Migration board worker ‘ate refugees’ food’

Migration board worker 'ate refugees' food'
A member of the staff at Sweden's migration board (Migrationsverket) is facing the sack after having been caught eating food intended for asylum seekers.

The man is employed as an assistant at the board’s facility in Märsta in northern Stockholm and is tasked with, among other things, ordering in the number of portions of food required to ensure that asylum-seekers are sufficiently fed.

Despite having received a warning after suspicions emerged that the staff member was pilfering food from the canteen, leaving supplies short for the centre’s residents, he was found red-handed feasting on a dish of nasi goreng (chicken and rice), according to a report submitted to the board’s disciplinary board.

“That staff take the asylum seekers’ food incurs an additional cost for the Migration Board and is an abuse which could mean that portions are insufficient,” according to the report.

The man himself denies that he had taken the food, arguing that the chicken and rice that was on his plate was in fact brought from home and not the aforementioned popular Asian dish.

The report expressed concern among fellow employees that the reputation of the unit and the Migration Board in general could be impacted negatively if it emerged that staff were consuming food intended for those seeking asylum in Sweden.

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