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Press reacts to Sweden Democrat 'spectacle'

TT/The Local · 6 Oct 2010, 09:06

Published: 06 Oct 2010 09:06 GMT+02:00

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Most newspapers who addressed the subject believe the decision by Jimmie Åkessson and his fellow Sweden Democrats to leave in the middle of Bishop Eva Brunne’s speech reveals the party’s true colours and exposes them for the racists that they so strenuously deny that they are.

“An odd reaction by a party leader who energetically claims that his party doesn’t harbor any racist opinions,” writes the Göteborgs-Posten (GP) newspaper.

The social democratic leaning Arbetarbladet writes that the polish has been rubbed off and the party’s message stood openly exposed to the public gathered outside the church.

According to the liberal Gefle Dagblad (GD) newspaper, the Sweden Democrats' “spectacle” clarified the party’s politics “in a painful way”.

“If the bishop’s sermon about respecting all peoples’ equal value and against racism is an agitation against the politics of the Sweden Democrats, it means that the party’s politics stand opposed to her message,” writes the newspaper.

Leader writer Peter Wolodarski of the independently liberal Dagens Nyheter (DN), points out that other parties’ attempts to freeze out the Sweden Democrats, which included demands for separate queues in the Riksdag canteen, are not only childish but also counterproductive.

“They strengthen the Sweden Democrats feeling of isolation and complicate constructive parliamentary work. And it helps people nod in agreement when Jimmie Åkesson speaks of a political buffoonery,” writes Wolodarski, while concluding that the walk out says more about the Sweden Democrats than the bishop.

Other newspapers addressed the challenges facing Fredrik Reinfeldt in his decision to move forward with a minority government, with most agreeing that the prime minister must have had a difficult time putting his team together.

Compromise is the leading word, writes the independently liberal Sydsvenskan. The downside, according to the liberal Expressen tabloid, is that some of the minister portfolios appear suspiciously thin.

“What exactly will Anna-Karin Hatt (of the Centre Party) do as minister for IT and regional affairs?” the paper asks.

And the social democratic leaning Aftonbladet tabloid was less than impressed with Reinfeldt’s presentation of the government’s policy platform, claiming that the government has run out of ideas.

“The main message was that policies will remain the same,” writes Aftonbladet.

The conservative-leaning Nya Wermlands-Tidningen (NWT) is also critical that Mats Odell of the Christian Democrats has been replaced by Moderate Peter Norman.

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“Here the government will lose an experienced and capable force simply to allow Anders Borg to run the show and put a totally Moderate-controlled finance ministry in place,” writes NWT.

The independently conservative Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper agrees.

“Borg picked his own man. Now it’s the slide-rules and spreadsheets of pragmatism that matter,” writes SvD.

Editor's note: the full English text of Eva Brunne's sermon can be found here

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:47 October 6, 2010 by know
fine clothes! We like different. Why is SD discriminated against if we like different ?
10:04 October 6, 2010 by Viva Melita
I think the Bishop needs to read the Bible.
10:23 October 6, 2010 by Rebel
@Viva Melita, is reading the Bible a job requirement for being a bishop in the Swedish Lutheran Church?
10:29 October 6, 2010 by foxpur
The bible actually indicates don't discriminate also
10:30 October 6, 2010 by Viva Melita
By reading The Bible she will learn about true Christianity. Lesbians do not get positions of influence in true Christian organisations.Hopefully she will read,resign and repent.
10:32 October 6, 2010 by RememberAisha
@Viva Melita,


Because the "Church of Sweden" is a joke... and she is one of the main clown acts.
10:49 October 6, 2010 by Andersson
Cheap actions for "cheap popularity" and the party is known for the actions it does.
10:50 October 6, 2010 by engagebrain
As reasonable conclusion is that the SD do not accept core Christian values.

That the walkout by all of them at the same time suggests it was about as spontaneous as the sun rising - it was a stunt that gets the SD a lot of press coverage.
10:56 October 6, 2010 by rumcajs
I just asked a German colleague to look at the pic, the tittle and the 1st part writen in bold (only that and din't tell him anything else) and tell me who it reminds him......... guess what he said without hesitation.
11:02 October 6, 2010 by Viva Melita

Go on,the suspense is killing me.
11:06 October 6, 2010 by Marley420

Great comment, now I have to clean the coffee I spilled on my keyboard :)
11:16 October 6, 2010 by Puffin
Insulting the King on the first day of Parliament - and I thought that SD claimed that there should be respect for Swedish values and culture?
11:16 October 6, 2010 by wiserthanmos
News papers In Sweden are the bastions for the lefties and the feminists! God! im sick and tire of these feeble people!
11:26 October 6, 2010 by Roy E
It's actually a bit refreshing to see Swedes pushing back against the self anointed high priests of political correctness and mindless conformity, refusing to be treated like livestock .

So there is still some spirit left in Sweden after all! Det är mycket bra!
11:28 October 6, 2010 by Goodwill81
Joke of the day:

There is "independent" journalism in Sweden.
11:32 October 6, 2010 by hpunlimited
SD are showing that they have integrity and will not take missguided left wing propaganda from anyone, not even the church. It is refreshing to see that atleast one political party in Sweden has some balls.
12:15 October 6, 2010 by Audrian
The main theme of this article is the formation of Swedish Government. Borg, finance minister, is given a free hand to choose his own staff, can be interpreted that his hand to push conservative agenda such as cutting taxes for corporations and selling of government asset at below market prices (to the wealth in the party or those who contributed to party's campaign fund) is strengthened.

The characters of corruption in governments do not change. The billionaires of Russia and China made their wealth by buying state assets at knockdown prices. In the US the corruption is more sophisticated, but it is also part of practice of "legally permitted corruption!"

Mark my word; "legally permitted corruption" will also be a major topic of discussion in Sweden sooner than later. Swedes who are not used to this kind of corruption will be upset at first, but will be get used to it in due time.
12:22 October 6, 2010 by DanishAmerican
Swedes are such hypocrites. They are basically atheists and hate the church but suddenly they are all up in arms about someone walking out on a politically motivated diatribe by some bishop. Last week a Swedish government official made some pompous speech at the UN about freedom of expression while that doesn't even exist in Sweden (unless you tow the left-wing party line). Plus Swedes generally take a high horse while lecturing the word on peace while they sell armaments to everyone under the sun. Get of your high horse Sweden and stop the nonsense. Go SD!
13:04 October 6, 2010 by Muff

It has actually little to do with being religious or not (just like Christmas), as the ceremony was traditional. It also points out that Swedish traditions will only be accepted by the SD as long as they are in correlation with their policies, thereby diminishing the value of said tradition.

Also I find it hypocritical that some people don't want papers to report this. I mean the SD have been allowed to do everything they want in terms of freedom of expression whilst they don't want independent papers to do the same. Freedom of expression is to be able to walk out of the church if they like but the media also has the same freedom to call it a disrespectful and shity act.

Why should they be prohibited to write what they think?
14:37 October 6, 2010 by persepeikko

"The ministry of justice is working out if the admins of internet forums should be prominently more in crime-judiciary responsibility. It is deliberated that admins be liable to supervise writings on their forums. Admins could be liable to remove defamatory or rasistic material. Failure of invigilancy would be followed by a penalty.

The renewal of penal code on rasistic crime is coming into parliamentary process by the end of year. In correlation with this, a separate memo was sent around asking groups comment.

""There was plenty of feedback. The classic freedom of speech-section were absolutely horrified to even hear something like this is on the way. On the other hand there were many who thought this is a genuine and a real problem.""

I´ll translate the rest if anybody´s intrested :)
14:59 October 6, 2010 by Audrian
@ DanishAmerican, I do not understand how you deduced to say "Go SD" as the conclusion of your statements. There is no logical connection between saying Swedish people are "athesist" and that they selling weapons to assortment of many buyers to saying Go SD.
16:17 October 6, 2010 by Vetinari
What was immature was hiding behind your pulpit to attack SD with thinly veiled insults.

Just like the politicians she is afraid to attack them when they can respond.

This ongoing extremely childish and un-democratic treatment of SD makes me more and more likely to support them.
16:26 October 6, 2010 by persepeikko
Well anyway, i heard there was talk, in the sermon, about "let the rocks scream" or something, if the people do not scream... Can someone please clarify?

If i remember correctly, these screaming rocks have something to do with prophesies about Jesus as he enters Jerusalem. Was it: " If people do not scream, rocks will."

I´m lost here, where´s the point or is there one?
17:15 October 6, 2010 by Swedesmith
Have the SDs commented on what part of the sermon caused them to walk out? I, for one, support the SD policy of immigration control and don't see that as racist. I don't support racism, but see that as a whole separate issue. We have the same problem in America where uncontrolled immigration is a huge problem. Contolling a county's borders is not racism, it's smart.
18:02 October 6, 2010 by jmchri74
I wonder how many of the newspaper editors living in lily white Swedish neighborhoods? As these immgrant neighborhoods grow and Swedes finally realize they have intention of assimulating into Swedish culture I wonder what they will say then. By the way she is cute what is that Swedish Democrat woman's name?
18:45 October 6, 2010 by Great Scott
You all seem to be throwing crap at the Swedish church; however I am not saying that they are innocent. But the guilty ones here are the childish Swedish media, because they don't like what happened, they started to throw dummies out of their prams. The medias attitude is just condemning democracy when it suits them, I laugh at such fools.
19:16 October 6, 2010 by Tanskalainen
I could gaze at Louise Erixon all day long but my wife would catch me.
19:40 October 6, 2010 by pantheratigris

That's what I was wondering too. Thanks Tanskalainen for clarifying...lol
19:59 October 6, 2010 by jbat
Very RUDE leaders... if these leaders don´t know how to RESPECT the religous leader and official ceremony.. then you can imagine how RUDE they can be toward weak and powerless immigrant refugess !
20:10 October 6, 2010 by GefleFrequentFlyer
I'm astonished by the disconnect in logic. Getting up in protest of some asinine, unfounded "sermon" in the Church of Sweden = solid evidence that SD's are "racist" and cemented their politics?

Are these idiot tabloids completely ignoring the fact that this "sermon" was clearly politically motivated?

The REAL story here is how the state church shouldn't be used as a political tool.

Sad part is, most of Sweden gobbles up this "news" on a daily and treats it as fact., and never questions it's validity.
20:26 October 6, 2010 by samwise

I guess the verse is from Luke 19, as you pointed out, it talks about Jesus arrives in Jerusalem before the crucifixion.

37 When he came near the place where the road goes down the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen:

38 "Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!" "Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!"

39 Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus, "Teacher, rebuke your disciples!"

40 "I tell you," he replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out."
20:28 October 6, 2010 by jbat

I read somewhere in internet paper.. Ekeroth one of the SD leaders said :

if you want to be true muslim, then you cannot be Swedish (hence cannot be here?)..

So... this is not racist right? a joke maybe... :-).. or this is not true statement?
20:30 October 6, 2010 by jbat
Or... maybe its manipulated statement by the media?
20:34 October 6, 2010 by jbat
you said : The REAL story here is how the state church shouldn't be used as a political tool.

SO... which party that has use this church for their own political agenda? Sergels Torg People party? or 19 year old girls party that gathered in Stockholm previously?
21:23 October 6, 2010 by mikewhite
Hmm, the guy could pass for an English morris dancer.
21:40 October 6, 2010 by Sam1

I wonder what is your problem out of this??

And one more thing do not call Swedish people hypocrates and discriminate the Sweds, and same time saying Go SD, so Now SD is against Sweds too?? I don't understand this psychos who comment on this site...

walking out of the church is disrespect if it was me although not a christian not a muslim not jewish either...I sit there and respect of that other have to say...and leave respectfully with my opinion in my heart wether I like what is said or not..

I would not behave like an arrogant little hitler uncivilized prick and leave the church, and hurt so many christians who believe in the church for my hate to immigrants..

And because I do feel lots of racism inside me so I got offended when they spoke against racism i felt it was ME SD!!! Jimmy Hooker son!!!
21:47 October 6, 2010 by ww77ww

Respect must be earned, not blindly handed out. A church turning the pulpit into a vehicle for ignorant propaganda for the cultural marxism that is political correctness is not deserving of respect. It earns contempt. Politis have no place in the church.

The "hitler" slur is mostly a sign that one is devoid of substance.
22:23 October 6, 2010 by jbat

Again... SO... which party that has use this church for their own political agenda? Sergels Torg People party agenda? or 19 years old girl party agenda that gathered in Stockholm previously? :-)
22:24 October 6, 2010 by rafa1981

Tabloids aren't idiot, they are very well designed and addressed to the foolest of the individuals, you can see how well they work.

And the point is that if you are a bit critical with the info, when discussing when people one group will call you racistTM, naziTM and the others muslim terroristTM, no mater the times you prove them their contradictions, they will just ignore it and try to escape attacking you with fallacies and the most primitive childish reactions.

So tabloids can be everything except idiot, they work perfectly.
22:46 October 6, 2010 by persepeikko

Thanks Samwise. It´s gonna take a while to digest this. I hate religion. I wish to kill and eat it like the vermin it is.
23:21 October 6, 2010 by mikewhite
Where can I buy a 'sliderule of pragmatism' ?

Does TheLocal's branded merchandise shop have one ?
00:43 October 7, 2010 by GefleFrequentFlyer
Point made rafa!


You are aware that "muslim" isn't a race, right?
01:47 October 7, 2010 by grantike
i do not see any reason why SD saw she said as insult and referring to them .i would be annoyed if someone called me a fool and coward behind me than tell me in my face .

speech reveals the party's true colours and exposes them for the racists that they so strenuously deny that they are.

this is actually a pea nut butter and easy to identify period
03:33 October 7, 2010 by wenddiver
His girlfriend is the best looking lady I have seen yet in the local. Very classy.
05:13 October 7, 2010 by sadpuppy
@hpunlimited So you think that respecting all people as equals is "missguided left wing propaganda"?? (you may want to work on your spelling, BTW)
05:20 October 7, 2010 by MarkinBoston
first the leftists infiltrate the church and take it over from inside - then they claim the mantle of authority and tradition that they despise everywhere else. We've seen it here in American churches. You look at their web sites, and they read like typical left-wing political organizations, without a word about Jesus anywhere.
06:52 October 7, 2010 by ericrufinosiah
Today,in Sweden the only party that tells the truth and fight for native Swedish rights

and welfare is " The Sweden Democrat " and if the majority naive innocent

native Swedish are still sleeping with their liberal attitudes on " the holier than

thou " immigrants than when the times whereby this immigrants swarmed all over you,then you'll have no-time to even regret.,this a fact and please don't deny it.My

Swedish friend told me way back in 1995 that he could still go to his church without any problem and I told him to repeat it in 10 or twenty's years' time;by the way,he is

from Malmoe '
08:04 October 7, 2010 by shame, shame
Japaner, Japaner, Japaner.... (Hasse o Tage for those of you who have just arrived off the boat)

10,000 + 4,500 men, women and children turn up in Stockholm for two separate demos and they are all left-wing extremists, according to Jumpy Jimmie and his band of paranoid retro-nationalists. He sounds like a latter day Joe McCarthy - have a look under your beds people...

The theory of Eurabia is nothing new but has been thoroughly debunked by academics from across the continent as little but a dystopic myth, or perhaps wishful thinking among would-be revolutionists and "patriots".

Replace Muslim with Jew in SD rhetoric - and I mean what they say, not what they filter through into their manifesto. (Just check out kentekeroth.se or his evil twin tedekeroth.se and you'll see what I mean) - and we r back in the 1930s. If it is the gulfs in society we want to address, creating more hatred, more division and more suspicion is hardly a recipe for success.

Surveys indicate that Swedes have an increasing faith in their politicians (across the spectrum) - with 85% displaying "stort förtroende". Since 2006 support has actually increased for the asylum regime (and regardless of the picture that SD tries to paint, there is a strict regime in Sweden, it is no free-for-all).

SD no.2 Björn Söder idolises the Faroe Islands. Nothing wrong with the Faroe Islands, but the election result, the confidence survey, the mass-demonstrations, clearly indicate that Swedes are just not with you on that one.

They can carry on with their "We are the only truth-sayers, you are all in the grip of the PC establishment" for a while, but in the longer term, this is a sophisticated, educated society and we r more than capable of judging the situation, and their paranoia, on its merits, or lack thereof.

And if Malmö was such a hell-hole - why did SD actually lose support there? Oh yes, because it is already over-run by the Muslim hordes and no Swedes want to live, of course, how could I forget...

How many of you have actually been to Möllevångstorget? - it is one of the funkiest, dynamic and culturally rich neighbourhoods in the whole of Sweden and if anything is an indication of the potential of this country, far from the nightmare scenario that the angry backwoodsmen would lead you to believe.
08:38 October 7, 2010 by ericrufinosiah
If I am not mistaken,years back in the early 80s or 90s,there were political assylum

seekers who claimed that they were from the " moon " and when asked why they seek political assylum to Sweden they answered " In the " moon " when they have too many offsprings they have got to work hard but when they are accepted into

Sweden,then the host would have to work hard because because he is helping

to populate Sweden.The assylum seekers were right then,as native Swedish are lousy producers and they love to benefit this people from the " moon " who having

won the confidence of the host and knowning their host's pure innocence and ignorance gradually,brought in their weird alien moon cultures to their naive host.
21:08 October 7, 2010 by ww77ww

Academics who "debunk" are without credibility, they all have their own partisanship, and you will not find a university setting that is not addicted to the cultural marxism of political correctness and the unsustainable ideal of massimmigration at all costs - even if it truly only exists to lower wage standards. Name a culture which has survived this.

Looking at demographic trends, predict what Sweden will resemble in 50 or 100 years.
21:34 October 7, 2010 by shame, shame
mass immigration is no one's "ideal" ww77ww, it is a result of several factors, one of which is the level of poverty and armed conflict in some parts of the world. It is simply a reality of a globalized interconnected world.

At the turn of the century Swedes fled Sweden in their droves to seek a better life across the Atlantic - it worked out well for the USA. The movement of peoples' is a fact of life. Sweden has a controlled immigration regime. It has to, both to manage the influx but also to ensure it continues - we simply need the new taxpayers.

The idea that there are fixed number of jobs in a labour market - and thus a straight choice between Swede and immigrant - is pure Marxist economics. Interesting that so many rabid anti-lefties, such as the SD, fall into that simple trap.

The SD try to paint this picture of hordes of burka-clad primitives flowing uncontrolled over the borders - it is just political propaganda to further their own cause. There are no "hordes", there is no lack of control, and most of the people that come here contribute positively to the society - in a myriad of ways, but at a minimum level by earning their own crust.

Illegals get deported all the time, those with a legitimate claim get to stay. This government has taken steps to encourage all new arrivals to enter the workplace asap.

SD are not interested in solving problems, they are not even interested in doing a proper analysis, they are interested only in finding someone to blame.

When they are not blaming the weakest groups in society, they are blaming this bizarre all-powerful left extremist conspiracy with its grizzly tentacles spreading from the media, to the church, to the government - you name it. The historical resonance of their rhetoric is what frightens people into resisting. It is not PC to want something else, it is democracy.
00:49 October 8, 2010 by Jannik

"SD are not interested in solving problems, they are not even interested in doing a proper analysis, they are interested only in finding someone to blame. "

Lowering the immigration numbers, sounds like a strategy to avoid existing problems becoming worse. The established parties are willing to keep the gates open to immigration floods, which will only make things worse.

Clealy SD support the superior policy.

"mass immigration is no one's "ideal" ww77ww, it is a result of several factors, one of which is the level of poverty and armed conflict in some parts of the world. It is simply a reality of a globalized interconnected world."

Its not just a result of "a globalized interconnected world.", but the result of active policies. Sweden compared to neighboring Denmark, takes in a far higher amount of both immigrants and asylum seekers, even when correcting for population size.

The fact is, that Sweden has the most liberal asylum policies in the EU, this is the reason why it has become a magnet for scam asylum seekers and other freeloaders.

"The idea that there are fixed number of jobs in a labour market - and thus a straight choice between Swede and immigrant - is pure Marxist economics. Interesting that so many rabid anti-lefties, such as the SD, fall into that simple trap."

This is a strawman. Nobody is arguing that there is a fixed number of jobs in an economy.

Although low skilled immigration possibly could depress the average wage rate, thereby hurting low skilled nationals, but benefitting capital owners.

Depressing the wage rate is far from the worst effect though. Importing lowskilled labourers will result in a higher unemployment rate, simply because there is a limited demand for this type of labour in a modern economy.

This will hurt the economy in the long run.

Lets face it, asylum grantees on average cost society loads of money. From an economic standpoint, limiting the amount of asylum seekers is in societys greatest interest.
01:33 October 8, 2010 by Sam1

No one can deny that unwelcomed guest can cause economical problems, but like @shame says, many get deported, and I know that very well because I have seen and known many got deported, So do not worry the law is taking action.

and Since the EU is hand in hand with USA, and USA is one of the biggest reason of asylum seeker fake or true ones, they conpensate it with money, They spend a trillion dollar and more on war that is a football field full of 100 USD stacks.

They made more than double and more by attacking oil filled IRAQ, and resources filled Afghanistan and ofcourse HASH!!

they do pay billions of dollars to EU and the EU support for immigrants.

So we do not see what is happening in the big picture, we see some muslim refugee getting social support and think directly OH sweden is in trouble..

We dont see what happens under the table in the BIG picture.. and its true politicians can lead us to believe what they want us to believe and be blind to all else.

No one ever knew what is happening in the real politics and we always find ourselves mistaken and never any clue..

There must be a reason for everything and remember NOTHING on this earth is free so no one comes here for free, no one eats for free...something is behind it..

and if you want to find points of arguement back to me do your research before you point fingers because its easy to point fingers like SD is doing on others they leave all important matters and concentrate on WHITE power, Swedishness etc, and claim not to be racist, but same time every action and idea is pure racism and they actualy add to problems because they will cause more hate and trouble to Sweden.

They look at other cultures with disrespect and pride, and generalise and blame big problems on small groups.

they make people think that the Swedes are some 5 years old girl and being pushed around...like Sweden has no police like Sweden has clever people protecting it like Sweden does not have laws, like Sweden is getting extinct.

And that is so damn fake!! In jämtland the average people working after 30 and getting children and living on Social bidrag for years and years, and each family has more than 3 kids and other sambos and kids and kids...one old Swedish man get more money and support than 3 immigrant families...

Immigrant family most of the time are neglected and margined if they had to fix their teeth they never get time and support most of the time... their teeth are removed so they dont cost money...

The Sweds are the one who benefit most of their system and Fkassan, I have been here 1.9 year and I have brough money in to Sweden from Dubai with Business...

The ungdoms mostly party and drink and live a reluctant life and mostly study teknik schools, and sometimes nothing, and living on Bidrag..they know the rules more and know how to suck the Fkassan well...why dont you go and sit in Fkassan offic and see for yourself..
09:22 October 8, 2010 by rafa1981
In my point of view, the economy hurt is the softest of the effects, I think that what the elites are trying to accomplish here is the Sweden welfare system abolition in a way that will make the same Swedes to claim for it. In fact Sweden is slowly tending to that.

How does some people think that the lose of rights is orchestrated by the superior classes?

A right abolition is never done at one instantly step because the people can get crazy and behead their leaders, the right abolitions are done gradually, silently but with no pause to let the people gradually adapt to the changes.

In this case we could be in the classical "problem-reaction-solution" scheme, they have an objective so they engineer a problem that will have a reaction, they create the problem and the reaction happens, reaction that is having for solution their same objective.

Of course all those schemes need the help of the "useful idiot" (please, no one offense, is a term used, you can google it), in this case everyone can imagine if he is one of them or not. They use to be candid, innocent and good people with no knowledge that he is being bullshited. I can recomend them a quick view of the "silent weapons for a quiet war" document.

BTW, all that things about we need taxpayers I´ve heard it also in Spain, I can provide links to the newspapers if required, 22% unemployment now and the state near defafult is what we have.

"In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." - Franklin D.Roosevelt.
10:27 October 8, 2010 by shame, shame
Rafa -

Sweden's unemployment is around 7.4%.

80% of those are "ethnic Swedes".

immigrants make up 16% of the population.

Do the math.

Unemployment is not an immigrant problem.

These are the simplistic overall figures. This is the more complex picture:


Keep Sweden Swedish - broaden the definition
14:04 October 8, 2010 by rafa1981
Unemployment is not the only factor to consider for the sustainability of a welfare system, a welfare system sustainability should be accounted comparing inputs and outputs.

I don' t know how unemployment is accounted here (in Spain there is some dirty trickery), but I bet that if someone is studying after getting fired is not accounted as an unemployed, also I don't know how does it work for refugees and more groups, but what I' m trying to say is that a (x%) of unemployment doesn't mean that 100-(x%) people are working.

There is also the factor of the people's age and how much doctor attention get, and much more that for sure I'm skipping, I'm not an economist.

What it's obvious is that you should account inputs and outputs, not just unemployment, of course I don't have the numbers, but I bet that the Swedish welfare model, being a welfare system that covers so much (output), is easier to break than a liberalized model.

I can be wrong, I would wish to being wrong, but unfortunately I think that something similar to what I'm describing is happening, if someone would prove me that I'm wrong it would mean that the system would be sustained increasing the Swedish national debt (low), or what is the same, to sell the country to the international banksters.
16:38 October 8, 2010 by Truth-Teller
Unemployment is the measure of people who are currently not employed but are actively looking for work.

This would not include someone on social welfare. It would also not include someone who is not seeking work.

I would be interested to see what percent of that 16% that is employable is currently receiving some sort of Government Assistance, and what percent are self sufficient.
18:32 October 8, 2010 by izbz
Swedish national dress is unique and colourful, so don't disgrace us by wearing that. Not all swedish are rasist.....Better change to their own dress code....I would highly suggest a white robe and a white hood.
22:10 October 8, 2010 by ww77ww
@shame - Massimmigration is indeed the "ideal" of the brainwashed and false guilted nations influenced by the idiotic and self-destuctive generation of 1968. Those without accountability who write the policies of today. Due to the evil of political correctness, if you disagree, you are branded a "nazi" "fascist" "racist" by the braying loud ignorant farleft.

Swedes settling mostly uninhabited USA regions (they were mostly farmers) is not relevant to the massimmigration in Sweden today. Those immigrants to USA also had no problem in deferring to the host culture and integrating as needed. This cannot be said for what is happening to Europe.

Nobody said anything about a fixed number of jobs, please do not use such weak distractions. But cheap new labor is exploited, which harms those existing. The socio-economic gap is growing, this cannot be debated, and this is the ultimate proof. Need more taxpayers? Encourage the indigenous population to increase the birthrate, rather than import in those who will often have no desire to become part of the host culture. Without that, immigration simply does not work.

There is no lack of control? If there was proper control, Malmö would not be as it is today, not to mention several other regions in Sweden and many places in Europe. Those who have control are incompetent. Europe is full of bogus asylum claims. Overpaid lifetime public sector parasites are not in ability to do anything properly. Do you deny the farleft has great media influence and the same for public policy, especially since the Nazi horror was eliminated and the sheep became reactionary at anything resembling national unity or pride? Mention a homeland and be branded as evil. Do you seriously believe the foolish policies are anything but made by the PC farleft?

A debate and examination of the past generation of immigration policy MUST be made. SD will encourage this. The system is NOT working properly today, and not just in Sweden. Much of the continent is facing serious troubles. Again I ask, what do you think will be the reality in 50 years or at the end of this century? Suspect money from Dubai or encouragement from dumb Americans will not make problems vanish.

I'd also like to see sourced data showing that "3 immigrant families" receive less benefits than one average old man, but I doubt it will be produced.
23:35 October 8, 2010 by Toonie
Judging from the costumes worn by the SDs in the photo above, they need to make more effort to integrate in 21st century Sweden.
20:04 October 9, 2010 by izbz
Just wonder How many Swedish would work as a Diskare or a cleaner??? A lot of low pay jobs or dirty jobs are done by immigrants because they don't mind as long as they can earn something. Have a friend from Georgia(East europe).....she is an grad in georgia university but working as a cleaner. She need the money to support her daughter studying in Georgia. So if no immigrants Who are gonna do all those dirty work? The SD?
20:36 October 9, 2010 by ww77ww
Pay living wages and the "dirty work" becomes a nonissue.

The gap between rich and poor is growing, think about it.
Today's headlines
Video: How to be Joel Kinnaman for a day
Kinnaman with one of the camera rigs that will allow people inside his head. Photo: Tele2

The Swedish Hollywood actor will strap a camera to his head, stream it live and allow viewers to interact with him this weekend.

Presented by Invest Stockholm
How Stockholm's cold climate boosts creativity
Photo: Ola Ericson/imagebank.sweden.se

Do long, dark winters actually make Swedes more creative and more productive? We spoke to Stockholm startups to find out.

Meet Sweden's lonely Donald Trump voter
A Donald Trump campaign button. Photo: Rogelio V Solis/AP

The Local talks to an American Donald Trump supporter on what it is like living in progressive stronghold Sweden.

Sweden to keep record-low interest rate in 2017
Sweden's landmark negative interest rate will continue towards 2018. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

The Swedish central bank said that it will take longer than expected to reach its inflation target.

Presented by Stockholm University
9 unexpected programmes at Stockholm University
Photo: Niklas Björling

Did you know Stockholm University offers 75 master's programmes taught in English? And some of them are programmes you won't find anywhere else...

Creepy clown messes with the wrong dog walker in Sweden
Not the clown in the story. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

A dog helped its owner fight off a creepy clown chasing the pair in southern Sweden.

A million Swedes are digitally excluded: report
How should Sweden bridge the digital divide? Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Tech-savvy Swedes? Perhaps not. A new study suggests that at least a million of its residents feel the pain of the digital divide.

Malmö's 19th Swedish title sets Champions hopes alight
Malmö fans celebrating after the match. Photo: Björn Lindgren/TT

Malmö FF have their eyes set on the Champions League after winning the Swedish league for the 19th time.

What's on in Sweden
Five great autumn events in Sweden this week
Jazz in northern Sweden. Photo: Umeå Jazz Festival

Food, music, movies and more food. What better way of helping yourself forget that the days are getting shorter and colder?

Here's how slow Sweden's high-speed trains are getting
A Swedish SJX2000 high speed train. Photo: Tomas Oneborg/SvD/TT

The high-speed rail journey between the three biggest Swedish cities is about to get longer.

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One expat's strategy for making friends in Stockholm
People-watching: October 26th
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Nordic fashion in focus at Stockholm University
Sweden cuts 2016 refugee forecast
Is Game of Thrones coming to Sweden?
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Are we just going to let half the country die?
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‘Extremism can't be defeated on the battlefield alone’
Swede punches clown that scared his grandmother
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Stockholm: creating solutions to global challenges
Fans throw flares and enter pitch in Swedish football riot
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
Could Swedish blood test solve 'Making a Murderer'?
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Where is the Swedish music industry heading?
Swedish school to build gender neutral changing room
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One expat's strategy for making friends in Stockholm
People-watching: October 14th-16th
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Nordic fashion in focus at Stockholm University
Man in Sweden assaulted by clowns with broken bottle
Nobel Prize 2016: Literature
Watch the man who discovered Bob Dylan react to his Nobel Prize win
Record numbers emigrating from Sweden
People-watching: October 12th
The Local Voices
'Swedish startups should embrace newcomers' talents - there's nothing to fear'
How far right are the Sweden Democrats?
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Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
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