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Danish nationalist rallies for Sweden Democrats

TT/Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 10 Sep 2010, 11:35

Published: 10 Sep 2010 11:35 GMT+02:00

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Kjærsgaard whose national conservative party has supported the Danish governing coalition of Liberal and Conservative parties since 2001, plans to visit Sweden to "experience the conditions of a Sweden election and to talk about democracy and freedom of speech", according to a party statement.

Kjærsgaard made headlines in some Danish and Swedish media week when she criticised the Swedish press for "acting as if they were in a banana republic" following the refusal of broadcaster TV4 to send an election campaign film by the Sweden Democrats.

The controversial Danish politician does not make a habit of taking part in election campaigns in foreign countries and has previously resisted several pleas from the Sweden Democrats for help.

"Mona Sahlin has demonised the Danish People's Party," said DF's press spokesperson Søren Søndergaard to news agency TT, by way of explanation for Kjærsgaard's change of stance.

Social Democrat leader Mona Sahlin is on record as saying Sweden risks going down Denmark's path if SD get into Sweden's parliament, the Riksdag when the votes are counted on September 19th.

While DF do not hold any cabinet posts the party enjoys a close cooperation with the government parties on most issues, and has pushed through a restrictive policy line towards immigrants and potential refugees.

The party claimed 13.9 percent of the votes in the 2007 parliamentary elections after a dramatic rise in support following the Muhammad cartoons controversy in 2006.

The DF do not have any formal cooperation with Sweden's SD nor with any other foreign far-right party but argue that the party has managed to silence its more extremist elements in recent years, becoming a more serious political party.

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The Swedish police are well-prepared for the meeting in the west coast town of Höganäs.

"We have however not received any indication that there will be fights," said police spokesperson Charley Nilsson to TT.

TT/Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

13:59 September 10, 2010 by byke
We dont want foreign scum like the Danish in Sweden!

Vote SD.

All White ballot papers

All White ink.

All White power!
14:09 September 10, 2010 by Angusthefirst
Ironic that SD are allowing "foreigners" (they are white of course) to help out with their campaign that largely rests on the multi-dimensional platitude to keep Sweden "Swedish." These bigoted parties really are an absolute joke.

I remember the best example of the pointlessness of these sorts of parties nationalistic obsession was after a set of European elections when a racist party from Czech Republic, campagning under the guise of being anti-Romanian had to sit next to the nationalistic Romanian party that campaigned against "foreigners" in Romania in parliament. A very frosty attitude prevailed you would think.....

Nationalistic parties really are ridiculous whatever the country they inhabit.....
14:20 September 10, 2010 by byke
Dear fellow SD fans,

just remember that due to liberal fascist scum hiding the SD ballot papers, we have changed it so that you need to put the all white paper in the all white envelope if you want to help rid this country of idiots.
15:13 September 10, 2010 by Syftfel
For all you who think this is wrong, (that a Danish coalition wants to help out) just think that the whole mess was created by the liberal left, headed up by the Social Dems. I think that Swedens SD is on a path to great victory on the 19th. What will you say then, all you sorry, marxist, creeps on the red/green flank? And Mona's pathetic comment "...Sweden risks gopuing down Denmark's path...". That would be a good thing according to many decent Swedes. Sweden should be so lucky! Forward to a new Nordic area!
15:57 September 10, 2010 by Rick Methven

Another stupid American who bitches about the Swedish system. You do not have a vote Sweden and whine about the system, the country in all your 33 posts. You are not an Asylum seeker, you have the great US of A to go back to so why not just LEAVE
18:57 September 10, 2010 by Dave N
Good luck to the Sweden Democrats! You are either voting for them and a free Sweden or for an Islamic Sweden with the other parties.

By the away - Angusthefirst (above) doesn't know the difference between Roma and Romanians. The Czech Nationalists and the Romanian Nationalists both despise the Roma - and with good reason!
19:16 September 10, 2010 by Argentina84
(From Wikepedia) "The Sweden Democrats believe that immigration, Islamization, supranationality (e.g., the European Union), cultural imperialism (mainly from the USA), and globalisation are threats to Swedish culture."

So, basically, their proposal is the total isolation of the Swedish country? HAHAHA How many years in history do they want to go back?
19:28 September 10, 2010 by Syftfel
@Methven; I'm surprised that your handlers haven't taught you that you critisize ideas, not people. Hence when you refer to me as a "stupid American" and "..bitches about the...system", "go back[to the USA]", "leave" and "whining" you're on thin ice with the censors at the Local. But I'm informed that you are one of those who can not stand diverging opinions, and that you make it your business to get everyone banned who does not agree with you. Right Methven? But then again you are the Ghazwa and I am, I suppose, the "Dhimmis". Since you counted my entries, how many did you have during the same period?
19:38 September 10, 2010 by StuartM
Pia Kjærsgaard is a bigoted, closed-minded fool who has been allowed far too much influence over politics in Denmark. I hope absolutely that the Swedes don't follow Denmark's example and instead shun idiots like her and Jimmie Åkesson who want to turn the country back to some 1950s vision of a prejudiced, monocultural society where immigrants, women and gay people were ridiculed and treated as second class citizens. Ner med SD! Rösta rödgrönt!
21:12 September 10, 2010 by Nemesis
@ Syftfel

I assume you do know that the Sweden Democrats oppose all forms of american influence and american culture, as well as seekign to remove all USA influences from Sweden.

It is part of there present campaign:)

As you support the Sweden Democrats, why do you hate the USA so much?
23:24 September 10, 2010 by Vendorune
I am still waiting for the left in both countries to find mutual support in mutual respect. There is huge power there, but it is easily lending only to the right -- which keeps left in fear.
05:28 September 11, 2010 by rymagnusson
@ Syftfel

You know how people can tell you are American? You use the phrase "liberal left". You have no idea that liberalism is a center-right economic position and that in the rest of the world uses the term correctly. Only Americans are so shifted from the political norm as to refer to it as a left position.
07:08 September 11, 2010 by Rick Muslim
Yes I agree with Rick! Back to USA with nonbeliever! Maybe America kick butt on England in 2 wars and save there bum in another. True. Maybe England people would be speaking German now if not for USA. True. Maybe USA come farther in 300 years than England in 4500 years but does not matter. If you against Islam in Sweden you against Rick, me and all rest of Islamic people who want peaceful Islamic state for Sweden. Ban racist!
09:40 September 11, 2010 by The Rabbi
We have Mossad on standby alert again accidents can happen crossing that bridge!!
10:35 September 11, 2010 by darrenj
Dirty white trash.

(no offense to trailer park families in the USA)
14:43 September 11, 2010 by calebian22
Good people down in the trailerhood.
15:53 September 11, 2010 by gosigkanin
I have a good feeling that SD is going to get a place in the parliament. Muslims should be worried, indeed. Sharia law ain't gonna be legal in Sweden, no way.
17:14 September 11, 2010 by Kevtravels
Is it presumptious of me to say this sounds like this will be the most interesting and entertaining election in Sweden ever?

What exactly is the importance of immigration on this election? Is it a huge issue or just a very important 1 that everyone wants to address but not directly?
19:12 September 11, 2010 by jimthat
I wonder what would happen iif somebody would write on a street wall some thing like immigrants out ,invaders out or lets get back our sweden .kind of 50"s allwhite sweden i think that poor would be jailed fined and very condemned by our new african-asian new bosses .

they are the new swedish law , they tell us what is good or bad they tell us what to do . and think they say white is bad and non white is good

may be the future of sweden will be a very untolerant anti white one
21:10 September 11, 2010 by wxman
HA HA HA ! Rick really has his "Shiite" together! Love his posts! ;~)
21:30 September 11, 2010 by Bob Jacobson
The reign of the DF has coincided with a lagging, sloppily managed economy, the rise of a drug mafia, and insane levels of corruption.

This is typical of nationalistic political parties: they fixate on pure whatever it is they are after -- I suppose in Sweden, citizenship based on having provable Viking blood -- and ignore the niceties of running a modern nation state.

None of my Danish friends or colleagues, from any political persuasion, speaks well of the DF. They consider it a party of rural rubes who live disconnected from the majority of Danish culture, fearful that their farms will be overrun by barbarians from the south (especially the Swiss).

If this was the Swedish future (of course it isn't), all power would emanate from a farmhouse in Hörby. That's inspiring (not).
10:13 September 12, 2010 by Uncle
Funny how Ricky Meth here objects the removal of all the non-voting, not-invited and complaining refugees from Sweden back to their wonderful and peaceful Islamic countries, but is the first to request th leave of an american who has an opinion....

How ironic.
20:03 September 12, 2010 by Angusthefirst
@ Dave N

Err, you're the one who is confused mate. Romania was a later entrant into the EU than foundation countries: once it happened many countries near it started becoming annoyed that so many Romanians were, due to their EU membership "invading" their country legally and they were often used as scapegoats by the nationalistic elements there.

Leave your personal dislike of the Roma people out of it: it has nothing to do with this debate as you obviously don't have the brain power to understand my fairly straight forward example. Not surprising coming from a SD supporter.... you guys aren't exactly brain surgeons!
12:15 September 13, 2010 by Vimo

aye, they demand Sweden for the Swedes! or the total isolation of Sweden...in other words you can see it as a true Communist thinking... whenever you go to the extreme you will meet the other side of the coin aye?

but they do love and import any kind of USA shite, how ironic is that?

isnt it partys like this and their ignorant followers just a bunch of bo..ocks? they do not even know what they stand for.

If you have a closer look you will realize it is not only Sweden but Europe and USA going backwards into a "nationalist" thinking mainly caused by the Crunch (thanks to USA of course), so they blame their "disgrace" on inmigrants...

when in reality the economies of all this 1st world countries have grown thanks to the use and in most cases exploitation of inmigrant working force...

in other words, inmigrants have boosted their economies and lives...

and they want to criminalize them haha

Nationalism = ignorance
10:20 September 25, 2010 by BunnyOlesen
VIMO - if you think nationalism is ignorance then you must hate all african and muslim countries - The reason people are going FORWARD into a nationlist thinking is because they, through their hard work created a beautiful and wealthy country, with wonderful standards, a country that cares about it's citizens with a low crime rate and now it is turning into a TOTAL CRAP hole by muslims. If they want to riot and burn and rape and rob and kill and throw rocks at city buses and be illiterate lazy sacks then they need to go somewhere else - you're welcome to go with them. let me guess Irish much>?
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