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Swedish footballers convicted of buying sex

David Landes · 10 Jan 2011, 13:30

Published: 10 Jan 2011 13:30 GMT+01:00

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The convictions come in connection with a wider probe into a Romanian couple suspected of running a prostitution ring.

Hedman, who stood between the posts for Sweden's national side between 1997 and 2004, admitted to police that he had sex with a young Romanian girl in a friend's apartment in February 2010.

However, he claimed he had no idea the woman was a prostitute, an argument which the Stockholm District Court accepted when it acquitted Hedman in September.

But prosecutors appealed the ruling, and on Monday the Svea Court of Appeal overturned the acquittal, finding Hedman guilty of violating Sweden's laws prohibiting the purchase of sexual services and fining him 2,500 kronor ($360).

While the court accepted that no proof could be presented that Hedman had paid directly to have sex with the woman, it argued that he should have realised the women who came to the apartment were prostitutes or paid escorts on account of their clothing and make-up and the fact that they spoke English with a thick accent.

"By having sex with one of them, the man took a conscious risk and he should therefore be convicted of purchasing sexual services," the appeals court wrote in its ruling.

Former AIK forward Johnson, who was cleared of rape charges in December in a separate investigation, was also found guilty by the appeals court for one count of paying for sex and one count of attempting to pay for sex stemming from two incidents in March 2010.

Johnson was ordered to pay a fine of 35,000 kronor.

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Among evidence cited by the court were text messages sent between the Johnson and two Romanian prostitutes which indicated they were arranging a transaction for sexual services.

While Johnson claimed that he had lent his phone to a friend and that the unnamed friend had also borrowed Johnson's bank card to withdraw money, Johnson refused to reveal the identity of the friend, prompting the court rule that the explanation was made up after the fact.

David Landes (david.landes@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

14:26 January 10, 2011 by Gower76
Hang on a minute.

"...the court accepted that no proof could be presented that Hedman had paid directly to have sex with the woman..."

...and yet he was still convicted of purchasing sexual services?

And since when is a prostitute defined by clothing and the fact of speaking "English with a thick accent"?
14:31 January 10, 2011 by Swedesmith
Did they use condoms?
14:34 January 10, 2011 by Takai

no more casual sex, I suppose, since after any woman can threat a man for buying sex. Brilliant.

@Gower76: nice comment.
14:36 January 10, 2011 by Anarka
"...it argued that he should have realised the women who came to the apartment were prostitutes or paid escorts on account of their clothing and make-up and the fact that they spoke English with a thick accent."

Ha! If thats not sexism and racism I dont know what is....once again Sweden, you've done your job as being the greatest hypocrite ;)
14:56 January 10, 2011 by calebian22
Unless their poor English included phrases like, "Me love you longtime, cheap cheap," how is it prostitution?
15:07 January 10, 2011 by oasking
...on account of their clothing and make-up and the fact that they spoke English with a thick accent...

If clothing and make-up automatically makes someone a prostitute, then Sweden has more than half of its women as prostitute in summer. Except if English accent plays a more vital role than the other two attributes.
15:30 January 10, 2011 by StockholmSam
"he should have realised the women who came to the apartment were prostitutes or paid escorts on account of their clothing and make-up and the fact that they spoke English with a thick accent."

That pretty much describes every Swedish woman under the age of 45 that I have ever met.
15:32 January 10, 2011 by Nemesis
Is the local actually reporting the following accurately?

"While the court accepted that no proof could be presented that Hedman had paid directly to have sex with the woman, it argued that he should have realised the women who came to the apartment were prostitutes or paid escorts on account of their clothing and make-up and the fact that they spoke English with a thick accent."

On the basis of that a very large proportion of Swedish women, are prostitutes.

Firstly we have Julian Assange hounded around Europe because he had consensual sex inside Sweden.

Now we have a couple of guys accussed of buying sex purely on the basis that the women they were with wore clothing and make up, while speaking english with an accent.

So on the basis of that, if I put on make up and dress up, as I usually do when going to a rock concert or goth night with my friends, I could be accussed of being a prostitute. Any police officer trying that with me, would be playing with his/her life, literally.

Anymore stories like this and Sweden will be seen as more sexually screwed up than the Vatican or Saudi Arabia.
15:33 January 10, 2011 by Eagle63
One of the few things the Netherlands is way ahead of Sweden; prostitution is totally legal here, as it should be... What if you don't want a relationship, don't wanna go to bars or clubs etc..

Ofcourse it should be safe and well-regulated.

It proves historically feminists had more influence in Sweden than in most other countries...
15:39 January 10, 2011 by teslar

yup, I just checked the story on DN and they say the exact same thing.


This really is moronic. Convicting someone IN THE ABSENCE OF EVIDENCE, based solely on a "you shoulda known" argument is not how courts are supposed to work.

Classifying every woman in a skirt and makeup as a potential prostitute is a nice touch from a system that cries "outdated discriminatory sexual stereotypes!" every time someone dresses their baby girl in pink.

And the thing about the accent is just brainless racism.
15:43 January 10, 2011 by Nemesis
@ Eagle63,

To me it just proves that the legislators, judges, prosecutors and police in Sweden are clincially insane.

Prostitution should be legalised and regulated jointly by police and health care providers to give maximum protection to the prostitutes and ensure good health for all.

The way Sweden is going it will soon adopt Saudi laws regarding sex. That looks like the next step to me.
16:21 January 10, 2011 by GLO
This is just NUTS... Get Real... You have Terrorists moving into Sweden, trying to kill people and your chasing guys around to prosicute for SEX.... Dumb AS@ Leadership in Sweden....
17:04 January 10, 2011 by Sweetdishgurl
Wake up Sweden! Stop letting Eastern Europeans and Arabs into the country. Both bring in the worst of the worst. Sex and Violence is something Swede's can do very well on their own. Why are we importing it? Stupid Swedes, makes me ashamed of my country. Sweden deserves whatever they let into the country.
17:26 January 10, 2011 by bolababu
@Sweetdishgurl; your name is far from sweet, neither is your imagined "holier-than-everyone-else-sweden"!
17:34 January 10, 2011 by Ravioli
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
17:40 January 10, 2011 by Tennin
"it argued that he should have realised the women who came to the apartment were prostitutes or paid escorts on account of their clothing and make-up and the fact that they spoke English with a thick accent."

I read that sentence twice just to make sure I read it correctly. It's by far one of the sexist and racist things for any modern day court to say. With an attitude like that no wonder why the sentences for rape are so easy here.
18:42 January 10, 2011 by procrustes
If the Wikileaks debacle and now this does not convince people that Sweden is at war with it's men, nothing will. This is absurd beyond words to describe.

Sweden needs to wake up. Your Justice (?) system is controlled by women who hate men.
19:18 January 10, 2011 by Arturio
The real problem is that in the money transaction they didnt payed taxes for the services of the prostitute.
19:25 January 10, 2011 by Syftfel
What a relief it was to read that they paid for sex with girls. My initial instinct was to assume that they had paid for sex with boys.
19:29 January 10, 2011 by saraswed
i think they are looking for a way to nail this guy dulee.he got off the rape issue and now paying for sex wow.professional footballer in Sweden i wonder when he will make that amount to pay as fine.disgrace
19:48 January 10, 2011 by zooeden
They payed hookers, Woooo!!!
20:02 January 10, 2011 by DJECKY
Its really a pity for a civilised society to be behaving like this.If this country was a third world country i could still have but a little blame on its laws and the judicial system in handling certain matters mostly in the arena of love making(the law sometimes is interpreted to sued a particular way the court wants the situation to look like) ITS A SHAME!!!!!



Its better to travel when we feel as to be in love.let the ladies keep their stuff to them selves.only men who need a lady in scandinavien countries knows why.
20:13 January 10, 2011 by Gabin
Leoooooooooooo Messiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
20:19 January 10, 2011 by Tomexpat
Don't blame the feminists for this. I am not from Sweden originally (America), but I can tell you that the attitudes that fuel these draconian laws are really fueled by the attitudes of MEN - mainly older MEN.

These older men are have been married for decades. They are not likely even sexually active. They look for every opportunity to quash sex by younger people by blaming the boys/men. This practice has the side benefit of generating social accolades for themselves. This is the exact game that Claes Borgstrom is playing in the Assange affair. These men, largely in the law, are what is driving this persecution of consensual sex. If younger men wish to stop the persecution, they need to address it with men like Claes Borgstrom. They are the key players, not the feminists.

And yes, this is hurting Sweden because younger productive men, like me, are watching. Ultimately, it will cause capable young men to go elsewhere.
20:47 January 10, 2011 by Ivan Juric
When I was in Sweden I noticed how many of the men had thai and japanese wives. The men in Sweden were friendly the women quite sour and very hard to ask for directions. To me it sounds like political correctness gone wrong.
20:55 January 10, 2011 by golfer
The only way to get to the bottom of this is to read the court opinion and not newspaper descriptions of judicial opinions...for example, if the guy knew that someone else paid the prostitute to show up, then it is the same as him paying himself. But before everyone jumps to conclusions, the Local should offer us a translation of the court opinion.
21:04 January 10, 2011 by alingsaskev
Absolutely insane!

Sweden, sort yourself out for the love of all that is sane and holy!
21:12 January 10, 2011 by andersonking
This is just crazy. Never have I read anything quite so contrary!

Sweden has got to arrive in the 21st century sooner rather than later, or they risk being branded the fools of the western world.

I mean, there is no mention of the "prostitutes" receiving any sentence, and surely they carry more blame than the poor schmucks paying for it!

GET IT TOGETHER SWEDEN! Loosen your state control of alcohol, legalise prostitution (so you can tax it), and stop accepting the worst refugees from around the world because you harbour some guilt about helping the Nazis in WW2!! Its 2011 for christsake!!
21:22 January 10, 2011 by GLO
Thanks, Well said....
22:51 January 10, 2011 by Tomexpat

I agree with you that was is lacking in Sweden is basic justice for sexually active males, but pointing this out will NOT result in any change. The authorities need a concrete reason to change. For example, pointing out that such rulings make a mochery of the Swedish legal system AND that such rulings result in a competitive disadvantage to Sweden because young men and high tech companies will stay away.
00:15 January 11, 2011 by Swedesmith
I've only got about 20 kronor. Can I at least get a come hither look? A handshake? Maybe a wink?
00:52 January 11, 2011 by balty
Magnus Hedman? Wow, that's a real pity, he seemed like a real family guy, with a beautiful wife and kids.

Sweden should never ease its alcohol laws or legalize prostitution. It will lose a lot of its charm to women and become trashy like many other countries where women are disrespected.

It is weird that these particular men had to turn to prostitutes. They seem like the type of guys who could get sex easily, Sweden is pretty lax when it comes to sex. Most people just hook up, why would they even need prostitutes.
02:25 January 11, 2011 by muscle
SEX and RAPE! two topics TL earns it's revenue with!
04:39 January 11, 2011 by pantheratigris
I bet their middle name is John! hahaha
05:43 January 11, 2011 by volvoman9
@swedsmith... my question too and more importantly did he place his full body weight on them while engaging in flagrant coitus. Oh and to all you pathetic haters; quit denigrating Swedish women. In 2006 my family and I did a tour of northern Europe taking in 7 countries in three weeks. My son, then 16, rated the countries we visited by the beauty of their women. Sweden was the hands down winner.
05:53 January 11, 2011 by Bölö
in open society..hypo-critic legal system
08:11 January 11, 2011 by Hedley
Well, in my humble opinion: this is the result of radical feminists!

Statements like:

1-Prostitution should be banned, because it is a reminder of patriarchal model

2-The world will be a better place without men, because we (I am a man too) are the lonely responsible for all the bad thing that happens-women are not able to kill or hate, because that´s a "man-thing"

In such ideal world, all this situation makes a lot of sense, but not in the real world!
09:09 January 11, 2011 by calebian22

No one is saying saying Swedish women are not beautiful, just that they are as cold as the weather in Sweden, once a ring goes on the finger.
09:25 January 11, 2011 by Sheba
wow...swedish judicial system is a sham....what a pity....haha@women with lots of make up and thick english accent....practically all swedish women survive on tons of make up,fake bleached hair and fake orange tan....their english is not so good as well...what gives...
11:32 January 11, 2011 by johnny1939
I think it is very unfair that only the buyers get prosecuted for buying sex. It should be illegal for people to sell sex too. They seem to be mostly foreigners so they could then be deported. I have never been able to understand the sex trade in my country since there is so much free stuff around. Oh well.......
13:35 January 11, 2011 by Declansgood
Pardon me Tomexpat, Older men are the one's to blame??? are you deaf, dumb and blind or what?

Just how long have you been living in Sweden, anyway?

Have you ever heard or read the statement made by Sweden's psycho Feminists to their crazy feminist sisters elsewhere about having sex with men: "you can say "yes" but we can say "no" Its their manifesto:being penetrated a man at all is humiliating for any girl or woman.

The Feminists Movement with its Marxist origins is not interested in women's rights, but in the poltical power to overthrow the democractic west, and while they're at it, to put men in their place.

It might sound insane to you, and it is, but the Assange circus is a test case for upping the ante on the definition of "rape", for their actual long term agenda to make sex with a woman a crime in Sweden.
13:48 January 11, 2011 by EP
Volvoman ... a visit is nothing, trying living here. Besides, no one doubts that there are plenty of attrictive women in Sweden, but as it has already been pointed out, they're cold as ice and devoid of personality.
23:48 January 11, 2011 by dionisos
On the mainpage i read:

Swedish society - democracy, equality and tolerance...


They look soooo proud and convinced of it...!!

...hypocrisy at top level...
13:44 January 12, 2011 by Tedacuen
What a joke......there would be no playing teams left to play in Italy and Spain if they did the same....The would have to cancel " La Liga"..
21:10 January 12, 2011 by Iraniboy
What most of the previous commentators don't understand is that Sweden is different from the country they come from. They have a very different culture. What they see bad/good is not necessarily bad/good from your own perspective. So please respect the culture of majority!
21:26 January 12, 2011 by Nilspet
@StockholmSam #7

I totally agree with you.

Personally Sweden would be a better country with a sex law that conforms with the EU standards.
23:59 January 12, 2011 by dionisos
@Iraniboy #45

I do hope you are wrong! If the culture of majority is convicting a person without a solid proof the situation is even heavier than i thought.

It's something which belongs to totalitarian governments and their courts
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