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Explosion destroys store in Malmö suburb

TT/The Local/pvs · 22 Nov 2010, 08:10

Published: 22 Nov 2010 08:10 GMT+01:00

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The blast was so powerful that the windows in the property opposite the building were blown out.

"It was not fire crackers that were used," according to a spokesperson at Malmö police.

According to police the explosive was probably placed at the outside of the property, which contained a store combined with a restaurant.

Police forensics have begun their inspection of the scene.

It remains unknown who could have been behind the attack.

An alarm call came in about the explosion at around 4.30am on Monday and according to police no people were injured.

Police confirmed that there is damage to the building as far up as the third floor in the eight story building where the explosion occurred.

"The glassed in balconies have been moved on the floor above the small convenience store where the explosion occurred," an eye witness said.

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One person, who lives on the fourth floor, told of how he woke up when his bed moved as a result of the blast.

The store's security bars were thrown across the street in the explosion.

The area around Bennets väg has been cordoned off by police.

TT/The Local/pvs (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

08:54 November 22, 2010 by JulieLou40
What's the betting that this store is owned by Non-Swedes? Good God, I'd hate to live in Malmo lately.....it's total anarchy there.
09:28 November 22, 2010 by izbz

It is from people like you who could easily trigger off a racial war if we are in Asia. Yes we know the recent happenings in Malmo? Do everything have to be racial? The F#"king rasist will definately blame it on the immigrants and immigrants on the Swedes.

But can't you people just say, *Thank God! it happen in the early morning and no one is hurt*

Like you, I hate the idea of living in Malmo, I AM JUST GLAD i AM IN STOCKHOLM.
09:34 November 22, 2010 by Rishonim
Seems as of late there are more explosions in Sweden than in Kandahar. I am pointing my finger at the Balkan or Turkish mafia. The Swedish police know who they are but are afraid to move in on them. The only thing they are good for is giving breathalyser and speed tickets.
09:47 November 22, 2010 by saar
I live in Malmö and I have no problems whatsoever. There are troublesome areas in Malmö but such areas are in every city. Including Stockholm.
09:53 November 22, 2010 by unseen
what the hell!!!

what is really going on down there in Malmo????

i am an immigrant, and sometimes i rather blame my failure on Swedes...BUT, i have to say that i have never seen a goodhearted people like Swedes...that can't be an act of Swede as far as i know them through 2 years and a half...racial wars have no place in this country...no way....
10:10 November 22, 2010 by Rishonim
Unseen. This has nothing to do with racial war. It is organized crime.
10:25 November 22, 2010 by unseen

i agree.
10:36 November 22, 2010 by J Jack
explosion doesn't mean bomb, it could have been a gas leak or a nitro can.
10:49 November 22, 2010 by JulieLou40
@ izbz: What on earth are you talking about? So people like me could trigger a racial war? What, by me commenting on a story to say that I bet the owners of the store are immigrants? And how would that be starting a racial war, exactly?

You're making zero sense, mate.

I don't know where you've been lately, but sadly, my comments are a factual observation. Just look at the number of recent racial incidents in Malmö, including the shootings. I can't recall anyone but immigrants being hurt.

And before you start misguidedly calling me a racist again-I too am an immigrant.
11:06 November 22, 2010 by Maria Mink
I live in the centre of Malmö and have never experienced any excessive violence. I go out at all hours because of my job and my study. I love my town.
11:24 November 22, 2010 by miss79
hope it doesnt become like great britain with al qaeda surrounding them..hmmm
11:35 November 22, 2010 by Mesost
probably the shop/krog keeper hadnt paid the money to the thugs, so.......BOOM!
11:41 November 22, 2010 by trackmeifyoucan
Will there ever be a discussion on a news article at least in thelocal.se that actually makes sense ?
13:10 November 22, 2010 by blursd
Oh wow ... there was an explosion in Rosengard ...?!?! Who would have thunk that ...? (Sarcasm included)

And in related news there was a shooting in Compton ...
13:19 November 22, 2010 by Jarvilainennen
A witch-hunt or no, still, same night, same time, a violent, explosion-like incident in a kebab restaurant:


"Three dead in a fire in center of Tampere. Gas leak suspected."

Not to go too far but still, very convenient to the least. And surprise surprise, a night club right above it. Enough to have ones imagination running a bit.
13:33 November 22, 2010 by Frobobbles
It is pure racism and irresponsible by the press to report that this explosion happened in Rosengård.
14:26 November 22, 2010 by Rishonim
@Frobobbles, how can you call this reporting racism? I think it is important for the public toknow where event's are taking place. Had it been in Östermalm they would have reported it took place there
14:33 November 22, 2010 by spo10
ughh...Malmö is just so chaotic nowadays...
14:50 November 22, 2010 by Syftfel
Why did it have to be Rosengård? Why couldn't it have been been Nya Bellevue, Limhamn or Kirsebergsstaden? Frobobbles is correct. I hope the DO is on the case already. This is discrimination pure and simple.
15:23 November 22, 2010 by EuropeanIsraeli
Mankind live in peace and harmony ONLY when we kick out all Muslims and Arabs out of our lands.
15:25 November 22, 2010 by Swedesmith
Bombs are very arbitrary and unpredictable weapons. Fortunately no one was injured.
15:29 November 22, 2010 by Rishonim

That's not a nice thing to say. Furthermore I think that explosion had more to do with the Balkans mafia and not Muslims'-Arabs.
16:00 November 22, 2010 by Hagrid
Somehow I doubt "EuropeanIsraeli" has got anything to do with Israel. Strikes me more like some troll.
16:39 November 22, 2010 by Rick Methven

"Mankind live in peace and harmony ONLY when we kick out all Muslims and Arabs out of our lands"

Mankind can live in peace ONLY When all the Israelis are kicked out of of the west bank.
17:20 November 22, 2010 by Dazzler
Mankind can live in peace ONLY when all religions and their drone followers are vaporized.

I win.
17:20 November 22, 2010 by mjennin2
@blursd: LMAO!

Hey it wasn't Compton, it was South Central L.A. ok? ;D
19:58 November 22, 2010 by Majick
Dazzler... Religion is what causes all wars and all such related issues.

Yes, you do win. Unfortunately :/
20:26 November 22, 2010 by Njal
The fact that Sweden has more violence now than in the past, is largely due to the immigrant population. Take a person out of a violent environment and drop them in a land with laws, security and a strong culture, and just expect them to come around to your way of thinking? I do not believe the bulk of the immigrants Sweden took in are grateful towards Sweden at all.

We don't know who did this bombing, however, if you are an immigrant as a guest in a foreign land that protects you, then your behaviour in return should be that of obedient gratitude, and if you don't like the safe, prosperous land, then remember that nobody is asking you to stay.

The truth is that immigrants know full well that they are better off in the West, but clamour on about how rascist the host country's native people are, (what's so surprising about a group of people, and it doesn't matter who, not wanting to have a bunch of foreigners amongst them, remember a small group of politicians made this decision on behalf of their nations without regard as to what it's natural citizens may have wanted), and think to upbraid them of how through our affluence we don't understand adversity.

All immigrants whatever country they immigrate to, unless their prepared to adopt the host country's ways, ought to be sent back, that's not rascist that's the way it should be.
20:35 November 22, 2010 by Rishonim
@Rick Methven, your comment is not any better than EuropeanIsraeli. So what should we do with the large Arab Israeli population living in the westbank? Bring them over here to Sweden?
21:35 November 22, 2010 by flintis
@frobobbles #16: ur talking out of you ar$e, where should they have said the explosion was?

Anyway the explosion was obviously caused by some alien!
22:45 November 22, 2010 by planet.sweden
Perhaps we should start weekly awards for the most absurd posts, of which there are always many on this site. But my two winners from this article are...

1. @Frobobbles

"It is pure racism and irresponsible by the press to report that this explosion happened in Rosengård."

Absolutely staggeringl! It is a journalists job to report the news...., not censor it. If it happens it happens, don't try and blame the messenger for reporting what's going on in the world. This is definitely the winner for the most absurd contribution here,

but there was a close second....


"Mankind live in peace and harmony ONLY when we kick out all Muslims and Arabs out of our lands".

Hmm, so perhaps we should have a war towards that end eh EuropeanIsraeli?

Oh boy..

01:30 November 23, 2010 by waffen
I second that Njal, comment no. 28.

02:50 November 23, 2010 by asee
I live in Rosengård Malmo and I dont even heard any explosion... Life is very normal... I was shocked to read this news, when this happened...

Life is very normal here in Malmo... There is no racial war or something... I am student and happy to live in Malmo... so please dont do any propoganda if you dont live in Malmo...dont comment like first one did...
03:37 November 23, 2010 by ericrufinosiah
Well,the peaceful native Swedish can argue and talk from sunrise till sunset on

the problems caused by the Holier than thou immigrants but nothing will changed

unless there is a political will of the new Government to sort out the mess caused

by the previous Governments.To talk and comment about the immigrants you'll be branded a racist but then you can brand me a racist one hundred time if I could go

out to church,to visit friends,to shop and come back home peacefully.Now,the onus

is for the native Swedish to elect real,fearless and truthful natives Swedish in the

next election.Natives Swedish,do you know who and which party to vote or not.?
10:05 November 23, 2010 by lancer
Politicians to solve the problems? If they ever did solve a problen they would be out of work. Only a fool puts his faith in man.
16:56 November 23, 2010 by Traveler2010
It was probably Muslim invanderers.

I don't understand why in the world on God's green Earth I'm not supposed to point out the obvious.
06:44 November 24, 2010 by flaedo
lf it was muslim jihadis you cant say that and if it was muslim gangsters you cant say that either. So its best if it wasnt muslims of any type. The best thing is if it was caused by a cow or a sheep farting because at least we can say that. But if it was a muslim cow or sheep well you cant say that. Probably its best if you just dont say anything - and dont think anything either. Perjhaps you can think about turnips or something - but not pigs. Dont think about pigs
07:34 November 24, 2010 by izbz

Of course I know by the way u commented u are an immigrant, I too am immigrant. When u mentioned that the shop owned by immigrant, what really are u implying to? That the place was bombed by rasist????? Or immigrant gang war?

In the ´70s Malaysia had a racial war due to a lot of rumours spread. In late 80s to early 90s, Timor had also such as war. 1997, when Hong kong was given back to China, there was a gang war in Macau. Just to let u know I was there in these place these three occasions, all simply started by mostly rumours. Of course Macau incidents was the triads fighting for territories. But on the whole, all from a spark of rumours.
09:29 November 24, 2010 by karex
Dazzler and Majik - am with you on this one. The greatest killer ever in human history: religion. Punkt slut.
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