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WikiLeaks shifts domains as PayPal cuts donations

AFP/The Local · 5 Dec 2010, 09:16

Published: 05 Dec 2010 09:16 GMT+01:00

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The Times newspaper, citing police sources, reported that Assange -- who is believed to be in Britain -- could be arrested next week. Other media suggested that the 39-year-old Australian could face arrest within 10 days.

Swedish prosecutors have issued a new international arrest warrant for Assange on sex assault allegations that incorporated missing elements which had been requested by British police.

Assange broke cover on Friday to say in an online chat that he had boosted security after receiving death threats amid the storm that was unleashed by his site's decision to publish 250,000 US diplomatic cables.

Meanwhile, the WikiLeaks website was meanwhile forced to turn to Switzerland for a new domain name after its original wikileaks.org address was shut down by an American provider, while Paris tried to ban French servers from hosting it.

The Swiss address -- wikileaks.ch -- was up and running again on Saturday after migrating to new servers, the group which owns the name said.

However, in a fresh twist, US-based online financial transactions service PayPal revealed on Friday that it would stop taking donations for WikiLeaks.

"PayPal has permanently restricted the account used by WikiLeaks due to a violation of the PayPal acceptable use policy, which states that our payment service cannot be used for any activities that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity," it said in a statement.

In a message on its Twitter feed, WikiLeaks blamed "US government pressure" for the PayPal ban.

Over the past several days, WikiLeaks has published dozens of cables, creating an international firestorm as American diplomats' private assessments of foreign leaders and politics has been publicly aired.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who has described the leaks as "an attack on the world," has contacted dozens of foreign leaders to smooth over friction and will continue to do so for the next weeks," she told journalists on Saturday.

"I haven't seen everybody in the world, and apparently there are 252,000 of these things [leaks] out there in cyberspace somewhere," she said, noting with a smile that they had not yet all been published.

"So I think I'll have some outreach to continue doing over the next weeks just to make sure that as things become public, if they raise concerns, I will be prepared to reach out and talk to my counterparts and heads of state and governments," she added.

The release marked the third major publication of secret US files by WikiLeaks this year, after the site had published tens of thousands of American military files from the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts. The US and other governments said the release of the documents were against their laws.

The latest cables showed US officials suspected that Yemen had a secret cache of shoulder-fired missiles that could have threatened US forces if the weapons fell into the wrong hands. Other cables highlighted what US officials described as Britain's "paranoia" about its so-called special relationship with Washington.

In an online chat with The Guardian newspaper, Assange vowed on Friday to resist the "attacks against us by the US."

"The threats against our lives are a matter of public record. However, we are taking the appropriate precautions to the degree that we are able when dealing with a superpower," he wrote.

Amazon booted WikiLeaks off its computer servers on Wednesday after pressure from US politicians. The site then switched to French provider OVH, prompting a call from French Industry Minister Éric Besson for it to be banned from French servers.

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WikiLeaks also adopted a Swiss address set up by supporters in that country, but this was taken offline hours later by then US host provider EveryDNS.net.

However, WikiLeaks was up and running on Saturday again after migrating to new servers. The Pirate Party of Switzerland listed another 21 websites where WikiLeaks could also be found, many of them European domain names, including its German counterpart.

The White House told government agencies on Friday to take measures to prevent employees without proper authorisation from accessing classified US diplomatic cables on WikiLeaks.

The US military in Iraq is also trying to prevent soldiers from viewing WikiLeaks documents and has posted a web advisory suggesting they could be breaking the law, a spokeswoman said.

Meanwhile, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Saturday he doubted the credibility of the US diplomatic cables leaked by WikiLeaks, which portrayed him as corrupt and weak.

He said at least one of the incidents described in the cables could not have happened as described, while others were an attempt by US officials to discredit him and his government.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

10:02 December 5, 2010 by MTH
Lets block pay pal and Amazon!!!
10:27 December 5, 2010 by prince T
I am not with you on that. You are on your own
11:02 December 5, 2010 by heroine
I think it is deplorable what the worlds governments are doing to try and stop the transparency that WikiLeaks is attempting to accomplish. Eckert Tolle, I believe it was he, wrote in one of his books about complete transparancy with regard to all transactions that take place on this planet. I have often wondered what might happen if this ever actually came to pass and now I am getting to see it first hand. The superpowers are afraid to acknowledge what the real truth is and I have seen comments that this type of information is most likely kept from us for our own good. How could anyone be so ignorant? I applaud WikiLeaks and the young military officer whom, if in fact, he is the one who leaked this information. The only thing I wish that would change is the name Leak, I wish it were WikiTruth. And as for PayPal and all the others I personally have closed all accounts and will have nothing to do with individuals or corporations that are afraid of the TRUTH!
11:17 December 5, 2010 by mojofat
@heroine Very idealistic. I invite you to post your bank account numbers and PIN codes plus all usernames and passwords for your online accounts...you know, in the name of "complete transparency with regard to all transactions that take place on this planet."

We're waiting...

Ah, and while we're at it...can you even provide the source of wikileaks' funding? You can't because wikileaks does not release that info. Quite a trick isn't it? An organization supposedly fighting for the freedom to release what amounts to diplomatic gossip maintains its right to not disclose its sources of funding? But keep applauding wikileaks because they hold such high moral ground.
11:21 December 5, 2010 by misssh
when they catch him and if he goes to the Stockholm courts i will be there and rally against this bullshite and be one person to stand up to these bullies,

America must have a whole lot to hide with the way they are fighting and using every resource available to stop new leaks and take Assange down with there fake charges

11:24 December 5, 2010 by planet.sweden

"complete transparancy with regard to all transactions that take place on this planet. I have often wondered what might happen"

I can tell you what would happen, in your world you'd lose half your friends, plus probably your partner, your company would sack you, your nearest neighbour would probably punch you, and your bank wouldn't lend to you. And that's just for starters.

It's the same with international relations between countries, and hence not everything that gets said or thought about someone or something should be cabled to that person or institution.

Wikileaks started out with some sort of self certified remit to lift the lid on the Iraq war but has now just spread its reach into general trouble making. Why I ask does the world need to know that some lowly US diplomat thinks Prince Andrew is a bore!

The bottom line is that Wikileaks is publishing information to which it doesn't hold the copyright, or any rights. Further much of it is classified. The idea that everything a government says or thinks should be made public is sudentesque nonsense.

I'm hoping the authorities catch up with Assange soon and put an end to his narcissistic games. The world needs stability, not diplomatic anarchy.
11:24 December 5, 2010 by marianne667
I agree w/ heroine. Also, I might add, Paypal and Ebay are 2 very tyranical institutions how they do business.
11:43 December 5, 2010 by eppie
But luckily the GOP is supporting wikileaks because they are all for 'as little government control as possible'. Anybody opposing wikileaks is not a patriot.....no every American that opposes wikileaks hates America and all they stand for.

So with Cheney and the Bush family on his side Assange should be fine....as long as he doesn't go on a hunting trip with them of course.

The Obama government meanwhile behaves as a bunch of communists....telling companies like pap pal and amazon what to do.
11:50 December 5, 2010 by locaxy

This is an absurd analogy. Heroine is a private individual, not a government. She can expect privacy. Governments do not, lest they are trying to hide anything from the public. An informed citizenry is the cornerstone of democratic countries.

Anyway...I did my part by sending an email to Amazon and/or Paypal to say you will stop doing business with them.
11:51 December 5, 2010 by anony1
@planetsweden & @mojofat:

how about publishing you credit number by using X as numbers! or even X as last 4-6 digits?! would the same happen!

As an individual, and a curious person, I want to know what is going on in diplomacy! which is the only place no-one gives any sh*t about human rights, or freedom of speech!
12:38 December 5, 2010 by know
I prefer wikilie before the wikitruth because of lies is a part of our human identity in the history that is full of lies, plus the truth creates problems. by lies all be happy. Therefore the lie is sacred, and we don't need the truth.
13:21 December 5, 2010 by RobinHood
@planetsweden & @mojofat

I hope you are both intelligent enough not to leave your passwords and login details protecting your own important information laying about.

If you were foolish enough to leave them leave them laying about, then more fool you; and a fool and his money are easily parted they say.

The information in question, so valuable to world order we are told, was left unprotected, and easily accessible by three million US government employees. So far, the US government has done a fine job of distracting the more feeble minded amongst us, to rage at JA and Wikileaks, rather than question the competence of those responsible for keeping it safe. Try not to be manipulated by this distraction, it makes you look gullible. Furthermore, it allows the real villian of the piece to escape the criticism they justly deserve.
14:18 December 5, 2010 by Ranjit T Edward
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Leave a message here..

Oh...we can also provided services just like Amazon S3 to developers..
14:29 December 5, 2010 by commenting
Block pay pal and Amazon, i'm in,
14:52 December 5, 2010 by unseen
whenever something big, keeps the public busy with, takes place i expect something even bigger, uglier, has more impact/ less attention will follow!

i am just waiting for the bubble to burst .......... :-\
16:28 December 5, 2010 by NovaLand
Since when do we want to have back sex offenders in sweden? Let's drop that warrant and be very pleased he's out of the country instead. This must be the first time a sex offender is wanted international... or the prosecutor have another hidden agenda.
17:19 December 5, 2010 by Ranjit T Edward
Novaland...Assange is not a sex-offender!!! Of course, the prosecutor has a very different agenda it seems. Firstly, she must be dumped for bringing shame on Sweden. Assange's lawyer calls Sweden, one of those lickspittle states which used its resources and its facilities for rendition flights...
17:54 December 5, 2010 by Soft Boiled
Im sitting here reading the comments and I glance over and see there is a new book about Sweden advertised as "Get to know the country" - A country of natural beauty and open space, and a society focused on equality, human rights.... I agree with most of that but not all.
18:13 December 5, 2010 by iona
Very, very interesting

18:24 December 5, 2010 by Xyberyogi
I also closed my Amazon and Paypal accounts. There are several other online shops where I can buy things.
18:43 December 5, 2010 by OnessOfMankind
I think the sex offence issue is just a blame game, he is wanted by USA so Europe and other Pro US countries will obviously do whatsoever to diminish him and stop his blow wistling and exposing secrets.

Truth is painful and harsh, they do not want to hear it. Ebay does dictate payment online untill some brave strong innovative site comes in the market. Like paynu dot com.

I will donate right now to wikileaks, and I have nothing to do with sexual blames since we do not know what more secrets is going on to dimish him.

I do like the idea of exposing goverments closets and behind the scense.
19:02 December 5, 2010 by mikewhite
Bush gave us the War on Terror.

Obama now gives us the War on Freedom of Speech !
19:04 December 5, 2010 by krrodman
To the idealists in the crowd:

What exactly did you think was going to happen after Assange pissed off every government on the planet? (Yes, indeed every government is pissed off because the last thing any government wants is transparency. USA is exposed and embarrassed today. Who is next?? For the first time in a long time all the governments of the world are united. Ironic isn't it?) Did you think they were going to throw him a parade in the name of Freedom of the Press? Did you think that they were going to let bygones, be bygones and drink a pint of beer? Not a chance. They, and when I say "they" I mean every government on the planet, want to destroy him and will do whatever is necessary to do so.
19:20 December 5, 2010 by swedeb
Why is transparency only good when it's about the US but not about your own country? Why is there all this support for wikileaks against the US but you aren't trying to get your own country to release such documents it keeps secret? Because none of you want complete transparency. You just are anti-american hiding behind a guise. And those who post this is freedom of speech are ignorant and need to do some research on what exactly freedom of speech is.
19:33 December 5, 2010 by canam
I agree with swedeb - it's funny how US bashers come out when these type of documents get released and they don't realize the irony that the whole reason why US documents get leaked is because it is open and generally transparent. Try getting info on Russia, North Korea, or China.

All in all I don't mind Wikileaks but what I do mind is Asange won't respond to any challenges about his credibility or his approach. He's a hypocryte and the website would gain more popularity if he wasn't such a baby about answering tough questions. Just read his recent web chat for some examples.
19:41 December 5, 2010 by Dazzler
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
19:42 December 5, 2010 by RobinHood

You are right. It would indeed be interesting to read what mischief other countries have been up to. Unfortunately for us all, no country other than the US is likely to accidently mislay the entire e mail database of its diplomatic corp.

That's a shame because there are several other rogue states that well deserve a bit of exposure in the cold light of truth. My own personal favourite would be Isreal, but as you say, there are many other deserving cases.

And so, in my own personal call for greater transparency, and for what it's worth, please would Isreal release the last 25 years of its diplomatic communication for us to gasp at too.
19:55 December 5, 2010 by eppie

What are you talking about? Other countries are just as embarrassed by these leaks (because it show that they are a bunch of sissy US followers).

And how told you they don't want things coming out regarding their own country?

I think you are imagining things.
20:18 December 5, 2010 by adigunbabatunde@yahoo.com
It's certainly not conspiracism to suspect that the CIA has been at work in fomenting these Swedish accusations. As Shamir reports, "The moment Julian sought the protection of Swedish media law, the CIA immediately threatened to discontinue intelligence sharing with SEPO, the Swedish Secret Service."

20:51 December 5, 2010 by bolababu
Everything that goes up comes down at sometime or the other, ..America will someday fall, thats a fact and then we will see more of their dirty secrets, i just hope Sweden doesn't go down with them then. This Assange thing will bring some embarassment to Sweden for sure, in the end. The world is watching even though governments condemn him now. In the meantime, i am closing my paypal accounts and amazon can go to blazes.
21:15 December 5, 2010 by absolut
Wouldn't be great to see some leaked documents from FIFA.....

Oh, and another thing: Sweden is the most reported country in the EU when it comes to breach of Human rights..... wonder why...
21:18 December 5, 2010 by stillwatersrd

Not our 'personal army'? That may be so, but you are a tribe. Tell us you don't have any skin in this fight?
21:38 December 5, 2010 by sgt_doom
"US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton..."

Is kind of scared about documents which may be released concerning the Clinton's insider trading and financial fraud when they invested in Quellos Asset Management, under investigation at the time, which was then immediately purchased by BlackRock, increasing their investment (as in payoffs).

Also, she's afraid of those documents which may incriminate her, Timothy Geithner, and possibly even Obama, in the overthrow of the president of Honduras awhile back (via Millennium Challange Corp. financing).

Yup, the financial-intelligence-complex is running scared...
21:46 December 5, 2010 by marianne667
The beginning of the End?
22:09 December 5, 2010 by Soft Boiled
Lets be real people... What the US and other countries already know is: The US has been playing the cold war game long enough... do you seriously believe there is any useful information gained by the Wikileaks revelations? Is there anything that can´t be easily repaired ? The question is, what is it that the US has "let slip" that they want to relate? The Wikileaks not only condemns the US (lets face it... whats really damaging?) but it helps the US... The US knows it can use Wikileaks - what easier way than let its intentions slip via an "illegal" serious of leaks? Any detective will question... in the end who ends up winning? How easy was it to come by this top secret information? how many countries leave this kind information to be untrusted by several hundred people..easily downloadable? Come on people, don´t be naive. Don´t believe this attack on Assange is anything but smoke and mirrors. America has done its job...the information it has wanted to convey is now in the public domain... everything else is pantomime. If you are not convinced... think very carefully... would you give access to important information to several hundred people?
22:36 December 5, 2010 by sgt_doom
It is truly amazing, shortly after this entire Wikileaks episode several weeks back, suddenly there appears at thousands of sites across the Web, the above diatribes and rants --- such as this by Soft Boiled #35 --- all spouting the exact same thing:

Nothing to see here, just move along now.......

Tired and tedious, all you paid-for commenters and e-bots.
22:38 December 5, 2010 by wenddiver
Why would all this be a surprise??? America is always slow to respond. People messing with them always get away with Murder for awhile. But as the Kaiser, Hitler, the Japanes and Mao (they killed his own Son in a cave in Korea) found out, when they do get mad and go after you it is hell to pay.

Literally the eqivalent of one of those "Road Runner" cartoons where they drop the safe on the Coyote eventually.

Hey look, I'm Nostradomus (predicts the Future), I predict the people associated with this lives will become one constant HELL, Big surprise.
23:35 December 5, 2010 by OnessOfMankind
@Swe whatever,

He is exposing US because they are the only country playing monopoly with the world invading others, I agree there are lots of countries like China north Korea Burma, Syria, Arabia ,Iran whatever are dictators...

But you don't see them invade and steal resources, export drug to south America from Afghanistan, Sell Iraqi petrol at their own pricing, also kill 100 of thousands of Iraqi civilians.

and since US has mean big bully tactics and uses them on Europe OR create terror.

They can push any country to stick a blame to Assange.

Since when sexual molestation went to interpole?
23:41 December 5, 2010 by Soft Boiled
@ sgt_doom Your actual comment makes little sense! You didn´t actually say anything ? What you seemed be affronted by was my post /comment..But you raved thus "truely amazing" and "thousands of sites across the web" and "spouting the exact same thing" Where is your argument??? My "rant" is that Wilileaks has been used by the US goverment to dessimate information via Wikileaks. Show me anywhere on any site to support your rant that "suddenly there appears thousands of sites across the Web" I´m generous I will accept 10%, so anywhere between 100 and 300 sites will be acceptable.You fall short in any support of your assumptions that there are "thousands of sites across the web" but lets continue. Is there "Nothing to see here, just move along now......." your quote NOT mine... There is plenty to see here - The question is, are you willing to see it? It appears you have either misunderstood the post or you are in the employ of the US goverment... I don´t really care either way.. the posting of such comments in the end has little effect unless people are willing to stand up for what is right. Wikileaks has only released what other people have said. Everyone likes to have their say don´t they? Does one punish the recording machine or the publisher? Stand up and support your argument or do as the US goverment and blame those that publish what has already been printed.
00:31 December 6, 2010 by robertweller
Fortunately I had read the Milennium Trilogy, and now have seen all three Swedish movies. So this is no surprise at all to me. Too bad Stieg isn't around to write about this. Your prosecutors are silly. Try dealing with them as a journalist.
01:44 December 6, 2010 by curdle
@ planet.sweden

I have read your verbose comments sprinkled liberally through articles regarding Assange. You have such unfailing certainty in your creepy moral rectitude, that I wonder if one of your grandparent's worked at Treblinka perchance?
03:48 December 6, 2010 by ghostof911
The Swedish system of justice is becoming the laughingstock of the world.


Apparently having consensual sex in Sweden without a condom is punishable by a term of imprisonment of a minimum of two years for rape. That is the basis for a reinstitution of rape charges against WikiLeaks figurehead Julian Assange that is destined to make Sweden and its justice system the laughing stock of the world and dramatically damage its reputation as a model of modernity.

06:28 December 6, 2010 by don willer
I can't wait for the leaked document from prosecutor Ny's office that sheds light on her vindictive witch hunt. I would hope that someone would leak information about the injustice of her activities. If Sweden allows this affair to go forward shame on each and every Swede that doesn't speak out.
08:45 December 6, 2010 by europeman31
The axed is not on the wikileaks but on the freedom of speech , wherer is the freedom of speech now ? the hypocrite west .
18:23 December 6, 2010 by mkvgtired

"America must have a whole lot to hide"

I would like to know what. There was SO much hype before these were released and most of the documents show low level diplomats of many countries calling other diplomats names. The cables do show that Yemen asked the US for help fighting terrorists within their borders, and now they can not because the population knows they were US missiles not Yemeni. In fact this makes life much more dangerous for the average Yemeni government official. Other than that it seems 99% of these cables are crap that did nothing but slightly aggravate diplomatic officials of many nations.

@swedeb, perfectly stated.
19:29 December 6, 2010 by mkvgtired
Swedeb, Perfect case-in-point to my previous statement. The Wikileaks leak showed that China officials ordered cyber attacks on Google. Why? Because Google is a company that fundamentally stands behind freedom of speech and an open internet. Google refused to filter its search results causing a major clash with the Chinese government. So Swedes should be 100% behind Google, correct? No, its an American company, so therefore evil.

Even if you dont give these people a reason to bash the US they will invent one. Read the article about the Swedish military blowing up the wrong building during an exercise (no one was hurt). Silly mistake, but the comments quickly shifted to how the US military supports aggressive imperialism. Seems like the bully mentality to me. Someone is so insecure with themselves they have to put down and attack others to make themselves feel better.

02:26 December 7, 2010 by wenddiver
Wonder how Assage will feel when they leak his victims statements. Nothing as low as a rapist, unless it's a traitor.

Last I saw Australia fought in Iraq too and was a US Ally.
06:17 December 7, 2010 by lancer
What makes you think it's all true? Could be it's exactly what's wanted. Nobody has really done anything about it, think they couldn't if they really wanted to?
08:49 December 8, 2010 by Mad Mac
And I thought Quisling was Norwegian...

Time to reassert Sweden's neutrality!
09:11 December 8, 2010 by barjoh50
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