‘Hell is worse for women bishops’: Swedish pastor

A Church of Sweden pastor could lose his job over comments regarding the suitability of women priests to spread the word of God, including the assertion that there were worse "grades of punishment in hell" for female bishops.

'Hell is worse for women bishops': Swedish pastor

Per Linderoth, a pastor within the diocese of Linköping, is set to be assessed for his competence as a pastor after comments made at a pastors’ convention in Söderköping in eastern Sweden.

“God’s words fall flat (or dead) to the ground when a female pastor preaches. It may not bear any ripe fruit,” said Linderoth, according to the Bishop of Linköping, Martin Lind.

Linderoth continued to elaborate on his view of female pastors, arguing that they were “not of the correct element” and that they were “impotent preachers.”

However, his most severe condemnation was reserved for women who have achieved the position of bishop.

“If there are degrees of punishment in hell, then it is worse for women bishops that women pastors,” he said to the assembled convention of religious representatives.

Linderoth’s comments were made to the assembled convention and, according to Lind, formed part of a deliberate protest.

Two other pastors, Kurt Enström and Torbjörn Sjöberg, have also been reported to the diocese and will have their suitability as pastors within the Church of Sweden reviewed.

According to church documents dated October 27th, the matter had not yet been dealt with by the diocese.

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