0% on Balance Transfers from MBNA Platinum Visa Credit Card

Life in Britain is now more expensive than ever. The cost of everything from petrol to food, electricity to train tickets continues to rise, while pay packets remain the same and our wallets continually squeezed.

0% on Balance Transfers from MBNA Platinum Visa Credit Card

With pay-freezes and even pay cuts common in today’s workplaces, all of us are looking to save money wherever possible. Shopping around for the best deals is important now, and while we are always quick to find the best deal on everyday items such as food and clothes, many of us forget about financial products like credit cards.

But one of the easiest ways to save money is to compare new credit card deals. Currently one of the best on the market to choose is the MBNA Platinum Visa Credit Card.

It really is a good credit card deal offering those who sign up the chance to take advantage of a massive 18 months 0% on balance transfers from the date your account is opened. You’ll also receive 0% on money transfers for 18 months and 0% on purchases for 3 months. To benefit from the promotional rate on money or balance transfers you’ll need to transfer your balance or money within the first 60 days of your account opening.

A long balance transfer rate can offer you financial breathing space in order to sort out your overall personal finances. The MBNA credit card has a low 2.88% balance transfer fee and an equally reasonable 4% handling fee, which applies to any money transfers you do.

Although a credit card cannot fix the nation’s finances, the MBNA Platinum Visa Credit Card can, at least, offer holders a chance to manage their balance transfer easily and with no added interest for 18 months.

These being a card from Europe’s largest credit card provider, MBNA have also included a number of extra incentives to the card, too.

These include contactless payments on transactions under £15, fraud protection and online account management. For anyone wanting to do their bit for the environment the credit card deal also includes paperless billing, too.

If all of this sounds like the ingredients for the perfect credit card, then you can apply for the MBNA Platinum Visa Credit Card at