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New details emerge about Assange accusers

AFP/The Local · 19 Dec 2010, 10:11

Published: 19 Dec 2010 10:11 GMT+01:00

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Following his release Thursday after nine days in a London prison since his arrest on a Swedish warrant on December 7th, Assange told the BBC the allegations against him were "a very successful smear campaign and a very wrong one."

The two Swedish women who accuse Julian Assange of rape, sexual molestation and coercion are a 31-year-old feminist activist and a 27-year-old admirer, various corroborative sources say.

Since the allegations the two have kept out of the spotlight, with one moving to the Palestinian territories on a Christian mission and the other cutting her phone line.

AFP is not revealing their full identities, which were kept secret by Swedish prosecutors.

Both Miss A and Miss W, as they were called in a British court hearing on Stockholm's still pending demand for Assange to be extradited to Sweden for questioning about the allegations, are connected to him by an event on August 14.

That day, the 39-year-old Australian gave a seminar in Stockholm organised by the Social Democratic Party's Christian wing and titled "The First Casualty of War is Truth".

Miss A, 31, was working for the organisation and acted as an unofficial go-between for Assange and journalists during his visit.

She also allowed him to stay with her from his arrival in Stockholm on August 11, according to a transcript of the women's account to police obtained by AFP.

Miss A and Assange had sex several times at her one-room Stockholm flat, according to Swedish tabloids, giving details that were blocked out of the police transcript.

Representatives of Swedish prosecutors told the British hearing that "unlawful coercion" occurred on August 14 because Assange held down Miss A in a sexual manner.

Another encounter on August 18 was characterised as "sexual molestation", because Assange had sex with Miss A without a condom despite her "express wish" one should be used, they said.

Assange also "deliberately molested" Miss A on the same night "in a way designated to violate her sexual integrity", the British court heard.

Nonetheless, the WikiLeaks head stayed at Miss A's flat until August 20, even accompanying her to a party on August 15.

On her still active blog, the 31-year-old describes herself as "a political scientist, communicator, entrepreneur and freelance writer with special knowledge in faith and politics, equality matters, feminism and Latin America".

A Master's thesis on Cuba, her admiration for former Argentinian president Nestor Kirchner and a now-removed blog post on how to get revenge on an ex-boyfriend have led to a slew of cyberspace rumours about her motives for accusing Pentagon nemesis Assange.

"CIA agent, angry feminist/Muslim-lover, Christian fundamentalist, lesbian and desperately in love with a man, can one be all that at the same time?" she commented on her Twitter account earlier this month.

Miss W., 27, was also in the audience at Assange's talk on August 14, sitting in a bright pink jumper on the front row with a number of journalists.

Her background and occupation are not as well know as her co-accuser's, but her admiration for Assange and her encounters with him are described in detail in the police interview transcript.

She saw him on television discussing the release in July of classified US documents on the Afghanistan war, and told police she found him "interesting, courageous and admirable".

When she found out the WikiLeaks head was speaking in Stockholm on August 14, she went to the event, insisted on spending the evening with Assange and friends after the talk, and ended up alone with him at the cinema.

There they flirted and he said he found her "very attractive," she told police.

Two days later, they travelled to Miss W's home in Enköping, some 50 kilometers northwest of Stockholm.

But Assange "spent the train ride looking at Twitter posts about himself" and by the time they arrived at her place, "the passion and excitement were gone", she told investigators.

The rape allegations stem from later that night at Miss W's home: the British court heard that Assange had sex with her without a condom while she was asleep.

Story continues below…

The following morning, they had breakfast together, and "in an attempt to de-dramatise what happened", she made "sarcastic comments".

She then took him back to the train station and he promised to call her.

Defence lawyer Claes Borgström said the two women later discovered they had both had similar experiences with Assange and went to the police on August 20.

"They were not sure they wanted to (press charges), they wanted to get advice" and were also worried they could have contracted HIV, Borgström told reporters earlier this month.

"When they told the police officer, a woman, she realised that what (the women) were telling her about was a crime. She reported that to the public prosecutor who decided to arrest Assange," the lawyer said.

The following day, the story made the front page of tabloid Expressen, launching the scandal and its numerous ramifications.

Assange has not been charged and says his lawyers have been given no evidence to back up the Swedish assertions, which prosecutors insist have nothing to do with the activities of WikiLeaks.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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10:49 December 19, 2010 by weiler
She invites him to stay at her flat, they have (consensual?) sex several times, he then molests/rapes/coerces her, then they go to a party, and she lets him stay another four days at her flat after all that. I'm not a lawyer, but that sounds like one badly confused and perhaps desperate young lady to me. And her colleague appears to be in a similar league. Assange must be blessed with a magnetic personality or perhaps other prominent physical attributes...
10:56 December 19, 2010 by jackx123
the two women should be sent to jail for contempt of court and defamation ......
11:15 December 19, 2010 by Jimmy
Sweden doesn't have "contempt of court". "Seeking advice" is the way of making a police complaint without making a complaint. Thus you can't be charged with making a "false police report" So Swedish, can't make a decision
11:18 December 19, 2010 by star10
So a person can be sent to jail simply because two women who had repeated sex with him (and who probably want to have more) meet and say "this and that" about him! This is a mockery!
11:29 December 19, 2010 by asquil
I'm not a fan of Assange and will never be. Whoever is sponsoring his works has some hidden agendas..keep a watch.

The whole legal case is a fallacy.

Its purpose is to distract the public from what is really going in the "real" world. Also, I guess Sweden is gaining some publicity from it.

Enjoy the fake show...
11:38 December 19, 2010 by Nemesis
The circus continues.
11:59 December 19, 2010 by Lostaussie
It all seems like a load of b*ll*cks to me. But hey, we are in Sweden.
11:59 December 19, 2010 by PBR_Streetgang
is having sex without a condom a crime? is being rubbish in bed a crime?
12:00 December 19, 2010 by wakak
Well, Larsson's Millenium is not too far from reality after all.

The only difference is that in Millenium, the good guys win.
12:02 December 19, 2010 by trevmar
The "Welcome to Stockholm" passageway for tourists arriving at Arlanda airport needs to have prominently placed warnings that Swedish law is really, really different from the rest of the world...
12:11 December 19, 2010 by locaxy
The Guardian has a more extensive and less slanted account here:


Anyway, however one looks at it, this affair is a charade. Assange's reputation is forever destroyed no matter what the court settles upon. Especially because of the Interpol Red Alert and the rabid way with which the Swedish prosecution is going after him (to make up for their embarrassing flip-flop). Anything less than a conviction would be disastrous for the image Sweden...so they'll throw everything in the book and a whole lot of resources at this case.

This is doing a great disservice for victims of rape by conflating a heinous crime with sexual antics. Who goes to the cops because they're worried about the risk of HIV during consensual sex? The stupidity of these girls is astounding to say the least. And now - predictably - the case has been hijacked by those who have an ax to grind with Wikileaks.
12:17 December 19, 2010 by Jools33
If the Swedish authorities are serious about only wanting to question Assange about these crimes - then they should publicly offer him guaranteed legal immunity against extradition to the US in the period that Assange remains in Sweden for this questioning. The threat of extradition is the only thing that is preventing their case from going forwards. Their alternative is to wait out the lengthy appeals process in the UK - something tells me that they would much rather do this.
12:34 December 19, 2010 by johnny1939
Why don't the prosecutors send someone to London to interview Assange? He is not going anywhere until february and a stop could be set for this silliness and it would run out in the sand. One hopes. Anyway, one of the accusers is as we speak making mischief in Palestine (like they do not have enough trouble there)and the other one..who knows...as been already said what a freakshow!!
13:04 December 19, 2010 by Rebel
Thiss case eitehr proves that the Swedish government is no more angelic than any other government on this planet, or that it is merely incompetent.

I am inclined to say it is a combination of both.
13:08 December 19, 2010 by acusers must repent
i think womens must understand that this world were living, any thing ur doing god is wathching my sisters please try to repent
13:14 December 19, 2010 by Swedesmith
asquil #5 pretty much sums it up for me.
13:25 December 19, 2010 by mojofat
Reading The Guardian article one gets a sense that Assange is a narcissist of the highest order. All he had to do to avoid all of this was wear a condom as requested, but I suppose his sense of entitlement led him to believe he could simply do as he pleases. It seems as though his massive ego is not fully prepared to handle this global stroking it's getting.

At a minimum he should apologize to these women for his crude behavior, instead of using his legal team to attack and smear them.
13:40 December 19, 2010 by crunchy2k
I want a tourist book written by Ms.Ny as to how to have sex in Sweden. A step by step guide so innocent men and women can touch each other without being exploited after a girl to girl twitter communication as to if I was exploitable. She is the expert right? She gives classes in sexual abuse according to the news.
13:55 December 19, 2010 by svenskamerikansk
Everything about this Wikileaks 'controversy' serves as a fine illustration of how un-serious some elements of society have become.

That the media gives to much attention to such a self-infatuated little weasel like Assange is absurd.

That Swedish Laws accommodate vengeful feminists in the way they do is absurd.

And the way Swedish Authorities are applying those laws in this case are absurd.

It's a circus from start to finish.
15:11 December 19, 2010 by beefinswede
An unhinged extremist anti male feminist with a self admitted history of defaming men to 'get revenge', and another who works for an anti Cuba propaganda journal in pay if the us government. Nothing dodgy about those two then...
15:23 December 19, 2010 by BYDAND
Can women have sex when asleep?or is it a special Swedish thing?,like mediocre,stupid public prosecuters burning up our tax money. Agree with @svenskamericansk, circus from start to finish albeit an expensive one.
15:32 December 19, 2010 by locaxy
@ mojofat

The way I see it, none of the women flat out refused to have unprotected sex with Assange. If he managed to talk them into it bareback, that makes it their business.

I'm astounded by the way you present Assange as a narcissist with a massive ego, and gloss over the fact that it is most likely that that very characteristic that made the women have sex with him. Should we then also make the women look bad for being attractive to a narcissist with a massive ego? You don't go around crusading for freedom of speech and go against the world's superpowers unless you actually have a high opinion of yourself.

Either there was coercion and the charges can stick, or there wasn't and this is a political circus to slander and incapacitate Assange. According to every report I have seen so far, there was no coercion.
15:36 December 19, 2010 by eddie123
how come a police report is being leaked? who leaked the report and to what purpose? assange should have avoided all this by just answering the damn questions the cops posed to him and all this would have been dispensed with a long time ago. his refusal to answer simple questions has led to the present situation. while assange expects the world to be an open society and a better place, he fails as an individual in being open and transparent in the face of scrutiny.
15:42 December 19, 2010 by robertweller
I have read both the Guardian and the NYT (the latter biased as usual but at least they don't try to do a psychological exam this time on anyone). My wife read both stories as well (she is partly of Swedish descent). Her independent reaction was that this is all crap. I covered the rape scandal at the U.S. Air Force Academy and was partly involved in the LA Lakers Kobe Bryant case. I was told to shut up about Bryant because I thought he was guilty. I know most rape cases are never reported. I know that only a very small percentage of claims are false. And I have read all three Lisbeth Salandar books and see all 3 movies. I never wanted to ever be associated with criticisms of rape victims. Nevertheless, this case is what it is. And why had no one (that i know of) reported until the Guardian and NYT that Assange had been interviewed by Swedish police.
15:48 December 19, 2010 by mojofat

I agree, it's not a case of "perfect rape"...meaning, he wasn't some stranger lurking in the bushes outside their homes. However, we do get this from the report:

"She told police that she had tried a number of times to reach for a condom but Assange had stopped her by holding her arms and pinning her legs. The statement records Miss A describing how Assange then released her arms and agreed to use a condom, but she told the police that at some stage Assange had "done something" with the condom that resulted in it becoming ripped, and ejaculated without withdrawing."

And this:

"She had awoken to find him having sex with her, she said, but when she asked whether he was wearing a condom he said no."

The second woman, it should be noted, has never had unprotected sex. Her ex boyfriend of over 2 years is on record supporting this. You say these women did not flat out refuse to have sex with him, but they only consented to protected sex. Not unprotected sex. If this were your sister, how would you feel?


That is exactly what bothers me most about this. Whether you agree with his actions vis-a-vi wikileaks, it does not entitle him to a free-pass to do as he wishes. He has, time and time again, maintained an air of secrecy about all of his dealings while declaring himself emperor of transparency. To me, it comes off hypocritical. And I'm astounded that so many people are attacking these women's motives without the slightest bit of evidence. It simply reeks of anti-americanism dressed up in a so-called CIA conspiracy to "honeytrap" a poor, innocent fellow. There's at least evidence of Assange violating these women...facts...there is zero to support any kind of conspiracy.
15:57 December 19, 2010 by glamelixir
As a woman and as a feminist I have to say:

This two women are complete idiots! a disgrace to our gender, and a real disgrace to women that have actually been raped, as this settles back to the prejudicies against the victims in future rape cases that are REAL.

Many of you have smartly pointed out the flaws of these cases, but I can't resist re writing some of them.

First, a question: Isn't having sex without a condom a crime in Sweden IF and only IF the person who refuses have HIV and knows about it?

Second, they could have said no...period.

Third, had sex with her while she was sleeping: she must have a very strong sleep, to not wake up and say stop it if she doesn't want to. and def. this explains to me why Swedes are so dull when it comes to sex...

Fourth, it is quite clear that if they came to worry when they met, this is revenge. Feeling cheated, not special and so.

Please it is just ridiculous, if you can't handle it don't play liberal girl.

And just to wrap this: devoted christian with one night stands....mmmm, someone is going straight to hell.
16:32 December 19, 2010 by laura ka baal
He should be given NOBEL PRIZE as soon as possible.
16:38 December 19, 2010 by bob3000
Some of you, who posted on here need to remember that rape is a serious matter. It does not matter if he had consensual sex 100 or 1000 times. If on one occasion he then continued having sex against the other person's wishes or forced himself upon them - it is rape. No debate.

@locaxy: Highly unlikely you are going to see the sensitive reports as a member of the public - the prosecution and defence have those and details will be reported as and when the case is heard in court. So how you have formed such a fast opinion on this...I can only wonder.

Regardless of what 'you' class as coercion.

@BYDAND: are you serious? ...Can a someone be raped whilst asleep, google it.

@crunchy2k: Here is your simple guide, if you meet a girl or guy (I don't know your proclivities) and end up about to have sex or even having sex and the other person says stop - you stop. Simple. You might not like it, you might not want to, but stop. Simple.

WikiLeaks is doing good work by exposing some Governmental, diplomatic and other services competence.

It is just a shame Julian Assuage is an idiot.

However his actions do not dilute the work WikiLeaks as a whole has done - in my opinion.

There are others involved in running WikiLeaks - it does not need to be about one ego.

He should step down and focus on facing his accusers.

But if it is about his ego, then he will not.
16:39 December 19, 2010 by adigunbabatunde@yahoo.com
^^^^^ your last statement is hilarious!
16:58 December 19, 2010 by eZee.se
An old joke:

Whats the difference between rape and seduction?

Answer: Salesmanship!

Now, while J.A might be a creep (as some suggest) in real life if he was able to convince these women (without threats or any violence) that he should slip it in without a raincoat... well, thats one smooth talking Sonofa.. and also puts him into the "salesman" and not "rapist" category.

No means no, how many times have we heard that? And I agree with it, respect your partner and if she says no - well, stop doing whatever she was objecting to. As far as I can tell, none of these ninnies said no.

She awoke and he was already in her having sex --- ok, I gotta ask the question, how f*ing big is this woman between her legs? And how deep does she sleep?

Inserting a little finger is enough to wake anybody... did he run across the room and do a 5 foot jump then expertly penetrate her that it was so sudden that she didnt wake till he was in?

It just does not make any sense.

If all the Swedish govt. wants to do is ask him a few questions, well, send someone over there... or do a video conference. YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHERE HE IS MORONS.

But thats not all the want to do, is it?
17:07 December 19, 2010 by bob3000
How so?

There are more people involved in WikiLeaks than Assange. It can and does operate without him.

You can argue that if the members who sort and collate the information remain unpublicised, then WikiLeaks is less vulnerable to attacks on.

Assange put himself in this situation and therefore brought his reputation into question.

If he stepped aside, then any fallout from his actions or lack of judgement cease to be connected with WikiLeaks.

But, then of course it would just be about rape - not freedom of information.
17:31 December 19, 2010 by IranianBoy
in police reports published by guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2010/dec/17/julian-assange-sweden :

"....and falling asleep beside Assange. She had awoken to find him having sex with her, she said, but when she asked whether he was wearing a condom he said no. "According to her statement, she said: 'You better not have HIV' and he answered: 'Of course not,'...."

so she wakes up and finds out she is having sex and gets so upset that only asks if Julian has condom? wow! so she was so angry that only asked if Julian has HIV...!!! seems she refused to have have sex a lot!!

well anyway I admit putting your P**** in someone's P**** is very inappropriate if she is asleep and can't wake up by feeling it inside her....!! oh wait a minute! was she really asleep or.... in the same police report published by guardian:

"....They (assange's lawyers) also say that in a text message to a friend, she never suggested she had been raped and claimed only to have been "half asleep".

well that clears many things! at least now our mind can stop picturing it how it can be possible to have sex without waking up the partner! cuz the only sample in the world was just disqualified!

so she was "half asleep". so she was conscious? but a little bit tired? and was only worried if Julian has HIV (the same worry we all may have when having unprotected sex) but just let the sex go on (I would suggest only because she liked it) and several days later, when she found out about other partner of Assange, she filed the report to police? WoW! what a heinous rape! I would say re establish capital punishment as "Big Brother" would love it and just execute this mo***fu**** ba**** and let us all live in quiet and peace!
17:34 December 19, 2010 by bob3000


Does it matter if she makes Tingstadstunneln look a tight squeeze or if he has a baby carrot and 2 peas?

The Justice system is not a drive-thru or convenience store - you go the authorities. They are not going to work around your busy sched. This guy is going to court for sure - if other women come forward and it looks like Assange has made a habit of this behaviour - will you still be so blasé?

Take a re-read of your post. Salesmanship?

You are not on the "unrepentant-sex-offenders" mailing list.
18:25 December 19, 2010 by lgb
This is a disgrace! What about other women who have been actually raped? This is just waking up and regretting a fling and SHOULD NEVER be called rape.

It is tragic that it has gone this far.
18:33 December 19, 2010 by BYDAND
@bob300 If you are asleep how do you know ? However, I agree Assange is an idiot.
18:36 December 19, 2010 by grantike
assange an acussed rapist so to say (ACCUSED).at the court in london he begged the judge to keep secret his location but the judge refused.

how can this guy be trusted one who goes around having sex all round with different women that doesnt sound RESPONSIBLE TO ME at 39 år ?.FOOL AT 40 (almost 40)am waiting to see how his 007 jamesbond or say world hero he is trying to be will play out for him .
18:40 December 19, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg

“Miss A and Assange had sex several times at her one-room Stockholm flat”, (according to Swedish tabloids, giving details that were blocked out of the police transcript.)

There's the factor of psychological improbability here: that after these “several times” these several rounds of sex during those few days, just this one time, in the heat of passion it's reported that it was no longer “same procedure as last year James” but that on this one occasion (it's alleged ) he held her down “in a sexual manner.”

In an unlawful manner ??

“Representatives of Swedish prosecutors told the British hearing that "unlawful coercion" occurred on August 14 because “Assange held down Miss A in a sexual manner.” Held her down in a sexual manner? Could he have held her down in a non-sexual manner? Sounds like Miss A was making some resistance. Her first Intifada. Still, so imprecise. But details will come later. It will forever be Word against Word. Old Testament vs. “New Testament.” Bible or Qur'an on which book will they lay a hand and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

He held her “down.”

Jes, what do we have here, if not the illegal missionary position?


X and Y comparing notes: He proposed to you did he? He proposed to me too - the lying thieving bastard.

Should it be a public hearing the courtroom will be packed full, with the world's press and cameras flashing away. In that case, I wonder whether there will be any sitting room for local indigenes. It would have to be a big court room – with live TV cameras, keeping those interested informed by the minute as legal procedures try to establish the truth as to what actually happened, your Honor.

Assange may emerge as a sympathetic character and could have sung one of the love ladies this line from Leonard Cohen's “Master Song”

“ I think you're playing far too rough

For a Lady who's been to the moon…”


Or perhaps a few lines from " The Stranger Song"

Of course when it's a black man that's been falsely accused, disco evening, dancing all night, some romantic moves back at her flat, cold December snow outside, warm fireplace, some wine, some reggae music, everyone's had a good time; in the morning, a little more sober, she leaves him sleeping in her bed and returns with the police to identify “the beast” On the day of the trial she wears a red miniskirt, which the whole world can see through and with suppressed/ repressed desire the male judges cast an evil eye at the triangle of her floral frock and come to the subconscious conclusion: “ the nigger must have done it”

This case could surpass the OJ Simpson trial – and could be good for business - Swedish business and tourism.

When the whole world's attention is riveted on the rape trial that's when some pretty important events will be taking place someplace else in the world, and will be overshadowed by this rape case – if it takes place….. that's what always happens…..
18:43 December 19, 2010 by Angst
If it is true that the US is preparing charges against Assange (see http://tomhayden.com/home/us-conspiracy-charges-prepared-against-assange-manning.html) it will put a whole new light on Swedish attempts to hold him on lesser charges, to give the US time to prepare theirs. Then Assange extraited first to Sweden and then again to the US should reveal all, if that does happen. Time will tell...
18:54 December 19, 2010 by eZee.se

I would give you a proper reply... if your post made a little more sense so I could understand it and know where to begin.
19:02 December 19, 2010 by leiiel
Who is PAYING for this? Are Swedish taxpayers paying for this? If so, how much are we paying for this? Why are all alleged rapists not persued with this same intensity? The healthcare system here screws people all the time. Why aren't these rapists held acountable by the government?
19:19 December 19, 2010 by crunchy2k
homeland officers causing harm....speak freely know. The game is over....assanger is innocent of all charges...So bare you're indecency to the world.
19:56 December 19, 2010 by adigunbabatunde@yahoo.com
@ grantike

Nobody is asking you to trust him.

The follies which a man regrets most, in his life, are those which he didn't commit when he had the opportunity.

- Helen Rowland

JA is in deep sh!t

I guess his nomadic/fugitive lifestyle makes him no good candidate for a fixed relationship that these bimbos were expecting. they (the wannabes) should have known better.


here we go..mr tax payer.
20:01 December 19, 2010 by rocky92
Very interesting. It is like a drama or a TV show.

It seems that allegation from both parties are very strange.

For Assange, it is shocking that his legal team could access to SMS of the girls, because that is something only can be obtained by police. Further more, if what he claims about SMS, are true, refusing to go back to Sweden does not seems to be a best way to prove his innocence. Instead, he could ask to sign an agreement that he would not be sent to USA before he submit himself go to Sweden, especially after Carl Bildt claim it is rubbish saying that Swedish authority could help USA to extradite him.

The Swedish authority is even more strange. What is the reason they oppose a bail of L.200k? That makes a saying of persecution very reasonable. Also, the way that the police material leaks to Media, is not a sign that they have decent legal system. Even if it is a nasty legal system that help USA persecute political dissenter, at least it is by no mean a incorruptive legal system that could avoid wrong innocent civilians.It is at least a scandal that implies justices is not guaranteed in their system.

The Assange's lawyers could use this leak of police material as an argument to prove the legal system in Sweden is very corruptive so that Assange should not be extradited.

I don't think it is wise for Assange to claim a spear campaign without evidence In instead, they should just present the fact, and let the facts to hint, so no one could seize their own flaws.
20:24 December 19, 2010 by sgt_doom
The article below explains the WHY of the matter:


"In 2008 and 2009, the Federal Reserve functioned as the central bank for the entire world. Documents pried from the Federal Reserve in November show that dozens of foreign banks and an astonishing number of foreign governments lined up to get handouts from the Fed, who kept its client list a deeply protected secret. The recipients included most of Europe's major banks: Barclay's Bank, Bank of Scotland, RBS, Societe Generale, Dresdner Bank, Bayerische Landesbank, and Dexia. Also on the list are the central banks of Australia, Denmark, Mexico, Norway, Switzerland, SWEDEN, South Korea, Britain, and Japan."
22:12 December 19, 2010 by mojofat
Ok, I'll bite.

@sgt_doom can you please illuminate us as to your point? I think I'm not steeped enough in conspiracy theory basics to grok what it is your getting at...and you've posted the same thing several times now, so I assume you must have some urgent point to make.
22:36 December 19, 2010 by woomanmoomin
While the women in question here seem to me to be confused, this hardly strikes me as surprising since they are effectively alleging sexual offences on the part of someone they trusted and whom one of them at least seems to have worshipped as something of a hero. Some at least of the offences they are alleging are akin to date rape (sex and the way it is done are only consensual as long as they begin that way and remain so) and, as such, the charges must be taken seriously. They would also be consistent with the inflated, perhaps pathological sense of self-worth that has evidently helped Assange to succeed in his media endeavours so far. I therefore find the tone of most of the comments here horribly stupid, dismissive and demeaning. If Assange is guilty of these offences--sex crimes, dammit--then to hell with him. It's not for me or for any of us to judge whether he is, though, unless we're on the jury.
22:41 December 19, 2010 by Hidden Evidence
I noticed that the witnesses' testimony has been leaked to the press; but the SMS texts, obtained by the police, which reveal that the witnesses intended beforehand to sell their story to the Expressen, didn't as yet find its way to the newspapers. How disappointing! Now, would some Swedish police officer be so kind as to leave the SMS file in the lobby next to a photocopy machine or alternately fax a copy to Julian Assange without delay. Thank you. Have a nice day!
23:16 December 19, 2010 by albert1974
Swedish hypocrisy! The names of the two ladies are known world wide, so are their pictures... but The Local does not dare to publish them! And since this Assange is the self-appointed supposed-leader of the no-privacy new order, why he does not disclose all the information he has about his own case!?
23:36 December 19, 2010 by sgt_doom
Gee, #45, mojofat, I guess the idea of the Swedish Central Bank receiving large sums of money from the US Federal Reserve, and thereby allowing various forms of pressure and/or payback in return, is too much for your itty-bitty brain to handle?

Obviously.......doesn't require any theory, simple comprehension of simple facts.

Which is beyond the scope of some people, and that would include yourself.
00:37 December 20, 2010 by Great Scott
If the one holding to banner is a typical supporter of assange, then we know what his supporters are like. This clown is making a joke of you all, cant you see he is useing you. Go on little sheep follow your leader meeeee meeeee.
00:54 December 20, 2010 by mojofat
@sgt_doom Your response did not fail to meet my expectations. Clearly, a man of your brilliance should be drafted into Assange's legal defense team pronto...I am just shocked they are working without this vital bit of information you've uncovered from someone's blog. Perhaps if you adjust your tinfoil hat accordingly you can make contact with the powers that be.

Religious nuts and conspiracy theorists are the only people I know who take such great pride in not requiring any facts to support their beliefs. In fact, it's a badge of honor to wholly believe in the most absurd things.
01:04 December 20, 2010 by digitalamish
so, she is a feminist and he didn't call her... hmmm, sounds like a rape in in the feminist paradise of Sweden...
01:07 December 20, 2010 by DAVID T
it's hard to tell if the average Swedish woman is asleep during sex anyway - ask Tiger Woods
01:41 December 20, 2010 by BillTuckerUS
I know this sounds like nitpicking, but can somebody explain a little about tSwedish criminal law?

Apparently, the first prosecutor decided that the state did not have a case against Assange, and so dropped it. Then, someone appealed that decision to another prosecutorial office.

So, it appears that if a local prosecutor decides to drop a case, someone has a right to appeal that decision. Is this so? If it is so, who has this right?

Specifically, the person referred to in the article as, "Defence lawyer Claes Borgström," seems to have come out of nowhere. Under what authority did he get involved?
01:47 December 20, 2010 by here for the summer
After reading this article and others it's clear to me that he did something wrong and should return and answer the charges. I also see that the Swedish haters and Swedish " woman haters " are having the most voice on the boards that the likes of Mike Moore ( who I used to respect ) should be ashamed of the company he is keeping on this issue.
01:49 December 20, 2010 by Nilspet
In geneal You cannot force someone to have HIV test unless it is "clear" that he/she/they deliberately try to infect you through sex, needles, whatever. If you have had sex with someone and the condom breaks (during the intercourse in whichever channel) you cannot force the person whom you had sex with to have HIV tested. You can kindly ask him/her to have a test (because it could be you that carries the virus). In ANY case you yourself can "always" go to the clinic and have yourself tested (if you are worried). Have those 2 girls had themselved tested already after their sexual contacts with Mr. Assange? Anyone knows? If the result was negative then they should not worry. This would be good for him because then he knows he is healthy.

IF JA did "rape" these girls they would have reported the rape already from the beginning...separately. How "rape" is defined is of course different from one country to another but I expect (I don't know for sure) Sweden's law on sex crime to be similar to the rest of the civilized world. In general there must be witnesses (for each incident) as well as physical evidence and some other things.

Another weird issue is why did they put him on Interpol arrest warrant for just "questioning"?

Many journalists have written already that within the EU is perfectly OK for authorities from different countries to talk to each other via vdo conference. Why not in this case? This man is not charged yet. It should be easy and inexpensive to set up a vdo conference for both parties. Or simply ask him to go to the Swedish Embassy in London which is of course a Swedish territory. Given all this and that there there has been irrational waste of money for this (looks more like a manhunt rather than trying to have someone for questionings)...that is why more people in the world tend to believe Assange more than they believe the girls (+ Swedish legal team).

So, which side do you think the British court will believe in...the 9 million Swedes or the 500 million internet population?

PS: In fact Assange does not have to worry about extradiation from Sweden to the US "if" Sweden will play fair under its own rule of law. Even if he is found guilty he, according to the current Swedish law, would probably have to pay fines and/or compensation to the girls or in the worst case a week in jail. Then he would be a free man and he has every right to ask for asylum in Sweden because he can state that he fears for his life (we all have heard that some politicians have threatened to execute him for the leaking). But it seems that Assange does not trust that Sweden would stick to its well-known reputation of being fair and honest, therefore he does not think that he would be given asylum in Sweden. As a result he is trying very hard not to be extradited to Sweden to receive unfair/injustice treatments (according to him and his legal team).
02:19 December 20, 2010 by sgt_doom
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
06:46 December 20, 2010 by Terlaw
As an African-American, if I ever visit Sweden and I find myself headed for a hook-up with a Swedish lady, I'm going to find a piece of paper, a napkin or whatever, and have her sign that she's giving it up of her own free will--and, in the morning, if Mr. Johnson wakes up before she does, he can come in where it's nice and warm without getting her permission a second time. Assange sounds like an ass but he didn't deserve this crap. I expected better from enlightened Northern Europeans than the same old games that American women play.
09:53 December 20, 2010 by bob3000

If you think the difference between rape and seduction is simply salesmanship and you are comfortable enough to voice that opinion publicly, then - I'm not very interested to hear a response from you.
11:35 December 20, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg

Great idea and practical too. She should sign a watertight legal document that she's surrendering the golden gated city of her own free will – and don't forget that for each and every time the contract has to be renewed, preferably with two witnesses ( She also could say that you forced her to sign it).

It's also possible that she suffers a change of mind after signing the document and upon catching sight of Mr. Johnson.

It's even been known for the ofay to say, “ He said that if I didn't keep my mouth shut and open my legs he would kill me.!” - in front of a sympathetic jury , that's not composed of your peers either.

Does she get compensation? You bet she does.

There are many brothers doing time for making such silly mistakes...

Coming to think of it the Shia Islam idea of Muta ( temporary marriage) is not such a bad idea.

It should be workable in Sweden as an alternative to serial monogamy...
12:43 December 20, 2010 by bob3000

The Creepy, Lovesick Emails of Julian Assange - from Gawker
12:44 December 20, 2010 by mojofat
"Next, person or persons from the Swedish Prosecution Authority leaks details of Assange's file to the tabloids."


The douche-chills reading those emails gave me just made my day. I only wish more information would *leak* about this very secretive Julian Assange, the holy gatekeeper in charge of deciding what the world should know (and what they shouldn't).
12:55 December 20, 2010 by VicTaulic

and their ain't no such thing as "secret" information
13:35 December 20, 2010 by flintis
Sounds like Assange was desperate & ended up with 2 psychotic feminist fundementalist.

Apparently the bint from Enköping is a 10 pinter, so she ought to be grateful for what she got "sayeth the Lord"
13:54 December 20, 2010 by Tomexpat
I keep getting into arguments concerning the accusations against Assange. Apparently, many want to believe that he is guilty despite all that has come out.

When someone has consensual sex with another person repeatedly over the course of a week, then releases multiple tweets to the public on the internet about it, and sends SMS texts to friends bragging about it (discreet much?), and throws a party in the honor of the alleged rapist the day after the alleged incident, but doesn't get called back and then finds out there is someone else, and then decides to file some charge of sexual coercion/rape while trying to sell their story to the tabloid Expressen, and then tries to delete the tweets from her website bragging about the encounter, which website also includes a 7-step program for how to "get revenge on a cheating boyfriend using the legal process" that was also deleted, I'd say that the person is making it up. But that's just me.
14:23 December 20, 2010 by Rebel
So it is shown that Hillary Clinton violated the law by having her operativs steal credit card numbers of UN officials...so where are members of the US government in regards to that?

What about the Nobel Prize winning Obama, or his side-kick Joe Biden?

And then there is the Swedish government, but who on the world scene cares about that institution anyway?
18:33 December 20, 2010 by mibrooks27
There are several candidates for most hilarious. I have two tied. One is Sweden's carefully blocking the names of these two twits after their names and history are all over internet. The other has to be "Ms. W's" claims to have been asleep while having sex with Assange. I mean, did she wake in the middle of the act? Did he tell her about it the next day? Maybe she saw a psychiatrist and he led her through some regression therapy and she remembered? My god! This is starting to read like some very badly written "story" in an old 1960s supermarket tabloid. I can imagine people all over the wold falling off their chairs from laughing their heads off at Sweden over this. I used to really like Sweden, now I think it's just rather, very very very strange, and so dysfunctional that it has become one joke after another.
20:18 December 20, 2010 by LundenLad
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
00:34 December 21, 2010 by Carol E. Olden
I believe these cases are being brought forth to demonstrate the man's character as a way to set up investigation of the release of classified information about the US government without the right to do so as well as the right to declassify anything without that right, as the owner of Wikileaks. The parallels that he might do things in his private life to expose his partners to added risks without concern for their wishes and the same actions and outcomes to the US People by revealing classified information about their government without the right to do so speak for themselves. How many millions of peoples' lives are at risk due to his cavalier ignoring of the law is the issue, in the conduct of his personal life as well as his professional life. That he may not have intentionally wanted to hurt anyone or was confused about what he was feeing towards his people in his life may be the case, but the ability to foresee the outcome of one's actions and prevent disaster or injury to oneself or others are why we have classified information security systems and condoms, as well as abstinence, vaccines, peace treaties and modern medicine to try to deal with all the issues that humans have to deal with to try to limit the amount of maiming and loss of life caused by having to deal with each other and keep the human race going.
01:44 December 21, 2010 by Tomexpat
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
06:51 December 21, 2010 by Raiha
At Bob3000 #62 RE: http://gawker.com/5714043/

I don't find these emails particulary 'creepy'. Poetic and slightly obsessive maybe, but certainly not stalker like, sexually explicit, or even offensive. And does it not strike you as a glaring omission that this girls replies were 'lost' or 'deleted'. Half a story is NOT a story. As to how he found her phone number: We have this thing in Australia called a 'phone book'. It's a useful tome that lists everyone in the country who has a phone. If her parents had a 'silent' number, then yes, how he obtained the number would be an issue.

Basically a total bullshit article (gawker), as is this one here. I see no new evidence. This stuff has been freely available to the rest of the world for weeks. What is distressing, is the level of ignorance displayed by some posters who obviously don't believe in reading widely or thinking for themselves.

These two colluding groupies have shat on the suffering of millions of women around the world who have been subjected to actual, REAL rape. And to the women supporting their accusations, claiming that giving consent does not preclude withdrawing consent at any time. Utterly true. Yet it is widely reported that while these 'victims' have doubts about what happened to them, never once ever did they use the words "NO' or "STOP'.

Statistics show that 90% of Australian refugee women were victims of rape. Compare their stories to these two Swedish bitches who have obviously sought councelling for the horrific, psychologically damaging, life-changing event that happened to them. Or not.
10:45 December 21, 2010 by Rebel
Tomexpat, please can you provide a link to that video?
11:43 December 21, 2010 by bob3000
@Raiha #73

I had asked earlier, if it transpires that this is not an isolated incident or behaviour for Assange, would those posting still be so blasé.

Then lo and behold, info starts coming out.

Perhaps you are attracted to obsessive men and you like them to hunt, email and call you - then I'm sure you long for that kind of correspondence.

Obviously, people and their motivations are complex - that includes both victims and attackers.

The attackers either belittle the accusations, if they even acknowledge them. Anyone who falsely claims victimhood and then is discovered to be a fraud - injures the genuine victims of crime, not just rape.

Until the COURT hears all the FACTS - you simply cannot pass judgement based upon the publicly available information (not Facts). Maybe the girls did say STOP, NO - maybe they feared assault - we do not know what happened when the alleged rapes took place - only those present do. There are a lot of complex factors involved - often people are raped by people they know and this affects the aftermath, the confusion, guilt shame, etc.

Unless you are saying you were actually there? Were you standing in the corner watching? Were you a witness?

It is disappointing, but not surprising, that a vocal part of the males on this posting, feel that the women were (i) witches, (ii) cock teasers, (iii) sirens, (iv) CIA agents (v) lesbians, (vi) men haters, etc. etc.

But the real shocker is the rabid condemnation from the self-professing 'feminists' - talk about scarlet letters, they would surely make pious religious women blush. You seem to fall into this group.

Are you saying that if someone is raped (man or woman) depending upon the country they come from, then it affects the sympathy that should be felt for them or indeed the validity of whether or not they were raped? You seem to have a very simplistic view of the world. I do not follow your logic or your reasoning.
02:18 December 22, 2010 by andrewsrocks
Why the US #1 enemy of the moment is living in a mansion in UK?? Can someone explain that to me please? I'm used to US shotting first and then ask questions. I think all of this would be more credible if he was hiding in China or Rusia...but UK??? It must be some agenda designed to censor and eliminate Internet freedom in the west..
03:35 December 22, 2010 by zeulf
the CIA making Sweden do this action, ?????

Well the Sheep can still believe in magic
16:16 December 22, 2010 by jjoensuu
I am not sure how relevant this is to the whole story but sounds sort of interesting...supposedly that Karl Rove guy "is a longtime adviser to Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt"...anyway see below article for more details if interested.

Rove's hand seen in Julian Assange prosecution, sources allege


#60 (bob3000)

Actually it sometimes can make sense that the difference between rape and seduction IS simply salesmanship (because everything has to do with how the lady feels afterwards). OK I can imagine that there are cases (e.g. violent such) where this is not so.

#62 (bob3000)

Regarding the "Creepy, Lovesick Emails of Julian Assange", they are not THAT creepy, and besides I think that the woman in that story (nicknamed "Elizabeth") is after her 15 minutes of fame.
18:18 December 22, 2010 by bob3000
@ jjoensuu

Re: you comment on #60 - wow...


The title "Creepy, Lovesick Emails of Julian Assange" - is Gawker's title, nothing to do with me.

As I said, I had asked earlier, if it transpires that this is not an isolated incident or behaviour for Assange, would those posting still be so blasé.

Then lo and behold, info starts coming out.

In my opinion he does seem like creepy nonce. Regardless of her intentions, and if he wrote them.

People seem very quick to excuse his actions on the basis that the women must have ulterior motives. 3 different women and counting, 1 criminally unlucky geek with penis centric social problems. Eventually you might have to accept, it is not all of them, but him.

It is possible to separate what WikiLeaks is doing from the disappointing person involved with it.
09:15 December 24, 2010 by niranjan61
Business means fraud. That-means nobody will like wikileaks. We common people will need leaks.Otherwise how we will know the fraud activity of so called these big. For example swiss is worlds largest banker of terrorist, criminals and tax evaders. Their system is full proof. Only wikileaks can penetrate, we know that.
07:46 December 27, 2010 by Mad Mac
I'm not surprised that the two accusers are keeping a low profile. No-one likes collaborators with a foreign imperialist power. However, who is more guilty here - the extremely suspect accusers, or those who used those suspect accusations as vehicles for a politically motivated witch hunt on behalf of a foreign power?
19:09 December 28, 2010 by buckrogersday
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
03:22 December 29, 2010 by jayde
Why are Swedes so shocked that Claes Borgstrom and Marianne Ny are trying to frame a famous person for political reasons?

Their faction of the Social-Democratic party lost the vote in Parliament.to extend the definition of "rape" to mean whatever the Prosecutors want to say it is. So now they want to do by the secret court system and the Tabloids. Perfectly normal politics.

They don't need to CIA to tell them how to lock up innocent men - they're very good at it themselves. And they say so openly.

Just another wierdo Feminist witchhunt against an innocent man. Another day at the office for both of them.

And Ms A has to be the only woman in history to accuse a man of sexual harrassment because he DIDN'T look at her. Then accuse him again beause he apologised.
05:45 January 3, 2011 by Tomexpat
The allegations against Julian Assange are made possible due to two special provisions of Swedish law: 1) that an accuser need not make an actual allegation but may instead "seek advice" about a sexual encounter, and thereby avoid the possibility of being subject to any false claim prosecution; 2) the accusers don't make the allegation; the prosecutors decide whether the case goes forward REGARDLESS of the wishes of the accused.

Both of these provisions are obnoxious affronts to basic due process. It is no accident that they are found only in allegations of sexual assault/rape. They completely insulate the accuser from any ACCOUNTABILITY. These provisions are not unique to Sweden. Most western countries have accountability insulating provisions.

It is infuriating to me that this can happen to any man. Any man can be accused in this way. As this case shows, the provisions can be used in bad faith by spurned lovers to settle score by petty revenge or worse, as in the JA case, as a weapon against political adversaries.

If it can happen to Assange, it can happen to any man without high social status. It's an affront to basic justice and a form or REPRESSION. (that's right repression!) This abhorrent practice should be thrown out and the radicals promoting it should be revealed for the gender preference activists they are.

JAYDE. What are you referring to when you say that Ms. A accused some man of harassment for NOT looking at her. Is that true?

Did you know that she refers to herself as a lesbian on her own website which includes pics of her girlfriend "Petra"?
05:17 July 17, 2012 by hoboturkey
Could someone tell me how likely it is that 2 women, meeting each other can share secrets so quickly, that he was arrested on the 20th august.

Prosecutors seem to believe that a conspiracy by 2 women is an impossibilty.

Anyone ask them for the lotto numbers for me would ?
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