Swedish town unveils ice cool Jesus

Swedish town unveils ice cool Jesus
Badelunda parish in Västerås in eastern Sweden is celebrating its 40th birthday by unveiling a sculpture of Jesus, made entirely from one block of ice by Ice Hotel artist Tjåsa Gusfors.

The sculpture, to be unveiled outside of Tomas church in Badelunda on Sunday, has been carved by Gusfors from a three tonne block of ice transported over 1000 kilometres from the Torne river in northern Sweden.

“It is very exciting. The artist has been given a free reign and I have no idea how the end result will be,” said Markku Wendelius at the parish.

Gusfors is experienced with both a chainsaw and blocks of ice and is engaged at the celebrated Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi.

The creation of the Jesus sculpture is to form the centre piece of 40th birthday celebrations at the parish which will continue throughout Sunday.

According to the latest forecast from meteorological agency SMHI the ice cool son of God could be battling for his life as early as Tuesday however as temperatures push above zero and stay there for the remainder of the week.

Editor’s Note: The original version of this article included the phrase “Christian prophet Jesus”. Upon review, the phrase was deemed unnecessarily cumbersome. It also lead to interpretations which detracted from the core narrative presented in the article. As a result, the phrase has now been changed to simply “Jesus”.

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