Swedish woman killed in Florida murder-suicide

A Swedish woman killed by her husband in Florida in a murder-suicide on October 15th had told authorities one month earlier that his swinging lifestyle had led to physical and mental abuse.

The woman, previously identified as Claudia Isabella Krautwurst Healy in the Naples Daily News, was killed by her husband William John Healy III last week in a murder-suicide, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office reported.

On September 18th, Claudia Healy had called deputies after she and her husband had gotten in a heated argument, according to an incident report. She said that she and her husband were nudists, but that he was also a swinger, which “causes much of their problems,” the report said.

Last Friday, police went to the house that Claudia Healy, 33, shared with her 41-year-old husband after his colleagues noted that he had not been to work in two days, Aftonbladet reported on Saturday. Police, who had previously been called to the residence, found the couple dead in their home.

According to the Naples Daily News, friends and family members said the couple met several years ago on a Miami beach, with one friend describing it as a nude beach, when Healy was visiting her mother, who lives in Florida.

Several months later, they married and were living in Naples, but friends say it was never a happy marriage, according to the report. Soon after they married, William Healy brought his new bride to a “swingers club” in Tampa, making her “completely miserable from that day on.”

She said William Healy attempted to control her life, took things from her, broke her cell phone and would not allow her to have friends. When she took a job as a snack shop attendant, her husband took her paychecks and forced her to ask him for money.

According to a friend, the couple slept in separate bedrooms. Claudia Healy had previously mentioned leaving her husband. At one point, Claudia Healy alleged had an affair with another man and wanted a divorce, which her husband refused.

Separately, friends and family members of William Healy described his wife as a “witch,” “aggressor” and “completely out of control.” One friend told the Naples Daily News that William Healy “was working his butt off to pay for her drinking and smoking habit.”

On Sept. 18, on the way home from an afternoon of drinking on the beach, William and Claudia Healy began to argue, according to an incident report. The argument continued when they arrived home around 7 p.m.

On September 18th, William Healy told deputies that he and his wife had been in “several physical altercations in the past,” adding that she had hit him “over 300 times” and that he had hit her on “numerous occasions.”

He also admitted that the only reason they were still together was so Claudia could obtain US citizenship. Neither were arrested after the incident.

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