Örebro prof caught on camera in suspect’s car

A surveillance camera has recorded a Örebro University professor stepping into a black Cadillac owned by her colleague, now in detention as a suspect in her murder, on December 29th, 2010, the same day she was reported missing, a local newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Örebro prof caught on camera in suspect's car

Separately, police continue to search for additional body parts belonging to the woman, identified as Eva Magnusson in the local Nerikes Allehanda newspaper on Tuesday, north of Örebro.

“We do not want to comment on individual elements of the investigation,” Örebro police information director Torbjörn Carlson said on Wednesday.

He explained that police routinely examine images from Örebro’s 370 security cameras in their investigations. In this case, they have also examined the man’s car.

“We have secured plenty of evidence, but where, when and how it happened, I cannot comment further,” he added.

Shocked pupils and instructors met at Örebro University on Wednesday following the death of Magnusson and the arrest of her 51-year-old colleague.

A crisis team is in place at the university and the murder suspect has been suspended from his job. The mood was subdued on campus on the first day of classes for the new semester.

On-campus activities were deeply affected by the murder and dismemberment of one of the university’s employees and the suspicions against her former boss.

“Great sadness, surprise and shock are evident here. The feelings are intense. It is a difficult situation for many of us to summon up the energy and strength to welcome old and new students in a positive manner. It is tough right now,” the university’s information director Niklas Jälevik told news agency TT on Wednesday.

The university’s crisis management group is offering support to affected students and other interested parties through open dialogue.

The school’s administration knew that the two had worked together on certain work projects, but was unaware that they also spent time together privately and had a romantic relationship.

“Neither of the two worked closely with management,” Jälevik explained.

At the same time, police are continuing to search for additional body parts belonging to Magnusson. Police have combed a large area around the site north of Örebro where they found a body part on Monday.

“The search is taking place today with dog patrols. Otherwise, the search is being conducted manually metre by metre with police personnel,” said Carlson.

He declined to go into detail about the findings so far and what the police are looking for.

“The evidence could then, at worst, become completely worthless,” said Carlson.

He believes that it will be difficult and time-consuming to find other body parts.

“Unfortunately, the parts could be scattered over a wide area. Our goal is to go through all of it and find all of the parts,” he said.

According to Carlson, the police have not yet determined where Magnusson was murdered nor the motive behind the attack.

“We have our hypotheses,” he said.

The police continue to receive a stream of tips about the crime.

“There are a wide variety of different tips, ranging from reflections on the investigation to ideas on where to look,” explained Carlson.

New hearings for the detained suspect held for murder have not yet been determined, nor have future dates been set.

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Six arrested over break-in at Sweden’s Örebro Airport

Six people have been arrested following a break-in at Örebro Airport on Saturday night.

Six arrested over break-in at Sweden’s Örebro Airport
File photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

The alarm was raised just after midnight after both security staff and members of the public observed suspicious activity at the airport, which is served regularly by charter passenger flights and is Sweden's fourth-largest hub for cargo.

“Our patrols arrived just after the suspects had climbed out of one of the aircraft, which they had broken into,” Stefan Dangardt, police press officer in the Bergslagen region, told TT.

The people, four young men and two young women, have been questioned by police. They are suspected of serious theft as well as violation of public security laws, which forbid unauthorised access to sensitive areas such as airports.

Details of what they are suspected of stealing are unclear.

“This is far from terror or sabotage. It’s about youthful stupidity,” Dangardt said.

Five of the suspects were later released and one person remained under arrest. All six remain under suspicion of breaking the law.

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