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Assange's mum to Sweden: 'lay off my son'

AFP/The Local · 1 Dec 2010, 11:18

Published: 01 Dec 2010 11:18 GMT+01:00

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The international police agency has issued a global arrest warrant for Assange, one of the founders of the whistleblower website WikiLeaks which has caused a storm around the world by dumping secret messages from US diplomatic missions onto the Internet.

His mother, Christine Assange, said she was "as any mother would be, very distressed" that authorities were looking for her son, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation said.

"He's my son and I love him and obviously I don't want him hunted down and jailed," she told the state broadcaster.

"I'm reacting as any mother would -- I'm distressed."

Christine Assange, who lives in Queensland, denied that she had moved away from her home town of Melbourne because of media interest in her son.

"A lot of stuff that's written about me and Julian is untrue," she said.

The ABC said Christine Assange runs a puppet theatre in Noosa.

The Australian government, which has joined government's around the world in condemning WikiLeaks release of confidential diplomatic cables, has confirmed Julian Assange, 39, is an Australian passport holder.

Attorney-General Robert McClelland said Monday while the United States was leading moves towards legal action against WikiLeaks, Australia would fully support these efforts.

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The Interpol alert against Assange, a computer hacker, states he is wanted in Sweden for questioning over the alleged rape and molestation of two women.

Assange has denied the charges.

Assange, who is said to lead a spy-like life of rarely sleeping in the same place twice, spends much of his time in Britain and Sweden.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

12:13 December 1, 2010 by prince T
I agree with Christine Assange. She must however consider some other women that are mothers too. The authorities just want to question him on allegation of rape and molestation. I can assure Christine that Sweden is fair. Afterall the world is watching, he cannot just be framed up like that. Let him come down to Sweden and talk to our interogators instead of creating unncessary scene. Så enkelt är det.
12:26 December 1, 2010 by bolababu
Sweden is fair? ..not while Big Brother is breathing down their necks please. In my opinion, i suggest that he should submit to athorities as being on the run will only make things worse but there is no way one can disconnect the timing of the events ie - releasing those documents and being accused of these crimes. Of course his life will be over when he is caught but we won't forget.
12:26 December 1, 2010 by truthworthy
@prince Sweden is not being fair in this situation, this allegations are obviously campaign by the US to get this guy through other way because in normal way they will look bad.

I cant believe Sweden is tarnishing their global image by helping the US. You can sense the timing of this and the information that this guy released, he is a hero. that the world needs.
13:05 December 1, 2010 by Kevin Harris
I can understand why Mrs A is a bit peeved. Alongside JA's mere warrant for questioning, on Interpol's red list are serial killers, maffia bosses, drug lords, mass murderers and the heavy weight criminals of the world.

What on earth is he doing in that company? Something very strange indeed is going on. No wonder his dear old mum is worried.
13:19 December 1, 2010 by salalah
Now the mothers of all other suspects and ceiminals will start calling prosecutors to say : Leave our sons alone!

(Because we say so)
13:22 December 1, 2010 by Twiceshy
Is it true that the alledgedly "raped" woman only pressed charges after she found out Assange was shagging some other girl?
13:38 December 1, 2010 by foxpur
Sweden is being average in a case like this, they told him he had to be available for further questioning and he couldn't leave the country... he violated that order making him fugative for questioning as a main subject in a active case. What Sweden did was perfectly with the law, and would be the same for anyone under those circumstance.

Even if you take out the rest of the world chasing him, Sweden did normal procedure.

Why do you say Sweden is being unfair?
13:46 December 1, 2010 by Twiceshy
foxpur: you're lying.

WikiLeaks founder 'free to leave Sweden'

(AFP) - Sep 18, 2010

STOCKHOLM - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is free to leave Sweden, after prosecutors said there was no arrest warrant against him for an alleged case of rape, one of his lawyers said Saturday.
13:49 December 1, 2010 by krrodman
Solomon mused in Proverbs 6:27,

"Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned?"
13:53 December 1, 2010 by Åskar

It was rather that the girls both reported him simultaneously after they had happened to meet and found out he had shagged them both.
13:59 December 1, 2010 by Twiceshy
I see. So they only realised they were raped after they talked to each other.

This is almost certainly a set up by corrupt Americans. And now he ends up on the "most wanted" list for rape?

Screw this. I'm almost ashamed to be paying taxes.
14:05 December 1, 2010 by adigunbabatunde@yahoo.com
@ foxpur...

the migration board denied him residence permit....so why should he stay
14:13 December 1, 2010 by dizzy09
the rape allegations are kind of suspicious too...2 women...difficult to believe...this is what's gonna happen to him when he arrives Sweden,he will be arrested be sure and the US will call for his extradition to face criminal charges probably on espionage while the rape trial is going on...kind of feel sorry for him.
14:25 December 1, 2010 by nielsl
Sweden disappoints me, it doesn't happen often interpol puts out an arrest warrant for these kind of suspected crimes. Sweden is sitting on US's lap...
14:27 December 1, 2010 by krrodman

I don't know if Assange raped these girls or not. Not important, really. In fact it is just a side-show.

We do know that he released hundreds of thousands of classified documents. Hero? Traitor? Depends on your point of view. But, the undeniable fact is that every single government in the entire world hates this guy because the embarrassment is universal. The USA is embarrassed today. Which country is next? Russia? China? France? Let me ask you this question: Do you believe that the Chinese or Russians will respect Assange's international human right to humiliate them, or do you believe that they would rather proactively manage the problem?

Assange will be disposed of.
14:40 December 1, 2010 by Marc the Texan
I think wikileaks makes the world a better place. Look how all the media have glommed onto the official government line about the danger of releasing this information and how irresponsible it is. It's all BS. You can argue that governments need secrets, but I believe the fewer the better. Hold these folks who represent us accountable. There is corruption everywhere. Like the fact that the US new missiles went straight through China from North Korea to Iran. They kept that quiet, because they don't want the US public to get upset and to anything to disrupt the cheap products flowing out of China to fill shelves at WalMart.

Wikileaks is under continual DDOS attacks and then these rape charges to boot. They are throwing everything they've got at him. I really hope he prevails.
14:43 December 1, 2010 by RobinHood
Mike Huckabee, Republican presidential candidate has today called for the Wikeleaks leakers to be executed for treason. Very bad news for Bradley Manning, but good news for JA. Sweden may not extradite anybody to a country where they face the slightest chance of capital punishment.

JA's lawyers will make much of this during the inevitable extradition proceedings the Americans will file against JA when he turns up in Sweden. That's if the army of lawyers the US have on the job can actually find a crime that he may have committed that falls within US juristiction.

If you think Huckabee has gone a bit too far, Tom Flanagan, a senior adviser to the Canadian prime minister, said today on CBC " I think Assange should be assassinated".

They are beginning to lose control of themselves. When JA turns up in Sweden it is going to be Carl Bildt's worst nightmare. Canadian assassins and the electric chair; this is getting really whacky now.
15:15 December 1, 2010 by rba
You know governments are going crazy when a politician makes public calls for the murder of a journalist in public...
15:23 December 1, 2010 by Veronika Larsson
I'm embarrassed that the Swedish authorities are so obviously acting as errand boys (and girls) for the Americans. The plan is clear: get Assange into a Swedish jail and then ship him off to the Americans. If Assange survives his initial incarceration, he'll spend the rest of his life rotting in the American gulag in Guantanamo Bay.

More likely, Assange will "commit suicide" or have a fatal plane crash or automobile accident. I don't give him a year to live.

I don't know if Assange is guilty of rape (doubtful) but I do know he has committed an unpardonable crime: he has revealed the truth. And yes, the penalty for that crime is death.
16:01 December 1, 2010 by creamy
The freedom of information act applies to wikileaks. Only conspiratorial Nazi's would start hounding Assange. We have the right to this information. In the united States u have the freedom to read, write, and THINK.
16:14 December 1, 2010 by krrodman
I submit to you the following: Assange did not reveal a single truth. Really now, was anyone surprised to find out that:

1. The Saudis and the Israel have held talks about destroying Iran's nuclear infrastructure.

2. The United States believes that Putin is undemocratic.

3. The President of Argentina is mentally unstable.

These types of assessments occur every day in every government. For every unflattering US State Department assessment of Putin, there is a Kremlin unflattering assessment of Obama. Where is the surprise?

The problem here is that these things are not meant for public consumption. They cause great embarrassment to all governments.

It seems to me that Assange has a narcissistic personality disorder, a martyr complex. And his mother is right to be concerned. He will soon get his wish.
16:56 December 1, 2010 by kingdavid
Many of you are such amateurs, it is actually a tremendous bore to read cliche riden, naive commentary. Obviously most of you have absolutely no experience with intelligence, covert operations, or diplomacy. It would be like someone commenting on hockey when they have never played the game, gone to the game, and have no idea what the rules of the game are. If your father, mother, sister or brother was in danger of losing their life because of this information you would be singing a different tune. But hey who cares if some poor bastard from Afghanistan helped out NATO forces by giving info. and gets killed due to these leaks, right? Not your problem as you sit here and wax pseudo self-righteousness as you completely trivializing the issue. Lets blame that evil Swedish legal system, right? If people have no faith in diplomacy and they don't trust diplomats then guess what, more wars. Diplomacy stops wars from happening and you are harping about a guy that is destroying that process being a hero? If he is such a hero why doesn't anyone here tell me his exact agenda, shouldn't you know that before you call someone a hero? I thought that ignorance of world history, protocol, and real values was only lost in my country (the U.S.) but you Swedes-if these comments are representative of how the majority of your population think-are making a real case for being major imbeciles.
17:03 December 1, 2010 by rba
kingdavid do you have any evidence that "some poor bastard from Afghanistan helped out NATO forces by giving info. and gets killed due to these leaks" ?
17:50 December 1, 2010 by RobinHood

Would that be the same kingdavid who yesterday called for an international arrest warrant to be issued against JA, the founder of Wikipedia?
02:38 December 2, 2010 by kingdavid
rba-it has happened yet douchebag, I'm talking about potential threats here. American lives, Russian lives, etc. are at risk here. Try to think big and long term. Christ, even the Europeans have these short term attention span issues.

RobinHood-Yes, indeed. Soy el mismo y yo se quien sos vos, tambien me llaman El Pibe de Platino en mi Argentina. Also the one that defends the honor of Princess Madeleine. Also the same kingdavid that said yesterday that access to the site should be shut down.
15:26 December 2, 2010 by jbat
"some poor bastard from Afghanistan"...

so who you are kingdavid to call other people bastard? special piggy bastard? or special piggy racist bastard?
16:39 December 2, 2010 by Swedesmith
Look at the intent of what kingdavid said. Some poor person in Afghanistan sticks his neck out and passes on some information because he is sick and tired of what the Taliban is doing to his country. Rich playboy, Julian Assange leaks the information from the safety of his penthouse apartment a world away. Now the guy in Afghanistan (and probably his family), who was just trying to help, is in danger of being brutally murdered.

Look at the situation in North Korea. That is a diaster waiting to happen. If war can be averted by diplomacy, I'm all for it.

I agree with Marc the Texan, I don't like the government having lots of secrets...but, in the world of diplomacy, there must be some clandestine operations. Put out the small fires before they become big fires.
20:37 December 2, 2010 by mombassa
@kingdavid, you moron, why don't you criticize the main stream media such as the New York Times that print Wikileaks release documents?? Aren't they putting peoples' lives in "danger"??

Perhaps you're the stupid, naive one?
08:29 December 3, 2010 by kingdavid
mombassa-I despise the New York Times and yes I didn't mention them and all media that leaked info from Wiki. They put people in danger. Our media is a constant Dem vs. Rep insult fest and that paralyzes us. Moron? I have a law degree, I was a med student-U.S. med schools in the U.S. are the hardest schools to get into in the world, I wrote a book thats the platform for a third political party- "The iParty: An Idea for America". Conservative economic, defense, and foreign policy and progressive social policy. I speak, read, and write Spanish perfectly-I'm considered an international futbol expert in Argentina. I am an expert on European history. In my generation I am the leading expert on the mid east and I can explain all the wars in the region and give all the geopolitical consequences. I can explain Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, how Napoleon was involved, Desiree Clary, and Oscar I. I know the details of the 1970s dictatorships in South America with examples of American Presidential support for them and the human rights violations involved. My grandfather survived Auschwitz while his brothers were murdered-I his first hand accounts of the experience which he started telling me at the age of 3. I have these things by age 36. My name is David Aschinberg. I provided a free list of stocks and ETFs and commentary for anyone to try to make money-google my name-I am up 40%. My family lives in Belgium, Holland, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Israel, and Italy and I have travelled there and I have a real perspective on the global condition. I am on the pulse of the intelligence community. List your accomplishments-that qualify you to insult me. You have no idea who you're dealing with. Now jbat I'm a racist? I went to a high school that was 30% black 30% Mexican and 40% white. Tell me the racial make up of your secondary school. I had football teammates that were killed due to gang violence. My Jewish father was partners with a Syrian. My family were victims of the holocaust, my father's best friend spent 10 yrs in jail for speaking out against fascist goverments in SA. The Chicago Police planted a crack pipe on me, arrested me, beat me, violated a host of my human rights 2 years ago. In jail I was with blacks and Mexicans and I stood up for them and verbally lambasted the guards, because they treated us like animals. I was beaten and thrown in solitary with no water for 48 hours. All the charges were dropped, I didn't sue them because I didn't want the taxpayers to have to pay for that. I have had black and Muslim roomates. My father, a pediatrician, provides free care for impoverished minorities. You should be ashamed. Tell me your credentials that give you the right to call me a racist. I speak my mind and try to help the world. I am a Good Guy.
13:15 December 3, 2010 by roaringchicken92
Hey, Mum Assange, the public has a right to know everything about your son; just ask him.
17:05 December 3, 2010 by pantheratigris
@ veronika larsson

I dont give him more than a year either. Anybody checked the odds William Hill is giving on that?

Totalitarianism, if not fought against, could triumph anywhere. -

George Orwell
00:51 December 4, 2010 by PaulHummerman
Astonishing that Sweden would so taint itself for a ....burst condom.
03:04 December 4, 2010 by J Jack
don your white hoods and flaming torches! It's time for an old fashioned witch hunt!
06:38 December 4, 2010 by Onivan
This unfolding drama mimics the suspense of the Steig Larsson trilogy. But where is Lisbeth Salander and the coffee?
22:18 December 4, 2010 by stillwatersrd
. . . and the sandwiches?
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