Small business owners forego summer hols

While long summer holidays are a matter of course for most Swedes, many small business-owners take a fortnight or less, according to a new survey by member organisation Företagarförbundet.

Small business owners forego summer hols

“The situation is serious. We have mapped working hours and holiday habits over several years and the burden is getting heavier. Many argue that it is difficult to improve profitability and this prevents them from taking time off,” said Camilla Littorin at Företagarförbundet, which represents small businesses, in a statement.

The survey shows that around half of small business-owners take a maximum of two weeks summer holiday and five percent do not take any holiday at all.

The survey also shows that many small business-owners would like to take more time off if possible.

“I spread out my free days, I want to be available for clients and employees, keep a check on invoices and taxes and have to pull in revenues,” was one testimony from a small business-owner cited in the report.

Camilla Littorin argues that it has to become more profitable to run a small business and calls for a cut in burdensome payroll taxes.

“It would not only strengthen companies’ finances, it increases employment and furthermore increases the chances for small business-owners to be able to take time off,” she said.

“Profitable companies are also a prerequisite for our welfare services.”

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