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Swede death by husband 'unforgivable': sister

AFP/The Local · 9 Dec 2010, 14:20

Published: 09 Dec 2010 14:20 GMT+01:00

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Speaking publicly for the first time about her sister's death, Ami Denborg told the London-based newspaper The Times that her family had been charmed by the wealthy Shrien Dewani.

South African authorities accuse the 30-year-old businessman of paying to have his bride Anni killed in a carjacking during their honeymoon in Cape Town.

Speaking from her home in Sweden, Denborg, 32, would not say whether her family thought Dewani played a part in her sister's killing.

However, if he was found guilty, "then what he has done is unforgivable. You can't just kill somebody. It is scary. What the hell was he thinking?" she told the paper.

She said the family would go no further on the matter until the legal process was completed and they felt justice had been served.

"It is terrible enough to lose a sister, but it is even more terrible to lose a sister in such a way. The saddest part in all of this is that it doesn't matter what happens to Shrien, to the driver, or to whoever killed her -- I will never get my sister back," she said.

Dewani appeared Wednesday at City of Westminster Magistrates Court in London on an extradition warrant. Dewani had handed himself in to a police station in Bristol, southwest England, on Tuesday.

His 28-year-old wife was killed on November 13th after the couple's taxi was reportedly hijacked outside Cape Town.

In a South African court on Tuesday, taxi driver Zola Tongo said he was offered 15,000 rand ($2,175) by Dewani to kill his wife.

Dewani strongly denies any involvement in the murder and told the court in London he did not agree to the extradition.

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The judge in London first granted bail to Dewani, but in a dramatic twist, he was told that for procedural reasons he must now remain in custody pending a High Court hearing.

District Judge Howard Riddle said initially he had agreed to grant bail to Dewani because he had cooperated with the South African police investigation.

The South African authorities have appealed against the decision to grant conditional bail. The appeal will be heard Friday and Dewani will remain in custody until then.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

14:43 December 9, 2010 by Tusker
So often the family of the victim is overlooked. How desperately sad for this young lady's parents and relatives, whose hopes and dreams for their little girl have been so wickedly violated. God help them.
15:23 December 9, 2010 by Göteborgare
Probably too many materialistic considerations in finding the right man in life among people of Indian origin..

if so, father/family of the victim would also not like to forgive their own contribution in deciding this unfortunate marriage.
16:03 December 9, 2010 by Juniperboy
how come he can get bail from birtish court if someone who just has alligations on might be involved in rape cannot get bail ?
17:31 December 9, 2010 by Göteborgare
Conviction of murder and released on bail are two different considerations.

I read that accused husband is still in custody.
18:14 December 9, 2010 by mjennin2
I don't understand, though. What is his motive? He has a beautiful bride and he is rich. Clearly he couldn't just be after money, and why would he choose the honeymoon to kill her?

If he wanted to murder her, he must have been after something that would legally be entitled to him after the marriage was official. Otherwise, if he didn't want her, he could have just elected to -- ehmmm let's see here..-- not marry her!?

I hate it when news articles lack substantial depth.
19:01 December 9, 2010 by Jenta
@Göteborgare: "Probably too many materialistic considerations in finding the right man in life among people of Indian origin." Could you please take your offensive, racist views elsewhere?
22:36 December 9, 2010 by bramblebush
At least he didn't set her on fire like they normally do in the mother subcontinent...
02:00 December 10, 2010 by Swedish123
Not to be racist but both men and woman dont seem to be Swedish.
02:50 December 10, 2010 by jackx123
he did alter his "story" on several accounts. see:

09:12 December 10, 2010 by Serendipitiz
Not to be judgmental and bigoted, but Swedish123 seems to be mentally challenged. What does a Swede look like, Mr Not Racist? Please do enlighten us. Blond? Blue eyed? Dare we say....Aryan?
09:53 December 10, 2010 by Göteborgare
@Jenta: I am not too firm on my view. Of course it would sound racist if I believe that materialistically motivated marriages only happen among Indian community. Apologies for this comment. In fact this view was shared to me by an Indian friend.
10:00 December 10, 2010 by salalah
I just can't understand the motive. Was he gay? Did he marry the girl to please his family, but could not stand touching her? If he really wanted to kill her, wouldn't there have been a better way such as having her fall from a cliff? He seems to be a psychopath if he did.
13:51 December 10, 2010 by Swedish123
Serendipitiz: I´m a swedish man and yes Swedish typical person both woman and men is blonde, blue eyed as we all know. So in terms of skin definetly they are not Swedish, just Swedish by papper for me that is not Swedish. In the 60´s was just typical Swedish people, today because of immigration we see all kind of persons. A simple piece of papper doesn t tell if you are Swedish.

Serendipitz any more question?
14:54 December 10, 2010 by BobYourUncle
You need to read further into the background here, Shrien Dewani's business was some £6 million in debt and we have yet to learn whether he took out a new life insurance policy on her before they went to South Africa.

Everything from the beginning pointed to there being something wrong. Incredibly one of the clues was that she was not sexually assaulted as well as aspects that the husband had no injuries after supposedly being thrown from the car.

Yet again greed plays a major role in our society

This is damn sad for Anni's family
18:06 December 10, 2010 by bobbychyldd
@Swedish123. So everything swedish is defined by the 60s? We're in trouble.

Actually, a simple peice of paper does tell if you are Swedish. I would say that wether you are born or raised in Sweden or whether you have adopted their prevalant culture it does makes you "Swedish." It doesn't matter what color your skin is or what religion you are or where your forefathers came from. You can argue this on a legal/technical basis or a cultural/societal basis and you would still lose the arguement.

Your statement may not have been intended racist but it was extremely ignorant and aludes to racism. Sweden may have traditionally been a place of blonde hair blue eyes (I'm not expert so I don't make that statement with authority, but I see where you are coming from) so the word traditional can be used to explain this "look".

However, as Sweden has become more of a landing spot for refugees and other emmigrants, as well as a land having possibilities for the future of any family interested in living life, you will find non traditional looking people becoming Swedes.

You can fight against why they are coming, whether they should be allowed to come, or if it is right, but once someone has followed the legal course set by the Swedes themselves, they are legally Swedish. And their children will be born and raised as Swedes learning the customs and traditions as well as sharing their previous culture's traditions. you can also fight against that if you want.

But your ignorant remark that they don't look swedish, says that you have not openened your eyes to the world around you and seem to still be living in the 60s.

You can see then why your statement would come across as racist or at best ignorant.
18:48 December 10, 2010 by Sara Lynn
Any chance the driver is lying and one of his criminal croonies paid the driver to 'let' him carjack the passengers.? If so, then the guy is actually telling the truth and the driver is trying to protect some criminal organization. Time will tell...
22:45 December 10, 2010 by Swedish123
bobby. I am not going be here argue because is waste of time especially with people like you. I just want to tell you this:

Multiculturalism is the biggest mistake that any country can do. Yes in 60´s things were a lot better, I know im from

that time and I know the differences between now and the past

let me tell you is not a matter "eyes open" "open and generous" is a matter of keeping things in the way they should be, i dont expect you to understand, in the next 20 years you will see the consequences of "multiculturalism"

v=eQ6VI_bc1j4 at least see some consequences.
01:37 December 11, 2010 by frosti
«So everything swedish is defined by the 60s?»

Those subconscious little Freudian slips are quite telling, aren't they?

Unfortunately, yes. In the sense that Sweden is run today by 68'ers, and always will be until they finally all die off or retire.
01:42 December 11, 2010 by Swedish123
frosti. I said 60´s because in those days things such as rape didn t exist, today yes unfortunately, was a peaceful country, i know because i live in that time.

It just people should now that Sweden has a problem with immigration and need´s to be solve before is too late.
01:44 December 11, 2010 by frosti
«how come he can get bail from birtish court if someone who just has alligations on might be involved in rape cannot get bail?»

Because, of course, he is a poor, picked-on, downtrodden, disenfranchised person of color, whereas Assange is an upper-middle class white man, and, therefore, almost certainly a mean, unfair, racist bastard who deserves everything he gets. As we all know, the white man is the devil, and is solely responsible for all ills afflicting the planet today. We must deal strictly with white men, or they will become uppity and think that everything belongs to them.

I always find it humourous when people who don't have the slightest idea of what they're talking about start flinging words like "Racist!" and "Racism!" around. Calling someone "racist" has become the get-out-of-thinking-for-free card of the 21st century. You don't need to be informed, you don't need to support your arguments, you don't need to be capable of logical, rational thought, all you have to do is scream RACIST!!! at anyone who disagrees with you, and they will go away.
14:02 December 11, 2010 by babs123
I am new to Sweden but was shocked by the views expressed here.Someone is talking about the colour of skin, someone else is talking about multiculturalism etc.

I guess the whole point of discussion which is coming out from above comments is not about the incident but more to showcase that wrong doings only belong to people who look different or "We who look similar" cannot do this.I respect their views but at the same time i don't subscribe to that.

First of all we are all human beings and this incident is a shame on humanity.Its not about who commits it because thats what the juducuary is going to decide.

I would also like to suggest that in the 21st century of globalization, it becomes very difficult for a country to close the doors to the world. This should also mean that neither you do business with anyone nor you allow anyone else to do business with you.Time has changed and the world is adapting to change to build a better future.

Each country or society has their own set of problems whether its social violance, economy, unemployment, environment, welfare systems, etc and the world is all about sharing the pain and agony, help others to overcome the problems and make this world a better to live.
18:58 December 11, 2010 by BigBilly
All you racist Swedes need not worry. In Britain the wife is considered British, there's no mention of her ever having touched your precious country.

That does not excuse your narrow minded stupid bigotry.
00:23 December 12, 2010 by jackx123
sweden does not have the same racial issues as britain - yet. suicide bombers etc
02:33 December 12, 2010 by Seamus Guevara
the poxy 60's !!!, no one played snake on their cell phones and i'll fight any man who dares to challenge me to a game of snake on python level.
02:46 December 12, 2010 by vi-lontano
This discussion of what defines a "swede" seems a very "American" one to me.

Even though Europeans (me by descent) invaded this country running off the "real" or native human beings we have a constant ongoing complaint about who is and who isn't "American"...

even those of European descent bicker among themselves who is "real"...when we are all a bunch of invaders...

I know in Sweden there was a pre-existing European culture...and yes a discrete genetic pool...but I'm sure even what is thought today as being "originally Swedish" might be quite different then it was say a few hundres years ago.

Weren't there tribal wars among swedes...like everywhere else...with clan identities as fierce as modern day definitions of "swede"???

People here always say...oh it wasn't like that- crime, sex crimes etc...-in the past

Then all these Pedophile cases come out from the 50s and 60s???? These case are everywhere in Europe as well. Rape...here in the states was often blamed on the victim in the past- who could actually come forward???

We have quite famous people who were victims of incest during the 50s and 60s...that are only speaking out now...

I believe people are pretty much the same everywhere and "every when"...we may have more openness about such terrible crimes now a days where in the past there was fear and silence.

Any way, in America we have a longstanding tradition of blaming all social ills on whoever is the most recent immigrant population..we get used to them...and move unto blaming the next group...

This is probably just human nature.....
07:47 December 13, 2010 by Drug_Baron
The groom was engaged to marry the daughter of an Indian Airline Tycoon, but he suddenly broke the engagment and decided to marry the Swedish Indian girl.

Now let us look at what the motive could be ?

Perhaps the groom discovered that the Airline Indian Tycoon was a gangster and wanted to break off relations, in revenge the tycoon "arranged " to murder the new "wife" who replaced his daughter and put the blame on the groom, or perhaps the jilted girl (daughter of tycoon) got her revenge.

The South African Police Chief was just bribed to put the blame on the husband.

Indian gangsters can do anything, they control the drug and humna trafikking industry.

These are the only motives, ask yourself what does the groom(husband) have to gain ??? Nothing, after all he could have just divorced her, unless of course she was demanding a big divorce settlement for just a few weeks of marriage !!!
16:04 December 14, 2010 by babs123
I guess our fellow speaker should join SÄPO.But you also made a very good point on gagsters because i didn't know that even gangsters have specific characteristics based on the country they belong.
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