Swedish speedster stopped after ‘testing engine’ at nearly 200 km/h

Swedish speedster stopped after 'testing engine' at nearly 200 km/h
A 26-year-old Swedish man was let off with a fine despite being clocked driving nearly 200 kilometres an hour.

He told police he simply wanted to test his newly tuned engine.

The man was driving on the E4 motorway in Ljungby in southern Sweden when he sped past an unmarked police car, the local Smålandsposten newspaper reports.

The officer gave chase and during the pursuit estimated that the driver covered a 1.1 kilometre stretch of highway in a mere 19.8 seconds, corresponding to a speed of 193 km/h, nearly twice the posted limit of 100 km/h.

When the cop finally managed to stop the Swedish speed demon at the next exit, the driver confessed immediately to having broken the speed limit by a wide margin.

“I’ve had the car in for servicing and wanted to check that everything was okay, even at high speeds,” the man told the officer, according to the police report filed on the incident, which took place back in August.

But the police officer was apparently in a charitable mood and accepted the man’s explanation, letting him off with a 4,000 kronor ($600) speeding fine.

“Normally, a driver’s licence is revoked on the spot if the posted speed limit is violated by at least 30 km/h,” Eva Saxlund of the Kronoberg County police told the newspaper.

The officer had noted in his report, however, that no incidents or accidents occurred during the time he was in pursuit of the vehicle.

According to the prosecutor, the fact that the man didn’t pose a threat to anyone else on the road was sufficient enough to prove that the man’s driving wasn’t in fact reckless.

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