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Party leaders vow not to work with far-right

AFP/The Local · 13 Sep 2010, 07:47

Published: 13 Sep 2010 07:47 GMT+02:00

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"We won't touch them [the Sweden Democrats], even with tongs," Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt vowed on behalf of his four-party centre-right coalition during a long and heated debate broadcast live on Swedish public television.

Mona Sahlin, who is vying for his job heading the so-called Red-Green opposition coalition made up of her Social Democrats, the Greens and the formerly communist Left Party, agreed.

"The Sweden Democrats...always make the immigrants the culprits, either for taking jobs or for not taking jobs. Such a party can only be met with a crystal clear message: that we will not touch them, not cooperate with them," she said.

Their comments came as a Novus Opinion tally of five different polls published Sunday by Swedish public radio handed 4.6 percent of voter intentions to the far-right anti-immigrant party, which would be enough to secure them a place in parliament for the first time.

Observers have pointed out that if neither of the main political blocs, which have been neck-and-neck in polls for months, manage to secure more than 50 percent of the vote on September 19th, the Sweden Democrats could easily become the kingmaker in the parliament.

Reinfeldt's Moderate Party and its coalition members, the Liberal, Centre and Christian Democrat parties, have in recent polls taken a lead and in Sunday's tally, registered 50 percent of voter intention, compared to 43.6 percent for the centre-left opposition.

The prime minister has in recent weeks met criticism for saying he plans to hold on to his job if his coalition wins most votes, even if it means creating a minority government, with critics saying he then could be open to pressure from the far-right.

However, on Sunday, he stressed that if his bloc does not secure a majority, it will need to seek "a broader parliamentary solution," most likely looking to the Green Party for support.

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Meanwhile, Sahlin reiterated in Sunday's debate that she would not create a minority government that could be open to influence by the Sweden Democrats, insisting, "Sweden needs a majority government."

She has in recent weeks said she may try to woo over the Centre and Liberal parties if the opposition wins most votes, but not a clear majority, but both of those parties have said they would decline such an offer.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

08:14 September 13, 2010 by calebian22
"It's my ball, whaaa! I'm going home!" (stomp feet) Hilarious, to see the status quo shaken up. They need it.
08:28 September 13, 2010 by planethero
Is being against mass immigration actually far right?

Sure, hating XYZ is far right, but is wanting not to overtaken by outsiders "far right", otherwise why have countries always had borders? Isnt overpopulating the world and overspilling into other countries bad for the environemnt? surely anti immigration is "green".

Im getting so sick of this notion of "far right" and being told NOT to vote for them, i think ill vote SD just to annoy these smug self satisfied gits.
09:10 September 13, 2010 by Grubb
I already voted last week!
09:38 September 13, 2010 by hpunlimited
Everyone hates the new kid on the block. It is pretty stupid and undemocratic to refuse to even have a dialogue with a democratially elected party.

If you think that you are "right", then why are you so afraid of debating with the guy that is "wrong"?
09:39 September 13, 2010 by Eagle63
'always make the immigrants the culprits'

Well... they are..., as once again was evident on a saturdaynight last june in Lidkoping, where we (Dutch) had a great time with all the Swedish folks at the local bar. A tiny group of Maroccans started to behave badly toward some girls and later on started a fight amongst themselves. Luckily the police arrived in time to arrest the bastards. In the Netherlands is has become much worse than Sweden (although I don't know about Malmo...), hopefuly Sweden's tendency to be overly political correct will not result in the same mistakes that we made in Holland. Some backward cultures are just not compatible with our modern (although far from perfect) civilized society....
09:44 September 13, 2010 by nevon
No one refused to talk to them, they simply refuse to cooperate with them. Debating is one thing, allowing a poorly veiled band of Nazis to take part in governing the country is another. Being elected doesn't automatically mean that you get to govern, and you shouldn't forget that everyone else in parliament is elected too.
09:50 September 13, 2010 by boby
Its the red-green coalition that is the true Nazis. There politics are plain Fachists, the state will manage the life of the individuals, becuase the politicians know better then us how to live our lives. And they hate the Jews, and they want to perform ethnic cleansing in Sweden, replace the Swedish culture with the Muslim one. I, as a Jew, feel a duty to vote for SD, they are the only ones that stand up for us against the left-Nazis.
10:34 September 13, 2010 by Grubb
Well I believe that there is a huge growling problem in progress that the politicians are not admitting, just sweeping it under the rug and hope it goes away and no one notices. It won't, it will just fester until it rots and worms its way through the wood, then all will collapse.
10:44 September 13, 2010 by cowboykodp

Read: " Historians see similarities to the prejudice Roman Catholics and Jews experienced as newcomers to America starting in the 19th century. The hierarchical Catholic church was denounced as a threat to the separation of church and state. Synagogues were banned in many states, and Jews were viewed as undermining the nation's Christian character."

......and I am sure you remember what happened in Europe. Be very careful how you cast your vote.


I was smacked in the face by a rock that flew up and hit me in the face when I was cutting the grass yesterday. Now I hate all lawnmowers. What are you a child??!!

By the way, your god Geert sounded like a retard in NY. Sweden is not Holland and no matter how much you and the rest of the bigots wish it to be, it will not. You did read the article above? Or?
10:49 September 13, 2010 by Iraniboy
@Planethere and other SD supporters

No limiting immigration policies won't make you far-right. In case you frogt I would like you to remind you that claiming Africans are genetically programme to rape women and children and baning a group of citizens to practice what they believe will make you racist and Anti-XYZ. Good luck with your choice!
10:58 September 13, 2010 by Taxalien
I really dislike headlines that simplify politics into some kind of child's game of left and right. A more appropriate label would have been "national socialists".

There is nothing particularly "right" about SD. They are just a bunch of socialists that have identified a "different" *socialist* solution to a distorted market problem and they blame immigrants for that problem and the solution is to get rid of them.

Just like their far lefties and other socialist brethren it never has anything to do with taxes. It never has anything to do with taxes. Ever. In Sweden. Talk to any Swede, smart or dumb..."taxes are not that important".

No it is all about making *smarter* politics. That is why the blue socialists look so much more appealing than the red or green. Because they look smarter and have seemingly produced smarter results. But analyse what they have done and you can see it all has to do with taxes and a reduction of state expenditure. It is nothing else they have done that is "smarter".

Structurally Sweden has been and continues to be on the brink of a catastrophe due to this "taxes is not the problem" ideology. Rather than deal with it, we have to sit here on the brink and carelessly balance our way forward. We can fall to red socialism or black socialism. Either way we would be doomed. The blue socialists have this air about them that they know what they are doing and that they understand how to get where they want to be...but the question is, do they know where they want to be? It doesn't seem that way to me.

Having been on the receiving end of the previous liberal party leaders emails and advising him back, there were absolutely no awareness of the impending danger as we hit the financial crisis and however much I warned about it, 2007-2008 they didn't listen then and they won't listen now.
11:16 September 13, 2010 by Rishonim

I don't think you can categorize Europe as civilized. You seem to forget that for the last 100 years most of the barbarisms which have occurred against man-kind were perpetrated by your so called civilized society. No need to make mention of any such events.

@Boby, as a Jew I feel rather embarrassed to read your post. During Yom Kippur I will make sure to recite an extra Avenu Malkeinu on your behalf.
11:32 September 13, 2010 by hpunlimited
Sweden Democrats are the only party that is FOR protecting people of Jewish faith in Sweden. V och S are for helping Hisbollah to destroy the Jews. Sweden Democrats are for protecting the people that already live in Sweden, regardless of their background.

Rememeber NAZI= national SOCIALIST. S= non-national SOCIALIST.

The basics are the same, they are just not on Swedens side.

SD are as far from Nazis that you can be.
11:36 September 13, 2010 by samwise
why an anti-immigration nationalist party is labeled far right?

the German nazi party is National Socialism party, they are nationalists and socialists, socialist parties are considered center left in sweden I suppose.

Nationalism is a major drive in many communist revolutions.
11:48 September 13, 2010 by hpunlimited
People that say that SD are nazis have no idea what nazis were about. They need to go back to school and study some history.

Some how people that this twisted idea that liking your own country is bad. Countries like Norway, Finland, USA, Canada, Holland are all nazis too right? just because they are allowed to sing their national anthems, just because they can walk around with a Swedish flag in public without getting stabbed or getting a nazi symbol cut on your forhead.

It is understandable why V doesn't want people to like Sweden. They were waiting for Soviet to invade Sweden and wanted as little resistance as possible. Part of that is to lower national pride and make people hate themselves.
12:08 September 13, 2010 by Dr. Dillner
Typical tactic: marginalize the opponent.
12:18 September 13, 2010 by samwise
Is immigration a legit issue in this country at this moment?

Is islamization a legit issue to discuss?

If the major parties are not willing to offer solutions to the important issues, the worst case scenario might become reality -- the decisions will be made by a bunch of evolutionists who believe humans are just some sort of "advanced" animals.

Mark Steyn had a piece on this topic.

13:35 September 13, 2010 by Byggare Bob
SD got 2.6 percent last time around. If they are lucky they'll scrape 4 percent and a few parliamentary seats this time around - by any measure that does not constitute 'winning'.

We do however need to make sure that democracy continues to thrive and ensure that SD's racist agenda (because despite the window dressing, that's all it is) does not come to dominate the political debate - society is simply more complex than the simplistic retro-nationalist analysis.
13:47 September 13, 2010 by here for the summer
four questions

Will they ever decide not to work with the far left ?

Is it possible to have a party wishing for reduced immigration to be considered center ?

Is it possible that being against immigration from extremist islamic followers to be sensible ?

Does Sweden or Europe for that matter need people who hold these values ?
16:05 September 13, 2010 by boby
LOL @ Byggare Bob

I just dont understand how you dont see the irony. You call other people racist and fachists and at the same time wants people who think different then you to be margenelized. What is next then on your agenda- state run re-education camps for the 'far-right' suppoerters?
16:27 September 13, 2010 by Byggare Bob
not at all - SD are as welcome in the political debate as any other of the smaller political/interest groups - it is only through sensible, reasoned discourse that their ideas can be shown for what they are - woefully simplistic.

All i am saying is their level of support does not, and does not deserve to, dominate the debate.
17:44 September 13, 2010 by planethero

well here is the dilemma people face, vote for SD and give voice to some very strange people claiming Africans have a rape babies gene.

Or vote something else, and see Sweden become 20 million people in 20 years, 13 million non-swedish, and lose national identity. Watch every scrap of grass in the world get covered with a plague of humans.

Its a crap choice, but SD is a good protest voice.

I like all cultures and races and traditions in the world, they are evolving and changing, but it doesnt mean i want one form of culture to swamp another.
19:19 September 13, 2010 by Iraniboy

The problem is that SD doesn't aim to resolve the problem. They are arisen based on problem and they try to intensify that problem to gain more power. Let's imagine SD take power and stop immigration. What happens after 20 years?

What SD is doing is to spread hatred among already residents of Sweden who are not white and blonde.The result is that even those small people who are receiving this hatred are good enough to create misery for you. So it is better to have 100 million good non-white Swedes than having 1000 full of hatred!! I promise they make more troubles!

On the other hand look at Canada, Australia and the US to see the problem is not number of immigration, the problem is how to accept and treat them afterwards.
22:33 September 13, 2010 by samwise
Iraniboy, the States, Canada and Australia are not quite the same as Sweden, they are countries created by immigrants, Sweden is not. Their experience does not necessarily all apply to homogeneous nation states like Sweden. Besides, they all have some control over immigration.

Another thing, they don't have as many muslim immigrants, proportion wise.

The America believes the idea of melting pot, Sweden believes multiculturalism.

You see, this immigration issue needs some serious and honest discussion. Throwing labels won't help. Ignoring it won't help.
07:30 September 14, 2010 by flintis
If SvD get 15% of the vote both Mona & Fredde will go begging, as always politicians say what they think we want to hear but mean totally the opposite.

@nevon, there is no difference whatsoever between the far left & the far right when it comes to nationalism. Well there is one big difference, althought Adolf was a prolifice assassin, his counterpart Stalin & the far left have murdered more than 10 times as many people in the name of communism.
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