Swedish radio to launch its own ‘WikiLeaks’

Swedish radio to launch its own 'WikiLeaks'
Sveriges Radio (SR) has announced that it is set to launch Radioleaks - a service that makes it possible to digitally transmit sensitive information securely.

“With Radioleaks anyone who wants to can provide us with information that is in some way interesting in a secure, encrypted and anonymously way,” said Rolf Stengård, editor of investigative journalism at SR.

“We will then consider the information in the usual way to create journalism,” he said.

Radioleaks iis designed as a secure encrypted service where information will only be read by a very small group of investigative journalists at the public service media group, according to a statement.

“Making the decision to transmit information, to become a source, to be a whistleblower, it is not an easy decision. With the creation of Radioleaks we want to say that SR is ready to receive the material,” said programme director Björn Löfdahl.

SR underlined that Radioleaks is not simply a way of receiving information in order to simply publish it and generate publicity and will be subject to scrutiny, and judged for its merits, by journalists, reporters and editors.

“Radioleaks allow a source to provide information and remain anonymous,” Rolf Stengård said.

“The source can also choose to safely provide information that enables us to have contact. Sveriges Radio takes the protection of its sources seriously and will not reveal the identity of any source that chooses to give us information.”

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