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Sweden had 'no say' in Assange bail appeal

AFP/The Local · 16 Dec 2010, 11:15

Published: 16 Dec 2010 11:15 GMT+01:00

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As Assange prepared to appear at London's High Court to hear an appeal against a lower court's decision to release him on bail, the Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer was asked to comment on reports in The Guardian newspaper that Sweden has "not got a view at all on bail".

Starmer told BBC radio: "The general position and the nature of the arrangement is absolutely clear.

"The Crown Prosecution Service acts here as agents of the government seeking extradition, in this case the Swedish government.

"These proceedings are brought as agents of the Swedish government."

A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service told AFP: "We did take the decision to oppose bail without consulting the Swedish authorities, but that is absolutely standard practice."

He said it was common in extradition cases for British lawyers to take decisions on the course of action to be followed without consulting the country which issued the arrest warrant -- in this case Sweden.

"The reality is we take the bail decision for every case of this type, even though it is the Crown acting on Sweden's behalf in securing the extradition," the spokesman said.

"Sweden lets us do the 'nuts and bolts' and this is standard practice."

A spokeswoman for the Swedish prosecutor's office, Karin Rosander, told AFP the decision to oppose bail was "a decision of the British prosecutor and that is what the British prosecutor's office has confirmed to me."

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Assange was arrested in Britain last week on a European Arrest Warrant issued by Sweden, where two women allege they were sexually assaulted by the founder of the whistleblowing website.

If he is freed on Thursday he will have to live at the country estate of a supporter, pay £200,000 ($315,000) in bail plus an additional £40,000 in sureties, wear a security tag and be subject to a curfew.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:42 December 16, 2010 by Gojam
The Swedish prosecution should withdraw.

If the British are using the Swedes as cover to hold Assange in prison then the Swedes should distance themselves as quickly as possible.

Sweden's reputation is being seriously damaged.
12:38 December 16, 2010 by los angel
The Swedish legal system is now a world wide laughing stock.

CONSENSUAL sex and a broken condom equals RAPE?

Sweden once had the reputation of being a independent and progressive nation-and now it appears they are a backward

country, with an absurd code of justice.

But more importantly,

It looks to me like Sweden is making an international spectacle of itself as the #1 lap-dog of the United States.

Sweden's efforts in this matter are obviously at the behest of the U.S.

Since when has Sweden taken this kind of extreme action to extradite anyone for this type of offense?

I read the Swedish press everyday and I see not a whimper

of dissent in any 'mainstream' press, and hardly a whisper from the left.

Apparently Swedes don't mind being the United States' bitch.
12:55 December 16, 2010 by donutwallah
The whole episode is a disgrace and reflects poorly on the judiciaries of both Sweden and the UK.
13:01 December 16, 2010 by Tusker
Poor old Julian needs to worry about the possibility of getting extradited to Zimbabwe now as well. Apparently WikiLeaks has revealed US Diplomatic Cables claiming that Comrade Robert Mugabe's very attractive wife Grace has been stealing diamonds.

Well I was stunned to read such a scurrilous claim and there needs to be an end put to such outright lies.....goodness me, Grace is virtually Zimbabwe's own Mother Theresa. Too far this time Julian!
13:10 December 16, 2010 by Nilspet
@ los angel

You are probably right about everything you said. Swedes who only consume Swedish media have no clue whatsoever. It seems to be that way that Sweden do not mind being just that ... sad but true.

PS: did you see an interview with Michael Moore on BBC why he did not believe JA raped those girls? He gave a very straightforward answer.
13:18 December 16, 2010 by Luckystrike
" Sweden had 'no say' in Assange bail appeal "

Yeah...i believe that....
13:56 December 16, 2010 by summer
this guy is the new celebrity. have been getting alot of buzz on the net.

14:06 December 16, 2010 by peno
That is a complete lie.
14:21 December 16, 2010 by procrustes
Tried to post interesting links and it was rejected as spamming.

Check out these websites for the latest on Assange and Wikileaks

Michael Moore has dedicated his website to supporting Assange and Wikileaks


Arrianna Huffington has a piece on (huffingtonpost.com)

Raw Story has a story about USA plans (rawstory.com)

and Alternet has a really scary story about USA TV pundits calling for Assange's assasinatioin. (alternet.org)

Sven Swede has no idea how his country's reputation has and continues to be trashed by this extreme feminists in their government.
14:41 December 16, 2010 by PaulPC
Bail has been granted to Julian Assange. Crown Prosecution Service claims that it was in fact the Swedish Prosecution who raised the objections to bail. Costs of the case have been awarded to Julian so the British tax payer has to pay. We're a bit short of cash atm, so can we ask the Swedish Prosecution to go halves?
14:44 December 16, 2010 by Jes
@los angel , lets try using our heads here . It can no longer be considered CONSENSUAL sex if one of the participants lodges a complaint . Courts are made to find out which is which. In Assanges case , 2 participants took their complaints to the authorities .

Even Assange cannot pick and chose which laws are unfair or not .

Did Sweden become " United States bitch" before or after Assange had applied for a residence permitt that was rejected ?

If you read Swedish press as you claim , you would have seen that only yesterday , there was a rape story about a man who is jail for having raped several women in Årebro . A few months ago , the press was ful of stories about a police officer who was accused of raping 6 women He was convicted and will stay away for the next 6 years Leaking does not make anyone to be above or below the law
14:47 December 16, 2010 by Dubman
What an international embarrassment Sweden is looking in the eyes of the global community. Will Sweden ever be able to recover from the label of " Puppets to the USA Imperialists". What's more shocking is the lack of reporting on Assange in your media!
14:52 December 16, 2010 by caradoc
@ Tusker

Any person connected to the criminal Robert Mugabe is tainted by his actions over the last few years. Since Mugabe has been bleeding Zimbabwe dry it would be no surprise that he and his family are stealling whatever they can get their hands on.

British prosecutors are acting as agents of the swedish government so therefore blame should be laid at the doorstep of the Swedish Govt with regards to the opposition of bail .
15:33 December 16, 2010 by skatty
The moral advice for everybody is: "Life may become extremely complicated when a condom break, especially if you live in Sweden!"

The political advice for everybody is: "A broken condom can leaks all kinds of problems, including political problems!"
16:28 December 16, 2010 by los angel
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
18:36 December 16, 2010 by Jes
@los engel , suddenly , you don`t sound intelligent . What do you mean "ACTUAL RAPES" ?

If you must be told , the Police Officer who was convicted put up a fight and denied even having raped anybody . Only the trial proccess found that he had actually committed what I think you call " ACTUAL RAPES"

The other rapist from Örebro did not walk himself to the Police . When he was finally apprehended it took weeks for him to admitt that he raped one woman , then it become two them it become more .

You are obviously not using your head as I had expected you to . If , for example , the 2 women tweeted the next day wouldn´t it be in Assanges interest to go to court and let his defence lawyers highlight that evidence ? Surely , the mad who is in the business of digging mud must be intelligent enough to be prepared for some dirt .Ironically you even dare mention that one of the women wrote a long piece planning a revenge . Isn`t that the reason why Assange should go to court and expose the consipiracy instead of running away from it ?

Assange is a man who has made a name for himself by simply having the capacity to search and find hidden information and documents . I have to wonder why he decided to stay close to a woman who wrote those threats on her blog .Didn`t care to know who to hang out with or not ?

I also don`t understand what you mean by "the facts" . All I know is that there is a case for Assange to answer . It is only on those courts where facts are separated from allegations .

On my part , I have not allaged that Assange is a rapist . I have not even tried to say that the women are liers . There are 2 sides to this story and I am interested in hearing which one is telling the truth . The only FACT neither you or me cannot change is that Assange is a rape suspect who needs to clear his name before he can move on . It is his turn to prove that the truth matters
10:54 December 17, 2010 by pelican 3915
Sweden where r u - re Assange - no evidence presented - No charges - if you only want to talk to or interview Assange Why not send a couple of Police Officers to the UK to interview him. Cut the crap- stop being a stooge here !!!!

You have had ample opportunity previously to talk - allowed him to leave your country and seemingly now cow-towing to U.S pressure to keep this guy in isolation - SOUNDS POLITICAL ABUSE OF LAW & GOVERNMENT !!!
13:40 December 17, 2010 by actuary
Well Jess. You seem to be saying that consensual sex becomes non-consensual sex if somebody changes their mind later. If you allow that sort of thing, then the law becomes the plaything of the capricious and is not only totally impractical, but also totally unjust. Who dreamed these crazy laws up? Have they no sense of the ridiculous?
14:20 December 17, 2010 by Baldeagle 11
Of course it is important for all parties in the official allegations by the SWEDISH government against Mr Assange that Marianne Ny fly to England and question Mr Assange forthwith, in the presence of his chosen legal advisor and her accompanying witness, and should Mr Assange remain silent as indeed it is his right in either Nation, then it is up to SWEDEN to charge him or like Carl Bildt keep quite forever!
14:26 December 17, 2010 by Jes
@acuary , it is not me who is saying it , but the law plus a bit of common sense .Consesual sex remains so in 99.00000009% of cases .

If you are not impotent or a child , you have has sex many times . How many of those times have your parteners changed their minds and accused you of rape ?

Now that we all know that there is some smoke , what is so wrong about finding out where the fire is ?

I suggest to you that it is more than naive to think that the law becomes "crazy" after one Assange has been taken in as a suspect . In case you may not know it , a great majority of convict consider the law crazy .

If you missed it , I can repeat for just you that Assange is a suspect who will have to face his accusers whether you like it or not . As the "hunter of the truth" Assange has an opportunity to expose those that are supposedly framing him . before the courts of law .
17:38 December 17, 2010 by cmbsweden
I will make no comment regarding Assange's guilt or innocence of the allegations brought against him, nor will I comment on the veracity and validity of the 2 women's claim of sexual assault, misconduct, or whatever you want to call them.

My only thoughts at this point is to once again say simply this: show me anywhere in recent history where Sweden issued an Interpol arrest warrant for someone suspected of "sexual misconduct" besides in this case.....I doubt sincerely there are any examples to be found of that. As Michael Moore cited in his open letter, 9 out of 10 rape cases are even prosecuted when the suspect is IN the country, but we are supposed to believe that is the only motivation that these prosecutors have in going after him?

That simply defies believability.
19:25 December 17, 2010 by Jes
Name one case in which someone who had been charged of rape in Sweden left the country and no Interpol arrest warrant was issued even after the prosecutors knew that he was living in another European country .

What defies believability is that the truth hunter is afraid of standing up and exposing any one who might be framing him.

It gets worse if it is Michael Moore who has to be quoted.
19:39 December 17, 2010 by cmbsweden
First off, he has not been charged with rape. He is wanted for questioning in a case of sexual misconduct.

The arrest warrant sent to Interpol must be unusual, since no one has ever seen it done before for something such as this, BUT you find nothing untowards in that at all...just business as usual?

Can I interest you in some property for sale about 100 miles east of Miami...totally undeveloped......(never mind that it is under about 300 feet of Atlantic Ocean)?

Get a clue......
20:50 December 17, 2010 by Jes
Sweden sent an arrest warrant to Interpol because they simply want to "question " Assange for "sexual misconduct" ???

I thought that a European arrest warrant was issued because he is wanted for "interrogation" as a suspect in a case concerning rape , among other things !


Maybe I should also interest in some job with Michael Moore . He is the one who can make make a stone leak buckets of water

Get a clue ?
03:51 December 18, 2010 by Hidden Evidence
The Swedish prosecution, aside from lying about their having opposed bail for Julian Assange, is going way out on a limb and indeed they may have crossed over into illegal territory, for the police have the women' s mobile text messages which prove that Julian Assange is innocent. Julian's Swedish lawyer has had a gag order placed on him because he has seen that exculpatory evidence, which renders the already weak case, null and void. In addition, at least one witness tried to destroy evidence, posted online, which indicated that no crime had been committed. This 'malicious prosecution' may well prove to be one the greatest travesties of justice to disgrace Sweden's judicial system.
07:52 December 18, 2010 by cmbsweden
Interrogation IS questioning Jes...look it up!

If you interrogate someone, you are questioning that person...the words are synonomous (mean the same thing).
11:01 December 18, 2010 by Jes
@cmbsweden , you are the one who should look it up . But I can also help : if you are under "questioning" you are free to answer or not to answer . Whatever you chose to do cannot be used against you in a court of law . Youa are also free to leave whenever you want .

If you are under "interregation"it means that you are under the custody of the authority that is interrogating you . You can`t leave unless they say so . Whatever you say remains on record and can be used in a court of law.

In simpler words , questioning takes place in a non-custodial enviroment , while interrogation is done under legal custody of a given authority .

I say it again : Assange was ARRESTED and is out on bail .This means that he is a SUSPECT . If he is a suspect , the arresting authority can question or interrogate him .

This is the law my friend . It cannot be just changed or ignored because you don´t don`t like or grasp it .

@Hidden Evidence dear , if there is evidence that Assange is innocent , it is in his interest that he goes to the court in Sweden to face his accusers .At least , there must be someone who knows that trying to "destroy evidence" is a crime . Surely , this one cannnot be settled in The Local . It´s too late for that .
12:38 December 18, 2010 by cmbsweden
You are arguing semantics Jes, not actual legal definitions. To "question" a suspect is no different than to "interrogate" a suspect.

Yes, he is a suspect, but he has not been charged with any crime; as they say stateside, he is merely a "person of interest". (Just a fancy way of saying suspect)

They can arrest you or me tomorrow for whatever bogus BS they want to and call either of us a suspect, but that hardly makes either of us guilty of anything.

Either way, he can answer or not answer as he so chooses, in custody or otherwise.

And since English is my native language (and I doubt it is yours), I think I will go with my understanding of that language more so than yours.

Whatever, you're debate points are starting to become boring. There is absolutely zero about them that is compelling.
13:44 December 18, 2010 by Jes
WRONG , we are not debating "native languages " but LAW and its interpretation .

WRONG , you and I can`t be arrested tomorrow on bogus BS unless there is a complainant .

It does not take understanding of a native language to know that UK and Sweden are not societies in which that sort of thing , i.e , "arresting and calling either of us a suspect" happens as a policy .

Ironically , if it happens that Assange is the victim of such a violation of law , he should be celebrating that he now has a chance to expose yet another vice . Remember : he is the truth-hunter .

And here is your native language´s LEGAL definition of INTERROGATION : in criminal law, the process of questions asked by police to a person arrested or suspected to seek answers to a crime.

You obviously don`t understand the process law . That could be one of the reasons you get stuck on legal terminologies . So , it is a wastage of time to inform that Assange`s advocate , who has no problems reading the languaging and "legal protocol" and formalities is approaching this in a legal way . He knows that it is a matter of time before his client is charged .

If this suspect of yours had no case to answer as you conveniently insinuate , he would not be under house arrest in a European country , would he ?

BTW , if my debate points are absolutely zero , what does that say about you who has responded to each and every line that I have posted ?

Your life must be boring already . I refuse to take the blame for that one Switch off the PC and take a walk; you will feel fine afterwards .

Peace !
18:30 December 18, 2010 by Great World
Sweden is the new form of apartheid
21:21 December 18, 2010 by Hidden Evidence
The strange antics perpetrated by the Swedish authorities reveal that the true motive behind their having targeted Julian Assange is to discredit and hobble the Wikileaks organization and that most likely on behalf of American interests; though I am sure that some politicians in Sweden are deeply concerned about revelations contained in the cables that could result in their being hounded out of office, if not imprisoned for having violated Swedish law through gross malfeasance. Making secret backrooms deals with foreign intelligence agents, while deliberately hiding those matters from Parliament, suggesting that they were perhaps violating the laws of Sweden through that covert cooperation, may well allow for those officials to be yet prosecuted. Could there be even more serious matters that some powerful Swedish officials are concerned about with respect to underhanded dealings with the Americans? How many are working as spies for the Americans? And would they be adverse to having Julian Assange sent to Sweden and lined up before the rifle sights of some paid assassin to keep their cover from being blown? The Swedish authorities know very well that their activities are politically motivated, though they deceitfully deny the obvious, and indeed the two women may well be covert agents acting on behalf of SAPO, they having been assigned to try and infiltrate the Wikileaks organization. Too many surreptitious dirty tricks and violations of due process for the prosecution's complaint against Julian Assange to be deemed legitimate. The witnesses' own behavior reveals that no crime was committed; and exculpatory evidence was deliberately withheld from British magistrates and public scrutiny, [the SMS messages] that this politically motivated smear campaign not lose stream, and that the Swedish authorities not be pressed by international public outrage to drop the charges.
07:15 December 19, 2010 by cmbsweden

Right you are...... I will now bow down to the Jedi Master....
12:31 December 19, 2010 by Hidden Evidence
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
00:54 December 20, 2010 by TwoDogs
It was reported in Britain that it was an appeal by Swedish prosecuters, to oppose bail - BBC, a 'state department'.
13:58 December 20, 2010 by Jes
@Hidden Evidence ,

you make it look so simple . Shame on those who have put such an innocent man under house arrest !
04:03 December 22, 2010 by los angel
@jes If you would make the effort to inform yourself and read the data that is already in the public record, you would understand that both women, in thier own official statements

to the Swedish authorities, claimed that the sex was consensual and that they did not feel threatened at any time.

Considering the fact that Sweden is the only western country where CONSENSUAL SEX WITH ABSOLUTLY NO THREAT OF VIOLENCE can be termed 'rape', makes Sweden appear ridiculous to the rest of the 'free world'.

Yes these are only allegations at this point, and he is only wanted for questioning, but his name has now been forever

slandered by Sweden.

@jes Apparently your Swedish pride has been pricked, but you must face the fact that Swedes can no longer hold themselves up as a superior, progressive country, or any kind of European ideal of a independant social democracy.

Now the Swede is no better than the rest.

One could say that Sweden became the U.S. 'lap dog' when the Swedish government began sharing national intel with U.S., and

began participating in the 'enhanced visa waver'. These acts, (revealed in the 'stockholm cables' released by wikileaks on 11/15/10)show proof that the Swedish government in collusion with the U.S., acted unlawfully according to Swedish constitutional requirements, collaborating with the United States in secret, against the will, and outside the knowledge of the Swedish people.

And then, Sweden further proved it's 'lap dog' status in the pursuit Of Assange on false allegations, and corrupt procedural actions on the part of the Swedish prosecution in pursuing this case.

@jes pleeeese do some simple research to inform yourself-

if one has the inclination to care about the truth, the information is available if one only bothers to look.

The Swedish press shows the world a huge FAIL-and the Swedish public sits silent-or in your case @jes, highly vocal, but grossly ignorant.

@jes its time you and all Swedes accept the fact that Sweden is now the United States' BITCH

(time to speak up about THAT)

Please see section 'industry watch' for specifics of these 'charges' go to posts dated 12/2/2010
19:09 December 28, 2010 by buckrogersday
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
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