparazzi and tabloids would be around every corner and Elin couldn't bear the thought of such an invasion of privacy. Besides, she really didn't find Tiger attractive; he simply wasn't her type.

"The challenge of the pursuit appealed to Tiger. The more Elin declined, the more insistent Tiger became. On his fifth request, Elin finally agreed to go out with him, but only for one date. She knew he would keep asking her out until she said yes, so this would be the easiest way to get him off her back."

After a surprisingly low-key date of dinner and a movie, Nordegren was surprised to find that she liked the golfer, Helling wrote.

"For the first time, Elin didn't feel that she was with a celebrity; she felt that she was out with a nice, normal guy," wrote Helling. She was surprised to be falling for him so quickly."

The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

18:28 May 14, 2010 by Renfeh Hguh
$300 million for doing what?

For f..ks sake!
18:42 May 14, 2010 by Abbot
For being married, dude. Read the law. If you don't like it, stay single.
19:11 May 14, 2010 by zooeden
Talking bout crazy swedish women guys!!! anyone a beer???
19:14 May 14, 2010 by silly t
that's a Swedish Scam
19:38 May 14, 2010 by StockholmSam
As much as I can't stand Tiger for what he has done, count me as one who hopes he prevents her from bringing the kids to Sweden.
19:43 May 14, 2010 by Dazzler
He could just strangle her out and do his year or 2 in a Swedish prison, aka hotel, and save himself a ton o cash.
19:54 May 14, 2010 by zircon
Go home and watch a nice movie. Take the money and run? (Woody Allen.) No, you chose...
20:24 May 14, 2010 by misssh
she was just waiting for this moment her whole married life to tiger

hooker Swedish gold digger
20:42 May 14, 2010 by Sheila Craig
What on earth did she or anyone else see in him other than his money and she is certainly going to benefit from that?
21:44 May 14, 2010 by Radical1
Im with you there Missah, she knew all along he was cheating and was in it for the ride also the actor Jim Carrey said, what i find strange is when Tiger Woods became famous he was interviewed on TV and was thanking the press for giving him his private life. For someone who earns that much money why did the press give him his private life. Did the press and co put out the bait for him?
21:48 May 14, 2010 by christo
realy this one is a gold digger coz if u had a boyfirend in swden then why did u go to tiger who u said in ure book that he was not attractive at fast sight. then that means she just wanted to make money and waite for divorce then run. my God swedish women. but no matter what u do the kids will grow up and go back and u wont do nothing coz they will be in cahrge then u will eat the money and wether it finishes or not who knows then u digg another one hehehehe
21:55 May 14, 2010 by truthworthy
This law is stupid. she should only get what he offers her, not divide his fortune, he worked hard for it, not her. this sucks. but the fact that he cheated sucks more.
22:00 May 14, 2010 by ringorm
Funny how all americans in here seem to forget that Tiger was the one cheating on her with several women.
22:21 May 14, 2010 by wxman
I'm an American and I think Elin is entitled to anything she can get. Was she a goldigger? Maybe, who knows. The one thing I do know is she didn't "make" him cheat on her. He knew the rules. He f**ked up, now it's time to pay up.
23:18 May 14, 2010 by jbkulp
A. There is absolutely NO evidence that Elin married him for his money. Just a lot of morons here speculating.

B. There are TONS of evidence, including his own admission, that he serially cheated on her with a world class group of absolute sluts.

C. There is NO evidence that she ever cheated on him. Ever.

D. Maybe the only decent thing this guy has done is take care of her and her kids--for whatever amount of money they decide.

E. It is their own private affair and all the ignoramuses here should just mind their own business instead of making stupid, ignorant comments. Period.
23:22 May 14, 2010 by Just_Kidding
I wonder why a rich guy like Tiger wanted to marry?
23:24 May 14, 2010 by mikmak
What a bunch of top media outlets that were quoted in this piece of journalism, Daily Telegraph, OK!, and TMZ, c'mon
04:53 May 15, 2010 by JoeSwede
I thought there was a prenup? no?
08:33 May 15, 2010 by calebian22
There was a prenup. It will be interesting how this plays out.
08:56 May 15, 2010 by PonceDeLeon
Maybe now we'll get to see Elin on dancing with the stars, errr Skating with stars, or my personal favorites "farmboy looking for a "fling", err wife.. or Lonely "and homely" mothers...
09:29 May 15, 2010 by Vietvet
@PonceDeLeon. I agree. It looks Sweden will now have a new super star in the calibre of the BS Anna Anka. Hopefully, and I believe Elin will do this, she does not go that route.

Lastly, I agree with some of the statements above that Tiger is the one at fault here for cheating.
09:33 May 15, 2010 by willpf
The guy's ugly as sin, why else did she marry him other than money
09:41 May 15, 2010 by mdeklyn
oh come on guys we know why she married him, the money and the fame, and now she has both without any effort, he did her a favour, and he was set up, we know that swedish women do the same to any man, take them for everything they are worth
10:59 May 15, 2010 by Frobobbles
She is very pretty, but the local chose a horrible pic.
11:04 May 15, 2010 by G Kin
It looks like The Local is doing a good job editing some of the posts here.

That is good, so we do not have to read let alone replying to the depressing posts.
11:47 May 15, 2010 by Nilspet
I totally agree with StockholmSam #5. It would be diaster for the kids.
12:18 May 15, 2010 by wenddiver
More importantly he is losing at golf. Another bimbo he can obviously get. Give her $300 million, so you can get on with winning and making money........a deal.
12:25 May 15, 2010 by amirhosein
What about an article about the former boyfriend, who was a normal, decent guy, driving a forklift in a warehouse?

Is it possible for you to do an interview?

Maybe he has got something interesting to say on the whole thing?
12:49 May 15, 2010 by svenskdod
I just hope she can get things over and done with. Then come home and raise her kids in a safe environment. As long as she keeps away from the main centres it will be possible.
12:58 May 15, 2010 by Suprise
Some of you guys are cracking me up.. no one forced his butt down the isle.. He did that of his won free will.. So saying she is a gold digger, well he obviously wanted a trophy wife so who is the worse there.

Also.. the pre-nuptial has a infidelity clause which HE signed.. So if he couldn't keep it in his pants then he deserves what he gets..

What no one seems to touch on here is.. Did she love him? Cause if she did and all of this cheating came out in public as it did, its a hard slap in the face for her and she entitled to every penny.. Believe me.. Being his trophy wife was probably not as easy as you people think..
15:24 May 15, 2010 by unbelievablesweden
Tiger is being duped. Though Sweden is a signatory country to the Hague Convention with regards to international parental child abduction, they NEVER adhere to it. The reason I mention this is that there are many cases where Swedish born parents take their children away from the other parent, a non-swede, and escape back to Sweden. In fact, there is an organization that is funded by the Swedish government that helps these parents with the children stay out of the limelight so to speak and under the radar, away from the other parent whom wants the kids returned. They do this for a year or so, and then the Swedish courts rule that the children should not be returned to the other parent's home country because they are already are a part of the Swedish school system and taking them away would not be in the best interest of the child. Utter BS. This back story is important because once Tiger says it is ok for the kids to be brought up in Sweden, he will rarely get to see them, and they will be absolutely turned against him. How do they do this? Simple, the make the kids learn Swedish (which Tiger does not speak fluently) and English, a secondary language, is not learned until about 6. So for the next 5 years, Tiger will not be able to communicate with his kids. Despite what his lawyers tell him, he loses. Elin and her lawyer sister knows this.. Right or wrong as to what Tiger did, these kids are still partly his.
16:34 May 15, 2010 by G Kin
For sure unbelievablesweden.

You hit it on the head.
17:20 May 15, 2010 by jbkulp
Yeah for sure. Name any case and name this organization you claim does this and is supported by the Swedish government. I'm waiting with baited breath.
17:43 May 15, 2010 by unbelievablesweden
As to the comment above from "jbkulp", you must have your head in the sand or clueless as to what is going on in dear ole Sweden. First off, you need not wait any longer with your baited breath. Read the following two links and then eat your crow.



It is the naivety of many people that makes the intelligence of others so dangerous. Tiger is getting lip service from his lawyers who clearly do not know how the legal system works, that is works against, non-Swedes. Nice to see that G Kin understands!!
17:57 May 15, 2010 by magirus
Actually The Local itself has reported how tough is the life for a foreign father in this coutry

19:13 May 15, 2010 by PROUDLY NAIJA SUWE
i dont see any reason why tiger should after such ugly girl,well i know she was up to something at the begining of the relationship because she has a forklift boyfriend.THIS LADY IS A SCAMMER.
19:42 May 15, 2010 by jimthat
the girl is really beautifull for the swedish standards .i think she lost by the marriage because she will have to carry on his sons all her life .but on the other side she will get a good amount of money .good bussness or not ? i dont know
20:01 May 15, 2010 by DeadPrez
Why bring these poor kids to a country whose main national debate is "these immigrants and their eroding of Swedish culture"

If she really cares about the kids she should take the money but stay in the States or move to a more racially integrated country like the U.K

Or does 300 million make up for their lack of blue eyes and blond hair?

23:01 May 15, 2010 by Smartone
All, I have to say for now, This marriage is obviously not based on loyality because one of them is wrong. There's no need to find out that who is right or who is wrong; It has turned out already, where Elin says that she didn't find ''Tiger'' him attractive at the first sight but soon after the first date she fell in love sharply, If it's love then there should be mutual understanding along with likeness to each other regardless of financial or fame status. She acclaimed that she has a nice-looking bf that let one to think that either she should love her Swedish bf or her wealthy famous star? Surprisingly in case she continue to have relationship with her Swede bf then it was a scam to grab his money.
01:07 May 16, 2010 by DAVID T
I don't doubt she should get something but half is unreasonable - if he was getting it at home he wouldn't need to look elsewhere - woman are all the same - great in bed untill you marry them then they just make your life hell and drive you to another woman then they screw you financially.
02:10 May 16, 2010 by Frobobbles
Some seem to think it is a lot of money. But what you miss is that she is a beautiful woman. That is what we men are genetically constructed to appreciate. How could such a thing as beauty not be worth all the money in the world and then some?
02:30 May 16, 2010 by kenny8076
ringorm it has nothing to do with Americans, he cheats he loses 300 million, she cheats, he divorces her and she still takes the kids to Sweden and may not get 300 million but gets child support every month. It has to do with a crooked flawed system. Why should cheating cost people(men) hundreds of millions of dollars?
03:58 May 16, 2010 by henry Chan
She got what she wanted!
09:07 May 16, 2010 by meatpie
Can't believe all this animus towards the wife. It was "tiger" that got married, had kids with her, then started dipping his wick into every Vegas lady of the night he ran into. There is a name for that. It is "adultery". And the law is very clear about what happens when a married man engages in that. Tiger is a likeable golf hero, but he betrayed his wife and kids. He deserves everything he gets. And his wife getting $300M but leaving Tiger's ongoing income alone? If she went for the jugular she could get so much more. The way the press is going after Tiger over this, she could totally break him if she wanted to. Tiger is getting off lightly.
12:16 May 16, 2010 by Marc the Texan
I think she deserves every penny!!!
12:34 May 16, 2010 by Leo Danial
: Another Swedish Blonde Success!

She had a forklift driver for a boyfriend, & she would be happier with him! Woods insisted many times to go out with her, & she kept refusing!

He wasn't her type ... why ... because he is black ... maybe!

Once out with him ... she fel in love with him ... R we supid enough & ready to believe anything written in the Social media!

I think she was waiting for such a day ... the profitable benifitial divorce ... the bigger the scandal ... the bigger settelment ... 300 000 000 $ x 7.7 kr !

Wasn't she aware all this time of what was going on?

I agree with everybody that Woods was & still is a very bad example or idol ... but he didn't make his fortune by being bad or a cheater or a womanizer!

He was & still is one of the best Golfers ... this is how he made his money! What his wife had to do with all this ... I mean his career!

It looks that this was the perfect or the ideal investment ... leave the forklift driver ... make it difficult for the black prince to get into your bed ... press him to marry U to get some Blonde pussy! then deprive him of it gradually by acting the cold Swedih ... It will not take so long for Woods to engage in adultries ... & just wait for the Media Bomb to explode ... finally collect the Big Money!

In the poetic justice system ... she doesn't deserve that kind of money ... & the American laws R just stupid ... Day after day, Earth is becoming Women's Planet !!!!!!!!
16:50 May 16, 2010 by christo
hehehhee ok welcome home her skattverket with the 300m hehehe. taxes taxes hehehehehe. if u think this is america hehehehe then u r in sweden
02:18 May 17, 2010 by bbeynch
Good thinking Elin! But don't settle for anything less than 1,000,000,000.00 (I'm serious. This philandering prison yard thug has that and then some). And when you're done, turn him upside down and shake out any lose change from his pockets! He is a useless piece of trailer park trash this Woods creature, and deserves to end up living in a hovel. Except don't do it in Sweden. Your mother's political party is not exactly know for its fair tax policy. Good luck Elin. You deserve it!
07:58 May 17, 2010 by G Kin

hahaha, you are right. Skattverket is waiting. Well, I guess she will come home but not bring then money.


It is amazing how people some times personalize things. You may not like his behaviou but why hate him?. That doesn't make you any better and remember his remains the father to her children.

Finally, I hope you haven't got any skeletons, no matter how small, in your own closset! :(
08:10 May 17, 2010 by christo
even if she doesnt come with the money as long as she is here permanently and our lovely skatteverket knows about the 300m. once it passes in there head that u have it and u r here then it has to be taxes hehehe. me l welcome her. and even if she comes with the kids in no years they will be back in usa. hehehe they will run the taxes and the life here u waute and see.

me l always sing a song here , skatt, skatt where are u. but l know there watching and waiting for her to get on that flight hehehehe. she will run back by herself
12:46 May 17, 2010 by wabasha
I hope it takes years to settle and the lawyers get all the money.
14:40 May 17, 2010 by J Jack
Does this mean we (the taxed) have to pay for their divorce as well as the royal wedding ?... and will we also have to pay for the royal divorce?
16:44 May 17, 2010 by ramazama
Well said , unbelieveablesweden , its because they have this sick delusion that sweden is some kind of utopia , get rid of the cave man langauge , make english the first langauge , move into the 21 st century .
20:51 May 17, 2010 by Alannah
I think she has done very well out of the whole thing ...nanny turned millionaire overnight. Am sure the Swedish tax authorities are already licking their lips at getting their hands on half of her divorce settlement.

She seems very ordinary and plain ....and also quite boring ... maybe that's why Tiger started looking elsewhere....
02:10 May 18, 2010 by Maddog80
Wow, the nanny is all set to make more than Mr Panavik.
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