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Global demonstrations call for Assange's release

AFP/The Local · 11 Dec 2010, 17:21

Published: 11 Dec 2010 17:21 GMT+01:00

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The Spanish website Free Wikileaks urged rallies at 6pm local time in eight Spanish cities, including Madrid and Barcelona, while similar demonstrations were planned in Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, São Paulo, Bogotá and Lima.

In a manifesto entitled "For freedom, Say No to State Terrorism," the website demanded "the release of Julian Assange in the United Kingdom" and "the restoration of the WikiLeaks domain."

"Given that no one has proved that Assange is guilty of the offences he is accused of and that Wikileaks is not implicated in any of those," the website also urged that credit card giants Visa and MasterCard rescind their decisions to cut off donations from the whistleblowing website's supporters.

Assange is due to appear in a London court for a second time on Tuesday after being arrested on a warrant issued by Sweden. Prosecutors there want to question him about two women's allegations of rape and sexual molestation.

WikiLeaks insists the allegations are politically motivated because the website has enraged Washington and governments around the world by releasing a treasure trove of 250,000 confidential US documents, believed to have been supplied by a junior US army intelligence analyst.

The 39-year-old Australian has been transferred from the main section of Wandsworth prison to an isolation unit, according to Jennifer Robinson, a member of his legal team.

In the Netherlands, 75 people gathered in central Amsterdam to show their support for WikiLeaks, police spokesman Rob van der Veen told AFP.

The Amsterdam rally was sponsored by the Pirate Party of the Netherlands "to call for protection of freedom of the press" and "to express displeasure with the attempt to silence" sites such as WikiLeaks.

Assange supporters in Lima scheduled their demonstration outside the British embassy.

Meanwhile, new leaked US diplomatic cables revealed a row between the Vatican and Ireland over a child abuse inquiry.

The Holy See hit back after cables released by WikiLeaks indicated it had refused to cooperate with an Irish probe into child sex abuse by Catholic priests in Dublin.

According to another leaked cable made available to The New York Times and other news organizations, US diplomats believe that some top members of the Vatican's hierarchy still harbor anti-Semitic views.

"Naturally, these reports reflect the perceptions and opinions of the people who wrote them and cannot be considered as expressions of the Holy See itself, nor as exact quotations of the words of its officials," the cable stated.

"Their reliability must, then, be evaluated carefully and with great prudence, bearing this circumstance in mind," it added.

In other disclosures, mining giant BHP Billiton was said to have lobbied the Australian government hard to bring down a proposed $19.5 billion deal between rival Rio Tinto and China's Chinalco.

Spokesmen for BHP and Rio Tinto refused to comment on the US diplomatic cable published in The Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Assange's attorneys complained that their client was getting no recreation time in the prison and was having difficulties getting phone calls out.

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"He is on his own," said Robinson.

The former computer hacker was not allowed to have a laptop in his cell, but his lawyers have requested one.

Assange was described as in "very good" spirits but "frustrated" that he could not answer the allegations that WikiLeaks was behind cyber attacks launched on credit card firms that have refused to do business with the website.

"He told me he is absolutely not involved and this is a deliberate attempt to conflate WikiLeaks, which is a publishing organisation, with hacking organisations which are not," Robinson said.

Separately, Assange's mother said she was worried for her son because "massive forces" were ranged against him. She dismissed the rape accusations, but told Australia's Seven Network she was concerned about what would happen to him.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

19:24 December 11, 2010 by sgt_doom
Like many observers, I am continually appalled by the violations and law breaking by what passes for legal authorities in Europe and Sweden in particular.

The details of this so-called case were first leaked by prosecutor Maria Kjellstrand, in direct violation of the secrecy laws.

The original case what thrown out by Chief Prosecutor Eva Finnes after viewing the "evidence" and interviewing the witnesses (as in the two women had gotten together to line up their stories exactly, thereby corrupting the "evidence" -- and appearing to be involved in an obvious conspiracy -- then approaching the police for "advice" on the matter).

Next we have Justice Minister, Beatrice Ask, pressuring the chief prosecutor to take up a case she had just recently dropped. Unbelievable and an obvious violation of protocol and legal procedure.

Then we have a warrant submitted to Europol (or Interpol, or whackadoodle, or whatever they wished to be called today) when they still don't have any actual charges.

Finally, we observe that PayPal, Visa Europe, and that illegitmate Swiss bank, steal --- yes, steal, as they had no court orders nor any legal documentation whatsoever --- allowing them to freeze those Wikileak accounts of private donations -- bankster robbery, clear and simple.

When the elites are lawless, it is time we all took to the streets....and about those guillotines...
19:43 December 11, 2010 by Britswedeguy
They freeze all his money for his defence, he hands himself in voluntarily but they won't give him bail - and now the US is plotting to extradite him.

The corruption could not be more transparent!
19:56 December 11, 2010 by ISayWhatPeopleThink
Great post, Sgt. Doom. SPOT ON.
20:10 December 11, 2010 by spidernik84
This wikileaks thing started a real revolution. It's really time for making our voice loud in the streets.
20:46 December 11, 2010 by rybo1
Excellent comment, SGT
21:21 December 11, 2010 by zooeden
What to do people???? Stormbrain everybody, how can we help!!!

Viva Assange!!!
21:23 December 11, 2010 by OnessOfMankind
SGT thumsup..wiki leaks is targetet by the big bully!
21:34 December 11, 2010 by Babe Soderbom
this is just the begining...
22:24 December 11, 2010 by Texrusso
The big question is how does Swedish people reprocrate or regenerate if having sex without condom is a crime. The Swedish race is therefore doomed. Every man with a child i Swedish must be charged of rape as they he has had sex without condom. Fooooolssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!
23:09 December 11, 2010 by GLO
Enemy Combatant, enemy of the free world.
23:11 December 11, 2010 by reason
I'm for Wikileaks. On balance they're probably good for the world. This does not mean that Julian Assange is some kind of saint incapable of doing anything wrong (by most accounts he doesn't seem like the most stable of people). I won't make any guess if he's guilty or not or the motivations of his accusers, should he be innocent. But of course he should be investigated. Doing otherwise would send out a message that we ignore the victims when the accused happens to be famous. Assange has not helped himself any by running and hiding.
23:37 December 11, 2010 by procrustes
MUST READ LINK FROM HUFFINGTON POST--USA. The USA is on the brink of criminalizing free speech. Sounds crazy? Read the article, please.

23:40 December 11, 2010 by heroine
I am truly truly and truly disappointed in swedish whatever the name is, justice system....what a shame !

Soon Sweden wouldl be referred to as USA's bitch...
00:08 December 12, 2010 by Nilspet
President Obama was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing special but wars and delivering empty promises. This year the Chinese professor got this prize for telling the truths about his government.... unfortunately he was not able to go to Oslo because he was sitting in prison. It was reported that he had no chance to follow the news about the prize and the ceremony whatsoever.

now...DON'T you think that Julian Assange should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 for telling the truths to the whole world? He should definitely be nominated for the Prize due to his efforts to educate citizens of the world about dangers of wars, bad governments, corrupt politicians, etc via the internet for free. In case Mr Assange gets the prize, let's hope that he would be able to travel to Oslo in 2011 unlike the Chinese laureate this year. But in case not...I suppose the Swedish (or US prison) would probably allow him to watch the event live from Oslo...

Just my opinion. What do you think?
00:10 December 12, 2010 by jackx123
And then we have a a more or less known murderer of swedish Anni, who goes free on bail. What a total cluster f u k this is. In addition there is no evidence that Assange is responsible for leaking the stories. He might be the front or spokesperson but since more leaks have occurred since his arrest the whole thing stinks
01:33 December 12, 2010 by BOSTON WAY
This little Assange fairy would be shot between the eyes in most countries for being a traitor.

And anyone who cries fake tears for him would be shot too.

Stinking little wannabees.*
02:58 December 12, 2010 by BERTRAM
Julian is noble and the bigots are so afraid
04:22 December 12, 2010 by Typical Whitey
Assange should be tried and executed as a spy. This man has endangered the lives of many people around the globe. He is no hero but a coward hiding behind his claims of "truth". What a fraud.
04:22 December 12, 2010 by repat_xpat
Hang him. He is guilty of aiding the enemy.
04:29 December 12, 2010 by don willer
It looks like Boston Way is off his meds again, homophobic slurs, stupidly saying people should be shot for expressing their views. He is of course wrong, most countries don't ' shoot people between the eyes '. It never ceases to amaze that this type of ignorance exists as much as it does. Boston Way shouldn't say anything then people wouldn't know that he doesn't know anything.

The Nobel Peace Prize foolishly was given to a President that did nothing to deserve it, indeed he escalated two wars, Julian Assange has exposed some dirty disturbing deeds done by some crooked unsavory leaders, go figure ?
05:31 December 12, 2010 by redcrown
shrien dewani can get bail on suspicion of murder in london,julian assange can not when he is only wanted for questioning.the scales of justice are badly out of balance
06:57 December 12, 2010 by jackx123
so Boston you're the tough guy huh. You wear brown slacks for a reason, small dog, great bark......

and then we cannot comment on the bombs that went off last night......what a wonderful country sweden is with its freedom of speech - NOT
07:18 December 12, 2010 by redcrown
Julian Assange has shown the common man that the governments spin we get every day is just that.That why he has to be stopped by our leaders,.gives you a lot of faith in the system
09:29 December 12, 2010 by jackx123
Redcrown you'r full of S H I T. He's innocent.

See: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1337862/WikiLeaks-rape-victims-hidden-agendas---Ive-seen-proof-says-Assange-lawyer.html
11:06 December 12, 2010 by rolfkrohna
The best we can do is to continue to found more "Wikileaks" and expose the "dictators" and oppressors. Everyone should feel obliged to expose information. Banks, traditional media and financial institutions has been corrupted, only institutions as Wikileaks and Assange is left. Go for it.
11:27 December 12, 2010 by Great Scott
How stupid some people can be. Whether you like it or not, there are times when certain information must be kept secret. It's a good job wikileaks was not about during the Second World War. If it had of been, you would all be speaking German now? Think very carefully before shooting yourself in both feet.

It is also a big opportunity for undesirable groups to take advantage and use it for their own benefits.

Assange is a bigger danger to world peace than the rest put together.
12:21 December 12, 2010 by OnessOfMankind
Big bully does some crapy car brand to divert focus from Wikileaks ...

amazingly big bully used to do big bangs in other countries and make two sects kill each other.
14:01 December 12, 2010 by Rebel
Great Scott, what if the population as a whole could have known that Hitler was setting up concentration camps before the war? Might they have put pressure on businesses to cut ties to Hitler so he could not have been able to build up his war machine?????

And why not let people know today how governments like Saudi Arabia try to use the USA to do its bidding? Heck, give Assange the Peace Prize.
14:04 December 12, 2010 by jackx123
errr what's WWII got to do with it. why not bring up WWI as well and oh by the way brits have an extensive vocabulary originating from the vikings so why not bring them up as well. as a matter of fact magna carta originated from the vikings to and so did the basis design of the modern keel to and still the brits took almost 400 years to grasp the concept. i suppose if adam had kept the secret we would of all been safe.
14:12 December 12, 2010 by BERTRAM
Stupidity is killin innocents each second,,,

American policy is a waste of so much lifes and so much money for nothing...

Julian is not an angel but he is a voice of freedom.
15:25 December 12, 2010 by SehrVeritas
What goes on in the Swedish political and justice system? Why are there laws about "violating a women's sexual integrity" anyway? What does that mean? Why are there women with job descriptions of "Gender Equity Officer"? Women themselves should stand up and take some accountability for themselves and their own actions.

This whole case against Assange is an abomination! The whole affair is based on two groupies who had sex with a famous man, and then realized they were just groupies and decided to get revenge. This Anna Ardin women is such a hyper-feminist activist she created an online post entitled "How to get even with a cheating man using the justice system." Do the people in Sweden know what is at stake here? Apparently only to happy to relentless twist the natural order of things in a vain effort to create a woman's paradise. Will fail. Too bad it will lead to so much damage to free speech.
16:20 December 12, 2010 by Nilspet
More information about "jealous accusers" can be found here


Good that the Swedish lawyer Björn Hurtig came up with this.
16:27 December 12, 2010 by billmill
Unfortunately, no comment is allowed on the terror attack article, so I'm putting this here.

I'm calling shenanigans, which is odd because I'm usually the last person to see conspiracies lurking evilly in corners. This is the second event of very peculiar timing in Sweden in less than a week. The first one just happens to take custody of Julian Assange -- for a completely unrelated matter, we're assured -- shortly after revelations that Sweden's top leadership has been licking the US's wrists for some time now. This puts the leadership in a very negative light of the Swedish people, who strongly value their independence and neutrality.

When leadership is in a popularity crisis, the lesson we can take from Wag the Dog (and subsequent crises) is that nothing builds an unpopular leadership into superstardom faster than a war or a terrorist attack. And looky, see what we have here! The cartoon thing was years ago, why did the "terrorists" wait until now? Why Sweden and not Copenhagen? Only one Swedish newspaper published only two of the cartoons and was nowhere near prominent in the fracas.

The official narrative of this smells. Badly.
16:33 December 12, 2010 by jackx123
so Assange is sought by Interpol on possibly, plausible, potential charges etc whilst two bombs blow up in Stockholm by Muslim terrorist NOT sought after by Interpol
18:28 December 12, 2010 by waffen
Demand that the United States embassy be closed in Sweden.

That will send a message to the criminal Government of the United States that Sweden wants nothing to do with them.

Afterward, join the thousands who are working against the cyberspaces of those who are setting-up Assange for the American Gestapo.

Once that Sweden gets him into the country, the United States will render him to a secret prison that is in, or that is controlled by the States, and his days will be over.

When the Plutocrats under boehner take over in January, what you are seeing now will only be a warm-up to the next events of the United States Oligarchy that pretends to be a democracy.

The United States is thrashing about in economic death throes as their citizens go homless and jobless. Riots and martial law are next, followed by the Fascism that has already taken root.
20:06 December 12, 2010 by Rational Hypostasis
Little turd needs some time at Gitmo!!!
20:50 December 12, 2010 by adigunbabatunde@yahoo.com
if he hi extradited to sweden, sweden will have a big decision to make on whether to extradite him to the US
21:53 December 12, 2010 by ngecenk
@Great Scott

you're missing the point. even the US law protect Assange, it called first amendment. dont blame him, blame the one who open the docs and give it to him.

assange is not more evil than thelocal.se, they just pointing out info that is sent to them.
22:12 December 12, 2010 by itzsmz

i agree with u and many others. i'm not so well versed in politics but with the wikileaks issue, i become more aware of conspiracies lurking.

"Military staffer knew about attacks"

"Julian Assange controversy"

Politicians still garnering supporters...

Does it ring a bell? Heard of 9-11 anyone? The finger pointing, war on terror.. which turns out to be a big game, just to get some oil...

Don't let some bullies play with our emotions. The peace within the Swedish society is at stake.

I guess the comments on the bombing news have been disabled precisely because of people like J...123, who doesn't seem to understand that those group of people he pointed at have been VICTIMS, as shown in the unfortunate 911 event and the backlash the ensued, as they will again be in Sweden if people decided to react without reasonable basis...

www.jesus-is-savior.com > Evils in Government >What Really Happened on 911?

unfortunately, the above said VICTIMS seem to have their own sense of identity which are so easily copied by those who want to be on disguise. on another note, doesn't it seem fishy too that the 'attackers' know exactly who to email to before they attack? Saco and TT... big guys and a loudhailer?
23:46 December 12, 2010 by snow_ice
should be release
00:29 December 13, 2010 by Nilspet
Julian Assange would be released if the legal system in UK takes no political pressure as the evidence against him seems very weak and almost baseless. In principle only a more powerful country can pressure UK ... and how many countries in the world are more powerful than UK?

Another interesting question is: if he is released, what is he going to do next? Is he going to talk more or talk less? Is he going to be the same Julian? Where in the world is he going to reside? Probably not Sweden...
01:22 December 13, 2010 by itzsmz
typo in :#39

not Saco. but Säpo.


interesting to watch the documentary: http://svtplay.se/v/2264028/wikirebels_the_documentary
02:48 December 13, 2010 by Roy E
Assange is nothing more than a self-important delinquent.

He deserves every bit of the grief he brings down on himself for this silly self-promoting stunt.
04:04 December 13, 2010 by Makaveli
@ Don Willer...You are as stupid as f**k. You open your mouth and let words flow out without checking your facts. Last time i checked Obama officially ended the war in Iraq. (A war he inherited in the first place) The second war in Afghanistan is just another sad inheritance from his predecessors. How on earth did he escalate these wars. You need to use your fickle brains for something within your leagues.
08:42 December 13, 2010 by andreasbe
Dear all,

Jus as a pointer the Sex charges are not linked to the Wikileaks fiasco,

and the bottom line is if he is not guilty the he should not fight the probe as he will be free/cleared once the probe is over.

but if he is guilty then im sorry for you you perverted D*#k Head you deserve to burn.!

and just for you moronic people like @Texrusso: hmm sex without consent not condom. this is called "Rape" and yes I am Swedish and guess what I have two kids.!
11:54 December 13, 2010 by munched
Ask is so tight with the CIA and is found out. How oh how can we turn that bad press around.. Better ask the CIA. Ka-BOOM! There.. all better now.

@Boston Way Can't you start by shooting the retard makaveli? "Obama ended the war in Irak" jeezus.. Then shoot urself. Remember, him first.
12:55 December 13, 2010 by actuary
Dear andreasbe

I presume that your condom broke at least twice. This is an illegal act and I am amazed that you have admitted to it. Do not try to leave the country: we will pursue you wherever you go.
14:25 December 13, 2010 by Ben Sira
The narrative of Assange "stealing" secrets spread by US media is interesting. The real issue is how can a few amature hackers can access US state secrets? There are literally tens of thousands of cyberwarriors in the US: God knows how many in other countries. One can only assume that members of the Chinese Ministry of State Security have all US (and Swedish) secrets online at their desks. Where is the outrage at these incompetant bureaucrats?
15:19 December 13, 2010 by Makaveli
@Munched: Did somebody munch part of your brains for lunch. you surely forgot to take your medication today...eller hur? Can't be waisting time backing up facts to a fool like yourself. You should have gone to school like mama told u to!
16:57 December 13, 2010 by creamy
Remember the good old days when condoms were not even needed; u could do all of your sexual fantasies anywhere at any time in any way that u wanted. :) When the meat market was free and easy for those who were not ready to settle down and for those learning their way into a happier climax and comfortability. I hope Juliann has a chance to live free and can have all the sex he wants w/o condoms. It just feels so much better.
06:05 December 14, 2010 by Raydoggy
Sweden is no longer cool, in fact it is starting to look like a puke sandwich.
10:57 December 14, 2010 by SajidAli
best part would be when we will get leaks of julians case :)
19:19 December 14, 2010 by zoroastrina
The slavering, slobbering bad-mouthings of the typically Pavlovian pit bulls Boston Way, repat_xpat and Typical Whitey are undeserving of a rational response in view of their bloody-minded inclination to violence and bloodshed in defence of the Empire's coutless and ineffably disgusting acts of savagery. "The legal case against Assange is increasingly discredited in Britain, not only because of the suspicions of Swedish-US collusion, but because of the conduct of the London court itself. The same magistrate, Howard Biddle, who denied bail to Assange December 7, granted bail the following day to a 30-year-old businessman, Shrien Dewani, facing charges of conspiring to murder his wife during their honeymoon in South Africa." [Patrick Martin WSWS, 14 December 2010]
19:21 December 28, 2010 by buckrogersday
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
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