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Assange made to wait on extradition decision

AFP/The Local · 11 Feb 2011, 00:00

Published: 11 Feb 2011 16:14 GMT+01:00
Updated: 11 Feb 2011 00:00 GMT+01:00

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After three days of legal argument, Judge Howard Riddle told Assange to report back to Belmarsh Magistrates Court in London on February 24th. Court officials confirmed that a decision will be taken on that day.

In closing arguments in Assange's extradition case, lawyer Geoffrey Robertson complained to the court that Reinfeldt had ruined Assange's chances of a fair trial over the claims of rape and sexual molestation, arguing that comments by Reinfeldt had rendered his client "public enemy number one" in the country.

"In a small country, it has created a toxic atmosphere. Media is reporting it and using it as a basis for comment," he said.

Robertson asked to be allowed to bring extra evidence about how the comments could have affected the case, but his attempt to have the case adjourned as a result was turned down.

Clare Montgomery, the British lawyer acting for Sweden, dismissed Robertson's argument as "hyperbole" and Riddle, who is hearing the extradition case alone, rejected the attempt to have the case adjourned as a result of Reinfeldt's comments.

Assange's team of lawyers have attacked the Swedish justice system throughout the extradition hearing, criticising the practice of holding rape trials behind closed doors and away from the glare of the media.

It was this criticism that prompted Reinfeldt to defend his country on Tuesday, telling reporters in Stockholm that it was "unfortunate that women's rights and standpoint is taken so lightly" in the defence presented by Assange's lawyers.

"Let's not forget what is at stake here: it is a woman's right to get a hearing on whether they have been the victims of abuse," he added.

Sweden wants to extradite Assange to face questioning over allegations he raped and sexually assaulted two women, although he has not been charged. However, Assange insists the attempt is politically motivated and stems from WikiLeaks' release of thousands of classified US cables.

If the judge ruled in favour of the Sweden on February 24th, the WikiLeaks founder can appeal the decision.

Assange's supporters say they fear that extradition to Sweden will lead to him eventually being delivered to the US, where some politicians have called for him to face the death penalty for leaking state secrets.

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WikiLeaks was on Thursday forced to defend itself against accusations from its former media spokesman in a new book that the organisation was "chaotic" and cannot protect its sources, and that Assange was a "megalomaniac" with poor personal hygiene.

Assange's mother Christine has accused the Australian government of failing her son since his arrest.

In a letter to Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, the former prime minister, released Friday, she wrote, "Julian did not even get the laptop you had publicly promised him which he needed to prepare for his case while he was in Wandsworth Prison."

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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13:47 February 11, 2011 by Rick Methven
So first Reinfeld claims that the Swedish Judiciary is free from political control and then goes in as a politician to put pointers in the way of the judiciary.

A typical idiot move on his part put his foot in his mouth and shows that he IS trying to influence the outcome of the extradition hearing
14:15 February 11, 2011 by Pmsr
@Rick Methven, so, the independence of a country's judiciary is gratuitously attacked as a defense of a person apparently trying to evade the rule of law, and a top politician from the attacked country can't defend it, even with a very polite tone, as Reinfeldt did? Maybe you are in the wrong place, and would prefer a country such as Somalia, with no judiciary, rule of law or even government at all. As much as it may pain you, here, we have it all, even if sometimes it is an imperfect system. And we have politicians with spines, too. What a bummer.
15:04 February 11, 2011 by sliver

Are you sure your its an "independent" judiciary? We could go on and on about stuff you already know but it will still end up with a simple fact.....Everything that's going on with this case is one big joke and Sweden out to be ashamed of it.
15:06 February 11, 2011 by big5
Send the Australian condom-cutter back over here, let him pay his 750 Euro fine and get it over with.
15:09 February 11, 2011 by Swedesmith
Make that enema number one.
15:13 February 11, 2011 by Rick Methven

The whole thing is a legal matter and when ever a case is actually going on in a court of law in any democratic country with separation of the Judiciary from the law makers ( parliament), Parliamentarians should not make any public comment during an ongoing case. I am sure that the British Prime Minister has views on the matter, as it is going on in his back yard, but he has the sense not to speak publicly on the matter as it would be seen as undue influence. The mere fact that Reinfeldt has spoken and the comments that he has made are an attempt to portray Assange in a bad light in Sweden aimed at both the general public and the Swedish judiciary.
15:22 February 11, 2011 by Kevin Harris
It was unfortunate that in a speech meant to reassure the world that the Swedish legal system is not unfair, the Prime Minister then weighed in with his negative opinion of the defendant's alleged crimes. It rather disproves his point somewhat; in a fair legal system, prime ministers are not supposed to try and influence the judiciary.

In a fair legal system, the Prime Minister would be prosecuted for contempt of court. Any Swedish jurists out there in Local Land with a qualified opinion on that?
15:32 February 11, 2011 by local_lad
Oh my...

Reinfeldt seeks to defend Sweden's judiciary as independent, then weighs in to criticise the accused in an ongoing trial in the UK and an ongoing investigation in Sweden. Does he not understand the meaning of the word "independent"?

Assange's lawyers will be able to use those statements in future appeals against extradition, should they need to.
15:39 February 11, 2011 by William Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha
Assange's argument, in court, was that he would not get a fair trial because he would be tried by the media in the court of public opinion. Reinfeldt has attempted to argue that this is not the case and has chosen to do it through the media in the court of public opinion. Very foolish indeed.
15:42 February 11, 2011 by RobinHood
Has a Swedish prime minister ever said something like this during legal proceedings before?

Oh Sweden!
15:46 February 11, 2011 by Buccaneer
In a normal situation the judiciary do not need the other branches of government to defend it; they are supposed to be independent.

It is sad that this drama with Assange has laid bare the structural weakness of laws regarding sexual assault in Sweden. It is also sad that this drama is a set back for women who have a good reason to go to court regarding sexual assault.

The more this story is out there the more the Swedish court comes across as being out of touch with reality or at best a kangaroo court as regards cases of sexual assault.

This drama could force a reform in legislation regarding sexual assault in Sweden. Such a reform would make it more difficult for women to use it as a tool of revenge and encourage women with genuine complain to come forward.

This drama also has the possibility of making Assange get to feel how it is like to have your dirty linen washed in public.
16:00 February 11, 2011 by big5
Assange has screwed up again by attacking the Swedish justice system. Now Britain has to extradite him, otherwise it will be a huge diplomatic snub against Sweden.
16:05 February 11, 2011 by big5
Robin Hood asked:

"Has a Swedish prime minister ever said something like this during legal proceedings before?"

Yes. PM Olof Palme.

A couple of journalists were facing trial over their revelation that the Social Democratic minister of Justice (Lennart Geijer) and a number of other top politicians were regular customers of child prostitutes.

Olof Palme referred to the journalists publicly as "Sewer Rats".

Now that's how to run a banana republic.
17:07 February 11, 2011 by cblanquer

Thanks for the reference, I just read about it in Wikipedia ( http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geijeraff%C3%A4ren ) and it shows again we all are made believe whatever "they" want.

Maybe in 10 years a Wikileaks 2.0 will reveal what is actually happening in the Ass-Ange affair.
18:01 February 11, 2011 by Archie1954
The main problem with this case is that the original Swedish prosecutor who investigated it, said there was no case to warrant charges. It was not a smart idea for her conclusions to be second guessed by another prosecutor after she was visited by a high ranking government official. Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done and that is now impossible.
18:29 February 11, 2011 by big5

Yes, Fälldin took over in fall 1976, and was also involved in the coverup. So when Palme said that (if it was 1977 which I believe) then Palme wasn't PM at the time (though he had been both before and after). The investigation had been going on since around 1970.

The whole quote was "sewer rats with big yellow teeth".

If you don't have it, definitely get Rauscher and Mattson's book.
18:40 February 11, 2011 by dammen
this pathetic little example of pettiness pales into existence with what is happening in Egypt - pity there is no power in the people in Sweden -then perhaps we would see a true democratic system here and not just game playing among naive children
19:29 February 11, 2011 by DJECKY
International Rerations and Politics gorvens the world (take it or leave it)i will rather be killed by a lion then

a thousound rates,.
19:37 February 11, 2011 by UScitizen
@William Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha

Your post: "Assange's argument, in court, was that he would not get a fair trial because he would be tried by the media in the court of public opinion. Reinfeldt has attempted to argue that this is not the case and has chosen to do it through the media in the court of public opinion. Very foolish indeed."

That's funny considering that Assange and his lawyers have already tried and condemned Sweden and the US in the media, with him screaming and crying like the spoiled little kid he is that the big bad USA will execute him when their puppet Sweden hands him oner. How pathetic this wimp is.

@ Riick Methven

Go ahead and throw in your two cents worth in reply to my post like you always do and bring Sgt_dum.... er.... Doom along with you.
19:42 February 11, 2011 by big5
Maybe it was actually Assange who killed Meredith Kercher?
19:44 February 11, 2011 by Carbarrister
In closing arguments in Assange's extradition case, lawyer Geoffrey Robertson complained to the court that Reinfeldt had ruined Assange's chances of a fair trial over the claims of rape and sexual molestation, arguing that comments by Reinfeldt had rendered his client "public enemy number one" in the country.

Let's send him to a neutral country like Iran, China or North Korea to be tried.
19:51 February 11, 2011 by big5
Rick Methven wrote (about Reinfeldt): "A typical idiot move on his part put his foot in his mouth "

Ya know, if there's one thing that isn't typical of Reinfeldt it's putting his foot in his mouth. He never messes up rhetorically. He is totally polished, very low key, and always says the right thing.
19:57 February 11, 2011 by big5
I'm glad Reinfeldt said what he said. He clearly marked out that Assange should shut his trap, stop mouthing off about Sweden, and call off his troops of pimply faced, spermy socked 4-chan hacker kids.

Assange is a sect. You can tell that by the gaggle of sycophantic muppets he's gathered as his legal team, and his celebrity patrons. They've spent the last 4 months repeating the kind of Assangian conspiracy nonsense and outbursts that have done much more to harm his reputation than the rape accusations ever could have done on their own.

I wouldn't be surprised if we read in the papers tomorrow that Assange and Bianca Jagger drank strichnine cool-aid together with his legal team and half of celebrity Britain.
20:19 February 11, 2011 by johnny 2011
I cannot believe the judge needs more time to decide what to do w/ Assange. It is a disgrace that is hard to live down for me as a Swede. I could never have imagined that Sweden would behave in such a stupid way. I do not know what to think anymore & I want it to be over with regardless of the outcome. Once it is over Assange will be gone forever and we will worry about other things. Assange can go to hell and take Mubarak w/ him.
20:29 February 11, 2011 by NoVaseline
I hope Assange will be vindicated at last! There's no vaseline!
20:47 February 11, 2011 by procrustes

Scroll down to : "Secret Swedish Spy Law, US Connection Exposed by Wikileaks"

and watch the news report video.
21:10 February 11, 2011 by Steve911
Says it all really:

21:23 February 11, 2011 by Kaethar
@big5: I second this. As a Swede I hope he's extradited. The comments to this article are simply horrendous. :/
21:50 February 11, 2011 by RobinHood
Some posters here seem confused about the proper seperation of law and government, necessary for a proper democracy to exist.

While court proceedings are in process, Prime Minister Reinfeldt is not entitled to voice his opinions on Mr Assange's case (positive or negative). This rule is exists to protect judges from any suggestion they have been influenced by a politician. It is a common rule in all democracies that have an independant judiciary.

Had Mr Reinfeldt been an English politician, he would have been called before the judge to explain himself, and given a much needed lesson in democracy. The judge might even have dismissed the case out of hand. I am sure Judge Riddle will be patient with Mr Reinfeldt; he probably didn't understand the rule. I am equally sure Mr Reinfeldt (and perhaps a few other Swedish politicians) have learned something about democracy and will be better behaved while the Assange case remains litigious.
21:55 February 11, 2011 by sgt_doom
So Bodstrom, one of the partners in the prosecuting law firm of Borgstrom & Bodstrom, was involved with the USA in the extreme rendition of several Swedes of Arabic origin, later to be found innocent of all charges and monetarily compensated.

And, according to Wikileaked cables, worked with the US government in the passage of draconian data retention laws in Sweden.

So Carl Bildt, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and former prime minister (at which time he appointed one Beatrice Ask to his cabinet, she who would later re-open the closed case on Julian Assange of Wikileaks), was a director at Lundin Petroleum during the mass murder of Sudanese to steal their oil-rich land.

And Bildt was also a director at they British MI6 cutout, Hakluyt & Company, where we presently find pro-Mubarak types like Frank Wisner, recently a special envoy to Egypt from the US government.

21:57 February 11, 2011 by Grandson of Swedish Emigrants
Let me point out what I thought was the significant part of this story:

".....Reinfeld telling reporters in Stockholm..."Let's not forget what is at stake here: it is a woman's right to get a hearing on whether they have been the victims of abuse," he added.

Sweden wants to extradite Assange to face questioning over allegations he raped and sexually assaulted two women, although he has not been charged..."

Nice a tightly written, close to each other, yet....

So the Swedish Prime Minister talks about a trial and the importance of allowing a woman to get a "court hearing" and yet the what is happening in the UK is about bringing Assagne to Sweden for questioning to see IF there is evidence to support prosecuting him. The Swedish government's actions in the UK are not about bringing a fugitive rapist from justice back to Sweden to stand trial, they are about bringing into the country to question him.

Does it strike anyone else as odd that the UK court is talking about questioning that could occur in the UK, but that Sweden demands occur in Sweden, and that those in political power in Sweden are talking as if the decision has already been made to have a trial? No wonder Assange and his lawyers are certain that he can not get a fair trial in Sweden, the fix is clearly in against him.

The Swedish legal system looks about as honest as those in third-world dictatorships.

The only legal system situation more shameful was the recent determination that a sports star was guilty of hiring a prostitute when the case facts were that he partied with some women and that the women wore makeup and spoke English with accents. Obviously, in the eyes of the court he was paying for sex, even though no evidence was shown that money he paid the women anything.

It is obvious to someone who can objectively look at Sweden and its legal system that there is little room for "justise or presumption of innocence" in the Swedish legal system. I wonder if the questioning of Assange will involve torture and a self confession that will be submitted as evidence in the court. I am reminded of how the courts in Iran work.

21:59 February 11, 2011 by Liquidmonkey
i think that people are getting away from whats really important here.


so why the interpol thing, why arrest the guy in the UK, why have a extradition hearing???? this should be the focus and those questions should get answers.

call the guy in london, ask him your questions and be done with it.

the woman have ZERO case.
22:11 February 11, 2011 by Steve911
Luckily a UK judge in London will decide if Sweden has a case, not the Swedish Prime Minister and his cronies.

For those in the know, it will be no surprise to learn that most legal opinion here in the UK and Sweden regards Sweden's case as complete rubbish, a national disgrace, an embarrassment. As a UK tax payer I resent having to pay for Sweden to act the fool on the international stage. They had more than their day in court, give up and go home.

A more independent article than this one, to keep you up to date with the latest news:

23:26 February 11, 2011 by maxbrando
Assange is a coward, pure and simple. He fights like a small child. To accomplish something masculine - via Wikileaks, and by threatening almost everyone else, is his prime objective. He clearly is trying to hide his feelings on being feminine, because he realizes he is an effiminate homosexual.
00:13 February 12, 2011 by miss79
reinfeldt-tired with you..first about employment, now about court..your scared because this assange is going to tell everything to the whole world..let people know the truth..everybody has the right to know what is going on with the goverment they elect for...
00:28 February 12, 2011 by Zala Russe
Even if this hearing goes against Assange, appeals will be heard all the way up the Supreme Court. The further up the system the more they dislike the interference and intervention of politicians. Reinfeldt has blown this already pathetic case clear out of the water.
01:01 February 12, 2011 by reader in USA
The two Sweedish woman that had sex with Assange should be on trial also. They are just as guilty as Assange. The two should be shunned for being just plain STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01:18 February 12, 2011 by Steve911
Perhaps the 2 women that made up the false rape allegation should also be worried.? Swedish law: Penal Code Chapter 15, 7 § A person who, otherwise than in 6 §, with prosecutors, police or other authority falsely testifies of a criminal act, provides compromising circumstances, or denies acquitting or mitigating circumstances, shall be found guilty, if authority review such a case, of false accusation to imprisonment not exceeding two years or, if the crime is petty, to a fine or imprisonment not exceeding six months.
02:00 February 12, 2011 by Nilspet
@ johnny 2011

It sounds like you based your opinion on the PM's statements. So he succeeded in making you and many in Sweden believe Assange is guilty (before the final verdict from the court!). Actually I do not think you should feel angry towards Assange. He is just human like you, me and everyone who has the right to defend him/herself against any kind of allegations. Do you really believe what the 2 girls said about him? If so, why ? Is it because there are Swedish and Assange is not? Everyone is equal before the law, isn't it? ...but Assange has been painted as a criminal already for over a half a year (the truth is he is not even charged!) We should perhaps thank Assange and his legal team for making many of us here start realizing how our (feminist) sex law compares to the rest of the civilized world. I think most of us have been brainwashed about the good of feminism which actually is hurting Sweden rather than doing any good. In order for Sweden to have its first female prime minister, it is necessary to get rid of radical feminists. When population in Sweden feel that there is a true sense of fairness towards both genders then we will have an atmosphere that allows a truly capable woman to rise to the top. We do have a pool of neutral talented women in Sweden but most of them have been suppressed (brainwashed) by feminist ideology. So the world .. please do not think that all women here are like this feminist prosecutor and the 2 girls who came forward with false allegations. Trust me, we really do have many good and fair women here. I myself really want to see a female prime minister in Sweden within the next 12 years but it will not happen as long as we have radical feminists roaming the streets.
02:28 February 12, 2011 by munched

The only difference between sweden and ethiopia is that Ethiopia isn't totally OWNED by the US. Beatrice ASK is totally a puppet for the CIA. When this was found out and she needed a little smoke screen, BOOM!, some poor bastard blows himself up downtown. Good timing. Lone nutcase gunman explaination. Something that's always worked for the CIA.
08:17 February 12, 2011 by Mike #1986
this is so boring to read it's the same old time after time..

He has not been charged for anything and nor does he need to return to Sweden for questioning.

He was free to leave Sweden in August subject closed .
08:25 February 12, 2011 by csence
Lets not forget Assanges attorney also works for George Soros who just looves to destroy countries for profit. And like every good Marxist, operates according to their manifestos by way of ridiculing anyone or anything they want to destroy... especially the truth.
09:08 February 12, 2011 by Kevin Harris
This case is a career wrecker. Right from the start, when the duty prosecutor who first recorded the complaint illegally told the press Assange's name, to this week when the Swedish prime minister made a fool of himself and his country by appearing to influence a prosecution. The young ladies complainants face months of vilification, and possible prosecution for falsely reporting a rape. Prosecutor Ny who can't even fill out an arrest warrant correctly, and whose reputation was rubbished in an English court room this week. The Swedish justice system is an international laughing stock, and Sweden is seen by the world's media as a banana republic. And Assange hasn't even been charged yet, and we face a series of appeals throught the English legal system before he is. Loads of time for more people to make fools of themselves.

Everyone who touches this falls victim to the curse of Assange. I can't wait to see who gets burned next.
10:04 February 12, 2011 by Rick Methven
@ Kevin Harris.

The 2 women in the case where given smart advice before they went to the Police to make sure they could not be prosecuted for false accusations as they did not accuse Assange of any crime. They actually "asked the police for advice" and left it to the Police to make and charges. A nice little trick. If they where so convinced of the fact that he had raped them, why not accuse Assange direct?
11:11 February 12, 2011 by Steve911
BREAKING NEWS FOLKS: 50,000 emails have been downloaded by Anonymous.

Last week, Aaron Barr, a top executive at computer security firm HB Gary, boasted to the Financial Times that his firm had infiltrated and begun to expose Anonymous, the group of pro-WikiLeaks hackers that had launched cyber attacks on companies terminating services to the whistleblowing site (such as Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, Amazon and others).  In retaliation, Anonymous hacked into the email accounts of HB Gary, published 50,000 of their emails online, and also hacked Barr's Twitter and other online accounts. 

Among the emails that were published was a report prepared by HB Gary -- in conjunction with several other top online security firms, including Palantir Technologies -- on how to destroy WikiLeaks.  The emails indicated the report was part of a proposal to be submitted to Bank of America through its outside law firm, Hunton & Williams.  News reports have indicated that WikiLeaks is planning to publish highly incriminating documents showing possible corruption and fraud at that bank, and The New York Times detailed last month how seriously top bank officials are taking that threat.  The NYT article described that the bank's "counterespionage work" against WikiLeaks entailed constant briefings for top executives on the whistle-blower site, along with the hiring of "several top law firms" and Booz Allen (the long-time firm of former Bush DNI Adm. Michael McConnell and numerous other top intelligence and defense officials).  The report prepared by these firms was designed to be part of the Bank of America's highly funded anti-WikiLeaks campaign.

The leaked report suggested numerous ways to destroy WikiLeaks, some of them likely illegal -- including planting fake documents with the group and then attacking them when published; "creat[ing] concern over the security" of the site; "cyber attacks against the infrastructure to get data on document submitters"; and a "media campaign to push the radical and reckless nature of wikileaks activities."  Many of those proposals were also featured prongs of a secret 2008 Pentagon plan to destroy WikiLeaks. 

Read the leaked campaign to attack WikiLeaks and its supporters:


Perhaps this secret 2008 Pentagon plan includes Swedish politicians? Reinfeldt and Bildt are well known GW Bush lovers.

Read about the CIA plan to manipulate public opinion in European countries in favour of war:

11:56 February 12, 2011 by Tomexpat
What's going on here??? The so-called "case" against Assange is a complete travesty!!! It's totally obvious these two women wanted revenge and money when they figured out neither was going to be his significant-other/girl friend. This Miss A even blogged about how to use the legal system to get just this revenge on her own website!!! Give me a break!!

EVERYTHING in the public domain points to attempted blackmail. Why aren't more people outraged that such a misuse of the legal system is allowed to occur?? Why aren't more people calling for these two WOMEN to be prosecuted for false allegations and attempted blackmail?? All the evidence points to that as the real crime and not a rape.

Why aren't more people concerned that ANY person can be so easily hounded and tormented - and FINANCIALLY EXPLOITED - due to these obviously bogus sex-charges????
12:07 February 12, 2011 by big5

You wrote: "Perhaps the 2 women that made up the false rape allegation should also be worried.? Swedish law: Penal Code Chapter 15, 7 § A person who, otherwise than in 6 §, with prosecutors, police or other authority falsely testifies of a criminal act, "

The women did not accuse Assange of rape. They approached the police for advice on the possibility of forcing Assange to be tested for STDs. On the basis of their testimony the duty prosecutor judged that there was cause to further investigate if rape or sexual molestation had taken place.

Please not that this is a third-party charge, and that the prosecutor is _required by Swedish law_ to investigate if suspicion of this sort arises.

So basically, your argument above is based on a lack of understanding of the case.
12:12 February 12, 2011 by stockholm1
Thank you both, Robinhood and Liquidmonkey, for comments that are lucid and unbiased at least! Restores my faith in mankind :-)

big5, I guess it's your democratic right to do so, but your comments certainly show you have an axe to grind!
12:20 February 12, 2011 by big5

So pushing your agenda is "lucid and unbiased" and pushing my agenda is "having an axe to grind".

Sounds like you have an axe to grind.
12:48 February 12, 2011 by johnny 2011
@Nilsped. I am just sick of the whole thing. It is so utterly stupid to say the least. I do not think that Assange is guilty of any kind of rape and I do not give a rat's ass what the PM says or doesn't say. I am just tired of the whole thing and want it to go away. I do not buy into the swedish crap and am sorry that my blog gave you that impression.
13:02 February 12, 2011 by Steve911
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
13:24 February 12, 2011 by big5

I'll look into what you wrote, but I don't think your version of the events is exactly correct.

I've read the leaked document with the transcriptions of the police interviews, and Ms W was in the middle of an interview when word came in that the duty prosecutor had issued an arrest warrant based on Ms A's testimony. Ms W became upset and basically stopped cooperating. I don't believe she wanted things to develop like this.

Also, Bergström and Ny are long-standing acquaintaces and share a political interest in extending rape legislation farther into the grey zones. I'm guessing now, but I expect that it was more a matter of Bergström offering his services to represent the plaintiffs. Ny was just a phone-call away.

This all smacks of Social-Democrat power structures, btw. Blaming the current government is misleading.

In any case, it's now out of the A&W's hands, and falls under the category of "allmänt åtal" i.e. the prosecutor must pursue the case if s/he believes there are grounds to do so, regardless of whether the plaintiff agrees. The idea behind this is, of course, to protect women victims coerced by violent boyfriends into dropping charges.
14:59 February 12, 2011 by Steve911

Perhaps your right about Ms W, she seems more fluffy than Ms Ardin who is no doubt a hard political hack. Ms W is more likely to be a passenger in this case, kept in line with promises of riches and designer handbags.

Not sure if your last point applies here. Why would the women go to the trouble of finding a lawyer when the original case was dropped, only to get cold feet later? I think its more likely they are still pushing this case.

I don't know enough about Swedish power structures to comment. I do know Swedish PM and Carl Bildt are good friends with GW Bush, that's enough to make me suspicious. See one of my previous posts.
15:17 February 12, 2011 by maxbrando
Talk about being tried in the press!! These amateur bloggers have tried and acquitted Assange without a trial, and have tried and found guilty these two females without a trial. If he says he did nothing, then there should be no problem with him weanting to come to Sweden. After all, Sweden is where he WANTS to live, no? If the man say he cannot get a fair trial in Sweden, then what good is your justice system? After all, don't you Swedes pride yourself on fairness?? Get rea. You little pettifoggers in Sweden have created all of this. And you have no idea whether this man comitted a crime or not.
15:18 February 12, 2011 by bob3000

I'm certainly be waiting for you to come back with a full and accurate chronology of the events to support your stance, anything as to the level of big5 would be appreciated.
15:27 February 12, 2011 by philster61
@big5: I second this. As a Swede I hope he's extradited. The comments to this article are simply horrendous. :/

Truth and facts indeed have a way of offending people. Especially when it exposes the corrupt system involved. ie The Swedish Legal system.
15:35 February 12, 2011 by Steve911

Ah the old why dont you come to Sweden Chestnut! I thought I laid that one to bed before, heres my previous post on that subject. I'm sure if Sweden promised to give him bail, pay for his trip and not extradite him to the USA, he would be on the next plane over to have his day in court, not that this sham case would ever get to court.

The fact is that if JA voluntary goes to or is extradited to Sweden, he will immediately be arrested and held in detention on arrival for perhaps over a year in some stinking jail for foreigners. The Swedes already managed to get him locked up in prison in the UK for about 10 days. The main purpose is to deny him access to the internet and the media so it will slow down the release of the Wikileak logs. The legal case the Swedes are purporting to pursue against JA is a sham. Tabloid newspapers love a good sex story, especially when its distracts people from reading the real message about the corruption and illegal activities of our governments exposed by Wikileaks.

Many UK legal experts doubt if Sweden will succeed in get JA extradited for so called questioning. So Sweden should brace itself for heavy court costs and serious international embarrassment. Even, if they get him to Sweden, what then? He will just say, 'you have already questioned me and I have answered your questions, I have nothing further to say. Charge me or let me go. There is no new evidence other than the SMS messages of the 2 women (which you don't let me see), so perhaps you should question the women about them.' The fact that Ms Ny doesn't have the guts to charge JA proves that even she knows that the case against JA is extremely weak. It is unlikely that his so called accusers will give evidence in court against JA because they would lay themselves open to a charge of perjury and in any event one of them is living in Palestine now.


As for the argument that JA is inventing anti US conspiracy stories to avoid going to Sweden, read his legal teams skeleton arguments for his court hearings this week: http://www.fsilaw.com/sitecore/content/Global/content/~/media/Files/Publications/IP_Media/Julian%20Assange%20Case%20Papers/Julian%20Assange%20Material/Outline%20of%20Arguments%20for%20Mr%20Assange.ashx

You will see most of the points deal with the abuse of process by Ms Ny. I don't know why Swedes aren't calling for her immediate resignation over this matter.
15:46 February 12, 2011 by Steve911
@bob3000 I'm sure your old enough to use Google, or has the Swedish governement blocked internet access outside of Sweden? There are thousands of article about this case, go find...
15:46 February 12, 2011 by Andrea--
Regarding Reinfeld - making a statement about a particular case, be it posituve or negative, while stating that Swedish Judiciary is free from political control is laughable as he speaks against himself in the same quote.

Then he also made sure to be uninformed, and speaks of "the women have a right to have the case tried", when it has not reached "åtal" yet, there is no trial. His soundbyte has now tainted the case and spread misinformation.

As for the women, I'm surprised they're not on trial for blackmail yet.The interrogations reveal that the women were blackmailing Assange.

Men då ringde jag honom och frågade, vad fan är det frågan om. Och då säger han att ja, vad heter det, hon vill att jag ska göra ett, ett blodprov. Så men fan gör det då liksom. Vad, vad är grejen. Så, nej men jag, jag kan göra ett blodprov men jag vill inte utpressas till att göra ett blodprov. Ehm… För de säger att de antingen går till polisen, eller, Sofia, att hon antingen går till polisen eller så gör jag ett blodprov"

page 46 Johann Wahlström

Above translated from Johann Wahlströms statement:

"But when I called him and asked, what the hell is going on? And when he says that yes, what is it called, she wants me to do a, a blood test. So? What the hell do it then. What, what is the big deal? So, he says no, but I, I can do a blood test but I would not be blackmailed into making a blood test. Ehm … For they're say that they either go to the police, or, Sofia, she either goes to the police or I do a blood test "

"Och så går hon dit och följer med Sofia. Och vi ringer några gånger fram och tillbaka, vi SMS:ar varandra lite om det här. Och jag ringer också och tar kontakt med Julian några gånger, Eh, de vill att Julian ska ta ett HIV-prov, eh, annars så ska de anmäla honom. Det är så de uttrycker det."

page 55 Donald Boström

Translated fromDonald Boströms interrogation:

"And so she goes there (to the police) and accompanies Sofia. And we are calling a few times back and forth, we text each other a bit about it here. And I also call and make contact with Julian a few times, uh, they want Julian to take an HIV test, uh, otherwise they will report him to the police. That's how they express it."

Two witnesses are clearly stating that the women were threatening Assange with the police if they didn't get what they want. Textbook blackmail.
16:08 February 12, 2011 by engagebrain
Nobody gets an independent trial in Sweden

- there are no juries, just a panel of state employees.
17:46 February 12, 2011 by zoroastrina
This is a Swedish judicial and political farce beyond all comparison. Oh, how the political right makes me puke.
17:52 February 12, 2011 by Andrea--
All the major players in this farce, apart from Reinfeld and Beatrice Ask, are Social Democrats.
17:55 February 12, 2011 by big5

You wrote: "Oh, how the political right makes me puke. "

Don't go putting this on the right. It's the left that has long been pushing for stricter definitions of sex crimes. And it's people like the social democratic politician Bergström who are driving this case forward.

This is the left's baby.
18:08 February 12, 2011 by big5

You wrote: "Two witnesses are clearly stating that the women were threatening Assange with the police if they didn't get what they want. Textbook blackmail. "

The example you provided wasn't blackmail. They asserted an ethical demand "you had unprotected sex with us against our stated wish, therefore you ought to get an HIV test". (a reasonable demand, don't you think?). When Assange dragged his heels, they continued "If you don't, we will seek legal recourse to force you".

Sorry, but that is not blackmail by any definition. Trying to solve a conflict informally, but turning to the authorities if necessary, is standard operating procedure in society. If they had been demanding something altogether different, then you might have a point.
18:15 February 12, 2011 by McChatter
Reinfeldt shot himself in the foot. When this whole sordid story is over, the man in the street all over the world will remember just one thing: "Sweden's judiciary system is cr@p". The media like to see things in black and white or good and bad. In this case Sweden's in the "bad" corner and it's going to be a long and arduous job to get out there. Pity.
20:10 February 12, 2011 by Nilspet
@johnny 2011

I got your point. To be honest I also find it very tiring. There seems to be one way out.... The Swedish legal team can still drop the charge and tell Assange nicely to forget us and carry on with his life. Normally I never feel tired to defend Sweden if I know that we are 100% right but this case is very difficult to deal with because we (our authority) did not seem to have done it right from the beginning (and not even now). So we'd better let the truth speak for itself and we will have to get used to the fact that Sweden can also be (heavily) criticized like any other countries.
20:15 February 12, 2011 by Sion1
Here in the US because of the Assange case, the Swedish legal and judicial system has left itself open ridicule. [I hope the following statements are accurate.] One prosecutor said the case had no merit; the 2d prosecutor seems to be rather anti-male; the 2 accusers first went to the police, but not to accuse him of a crime; one invited him to a party the night after the "crime"; the laws regarding rape seem to be overly strict: sex by surprise, using the "missionary position," etc.. And on and on. Mr. Assange is not a model of saintly behavior, but from my corner of New England he seems to be a victim.
20:30 February 12, 2011 by Andrea--
No @big5 I don't agree with you one bit.

Resonable - to use your word - would be to get themselves tested. Asking him to get a test is fine too, and they did, but when he didn't have time to get one as he had work to do their sudden yelling of "THEN WE WILL GO TO THE POLICE" is not reasonable. The police are here to investigate crimes, not act as mediators in relationships. The Police do not act as medical mediators for STD testing. Stating that they would go to the police with it, in order to threaten him with a legal scandal, is blackmail.
22:16 February 12, 2011 by Tomexpat

"Sorry, but that is not blackmail by any definition. Trying to solve a conflict informally, but turning to the authorities if necessary, is standard operating procedure in society. If they had been demanding something altogether different, then you might have a point."

You are splitting hairs. These women really wanted money, publicity, and revenge. Their own SMS text messages prove it. Stop trying to "find ways" to convict Julian Assange of something. The real crime is that these two women are trying to misuse the legal system by trying to claim they were forced to have had sex against their will. THEY DIDN'T.

I know this because of all the information in the public domain, including Ms. A's own posts about using the legal system to get revenge on a cheating spouse by claiming forced sex or rape...posts which she deleted from her website but were dicsovered through Goolge historical internet caches. It's a myth that "a court of law" exposes everything. Every lawyer knows thats a MYTH. A real trial does not offer the kind of discovery that is available here. There was no rape, only scorned women with an eye on cashing in and feminist prosecutors with political agendas. THAT'S IT!!!
23:52 February 12, 2011 by Zala Russe
I really am getting very tired of posting on this topic. I have read masses of factual information to keep informed. This information is available to anyone with internet accesss and the time and commitment to go find. It really is horrific.

Frankly, Assange is just a mere side-show, a patsy puppet in this charade. The case against him in England WILL fail. This requires a full judicial review in Sweden. Preferably it should be conducted by an outside agency/ country. If necessary if all parties can agree, on a 'Truth and Reconciliation' basis to find out what went wrong, who knew, and why wasn't something done earlier, and how to prevent this happening again.

The alternative is slogging it out through the combative confrontational judicial process starting with prosecuting the Police for violation of Swedish law in the early stages, right up through to impeachment of senior Civil Servants, politicians and ultimately the Prime Minister.
00:53 February 13, 2011 by Buccaneer
This post has been exhaustively debated and I wish to finalise by saying the following:

The Swedish WINK WINK Judicial system is in need of a judicial review from the bottom to the top. All animals should be equal in the eyes of the law, Sweden should be better than George Orwell's Animal Farm.
02:08 February 13, 2011 by Andrea--
Quoting Big5

"The women did not accuse Assange of rape. They approached the police for advice on the possibility of forcing Assange to be tested for STDs."

The women had to sign their statements (Miss Wilén however never did, which is interesting in itself), the statements begin with "BROTTSBESKRIVNING VÅLDTÄKT". You want advice from the police, there are phone numbers to call. Starting a report with the line "Sofia uppgav att hon blivit våldtagen i sitt hem på morgonen tisdagen den 17 augusti " doesn't allow for any past tense fabrications of "we were only there to ask for advice"

I suggest that everyone in this thread read the protocols, and realize that sadly, Big5 is feeding you all disinformation.
13:40 February 13, 2011 by big5

You wrote: "Starting a report with the line 'Sofia uppgav att hon blivit våldtagen i sitt hem på morgonen tisdagen den 17 augusti' doesn't allow for any past tense fabrications of "we were only there to ask for advice"

There are two things here that leave you entirely without a point.

1) The police have summarized the interviews rather than recording what the women actually said. So you can't draw conclusions based on the wording of the interview. Ms W can just as well have described the events of the evening, and the interviewer chose to characterize it as "våldtäkt" in the reprot.

2) As you yourself wrote, Ms. W refused to sign that statement.

In particular, please allow the import of my second comment to sink in, before returning to your post to realize that you are contradicting yourself.
13:46 February 13, 2011 by big5
@Tomexpat, you wrote: "The real crime is that these two women are trying to misuse the legal system by trying to claim they were forced to have had sex against their will. "

You are missing the point here. It's not about having sex against their will. It's about having unsafe sex against their will. It is the non-consensuality of Assange – who has repeatedly bragged about getting young women pregnant all around the globe – squirting in their vaginas that is the legal issue here. According to the statements, they had made it clear to Assange that he was to use a condom.

I'm not assigning guilt or innocence here since that is the job of the court. But the case should be tried.
13:53 February 13, 2011 by big5
@Andrea, you write: "Stating that they would go to the police with it, in order to threaten him with a legal scandal, is blackmail."

If that were true you could never accuse anyone of a crime.

"Give me back the bike you stole!" "Piss off" "Return my bicycle or I'll report the theft to the police." "Blackmail!!!!"

Yeah right.

Seriously, don't you think Assange's legal team would file a complaint if they really thought they could win this "blackmail" angle? Leave it up to them to do so, in that case.
22:03 February 14, 2011 by bob3000

I know I've been reading different sources - just amazed that you can be so sure of yourself, whilst not seeming to have a solid grasp of the facts.

big5 obviously has a stronger grasp on the chronology than you as well as an understanding of the law as it stands, not as you want it to be.

So I'm assuming you are not a Swede living abroad. Perhaps you are ex expat who once lived in Sweden and wants to keep upto date with news in Sweden? Or are you in the UK and only registered on thelocal to tell us what to think? I can guess, you obviously a troll and wannabe Assange fluffer and troll.

Your arrogance fits your ignorance.
17:53 February 17, 2011 by bob3000

Big difference between what you link to and a multi-nation cabal.

If only world governments were capable of any form of linked up opinion and decision making, then perhaps the Kyoto Protocol would stand a gnat's chance.
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